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Devil's Work | Mark Edwards
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Omg! I‘m done with The Lucky Ones and it did not disappoint!! #Edwards keeps me on my toes, when I think I know what is going on BAM he shows me how wrong I was. Next The Devil‘s Works, the title alone puts a smile on my face😜❤️💋#excited #Sundayread

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“You mustn‘t be taken in by moonlight and magnolias. There‘s more to Savanna than that. Things can get very murky.”
#Midnight #Foreshadowing #NonfictionNovember #SundayRead

Cathythoughts Great quote. Looking forward to it 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Oh, thanks for giving me the idea for reading this book for non fiction November! (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Join our little party @erzascarletbookgasm we are only starting today!!!! 2mo
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Cinfhen It‘s a book I‘ve been meaning to read for a long time @Cathythoughts I thought I owned a copy once🤔 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm I own a copy for a long time! Thank you, I‘ll like to read this with your party 🎉 🙂 2mo
Cinfhen Wonderful @erzascarletbookgasm welcome to #MidnightParty 🖤 2mo
Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm Yay !! 👋 hi Jessie 2mo
Balibee146 I've owned this book for years ooops 👍 2mo
KarenUK I read it with a bookclub years ago.... it‘s a good one... Enjoy! 😊💕 2mo
Cinfhen Do you want to join us @Balibee146 we‘re just starting a super informal buddyread today ??? 2mo
Balibee146 @cinfhen thanks for the invite.... Yeah I will join in. Will make a start after His Dark Materials tonight 😁❤️👍 2mo
LeticiaToraci This is a great book. 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s really engaging @LeticiaToraci @KarenUK 2mo
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One day the FBI showed up at her door to inform Kerri Rawson that her father was the infamous BTK killer. #truecrime #bookworm #booknerd #bookaddict #bookaddiction #sundayread #snowyweather #snow

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I am very much a wallflower, and this book was exactly what I needed to read right now. Feeling all the feels ♥️

#Booked2019 #BookToMovie

CarolynM Have you seen the film? It's lovely too (in fact, it's one of the few films I like better than the book🙂) 9mo
JennyM @CarolynM no, I‘ve not seen the film but am definitely going to! I can see how it would translate really well on screen. (edited) 9mo
PerksOfBeingABookworm I‘ve been wanting to reread this for a few weeks. But alas, there are so many other books to be read that I haven‘t gotten back to this one yet. 9mo
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Cinfhen Am I going to hate this book?? Should I FINALLY give it a go??? @TrishB thinks it‘s too YA sappy for me?!?!? 9mo
JennyM @Cinfhen it is definitely YA 😬😬😬 But, the MC, Charlie is a little bit more quirky than usual, and it‘s epistolary so maybe??? I think you will know immediately after the first page. Right time, right book for me though, for sure. 9mo
JennyM @PerksOfBeingABookworm it‘s hard to commit to a reread I think when your TBR is just about toppling over! This is such a lovely story though ♥️ 9mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen My daughter Robin read it when she was 11. It‘s beyond YA. You‘ll hate it (no offense meant Jenny, it is just that I know YA is a no go for Cindy - and myself) 😉😘💛 9mo
JennyM @BarbaraBB lol...no worries. I love how you know each other so well. Maybe just watch the movie, @Cinfhen 😜 9mo
BarbaraBB I love how different we all respond to the same books - I mostly share your taste as well, except for YA 😘 9mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB I agree I think Cindy will hate 😁 @Cinfhen but I think she‘ll try anyway 😘 I loved it, one of my fav reads with my daughter a few years ago and we both cried our eyes out. 9mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Looks like I just found my #SundayRead @BarbaraBB @TrishB @JennyM since I just bailed on my mark up buddyread 🙈 sorry @BookaholicNatty I just could NOT get into this book 👉🏼 9mo
Buechersuechtling I only know the film and loved it. If I‘ll ever stumble across the book, I will read it for sure. 9mo
TrishB 😁😁👍🏻 9mo
JennyM @Buechersuechtling it‘s a lovely read ♥️ 9mo
4thhouseontheleft I need to read this! Hmmm...sounds like it could be a pick for my summer buddy read with my daughter! 9mo
BookaholicNatty @Cinfhen no hard feelings at all!!!!! Everyone has different reading preferences and that is the beauty of reading!!!❤️😘 life is to short to read things you don‘t like! Hope your having a good weekend! 9mo
Cinfhen I feel terrible @BookaholicNatty I WANTED to at least LIKE IT !!! I did read through all of your comments and I LOVED your enthusiasm for the book 9mo
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The Anatomist's Wife | Anna Lee Huber
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The calm before the storm. Settling in and trying to get some reading in, while enjoying snuggles. I‘m glad I‘m finally getting to this book, as I‘ve been wanting to read it for a while.

We are supposed to be getting 8-12 inches of snow tonight. 😬😬 But I work from home, so I won‘t get a snow day tomorrow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#sundaysnuggles #sundayread

gradcat You look so cozy! 🐶❤️🥰 11mo
BlameJennyJane At least you‘ll be safely tucked inside! 🤞🏼 11mo
Laughterhp @BlameJennyJane That‘s definitely the plan!! 11mo
monalyisha What sort of fantastical entertainment center is this? It looks so cozy! 11mo
Laughterhp @monalyisha I got it from Wayfair! You can just have the fire lit or it can let out heat! It‘s great!! 11mo
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The Salt Path | Raynor Winn
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“Camouflage pyjamas” 😂 - this book is incredible. Poignant, heartbreaking, inspiring - and laugh out loud moments like this. Recommended.

#currentread #sundayread

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Vox | Christina Dalcher
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Book 2 of the year - loving this.

#currentread #sundayread

MidnightBookGirl We did an event with the author right after the book came out, and it's one of my favorite books of last year. 13mo
carolinereadsbooks Really want to read this 13mo
RachelAmphlett @MidnightBookGirl wow - wish I could‘ve been there to hear her speak about this! 13mo
RachelAmphlett @carolinereadsbooks definitely worth bumping up the TBR 13mo
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Blood of the Demon | Diana Rowland
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It‘s been a bit since I‘ve last read this book and missed it. #humor&magic #sundayread #kara

Tangerine: A Novel | Christine Mangan
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Finishing this up today I hope. Has been hard really getting into so I‘ve been reading it a bit slowly. #SundayRead #bookish #Tangerine

C.Perone Beautiful photo! 2y
Lipsnlashes28 Thank you! I love this tim of year when peonies are in bloom. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful 💗 2y
asiriusreader Love the peonies! 😍 2y
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Decked | Carol Higgins Clark
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My #sundayread. I've been in such a mood for cozy mysteries lately. Didn't even know I liked them, or that they were a thing.

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