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#NetGalley #AudioARC I really enjoyed this reimagining, surrounding the 11 days that Agatha Christie disappeared in December 1926. With perfect prose and in a manner of a Christie novel, Nina de Gramont uses Nan O‘Dea, Archie Christie‘s mistress to recollect those tense days. In addition we are given Nan‘s backstory, equally fascinating with a proper mystery thrown into the pages. Great narration by Lucy Scott.

Cortg Sounds great! I‘ve always been curious about her disappearance. 55m
Cinfhen I read another book which is more about Agatha‘s life and covers the disappearance @Cortg also very good 47m
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Crazeedi @Cinfhen I read the Benedict one too, enjoyed, I'll have to look for this one! 29m
4thhouseontheleft This sounds good! 21m
Cinfhen I liked this one more than I expected @Crazeedi @4thhouseontheleft it was cleverly done 😉 now
DivineDiana There is an old British movie about her disappearance called Agatha starring Vanessa Redgrave and Dustin Hoffman. I am wondering if all the suppositions are the same? 🤔 now
janeycanuck I quite enjoyed the Benedict one, I‘ll have to get my hands on this. now
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A really fascinating true story of two women, one Jewish the other not, who quietly but passionately defied the Nazi‘s by both creating & distributing anti-Nazi leaflets and by living their lives as step-sisters but in truth were lovers. I found the writing a little dry, but Suzanne Malherbe & Lucy Schwab were completely compelling. Moving from Paris to Jersey hoping to avoid the German occupation, Suzanne & Lucy soon find the Germans 👇🏼

Cinfhen arriving in Jersey. The book contains dozens of photos of both the women & their avant-garde works, which I really enjoyed. Thanks for gifting @trishb 22h
Megabooks Sounds really interesting! 22h
Cinfhen @TrishB also sent me the fictionalized version of Suzanne & Lucy @Megabooks which Trish said is even better 21h
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 21h
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The Name Curse | Brooke Burroughs
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First book finished for #Roll100

This one was okay. Almost a pan. I got super bored about halfway through. I ended up skimming the ending. I think I just need to take a break from romances. Or maybe it was just this one. All the sexy bits happen off screen. I liked the hiking and camping scenes. That was fun and a different setting for a romance for me.

#JoyousJanuary - Book 2 finished

PuddleJumper That sucks! It's a book off your list at least 23h
Cinfhen It looks like it could be fun, but I‘m fickle about romance reads too!! 23h
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Megabooks Sorry 👎🏻 22h
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 13h
Clwojick Cute cover though! ❤️ 47m
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All's Well | Mona Awad
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The surrealism in this #tobshortlist novel is what I would imagine coming down from a bad high feels like. Certain aspects are expertly done. Awad really captures the experience of being a chronic pain sufferer, the misogyny that still exists when trying to seek treatment, and the disbelief by friends and family faced by many with chronic pain. The first 100 pages was fantastic. Then the book became a bit unmoored, in a WTF did I read kinda way.

Prairiegirl_reading After bunny I expect “unmoored, in a wtf did I read” from Mona Awad. 🤣 23h
4thhouseontheleft Also fills #pop22 quote from favorite author on cover of Amazon page (Margaret Atwood) 23h
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4thhouseontheleft @Prairiegirl_reading I haven‘t read Bunny! 23h
Zuhkeeyah @Prairiegirl_reading I felt the same by the end of Bunny. It started off great…then just drifted aimlessly. 23h
vivastory Did you see that you can pre-order igned copies of Atwood's upcoming book on B&N 23h
vivastory *signed 23h
Cinfhen This one was VERY Bunny-ish @Prairiegirl_reading but I liked it more. It‘s DEFINITELY odd & quirky 23h
4thhouseontheleft @vivastory 😍😍 I didn‘t. Thank you!! 22h
4thhouseontheleft @Zuhkeeyah the ending of All‘s Well kind of redeemed itself, there was a very vivid sequence that I thought was done very well. The middle part though, really started to drag. 22h
4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen the Miranda after the golden drink, and how awful she became, really bothered me. But it is a book that makes you think! She definitely ranks up there on the list of most unreliable narrators. 22h
Cinfhen The parts you highlight in your review are the reasons I really enjoyed this book / I‘m not familiar enough with Shakespeare to understand all the hidden messages/ identities. I LOVE the cover design ❤️not a favorite for the shortlist - surprised it advanced 22h
squirrelbrain I‘m not sure if I‘ll read this. I didn‘t like Bunny at all and I don‘t know much Shakespeare. It‘s also not published over here until Feb. 22h
Suet624 I gave this a so-so as well. She captures the chronic sufferer aspect perfectly but the rest was a mess. 22h
Megabooks This was a low pick for me. Eh. I agree with much of what you‘re saying. 22h
Ruthiella I loved the messy, magical part of this one. @squirrelbrain I think you won‘t like this one much if you didn‘t like Bunny. It‘s equally bizarre. 21h
thebluestocking I usually don‘t go for this kind of weirdness, but it worked for me. I agree that the first 100 pages were the best. 20h
BarbaraBB Still need to read this one but love how different we all react to it! 20h
sarahbarnes Great review. I did love the weirdness even though I got a little lost in it. 19h
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Good Omens | Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! And thanks to those who entered my giveaway. I wish I could send everyone a book. 💜

The winners of my #bdgiveaway:
@Kshakal - Good Omens
@peanutnine - Good Omens (yes, I have 2 new copies because I keep trying to get the black cover & keep getting the white cover)
@Chili - God of Lost Words
@Cortg - House in the Cerulean Sea

Please send your full name & mailing address to:
lynn@wanderinglynn.com 😀🎉

Cortg Thanks so much! This book is on my #pop22 challenge and I‘ve heard such good things! Wishing you a wonderful year! 24h
Kshakal Thank you so much!! 24h
Bookwormjillk Happy birthday and congratulations winners! 24h
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KateReadsYA @Kshakal yayyyyyy you won!!!! 🥰 24h
KateReadsYA Congrats to all the winners. This was fun waiting for you to pick winners, thanks for doing a giveaway! 😄 24h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations 🎈🎉 23h
peanutnine Thank you so much! Happy birthday 20h
DivineDiana Congratulations, Litsy friends! So kind of you! Wishing you a fantastic year! 🥳📚🎂 14h
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#NewIn2022 #Pop22 #Booked2022 #NetGalley #AudioARC Last year I read and really enjoyed the Disappearance of Agatha Christie. This is a fictionalized story focusing on the same 11 days, but through the eyes of Nan O‘Dea, the mistress of Agatha‘s husband Archie. Loving the narration so far.

Cinfhen And the cover art is STUNNING 🤩 1d
jenniferw88 I'm using this one too! 1d
Cinfhen It‘s really good @jenniferw88 🥰 22h
emmaturi I really for to read it. The Waterstones edition also looks fab! 20h
Cinfhen Im halfway through @emmaturi and it‘s very good. Mixed in with the disappearance of Agatha Christie is the backstory of Nan O‘Dea. Im sure MOST of this book is fictionalized but it‘s really done well. Audio is wonderful ❤️ 19h
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Once Upon A Broken Heart | Stephanie Garber
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This book was pure cotton candy, bubblegum fun! I love the world of Caraval and this was a great addition. The descriptions are magical and I feel like there was a missed opportunity to put a unicorn in this story. It felt like reading a Disney princess story. I'm using this for #pop22 fulfills prompt from previous challenge #prettiestontbr #pantone2022 #popsugar

The Queue | Basma Abdel Aziz
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Another tough read. A kind of Kafka in #Egypt. Governments and bureaucracy are hidden behind a gate and people are queuing to ask their questions and requests for all kinds of basic human rights. The gate never opens though and people spend their lives just waiting in line.

#pop22 #NameOfABoardGameInTitle #FoodAndLit #ReadingAfrica2022 🇪🇬
#19822022 #2016 #52BooksIn52weeks #AuthorWithXYZinTheirName

Librarybelle Look at all of those challenge prompts for this one!! 2d
squirrelbrain Wow, so many prompts! Shame about the book…. 😬 2d
Megabooks Sad because it sounds good in theory. Sometimes execution is everything! 2d
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vivastory This has been on my shelves forever... 2d
BarbaraBB @vivastory No rush needed if you ask me, but maybe @Liz_M review makes you think differently! 2d
Liz_M 😉Book twins! 2d
Reggie Oof, sounds rough. 2d
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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A pretty easy, if ambitious plan for the week ahead. There are book club and library deadlines for most of these, but the weather is awful here and I have tomorrow off work, so I‘m hopeful. I‘ll also probably have another audiobook this week, but I don‘t know what that will be, yet.


Cinfhen How‘s this book?? Im thinking of picking it up in February. Are u doing print or audio?? 2d
DGRachel @Cinfhen I read it in print when it came out last year and loved it. It‘s why I assigned it to my work book club (it‘s good to be in charge sometimes 🤣🤣). I‘m rereading with print, too. 2d
Cinfhen Oh, now I remember we talked about this book before!! It‘s outside my normal reading but it works for 2 challenges #Pop22 #Onomatopoeia and #Booked2022 #HopePunk although @megabooks recommended this book too for #HopePunk 2d
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DGRachel @Cinfhen I never thought of it as #hopepunk (but admittedly, that was a prompt that really had me confused). I‘ve got this one on my TBR for #hopepunk 2d
DGRachel @Cinfhen A note on the Under the Whispering Door audiobook-listen to a sample first. I just used a Libro credit so I can work on a hand quilting project tonight and I do NOT like the narrator. I‘ve seen positive comments, but I don‘t like his voice. 2d
Cinfhen Thanks, I always try to listen to a sample first for that very reason!! BTW: I picked up my Kindle when my iPad died and started reading Whispering - it‘s fun 🤩 it‘s not my usual genre but I was easily sucked in. I think I‘ll forgo audio and stick with print. Thanks 😊 (edited) 1d
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Super fascinating true story of two spirited rebels who defied the Nazi‘s with their quiet resistance. Thanks for sharing @TrishB #Pop22 #SapphicBook #NF22 #ImARuleBreaker Halfway point. Writing is a little dry but the story is too interesting to be boring.

TrishB This one can be quite dry. The fiction one puts the emotion into the story ❤️ 2d
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