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Fall of Poppies: Stories of Love and the Great War | Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Hazel Gaynor, Heather Webb, Jennifer Robson, Jessica Brockmole, Kate Kerrigan, Evangeline Holland, Marci Jefferson
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#LiteraryCrew read this one earlier this year...the many short stories in this introduce a #BeautifulStranger or two to the main characters. Each story is set in the WWI era, before, during or after the war. I chose to highlight this one today in memory of the war and for Armistice/Veterans Day. #Movember

Cinfhen Nice to tie this in with Veterans Day 2d
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Am enthralled with this book! Downloaded because of a read along hosted by @Librarybelle If you like historical fiction, plague and great characters check it out! I will want an in hand copy of this - if only to be able to loan to friends.

MamaGina I have this ebook, sounds like I need to get to it sooner rather than later!🤓 3d
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m all set for the buddy too! It‘s been on my shelf for awhile. 3d
Chrissyreadit @CoverToCoverGirl I‘m so glad I started this book! 3d
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CoverToCoverGirl Now I really can‘t wait to start! Historical fiction is my favourite genre. 3d
DrexEdit Apparently this is already on my TBR, so stacking here. The first of two (so far) according to goodreads. 👍 3d
Librarybelle I‘m so glad you like it so far! @MamaGina @DrexEdit If you‘re interested in the buddy read, search for #literarycrew . I posted the suggested reading timeline, but it‘s very low key, so read at your own pace! And, @CoverToCoverGirl , I‘m so excited to start this! 3d
DrexEdit @Librarybelle thanks so much for the invite. I'm actually considering it even though I'm overbooked already. 😅 My library's catalog is down for maintenance tonight so I'll have to see if I can get a copy tomorrow. It's not available as an ebook in my system. 3d
MamaGina @Librarybelle Oh, this is excellent, I‘ll definitely participate 🙌🏼🤓 3d
Sace My copy just got delivered! I'm so excited! 3d
Sace @DrexEdit overbooked is the reason I end up lurking most of the time 🤣 3d
DrexEdit @Sace overbooked is just a permanent state of being anymore. 😂😂👍 3d
Chrissyreadit @DrexEdit I seriously did not think I could swing it - but it is so good! Just read what time allows. 3d
Chrissyreadit @Sace me too! Overbooked and overwhelmed but determined to self care soothe and this totally hit the spot! 3d
BethM Im totally into it too! 3d
Chrissyreadit @BethM did you do book or audio? 3d
BethM Audio 3d
Tamra I‘m anxious to read! 3d
Bookzombie I keep stacking books you post! 2d
Chrissyreadit @Bookzombie I look forward to hearing what you think. This was a great few weeks. 2d
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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The next #LiteraryCrew #Buddyread will be The Last Hours! We‘re traveling to England in the 1300s, when the Black Death stalked the country.

We‘re a low key buddy read group - the above timeline is a suggested reading time line. Read at your own pace. I check in with everyone at the end of a read week. Please use the listed hashtags and tag me in any posts you make. I‘m tagging those who have expressed interest in this book. All welcome to join!

CoverToCoverGirl Tag me please! I‘d love to join in. 5d
Sace Oh wow! This sounds good and the hardback was on Amazon for less than $9. Not sure how active I'll be but the timing might be good for me. Tag with lowered expectations please 😁 5d
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Librarybelle @Sace Welcome! 5d
CoverToCoverGirl I‘ve had this one sitting on my TBR shelf for some time. It‘ll be my first book by her. Thanks. 5d
Librarybelle @CoverToCoverGirl I‘ve wanted to read this for awhile, too. I‘m glad so many others are interested to read this as well. 5d
Laughterhp Requesting from my library now! 5d
Lauram Black Death? I‘m in!!! 5d
Mollyanna Just requested it be shipped to my library from one of the other branches. Love the Black Death era. 5d
Librarybelle Wonderful, @Mollyanna ! 5d
Chrissyreadit I just downloaded it on audible. I‘m reading in another buddy read and taking two classes but have high hopes I can listen while I do dishes . 5d
Marmie7 This sounds like a interesting read! Mind if I join in? 5d
Librarybelle @Marmie7 Happy to have you join! 5d
lele1432 So excited for this one! 5d
Tamra I will definitely read it, but 😩 I won‘t get to start it until after I finish up my class in December. I am disappointed it isn‘t available on audio from the library. Keep tagging me and thank you for organizing!!! 5d
Librarybelle @Tamra Will do! 5d
Jerdencon Going to request from the library today! Thanks for including me! I am 1/2 way through the Lost Queen and liking it 5d
Librarybelle Awesome, @Jerdencon ! So glad you‘re liking The Lost Queen too! 5d
Chrissyreadit @BethM this is the other one- it sounds like a book I would like. 5d
BethM I‘m going to hop on to this! 5d
Librarybelle Awesome, @BethM ! 5d
Chrissyreadit I‘m definitely in! I‘m up to Chapt 5 on audio and love it! 3d
Sace I just realized that my two week vacation starts Nov 16....this was meant to be. I can at least stay on schedule for the first part. 3d
Librarybelle Awesome, @Sace ! 😁 3d
TamAnder Excellent! 😊 2d
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Joining in on #weeklyforecast - a great idea by @Cinfhen
Hoping to make progress on all of these!
Starting the first book - a little late to join the #literarycrew read along but sounded so good I had to read it
Hoping to finish the second book and write a review on netgalley
And reading the third as a nook app serial reads

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Yesterday wrapped up the last reading segment for the #literarycrew ‘s #buddyread . If you‘re still reading - no worries! If you have some overall thoughts to share, please share them below. Personally, I became so captivated with this story that I cannot wait for book two to be published! I‘m also checking #NetGalley frequently to see if an ARC is released for it.

I‘m tagging potential reads for the next round in the comments. What‘s your vote??

Librarybelle Also tagging some past participants for their input! 1w
Crazeedi Will be finishing soon! I'm behind!! 1w
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Librarybelle @Melissa_J and @CouronneDhiver - thinking of you! ❤️ 1w
Jerdencon They all sound good - like 1w
Tamra This is on my TBR - sounds suspenseful! 1w
Tamra I‘m only on Part 2 of Lost Queen audio version. I like it so far, but I could do without the romance bit. 😆 1w
Laughterhp My vote is for the Taster or the Last Hours. 1w
Laughterhp I‘m way behind on my reading of this book. Hoping to finish this month though! 1w
Mollyanna I‘m on part 4 of the Lost Queen, but hoping to finish in the next week or two. I am definitely enjoying it. My vote is for 1w
lele1432 I'm hoping to finish this week! I'm loving it and had to purchase my own copy and the audio lol. 😊 It's a different, unique perspective of that time period for me. I've stacked all these choices, but to help with voting I'll go with this one, I love reading/learning about plagues! 1w
Librarybelle I‘m glad you‘re still reading, @Tamra @Laughterhp @Mollyanna @lele1432 ! Thanks also for voting! @Jerdencon It looks like The Last Hours has the most votes so far! 1w
TamAnder I‘d join in for The Last Hours. Greatly enjoyed this selection and knowing others were reading it as well. 1w
Librarybelle Thanks, @TamAnder ! I think The Last Hours will be our next read. 1w
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I‘m taking a poll for the next #LiteraryCrew #buddyread . Any of these historical fiction the next must read??

We‘re a group who run a very low key buddy read - we break down our readings in small batches, but it‘s purely up to you how much to read. We recap at the end of each reading segment. It‘s a lot of fun!

Jerdencon I read luncheon at the boat party years ago and it was really good! 2w
Librarybelle Good to know, @Jerdencon . Thanks! 2w
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The #literarycrew read this one earlier this year - a stately hall in England, secrets that carry through the generations, and two wars span this novel. There is sorrow and a sense of haunting memories in this one. #EntryIntoTheGreatHall #SoaringScores

Cinfhen Did the crew enjoy??? 2w
Librarybelle @Cinfhen Yes! There were some slow parts, but it was an overall pick from the group. 🙂 2w
jillrhudy You had me at “A stately hall in England“ of course! 2w
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Mishu94 Should I read it? 2w
CrowCAH Sounds good! I like it when the house and environment become a character themselves! 2w
Librarybelle @Mishu94 I would recommend it! 2w
Librarybelle @jillrhudy @CrowCAH Gotta love the stately homes! 2w
MellieAntoinette Excited to hear about our next read! 2w
Librarybelle @MellieAntoinette I‘m hoping to pull some suggestions together tomorrow and post! 😁 2w
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This is book one of an eventual trilogy, based on ancient Scottish history, with connections to the Merlin legend. It took me some time to get into the rhythm of the narrative, but once I did, I was hooked. Rich in detail, this story follows Langoureth, a daughter of a Scottish king, who becomes enmeshed in the religious struggles between the “Old Way” and Christianity. It will be so hard to wait for book two to come out! #LiteraryCrew #buddyread

Tamra Ohh, my curiosity is piqued! 2w
Andrew65 This looks right up my street, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Well done on a great time. 👏👏👏🥳🍾🥂 2w
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Tamra Starting the audio tonight! 2w
Librarybelle Awesome, @Tamra ! 2w
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Stayed up til 4am reading this! 😳 It really sucks you in, and it's been pretty much all I've wanted to read this weekend. Obviously I won't hit 24 hours, but I'd be happy if I get to 18! #24B4Monday #Readathon #Scarathlon #TeamStoker #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead

Andrew65 That‘s still a great time and good luck getting to 18. 👏👏👏 2w
lele1432 @Andrew65 thanks! 😊 2w
Librarybelle Awesome! 😁 2w
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 2w
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It‘s the last week for #LiteraryCrew ‘a #buddyread of the tagged book! I‘ve enjoyed seeing everyone‘s posts, and depending upon how things go, I‘m hoping to finish the readings up today.

Over the last few readings, I‘ve really grown to enjoy the story. It took me awhile to get into the rhythm of the telling, but now I‘m really hooked. It will be hard to wait until next summer for book two!

Any thoughts to share for last week‘s reading?

Librarybelle Also, any suggestions for our next read? We usually read historical fiction. I plan to look through my shelves this week for suggestions. 2w
lele1432 I'm getting caught up with the readathon and I love it!! I would like to finish today, but that may not be possible. These buddy read selections are consistently good! 🤗 I'm actually reading with both audio and physical. I think the audio has helped with all the pronunciations and I love the Scottish accents lol. 2w
Librarybelle @lele1432 I bet the audio would be good with the pronunciations. And, of course, the Scottish accents! 😁 2w
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