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Stoner | John Williams
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One of these days I'll do this on time and separately. My #BookReport from last week is that I finished 2 books, and enjoyed both! For my #WeeklyForecast, I must finish the tagged (hopefully tonight) for #LMPBC to send to you @Bookwormjillk! Want to finish the #MidnightParty #BuddyRead, catch up on my #LiteraryCrew buddy read, and finish How to be an Antiracist. The opening for that one was so good I may just use an Audible credit to buy it.

Librarybelle Awesome! 2mo
Cinfhen Long holiday weekends are hard sometimes if you have lots of family obligations or peopling 😉😂I can‘t wait to hear what u think about 2mo
lele1432 @Cinfhen sooo much peopling lol! 2mo
Cathythoughts Stoner ❤️ 1mo
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I love reading about the history of Savannah and its society, community..the place sounds beautiful and enchanting. This is an excellent read and truly enjoyable, often very funny and reads like a novel. There‘s a crime, mystery, ...colourful, flawed, yet endearing characters..certainly kept me engaged and entertained. Thanks @Cinfhen , glad I joined the #MidnightParty read.

Cinfhen Great review!! Such a colorful cast of real life characters 😆 2mo
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This is where I ended for #24B4Monday. I tried to get a couple more hours in last night, but fell asleep after traveling home from in-laws lol. For my #BookReport, I almost finished the tagged. Now I just have to wait a few days for another audio loan. I started Midnight in the Garden for #MidnightParty #buddyread, and The Lost Hours for #LiteraryCrew. My #WeeklyForecast is finishing Midnight and NOS4A2, along with my #LMPBC picks!

Andrew65 Fantastic performance, well done! 👏👏👏🍾🥂🥳😍👍🎈 2mo
jb72 Great job! 2mo
lele1432 Thanks!! @Andrew65 @jb72 😊😊 2mo
Librarybelle Yay! 2mo
Cinfhen Forecast looking good!!! Nice reading time 😊 2mo
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#BookReport @Cinfhen

Still in the early chapters of Midnight, enjoying it very much, doesn‘t feel like I‘m reading a non-fiction!


ChasingOm I like your graphic! 2mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Good week for completing books🤗I agree, Midnight read like fiction🖤 2mo
Cathythoughts I know what you mean about the “ non-fiction” 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 2mo
Clwojick 1 pt 2mo
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Looks like I‘m the last to arrive at your #MidnightParty @Cinfhen ! Hope you‘ve saved some Savannah‘s famous southern concoction for me! 🍹🍸
#juststarted #currentlyreading

Balibee146 Oooooh really creepy picture 👍 I'm still reading too 📖😁 2mo
Cinfhen There‘s always what to drink at those Savanna soirées 2mo
lele1432 I'm already loving it. I told my husband we need to plan a visit to Savannah lol. It seems like such a fascinating, eccentric place. 2mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful picture .... Savannah ❤️ 2mo
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This, my second true crime book this month has quite a bit in common with Preston's "Monster of Florence": a strong sense of place, the authors are a part of the story to a degree that is unusual for nonfiction, eccentric & flawed characters, dramatic conflict that is usually reserved for fiction. Both books had been on my TBR for years & both exceeded expectation! LFL copy from Mercer House, very cool!

vivastory Thanks for the buddy read @Cinfhen ! #MidnightParty 2mo
Cinfhen Awesome review!!! What a priceless copy!!!! Thanks for giving me the push to read both books that I‘ve been wanting to read for years!!! Both were highly enjoyable and memorable. What should we read next???!!!? 2mo
vivastory @Cinfhen I was thinking of reading this in a couple of weeks 2mo
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LeahBergen I toured Mercer House when I was in Savannah! 👍🏻 2mo
Cinfhen Both books sound fantastic!! I‘d like to read both. Keep me posted and I‘ll look out for them 2mo
vivastory @LeahBergen That sounds like a lot of fun! 2mo
vivastory @Cinfhen Will the first week of December work for you? 2mo
Cinfhen Let me see if I can get a copy for a decent price and then I‘m in!!! 2mo
vivastory @Cinfhen Sounds good! 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s available from Hoopla! But can we read it in January? It‘ll work for #PopSugar20 and #Booked2020 ??! 2mo
vivastory @Cinfhen Yeah, January works for me 👍 2mo
Cinfhen Great!! Im looking forward 2mo
peaknit What a cool copy to have! Just finished, what a wild tale! 2mo
Leftcoastzen I have had this on the TBR for years! 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#midnightparty I'm going to be one of the last to leave the party 😉 I must admit the teensy font in my print copy has got the better of me when coupled with the dark winter nights.... Must buy a good shaded reading lamp one of these days. I've been finishing off the Immortalists as the font is larger. Hopefully finish Midnight tomorrow in daylight 👍😁👍 @Cinfhen

ljuliel That‘s why I‘ve gone to kindle / audio . Most books have print too small to see well even with glasses. If I didn‘t switch up to those gadgets , I‘d be stuck reading LP Harlequin Romances. 😱 2mo
Cinfhen Small print is no joke!!! It takes away from reading pleasure 2mo
Zelma @ljuliel am reading my first Large Print book right now (regular print for this book not available at my library) and, I must say, it has been a very enjoyable reading experience. 😆 2mo
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ljuliel @Zelma The problem with our local libraries is the poor LP selection. They honestly have mostly romance , cozy mystery and Zane Grey westerns. I guess they think as we get older, that‘s all we want to read. 2mo
Zelma @ljuliel I get that. We have a large portion of older readers so we get a lot of LP. It still veers heavily in genres I don‘t read, but there are a few titles that fall in line with my taste. I didn‘t go out of my way to read my current LP, but am pleasantly surprised with the experience. 2mo
Balibee146 @zelma @ljuliel interesting discussion... I've never tried large print.... Wish publishers would just make all print books a bit more accessible font wise, plus a more extensive range of LP - not everyone wants to, or can use an ereader.... Oh for an ideal world 😁🌎 2mo
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I didn't get much reading done over the weekend, so this is my combined #BookReport & #WeeklyForecast. I finally finished Salt Slow & Barracoon! Both really great and recommended for the right audience. Joining the #MidnightParty by starting the tagged today. My copy of The Lost Queen came in from Book Outlet so I'll finally get to finish it. Need to finish The Case Against Sugar for #NFNov, NOS4A2, & start The Last Hours #literarycrew #buddyread.

rsteve388 1 pt 2mo
Cinfhen 💕💕💕💕 2mo
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The most entertaining true crime book I ever read. Savanna is a place where “eccentrics thrived” and “the ordinary became extraordinary.” The quirkiest group of southerners I‘ve ever encountered in fiction or nonfiction. #NonFictionNovember #MidnightParty Thanks, buddy-readers 🧡

vivastory I started it yesterday & should finish today. Great review! 2mo
Cinfhen The crime itself is not even the story @vivastory it‘s the cast of characters who really propel this book. Each one is so unique and memorable 😁 2mo
Balibee146 I'm loving it too though will prob be tomorrow or Saturday before I finish. Great review 👍❤️ 2mo
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GatheringBooks i‘ve had this book for like forever but haven‘t had the chance to read it yet. love the review!! 2mo
Cathythoughts Nice review!! I‘m nearly there ... will finish tonight 👍🏻❤️... 2mo
Cinfhen I‘ll be watching for your #BookReport @Balibee146 glad you are all enjoying @Cathythoughts @vivastory 💕 2mo
lele1432 My audio loan finally came in so I can start listening at work! 2mo
mom2bugnbee We honeymooned in Savannah on 1995, just one year after the book was published. I hadn't read it yet, but it was fun to feel the buzz around town (most locals were very excited) and to think back on the places we'd visited once I did read it. I need to reread this one. 2mo
peaknit I‘m about halfway, I should wrap up by Saturday too, I need to stop cheating with Monster and commit!😂 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Haha! I‘m intrigued! Nice review 👍. I can finally start today! 2mo
batsy Nice review! I think it was kind of my first true crime book ... It set the bar high! 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s kind of amazing how this writer just stepped right into another dimension @batsy @peaknit That must have been cool to be there then @mom2bugnbee I‘d love to visit/ putting it on my summer travels wish list @lele1432 @erzascarletbookgasm I hope you both enjoy this story. It‘s whacky 2mo
LeahBergen I went to see the Lady Chablis in Savannah for my 40th Bday (because of this book!) 2mo
Cinfhen That‘s amazing @LeahBergen she was still preforming 🙌🏻💕Lady C was definitely my favorite “character” and Minerva too😉 I bet Lady C was fabulous ❣️❣️❣️ 2mo
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LeahBergen I kinda loved this part. 😆 2mo
vivastory @LeahBergen Right before I got to this part I was thinking of the eccentric characters in Twin Peaks, especially the log lady. Luther makes her look completely normal. 2mo
Avidreader25 I LOVE this book! 2mo
JennyHart We used to do this with June bugs when we were kids except we tied the string around them instead of glue 😂 Loved that book by the way 2mo
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