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In the Darkroom | Susan Faludi
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#WeeklyForecast week 13
I‘m nearly finished tagged book and the Elton John memoir. I‘m only a few hours into OTCU but the narrator is fantastic. I really need to work on my #ARCs this week. Happy reading, friends 📚😁❣️

TrishB Just having a think now! 6d
SamAnne I loved In the Darkroom. So thought provoking. Couldn't get my book club to choose it for discussion, sadly. 6d
Cinfhen I should have LOVED Darkroom @SamAnne it has ALL the components in a book I generally look for but I really disliked this book. I think the author tried to take on too much for one book and Stephen/Stephanie was SOOOOO abrasive and difficult to “like” ( I feel bad saying that 😬) However, I do think this book would be wonderful for a bookclub. 6d
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SamAnne @Cinfhen She did pack a lot in. Her father was a challenging human being for sure! I liked the window into Hungary, and her family's history and how it was shaped by the Nazi Regime. I do know that some folks in the trans community had issues with the book. Would have liked to discuss those in my book club. 6d
Cinfhen I loved the family history in Hungary before/during and after the war. Some of those stories were absolutely astonishing and heartbreaking ( the level of anti-semitism had me seething @SamAnne ) I‘m not surprised the trans community was upset, I thought the author was pretty hostile towards her parent and a bit disrespectful to the community at large. (edited) 6d
SamAnne @Cinfhen totally agree with you on the trans community had legitimate reasons. 6d
lele1432 Will be interested to see what you think of Barracoon! 6d
Cinfhen Finished it today @lele1432 I thought it was really wonderfully done. An important piece of oral history and what a tragic life but lived with such dignity 6d
lele1432 I agree!! 6d
MidnightBookGirl I loved the audio of On the Come Up! 6d
Cinfhen Bahni Turpin is brilliant!!!! I could listen to her ALL DAY @MidnightBookGirl
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Saint X | Alexis Schaitkin
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Ahhhh I got another ARC today! This one looks soooo good!
Thank you so much Celadon Books!
I can‘t wait to read this one! 😍📖 Has anyone else heard of it?!

#BookReview #BookBlog #ARC #ARCS #CeladonBooks

Crimson613 Is that the one w the disappeared girl at the family vacation? If so I read an excerpt 👀 1w
Alora @Crimson613 Yes thats the one! :) 1w
fleeting Ohhh envious! Want to read this too! 2d
Alora @fleeting I‘m very excited to start it! I love the cover! 😍💜 2d
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Today has been an amazing day!
I applied to be on discovery channel‘s Naked and Afraid a few weeks ago...
Today I got asked to proceed with the casting auditions! 😭😍

Then I came home to my first official ARC from Celadon Books!
I am VERY excited to read this book! This book speaks to my soul...
Especially going into the career I am..this will be very informative!

#ARC #ARCS #CeladonBooks #BookReview #Listening2020

TheSpineView Congrats on making it to casting. Let us know how it goes and good luck! 🤞 2w
Alora @TheSpineView Thank you so much! I still have some doubts about doing it but we‘ll see! Lol 2w
Crimson613 Congrats!! 😄😄😄 2w
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TheAromaofBooks Oh wow that's exciting stuff!! 2w
NeedsMoreBooks Congratulations 🎉 2w
Butterfinger Wow! Is "Break a leg!" appropriate? 2w
Alora Hahaha @Butterfinger definitely not! 😭😂 That would be terrible lmao 2w
Butterfinger @Alora I am so sorry. I saw casting, not the name of the show. Very stupid of me. I was in theatre and my mind went there before I noticed it was an intense reality show. Please forgive me. 2w
Alora @Butterfinger Lol no worries at all! That was funny lol considering its a survival show haha 😂 2w
Butterfinger @Alora fingers are crossed. I hope you get it so I can say I sorta know her. 😃😜 2w
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Big Sky | Kate Atkinson
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Reading exactly what I want before tackling the #netgalley #ARCs
Book support by #Suzie

QUERY: I have also borrowed the ebook from the library so I can read in bed later. Is this a bookish faux pas?

eanderson Nope, I do the same thing! 2w
AlaMich I do that all the time! I read the print version during the day when there‘s good light and the library ebook version on my Kobo at night. 🤓 2w
Aimeesue @eanderson @AlaMich *Whew* I hate wearing my glasses in bed, but I need them to read. With the Kindle I can just make the font bigger! 2w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#WeeklyForecast @Cinfhen

#ARCs and all of the books pictured above. I'm hoping to finish at least one more book before the year is out.

Cinfhen I‘m taking a small break from @ARCs 😬 3w
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#BookReport Week 9 Pretty good week. Lots of #audio 🎧 Made some progress with my #NetGalley although I did bail on one of my #ARCs😬 Looking forward to beginning challenge reads on Wednesday 🙌🏻🥳📚Is anyone else experiencing a weird keyboard on Litsy?????

RachelO There‘s a lot of books on that page! Weird keyboard how? 3w
Cinfhen It‘s like a mini keyboard the size of a small square and it covers over the comment area, so u can‘t see what you‘re typing. It‘s hard to explain but it‘s annoying AF @RachelO These are the technical issues that can throw me into a downward spiral of frustration and aggravation 😆 3w
BarbaraBB I am also looking forward to start the new challenges! My keyboard is the same as always, maybe it‘s your device? (edited) 3w
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RachelO @Cinfhen oh no- That‘s mega-annoying! I‘d turn my phone off for a bir to give it time to think about its behaviour 😬. Good luck! 3w
Cinfhen That‘s what I‘ve done @RachelO it is my device @BarbaraBB I must have hit some weird key 😫if it doesn‘t self correct I‘ll wait for my tech guy (aka son) to fix it 😉 3w
Cathythoughts That is very annoying 😡😡😡 !!!!!! and your very funny @RachelO , I think it‘s time I gave my phone a piece of my mind too ...... 🙃 3w
Cinfhen Darn device is still acting naughty @RachelO @Cathythoughts Just need to patiently wait for my son to wake up and fix the damn thing 😬 3w
TrishB I have the same go to tech guys (kids). Not seen that one before though! Definitely pressed something. 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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This is a view of my organized book shelves a few months back. The tin bin is now replaced with a milk delivery crate filled to the brim with books, and the tin sits in another part of my off filled too. I‘m hoping Santa either buys a used bookcase or builds me one as I‘m not a floor-to-ceiling-stack type of girl. Let‘s see your shelves! #bookshelves😋 #booklife #usedbooks #newbooks #arcs #muchneededspace

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#BookReport & #WeeklyForecast @Cinfhen

Still working on Crooked Kingdom and my #ARCs, just packed The Twelve Dates of Christmas into my bag for reading on the tram/bus. There will be #Jolabokaflod reading, but I don't know which books yet.

Had a slow reading week. I watched too much TV. 😉

Cinfhen TV is allowed in “moderation” 😉 4w
julesG @Cinfhen 😁😁 I had to finish The Rook, although I still have to read the book. Then I watched Carnival Row, people were raving about it. I thought it was more #MehThanYeah. And then I stumbled upon Tin Star and since I #lovehate Tim Roth I had to watch the first season. 4w
ljuliel Litsy is a ghost town. Not sure if it‘s broken or no one is posting. 4w
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julesG @ljuliel Probably no one around to post, everyone's out shopping. Or all are posting Wintergames stuff. Don't worry. It'll get busy again in a few days. 4w
Sace @julesG my husband and I watched the first episode of Carnival Row but haven't felt the burning need to see the next episode. 4w
julesG @Sace I'm glad I'm not the only one. So many of my friends liked the series, all I could see were plot holes. 🙈🙈🙈 4w
ljuliel Yes, you‘re probably right on that. I un- muted winter games yesterday just to see if there was anyone around. 5 minutes of that, and the mute button got clicked again. Right now, it‘s so quiet in here, you can picture a windy old west ghost town. All you see is a tumbleweed rolling down the road and you can hear the wind whistling. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I've noticed fewer posts, but that's because I mute a ton of hashtags. There still seems to be lots of conversations on the posts I do see. 4w
julesG @ljuliel 😂😂😂😂 I am actually glad for the quiet. I managed to check back 13hours of Litsy posts before my tea got cold. 😁 It's weird though, how much is going on for the games and how little else gets posted at the moment. 4w
julesG @Sace That's what I've noticed too. There is more conversation on "normal" posts. 4w
ljuliel @Sace I‘ve got it narrowed down to book related posts , which are few and far between. I guess lots of people have things to do during this week . 4w
Sace @julesG we watched the first episode after watching Going Postal and CR suffered by comparison. We liked GP so much more. 4w
julesG @Sace Oh, I'll have to give that a try, Going Postal I mean. Thanks for the tip. 4w
Sace @ljuliel ah... I guess I'm just not on enough to notice an extreme slow down? Tbh, I mute so much and I unfollowed many "games not books" folks that I've gotten used to the slower pace. It's kind of nice. 4w
ljuliel @julesG Yes it‘s a bit sad or frustrating that it‘s a book group but you can scroll through hundreds of posts without seeing a single book review anywhere. Sure hope things get back to normal. I‘m already counting up how long it takes before they start the Valentine games. 🙄🤨. @sace (edited) 4w
Sace @julesG it's based on the Terry Pratchett book. (If it's another MoreMehThanYeah I apologize! 🤣) 4w
julesG @sace @ljuliel It is nice to have a slower pace here. I should mute more # in future. 😁 4w
julesG @Sace And here I was not daring to write that it sounds very Pratchett. 🥴 4w
Sace @julesG @ljuliel I guess I've always been a little more interested in quality over quantity? As long as I get to have a couple bookish conversations a day I am content. Also, when you're actually reading it takes up more time, so fewer posts. If one is spending all their time posting to hashtags when does one read? 🤣🤣🤣 (I hope that didn't sound ugly...I don't mean it to.) 4w
Sace @julesG I'm a huge proponent of muting 😁 4w
julesG @Sace Naaah, my thoughts precisely. 4w
ljuliel Nope, doesn‘t bother me a bit. I just remember when the majority of posts were book related. I agree , quality is better than quantity. 👍🏼 @sace 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm trying to do my part by sticking to book/reading habits related posts. 😁 I understand the frustration though. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm only speaking from my experience...but one thing that has always bothered me about online interaction is the "followers factor" (for lack of a better descriptor.) Sometimes I feel like people just want a following so the goal is numbers. Since I would be perfectly happy to interact with the same 10 people I tend to not join ALL THE THINGS. I've been down that road and I didn't enjoy myself. It's me not them. 4w
ljuliel @Sace I think my concern is that this book group will go the way of countless others from the past. They all seemed to be very active for a few years, then membership dwindles , people stop posting, and they fizzle out. I‘ve gone back into GR , but it doesn‘t seem to have the attraction it once did. 4w
Sace @ljuliel what are some others that have fizzled? I was on GR for years and I just can't with it anymore. Are you on LibraryThing? 4w
ljuliel Well, if I go WAY BACK , AOL used to have a really nice area devoted to just book groups. They were really active. That was back in the late 90s I think. Then there was a really nice book forum type group which was run by folks from the UK, but everyone was welcome. It was super busy , but it fizzled due to lack of members ( plus the owners had to pay a fee to keep it open). I think the remainder of them went to FB.I liked Shelfari. It‘s gone. . (edited) 4w
ljuliel @Sace ☝🏼. 👉🏽I‘ve never gotten the hang of LT. The setup reminds me a bit of GR. You know, the way the messages are, etc ? I‘ve never gotten involved enough with it to have an opinion otherwise. (edited) 4w
Sace @ljuliel I know many people still mourn Shelfari. LT to me is much nicer and less clunky than GR. I am not a member of many groups, just ROOT and Litsy. I would encourage you to check out the 75 Books Challenge and the Category Challenge 2020 groups. Both are super active. LT allows for a lot of personalization of your homepage, library etc. Clearly I am biased. 😏 4w
Sace @ljuliel FB *shudder* hell no. 4w
julesG Now I feel like I should spend some time getting to know LT beyond the basics. 4w
julesG @Sace @ljuliel Yahoo used to have good groups, too. But it all fizzled out with FB. I hate FB, just check in once in a while. 4w
Sace @julesG I dumped FB in July of 2016. Never looked back and so much happier for it. 4w
ljuliel Yes, I forgot about the Yahoo groups, Jules. Those are more that are probably gone, I‘d guess. I never got super involved with them. I‘ve never had an interest in FB. To me, it sounds as if it‘s not a place I‘d like to get involved in. @Sace I may wander around in LT to take a closer look. Thanks for the rec. 😊 4w
Sace @ljuliel you've got all kinds everywhere, but my impression has always been that LT has some folks that are pretty serious about their books 🤣 I think it suffers in comparison to other places because of design, but they are really working on some design upgrades without losing the focus on books. Again, I am biased and generally feel LT can do no wrong. 4w
Sace @ljuliel I'm Sace over there too. Feel free to add me as a friend. 4w
ljuliel Thank you @Sace I think Andrew65 is also pretty active over there. 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This is just my two cents worth opinion... I don‘t think I would have the friends I do today if if this were strictly a book reviewing app. I enjoy, as I know others do as well, getting to know people. Facebook is nothing but drama. So why not talk about books and get to know each other?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4w
Daisey I read through your conversation when I noticed the “quiet” comment. My feed is also flooded with Winter Games at the moment, but I don‘t want to mute because I do enjoy some of it. Instead I‘m spending some time today searching out other specific hashtags I don‘t want to miss, like the Weekly Forecast and the Tolkien readalong. It is amazing the posting time I can scroll through with a specific hashtag. 4w
julesG @Daisey The tags are really helpful. I enjoy scrolling through them. 4w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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Week 9 #WeeklyForecast
Finish up my 4 books in progress and knock out a few more #NetGalley #ARCs
My #BookishResolution2020 BE MORE CONSCIENTIOUS with my requests😜

Happy Holidays friends 💟☮️

BarbaraBB I don‘t know much about NetGalley but do you want to read all those ARCs or do you have to? 4w
Cinfhen Publisher‘s provide complimentary Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) of books in exchange for unbiased reviews @BarbaraBB so it‘s in good faith to read a book that you‘ve been granted access too. But sometimes a cover or blurb catches my eye but the book doesn‘t hold my attention and then I feel trapped. Sometimes publisher‘s send you books without a request in hopes of spreading excitement or to gain exposure. It‘s a wonderful perk in moderation😁 4w
TrishB Good plan 👍🏻 4w
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BarbaraBB Aha. But moderation is hard I guess because you keep asking for books and then have to read them? 4w
julesG @BarbaraBB Moderation is sooo hard, especially since you never know which book you'll be approved for. So if I ask for 10 books, I'm expecting 8 refusals, but end up with 9 ARCs. 4w
Cinfhen Yes @BarbaraBB and what @julesG said ☝🏾😜 4w
BarbaraBB @julesG @Cinfhen The pressure must be killing 😉 4w
megnews I really liked Saint Mazie. 4w
Cinfhen I‘m liking it too @megnews BUT it‘s so different from her other novels ~ this is straight up HF 4w
megnews @Cinfhen my favorite genre, which may explain how I‘ve read this one and wasn‘t familiar with her others. 4w
Sace Oh...are we doing resolutions? I've definitely got some for myself! 4w
Sace Also....moderation is not my forte. I am tempted by NetGalley but I know that that road leads to madness. 4w
Cinfhen Resolutions and moderation seemed appropriate @Sace 😜 4w
4thhouseontheleft Some of the reasons above is why I‘ve largely stopped requesting ARC‘s on NetGalley. I always bite off more than I can manage! 4w
Cinfhen Yea, it‘s starts to feel like an albatross @4thhouseontheleft 4w
Daisey I‘ve had to learn to be very careful on NetGalley. I tend to limit myself to one session of browsing and no more than 5 requests until I know what will be approved. Then browse again after I write a review. 4w
Cinfhen I like your system @Daisey !!! That‘s gonna be my new approach too!! 4w
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#WeeklyForecast Week 8
📚I‘m still reading MiddleSex for my #SexyBuddyRead it‘s quirky & #LoL at times but I‘m not sure this book would fly well with newer readers ( it seems off trend)
🎧still enjoying Beauty Queens / over the top ridiculousness & a nice palette cleanser for this time of year💄💪🏼👙
🐻putting aside Olivia because library hold of GIRL came in last night
Hoping to knock out 2 more #ARCs & start Attenberg 🎧

vivastory I'll definitely be checking out the Attenberg next month! 1mo
Megabooks I started the Attenberg on audio today, and I‘m loving Therese‘s narration! I‘m only 5 short chapters in, but the story has a good hook. 👍🏻👍🏻 1mo
Hooked_on_books I‘ll be interested to hear what you think of the Calhoun. I just read the description and really related to it. 1mo
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Cinfhen I requested the Calhoun after seeing a post from @DGRachel / it does sound interesting @Hooked_on_books 1mo
Cinfhen Oh good @Megabooks I‘m looking forward to the Attenberg @vivastory ALL GROWN UP would have made my top 20 of the decades list 1mo
squirrelbrain I‘ve just started the Reid, and also have the Attenburg as an ARC.... 1mo
Cinfhen I‘ll be watching for your thoughts @squirrelbrain 🤓 1mo
Centique There‘s a few articles out there from the intersex community about their issues with Middlesex - so yes I definitely think it is problematic. I do still love it though! Will be an interesting book club discussion I think 🙂🙃 1mo
TrishB Not a clue yet! About to look at the piles 😁 1mo
klarusu I have Middlesex on the shelves - I read it when it was first released and I‘ve tempted to read it again to see how it stands up now with the evolution of society‘s dialogue around gender identity. 1mo
Cinfhen Oh, interesting @Centique after I finish the book, I‘m going to look for those articles!!! Thanks for letting me know 😘Interesting information @klarusu @sisilia @emilyhaldi from @Centique look under her spoiler tag 1mo
sisilia Oh cool! Thanks @Centique 1mo
klarusu Thanks @Cinfhen - taking a look now. 1mo
DGRachel @Cinfhen @Hooked_on_books The Calhoun is really good so far. Very readable and emotional. I feel seen, and that‘s huge. I think it has a very specific, narrow audience (Gen X women), but I‘m curious to see if she expands her thoughts at all to relate to more people. 1mo
CafeMom I love Edna O'Brien. Haven't read Girl. Look forward to your review. 1mo
Cinfhen So far it‘s VERY DARK @CafeMom but the writing is fantastic. Very haunting/ leaves me feeling anxious & unsettled 1mo
Suet624 I listened to “why we can‘t sleep” and I can‘t remember any of it. I‘m just not great with audiobooks. 1mo
Cinfhen I bailed on that book this week @Suet624 it was not speaking to me 😫🙄 1mo
Suet624 Oh good. I fast forwarded to the end and got the recommendations but those were all things I had tried. So 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1mo
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