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Two More | David Drew, Elizabeth Jacobs

Two more books until I‘m #netzero for 2018.
Too bad I have four books on hold for me at a #localbookstore.

Should I buy them?
#conundrum #goals

#climbingmounttbr #readharder #challege #two #netzero

Progress Report | Mark Clifton, Alex Apostolides
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Ok, everyone! How are you doing on #MountTBR for the #MountTBRchallenge ?? It‘s been just about a month - 4 weeks anyway. 😳 Amazing how fast time flies! Favorite book “shopped from your own shelves?” Have you been able to resist those shiny new books?

DivaDiane My own progress has been ok, but I have little to show for it. I just finished Anne of Avonlea, the second of my goal of 40. But I‘m very close to finishing a third and a fourth isn‘t far beyond that. My fave is actually the middle grade “Lucy Sky” (Corby Flood in English). I loved Anne of Avonlea but it wasn‘t as amazing as AoGG. (edited) 2y
mrp27 Nearly 4 books read is not bad! So far I've done better than expected. I've read two books from my pile and I've only purchased one book this month and that was with Christmas. 2y
Smarkies I have completed 3. And bought 1. Onto my 4th book. Hopefully that will be done soon. 😁 2y
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Chrissyreadit I am working on it. Finishing the third book in The 100- when I finish the fourth I will feel accomplished. I have been good about not buying books for me, but bought YA books for my kids- are they now allowed to be part of my #mounttbr? #loopholes ? 2y
Julsmarshall I‘ve read 10 and haven‘t bought any! And I have gift cards 😄 I‘m going to try to save those for my birthday in March. 2y
Melissa_J Despite my good intentions, most of the books I‘ve read so far this year have been recent acquisitions 😬 2y
Julsmarshall @Chrissyreadit I would think gifts for others wouldn‘t count 😄 2y
MelissaS I read 2 that were on my #mounttbr for several years!! In total, I‘ve read 6 books this year 😀📚📚. I have not purchased anything new but did borrow from the library. This is a fun challenge! 2y
Samplergal I‘ve read four from my mountain. Only bought one new.... that‘s good, right? 2y
Ash.on.the.line I‘ve read about 16! I have bought a couple used books but I have slowed down a lot! 😁 I feel good so far! 2y
eanderson So far I‘ve read 6 books on my TBR and only added 4 (botm, 1 gift card purchase, and PageHabit). I could do better next month but pretty happy that I haven‘t spent all my gift cards yet! 2y
Pamwurtzler I‘m working on book 12, and have probably added 3. 😬 2y
TheBookAddict 😂 I‘m currently reading 4 books, I finished 3 audiobooks, and I‘ve started another audiobook and they are all from my TBR. I have only preordered a limited edition omnibus Motor Girl comic book, so I‘ve been very good. I think the best ones so far are The Girl Who Drank the Moon (audio) and Sing, Unburied, Sing (physical book). 2y
Birdsong28 I am currently reading book number 4 on the list. 📚📖 2y
Linsy I haven‘t done perfectly on the book-buying front, but I did find some gems on my shelves! I finished 6 books from my shelves. I just read The Book of Speculation. I had completely forgotten why I bought on sale a year ago. Amazing!!! (edited) 2y
SleepyDragon I've read 2 books on my list, and am about halfway through another and a third of the way through a fourth. I may buy a book this week, but it's on my tbr and not available from the library, so I'm not counting it. I'm off to a good start. My goal is 10-18 books. 2y
ApoptyGina69 I‘m 2/3 done with Shantaram which will be my favorite for the month. I bought it late last year. Otherwise, I have read 10 books so far, all from my own shelves! I did buy a couple (well, 3-on sale!!) books last week when I was shopping for my Cupid exchange person. 2y
DivaDiane @Chrissyreadit I suppose if the books you bought for your kids end up languishing unread, the. They could count toward your TBR, but if you intend on reading them, they also count against it!!! #conundrum 2y
Chrissyreadit @DivaDiane hmmm...how long to count for languishing?😎 (edited) 2y
DivaDiane Well, officially, I said longer than a month. That‘s mostly to accommodate library books though. But really, it‘s up to you! 🤪 @Chrissyreadit (edited) 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes Well, I read 4 books that ended up on my shelves in 2017 or before...(can't remember if any were gifted in December, it's a possibility), and I'm in the middle of reading The Luminaries which I've owned for a few years, but that's gonna take me a while longer to finish. Lots of books from my shelves tagged for February tho! 2y
ju.ca.no I‘ve read two books for #mountTBR but I‘ve also bought two🙈 better luck next month💪🏼 2y
DivaDiane @Natasha.C.Barnes 👍🏻 2y
DivaDiane @ju.ca.no At least it‘s a draw!! 2y
ju.ca.no @DivaDiane yep, that‘s what I thought too! 2y
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Training to get one of these is cutting into my reading time...but doesn't make me feel so bad about sitting on my butt reading so much. #conundrum

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So, I am home, recovering from a fever (vaguely worried that my angelic high school students are setting my classroom on fire at this very moment), and I really want to start this book. However, I am still reading Quintana of Charyn...and I know a student at school is waiting to read it... but I've hit a slooooowww part and just cannot get into it when this one is sitting here, so close, begging to be read... #conundrum #conundrumsoflitsy #drama

GypsyKat Feel better soon! 3y
Mimi28 Get well soon!! 3y
asiriusreader Hope you're feeling better! 3y
hermyknee @asiriusreader thank you so much! I am feeling better. And loving this book! 3y
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The Adventure of the Red-Headed League | Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir (CRT)
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Ok so here's my first #sherlocked question. If the man was elderly, why wasn't his hair gray? Just sayin'! #IJS

josie281 Good genes? 3y
jpmcwisemorgan Oh...this one is one of my favorite Sherlock stories. Just wait! 3y
Ole Trump family? 3y
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thegirlwiththelibrarybag Maybe Watson is ageist - and meant elderly compared to him? 🤔 3y
readinginthedark What's the definition of elderly at the time? My dad's in his mid-sixties and only has a few grey hairs. Still mostly brown! 3y
Pinkmeghan @josie281 hahaha I assume so! 3y
Pinkmeghan @jpmcwisemorgan I remember the concept of the story but I can't remember the ending for the life of me! I guess I'll just be surprised! 3y
Pinkmeghan @Ole ha no they specifically say in the story it's not dye or a toupee so I guess that clan is out of the running! 🤣 3y
Pinkmeghan @readinginthedark I wonder that too! 3y
mrsmarch I dunno, remember Uncles Jack and Ed? They never qualified as "fiery," but they never really lost being red-headed. 3y
Pinkmeghan @mrsmarch in the story though it's clearly stated that he has the brightest red head in the line of redheads waiting to interview! #conundrum 3y
Bookworm83 For a second there I read that as Holmes having red hair! That would have completely blown my image of him 😋 3y
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The Hatching: A Novel | Ezekiel Boone
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I have yet another #BFF (Books & Food Forever) posting! Dinner and a book. The Carolina Burger (1/2 lb. medium patty with bbq-sauced pulled pork), sweet potato tots, a pickle, and my beloved Guinness on draft. @BookBabe ordered the Ultimate Nacho platter, which has everything but the kitchen sink and extra sour cream. Enough left-overs for *two* lunches! (Notice I keep eating while reading about gory #arachnohorror?) 😎

Jenshootsweddings And I'm drooling 4y
Shortstack I'm glad my boyfriend and I aren't the only couple who reads at the bar together. 📚❤️🍻 4y
Reviewsbylola Ummm I want to live your life. 4y
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Bookworm83 That looks glorious! 4y
BarbaraJean This post is making me just a bit hangry... because that looks amazing, and because I'm going to have to wait another hour before my own BBQ ribs come out of the oven! 4y
DebinHawaii I am coveting those sweet potato tots! 😉👍 4y
LibrarianJen I think I've gained 5 lbs just looking at your food today! I'll take the beer and a side salad, thanks! 4y
Megabooks Where's your Cole slaw on that? Not Carolina without the coke slaw!! 😉😉 4y
Megabooks *cole DYAC 4y
becausetrains @MrBook I notice there's nowhere on your plate where a spider could hide either. Coincidence? 🍔🍺😉 4y
marixa Extra sour cream for the win!!!! 4y
MrBook @Jenshootsweddings *hands you a napkin* 😂👍🏻! @Shortstack We crazies need to carpool together to these joints 😉. @Reviewsbylola 😂😂😂👍🏻! @Bookworm83 And it smelled glorious and it tasted glorious 😁👍🏻! @BarbaraJean 😂👍🏻! @DebinHawaii Sweet potato anything rocks 😎👌🏻! @LibrarianJen 😂😂👏🏻! @Little_Reader 😁! @Ebooksandcooks Ah, you know your burgers, kudos 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! I don't like cole slaw so I had them hold it. Bravo 😎🙌🏻👏🏻! 4y
MrBook @becausetrains 😂😂😂👏🏻👍🏻! @BookBabe wonders how I can read about hardcore spider attacks and eat without a problem 😆. @marixa She can't get enough of her sour cream 😊👍🏻! 4y
Suzze I'm with you on the Guinness And you know I loved Hatchlings! 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷! 4y
TheNextBook Where is this!!!! That burger looks delicious. 4y
Gezemice I am hungry. 4y
Bookzombie I'll have what she's having. 😛 4y
Sue I love the way you two roll 4y
SusanInTiburon I may have to unfollow you until you're done with that spider book. Keeping my eyes shut. 😣 4y
Keegz63 I'm very concerned that your Guinness seems to have lost all its frothy creamy goodness! 4y
mhippo LOL me too @SusanInTiburon 😳 I'm too afraid to even click on the title! 4y
LauraJ Your posts are killing me. And why is there no drooling emoji? 4y
LeslieO Anything with tots. 4y
Zelma I was full from dinner until I saw this post! And like @BookBabe I like a few nachos with my sour cream. 🍻 4y
teainthelibrary Those tater tots 😫 4y
Books4Ever Looks good 😊 4y
ReadingEnvy Does that mean you two are in the Carolinas or is the burger place trying to get you there? 4y
Audrey I love tater tots and those sweet potato ones sound amazing. It's not quite 8 am and I want a burger and tots for breakfast. 😃 4y
kristina_with_a_k I don't know if I like this more for the food or the book. 🍔 or 📖 #conundrum 4y
MrBook @Suzze 😁👍🏻😎👌🏻! @TheNextBook Tom X Pub deep in the heart of the Poconos. If you're ever in the area, let me & @BookBabe know & we'll treat you 😁👍🏻! @Gezemice 😂😂😂! @Bookzombie And she'd say excellent choice 😉👍🏻. @Sue We don't always roll, but when we do it tastes good 😎👍🏻! @SusanInTiburon Aww, I'm getting everyone's arachnophobia going. I'll only do one more post, a finished review, and that'll be it 😊. 4y
MrBook @Keegz63 lol, thank you!!! It had already been sitting for a half-hour through our mozzarella-stick appetizer & waiting for the kitchen to make the main course. I love Guinness froth! @mhippo Aww, I'll only make one more post when I finish it, and that'll be that 😊👍🏻. @LauraJ 😂😂😂👍🏻 I was keeping the drool in check 😎. @LeslieO Loooooovvvve tots! Orr-Ida's extra crispy tots are the best 😁👌🏻! @Zelma 😁😁😁👏🏻👍🏻!!! 4y
MrBook @teainthelibrary Come visit and we'll indulge your tot craving 😊👍🏻! @Books4Ever It was *very* good, thanks 😁👍🏻! @ReadingEnvy PA folk share a lot in common with Carolina folk 😉👍🏻. Brought back memories of previous trips😎. @Audrey Somewhere in the world it's past noon 😎😆👍🏻! @kristina_with_a_k Why not settle for both 😁👍🏻? 4y
Audrey Because of this post, I'm having tater tots (whole foods frozen) along with poblano sausages and a 5 spice slaw for dinner. 4y
MrBook @Audrey 😋😁👌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻! 4y
mhippo Thanks @MrBook that is really nice of you!! Arachnophobia is my Achilles heel 😣😜 4y
MrBook @mhippo It's @BookBabe 's too! The neighbors can hear her scream when she sees one, and we live in the forest, lol. 4y
BookBabe 😂😂 Truth! 👌🏻 4y
mhippo Now that I can understand! @BookBabe 😝😂 4y
LeslieO @MrBook ever try Trader Joe's. To die for. 4y
MrBook @LeslieO No, I haven't. I like TJ, haven't shopped at one for awhile though. 4y
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