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The Love Con | Seressia Glass
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Taco truck and a little reading for dinner lol yes we have taco holders in my house lol 😂 I heart tacos 🌮 #tacos #convention #cosplayer #woc #poc #libby #ereader

DinoMom Tacos are life!! 6mo
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The Thursday Murder Club | Richard Osman
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My hold finally came through so this is my weekend read 📚I‘ve heard great things! #thethursdaymurderclub #librarybook #ereader #booksleeves

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Pearl | Josh Malerman
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Excited to read this one!!! 😃🙌 I‘m a huge fan of Josh Malerman ever since I read Bird Box, even before they turned it into a movie. This one sounds like a twisted story!! 🔥🐷🐽 👍 #ARC #favoriteauthor #netgalley #pearl #joshmalerman #ebook #ereader #currentlyreading

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Sounds good! Stacked! 1y
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The Dutch House | Ann Patchett
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I know I'm fairly late to this party but I'm happy to have finally arrived nonetheless 😊 I loved this book! Totally lived up to the hype.

I ordered my first e-reader just now after taking my sister's for a testdrive. So excited for it to arrive. My tbr is about to get a whole lot bigger!

#ereader #hypedbook #readyfortheweekend

The Dark Bones (Dark Lure, #2) | Loreth Anne White

hello all! i am going to upgrade my #kindle and am not sure if i should get the oasis or the paperwhite. what are your guys experiences with one of the other ??
#kindleoasis #kindlepaperwhite #ereader #amazonkindle #upgrade

Chrissyreadit Welcome to Litsy! I‘m going to share a link that will have some helpful information about using Litsy, getting to know people and joining book groups and activities. 1y
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tpixie Welcome to Litsy!! 🥳📚🥳 @Chrissyreadit thanks for the tag 🏷 1y
tpixie I only have the Paper white. I love reading it in bed late at night. It‘s gentle on my eyes compared to reading with the Kindle app on my phone. ( the phone is more responsive / quicker with highlighting though, and highlights in color) (edited) 1y
Texreader Welcome to Litsy!! It‘s a great place to hang out with awesome people! Thanks @Chrissyreadit for the tag!! 😃 1y
wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag @Chrissyreadit! 1y
Librarybelle Thanks for the tag, @Chrissyreadit ! Hope you are enjoying your time on Litsy, @stonedbookworm …it is a great community! Sorry, I have no experience with Kindle products, so I cannot really help with your question. 1y
wanderinglynn I have the Kindle Fire because I thought I‘d use the other functionality but I don‘t. 😆 But I do like being able to see the colors of the covers. 1y
CBee Thanks for the tag, @Chrissyreadit ♥️♥️ 1y
TheBookHippie Welcome 🤍🤍🤍 1y
megnews Welcome to Litsy! I use a Kindle Fire. Thanks for the tag @Chrissyreadit 1y
Butterfinger Welcome to Litsy and thanks for the shout-out @Chrissyreadit - I have had the Fire - too distracting with the other apps so now I have the Paperwhite, but miss the colors, especially of the covers like @wanderinglynn said. I'm not much help, am I? 1y
Blaire I have the paper white and I love it. 1y
MicrobeMom Welcome to Litsy! @Chrissyreadit you are the best! Thanks for the tag! 1y
Mitch Hi - welcome to Litsy. The bestest corner of the internet ! Have fun - it‘s a wonderful community to be pet of. 1y
LibrarianRyan Ello, welcome to LIsty. Sorry I am late to the welcome bandwagon. And thank you, probably @chrissyreadit for tagging me. Oh and just FYI, I am anti amazon, so I would say none, get something you can do multiple things on, or if you like the eink screen maybe something you can purchase from multiple places from. No hate to you, get what you like. 1y
ElizaMarie Hi, Welcome to Litsy! I am sure you are going to have a great great time here. Anyway, as far as the kindle stuff, I feel like the paperwhite is easier on my eyes to read. I have a kindle but rarely use it because... well I prefer paper books. But I find them so so convient! 1y
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Time for some Sweet Dreams tea and my Kindle. Not pictured is the old cat in my lap. #tea #kindle #ebook #ereader

The Butterfly Garden | Dot Hutchison
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So, my kid convinced me to get a kindle, not hard, but definitely not needed.
This book looks decidedly warped enough to be the first read.
I use kindle constantly to read trashy novels I never share. But, usually they are on my ipad which is just too big.
#ereader #thriller #takemymoney #kindleunlimited #freeread

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I have been planning on getting one since ages. Finally i am but little advice from listy community would be valuable.

Reggie So I got the paper white as a gift from work and I still prefer to read on my kindle app off my phone just because I‘m able to have a black background and white font for my eyes at night. But I don‘t know how the other one is. Good luck! My dad he also prefers the kindle app off the fire tablet than the paper white I ended up passing along to him. 2y
readingjedi I started on the basic, upgraded to the Paperwhite and now have the Oasis (a gift). The difference between the Oasis and Paperwhite is nowhere near as huge as the difference between the basic and the Paperwhite. I'd definitely recommend the Paperwhite, it's a joy to use and does pretty much everything you need an ereader to do. 2y
Reggie Also go under search and look up the hashtags #paperwhite #oasis #ereader some people have posted about them. 2y
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ishan0986 @Reggie hey thanks man. Really helpful. 🙂 2y
ishan0986 @readingjedi yep oasis is out of bounds for now. I am thinking paperwhite as it has the contrast feature which the other one misses. 2y
kezzlou85 I have a paperwhite and love it. Plenty of storage and easy to read no matter the lighting conditions. 2y
TheAromaofBooks If you literally just want to use it for reading, I would go with the Paperwhite. It has a different type of screen that doesn't strain my eyes like reading on a phone or regular tablet does. I noticed a big difference when I switched from my old Kindle Fire to the Paperwhite. However, you can't do anything else on the Paperwhite (like download a game or surf the web), so that is its big disadvantage. 2y
TheLibrarian Paperwhite! The screen is great for reading since it doesn‘t bother my eyes like most technology. Plus you can read it without worrying about glare. I haven‘t used my Kindle Fire since my I got my Paperwhite a few years ago. 2y
BookishMarginalia Paperwhite is best for reading. 2y
tenar You‘re asking between the basic Kindle and the Paperwhite? Not the Fire tablet, right? I had an earlier version of the Paperwhite, and last summer I bought the basic Kindle to replace it. I‘m pleased, it‘s extremely similar, and I used the money I saved to buy the no-ads feature. Last year the major differences left between the basic Kindle and Paperwhite were the pixel density, waterproofing, and memory size. 👇🏻 2y
tenar If you want to read manga on it, read in the bath, load up on Audible audiobooks, or just really want to feel premium, those extras might be something you need. The basic Kindle is so light it almost feels like a toy, and sometimes it takes a few pages for the shadow of a dark image to clear, while my old Paperwhite was heftier and had less of an artifact problem. What is the contrast feature you mentioned? 2y
ishan0986 @tenar on the paperwhite kindle you can turn the background black with the text being white. The basic one misses this feature. I think it's called dark mode. 2y
tenar Oh, got it! If you need that, certainly the Paperwhite‘s the one for you. If you‘re concerned about the brightness level when reading at night, the light on the basic Kindle can go very, very dim (or obviously all the way off, and you can still read with a lamp just like a real book). I use dark mode on all my other devices and am fine with the basic Kindle at night, but it looks like @Reggie would have loved that feature! 2y
tenar P.S. My favorite Kindle feature is one not a lot of people use - it has a dedicated email address to receive documents and books. I love sending long PDFs or public domain classics from Project Gutenberg to my Kindle without having to manually hook up to my PC. Here‘s all the details and accepted formats: https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/email 2y
ishan0986 @tenar yup i do this with my kindle app for andriod. But i feel the strain it causes me is quite enough to push me into getting a kindle. I have ordered the paperwhite. 😅 2y
tenar Woohoo! 🎉 How exciting, I hope it brings you hours of reading joy! I wouldn‘t be able to read nearly as much as I like without mine. 2y
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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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The bookshops are sadly closed here as we are in Tier 4 lockdow 😥 so treated myself to a few Kindle books in the sale. These one's caught my eye and look like some good reads.

Hope everyone is safe & well and hopefully enjoying a little down time to read and chill

#Kindle #AllBookedUp #BookWorm #BookLover #Readers #BookNerd #Books #ReadersLiveAThousandLives #GreatReads #WhatDayIsIt #eBooks #eReader

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Ebooks to the rescue! Sending best wishes from Melbourne! Lockdown can be grim - but in a weird way I kind of miss it... 2y
Curiouser_and_curiouser @thegirlwiththelibrarybag love your comment about missing Melbourne lockdown! It had it benefits didn't it 😉 I'm glad ours was over the cooler months and not the hot ones. 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @Curiouser_and_curiouser, yes - lots of time to contemplate everything that‘s normally filled in with the bustle of everyday life. I don‘t have air conditioning - so yes, very glad that ours was over winter. 2y
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JaneyWaneyB @thegirlwiththelibrarybag hope you are well in Melbourne and enjoying the good weather. Looks like we are in for another lockdown we'll see what BoJo has to say tomorrow 😥 but if it keeps people safe it is worthwhile doing. 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @JaneyWaneyB, we are doing alright! Summer has been mild so far but that seems unlikely to be the case for much longer... it‘s the dithering around between lockdowns that got me - let‘s just get it done! 2y
JaneyWaneyB @thegirlwiththelibrarybag glad to hear you are well. I'm with you on dithering...no one in any Government seems to know what to do for the best. I'm with you, lock it down, 3 week firebreak and hopefully our health services can cope. Working from home is fine with me as I take a lunch break & read a few chapters 😁 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @JaneyWaneyB, we‘ve just gone back to a mask mandate for indoors (so far only 3 confirmed cases all linked back to Sydney) - fireworks have been cancelled - so hopefully we don‘t see a surge in cases. I‘m glad to see swift action in Victoria (where I am) as NSW‘s numbers are rising and they are dithering... 2y
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