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Provenance | Ann Leckie
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My latest book haul!! I love #ThriftBooks

I am so excited to read all these wonderful books. I actually started reading the tagged book last night. Already hooked! (My first Anne Leckie Book)

And 2 of those books are for @juliegumdrop from my #50kBookRecGiveaway - Julie - I‘ll send out your package as soon as I can! 😊

#bookhaul #latestbookhaul

juliegumdrop @Laughterhp I‘m thrilled! Can‘t wait! 4y
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The only good thing about becoming a #siliconvalleywidow has been getting a US address and BOTM. Of course, I have to wait for EDP to come home so this is my #latestbookhaul, only arriving with him on Wednesday. He also brought home some bookish pajamas and our favourite Skippy peanut butter we can't get in Canada anymore.

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#junebookbugs day 29 - #latestbookhaul

Am now officially all caught up (purchase-wise, at least) on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's a bit frustrating not having the full arc on hand to power through. Worked out at least to meet the parameters of #barnesandnoble 's Viz #manga sale.

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Thrift store haul! I was so happy to find "the 5 people" because although my husband is a non reader for the most part, this one he has been telling me to read for a long time. #junebookbugs #latestbookhaul

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#BookHaul. Unexpectedly, all arrived at once. Which led to some necessary explanations to the Minister of Finance. However, I stopped at a college town Salvation Army on a hunch there would be some good finds...and there was! Explaining $3.18 for 15 books led to no economic sanctions... 💃🏻📚💃🏻📚💃🏻📚

#JuneBookBugs #epicbookhaul #dorothyparker #fscottfitzgerald #agathachristie #tbr #pileofbooks #timeforshelfreorganization #latestbookhaul

BooksForYears No austerity measures needed! 🙌🙌🙌 6y
MayJasper Phew close call 6y
Jess_Read_This @MayJasper Exactly!! We need an emoji for that! 😂 6y
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Jess_Read_This @BooksForYears Indeed!!! It was touch and go there for awhile 😂😂😂 6y
BethFishReads Phew indeed 6y
BookNAround Minister of Finance. LOL! 😂 6y
Leftcoastzen Nice haul ! I have that Dorothy Parker!Way to stretch those book buying 💵 dollars! 6y
Smangela 😂😂😂 6y
elliemcc11 I hope you have some big bookshelves to fill! 📚 6y
Suet624 Hoy cow!! That's impressive. 6y
Jess_Read_This @Leftcoastzen @Suet624 @elliemcc11 Thank you! I found a few ebay book dealers who have their books deeply discounted and typically sell you either the 3rd or 5th book free! I will probably never have enough bookshelves... 6y
elkeOriginal Glad I do not have a Minister of Finance! Or maybe I would be better off if I did...😉 6y
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The Loved Ones | Sonya Chung
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Day 29 #JuneBookBugs #LatestBookHaul 📚I shared my latest book haul from the library & library bookshop last week & I haven't gotten any new books since then--not even any #bookmail. I even dropped a few books back at the library today but didn't see anything more compelling than my own out-of-control #TBR stacks.😬So here's the pics I posted before with one from tonight of the whole stack together-which hasn't moved since I brought them home.😆

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#junebookbugs Day29: #latestbookhaul
Lunch break library haul.

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Still recouping with the new hip, so no big trips to the library and bookstores yet. 🙃But that doesn't mean I haven't been book shopping. Here's my #latestbookhaul on my Kindle. Thank goodness for Amazon and ebooks! #junebugbooks

minkyb Continued healing wishes! 6y
UwannaPublishme @minkyb Thank you! 🤗 6y
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Strange Weather | Joe Hill
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I'm cheating a bit as I just got home from a library conference, but my #latestbookhaul is almost exclusively #arcs. Pretty pumped for my reading choices for a while! 😁😁.

#junebookbugs @RealLifeReading

RealLifeReading Ooooohhhh 6y
Chasing_Pages This might sound like a stupid question but how do you get arc's? 6y
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Bookcation74 Oh I am jealous that you have the new Gregory McGuire!! 6y
gossamerchild @Chasing-Pages in this case I was at a professional conference and the publishers give them away there. Sometimes if you get on email lists of publishers they'll offer giveaways. There's also Edelweiss and netgalley, websites where you can download ebook ARCs, but those are meant for librarians and other kinds of reviewers. 6y
Somasis New Joe Hill 😍😍😍 6y
Chasing_Pages @gossamerchild Ok, I know people that do blogs and reviews get them but I wasn't sure if there was another way. Thanks! 6y
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The Thief | Megan Whalen Turner
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#latestbookhaul #junebookbugs my three latest buys. Just read the big reveal on Magpie Murders and I guessed the murderer. 👍#youresovain #junetunz describes the murder victim. The other two books are definitely #blameitonlitsy.

GypsyKat Oooo, they all look good! 6y
Dragon Thanks @GypsyKat I hope so! I love all things Pride and Prejudice. The Thief is the first book in a series that Littens like 🤞 6y
GypsyKat @Dragon Well then I definitely hope you enjoy them! 👍 6y
Cinfhen Great haul! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on all 3! 6y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen I enjoyed Magpie Murders 👍 6y
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