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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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I‘ve been trying to figure out how to participate in #rolldecember since there‘s no way I‘m going to be able to read these 4 AND the #roll100 selections AND all the other books I want to read by the end of the year. Now I‘ve got it- I‘m going to consider these 4 as possible substitutes for any Nov or Dec #roll100 titles I‘m not really feeling. I will most likely switch out 2 titles for Freakonomics and BUtterfield8 in the coming weeks 🤔

PuddleJumper I have so many books I want to read in December and I'll probably end up reading 2 😂 3d
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Here are my #Roll100 which are all numbers adjacent to the rolls as I have read all these numbers on my list. I was leaning towards lighter reads for December and these picks solidified that theme! Now to make my big #TBR
56/100 off my list this year so far!

IndoorDame Ooh I just read the Starless Sea and loved it! It has good December vibes 6d
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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I tried to go with some festive colours for December‘s #roll100

I‘m also running a mini challenge called #rolldecember where it‘s a list of 20 books rather than a 100, something to encourage a bit of reading through the cold, dark winter nights!

Roll 1 = 9
Roll 2 = 22
Roll 3 = 89

We had 22 in August so if you‘ve read that book already go for the next boom above or below

As always tag me because I‘m nosey!

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Morr_Books @PuddleJumper I appreciate you getting these out early, as I am trying to plan my reading for the rest of the year to see if I have a shot at completing my Goodreads challenge (not looking good right now). Also, will you do #Roll100 next year, because I was terrible at it this year and want to try again? 2w
PuddleJumper @Morr_Books Yes, I'll be running it again next year. I'm getting a new post ready for 2023 as I'll just ask people if they still want to be tagged etc and I've created a Storygraph challenge for it 2w
JW1108 @PuddleJumper glad to hear it! I only managed a third of the rolled books this year and want to try again! 2w
tokorowilliamwallace I could put down a list of books I need to finish already (which is all of them really, 60+ just for 2022). Or I could do an alternate list of library books I check out (~40 out currently). 🤔 Better jump to lie/sink in the ball pit bed of Scrooge McDuck's vault of books I've made. O.o A new Storygraph challenge I can overcommit to! 2w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I am switching to all holiday fluff for December, so I am lining these up with my alternate TBR list - 9 is All I Want for Christmas by Wendy Loggia, and 22 is How to Ruin the Holidays by Becky Monson - my list only goes to 59 but that's probably enough for one month 😂 2w
PuddleJumper @JW1108 TBR piles never really go down so I'll keep this challenge going! 2w
PuddleJumper @tokorowilliamwallace Decisions, decisions! 2w
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks I've got a seperate December list too XD 2w
Read4life As @Morr_Books said, thank you for getting these out early. It definitely helps with planning ahead for #BookSpinBingo and my monthly TBR. 2w
claudiuo Thank you so much for drawing early so I can add them to my December list. I've read all of them but going to the closest one I should add to my list: The House of Shattered Wings (also a January pick I am still in debt with) and Thin Air (same, a debt, a November pick that I didn't even start). 2w
Bookworm54 Gosh I haven‘t even looked at Novembers pick yet 😂 this month is getting away from me! 2w
Larkken @Bookworm54 same 🤦🏻‍♀️ I will still have plenty for next year, lol! 2w
julieclair Mine are Little Fires Everywhere, Siri Who Am I , and Hons and Rebels. Unless I decide to do all holiday fluff like @TheAromaofBooks , which is looking very likely. 🎄 2w
PuddleJumper @claudiuo I've got a bit backlog. I'm going to start fresh next year and hopefully clear down my shelves a bit 2w
SpookyMazeOfBooks @PuddleJumper I love the idea of rolldecember , I'm going to make a different list for that one . 2w
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Repost for @PuddleJumper

I am super busy at the moment but wanted to get this out early again. So no pretty dice this month but my Dwarven cleric who hasn‘t decided which god to follow and licks stone to determine its age has rolled for Novembers #roll100

Roll 1 = 63

Roll 2 = 92

Roll 3 = 25

Tag me at @puddlejumper so I can snoop on everyone's reading

Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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This month‘s #Roll100 picks are three I‘m very excited to finally get to! I have added them to my #NovemberTBR

PuddleJumper Awesome! 1mo
CBee Oooo, I loved The Passengers! And Sadie too! 1mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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I am super busy at the moment but wanted to get this out early again. So no pretty dice this month but my Dwarven cleric who hasn‘t decided which god to follow and licks stone to determine its age has rolled for Novembers #roll100

Roll 1 = 63

Roll 2 = 92

Roll 3 = 25

Tag me at @puddlejumper so I can snoop on everyone's reading

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Read4life Thank you for posting these amidst your busy schedule. It really is appreciated. 🤓 1mo
PuddleJumper @Read4life Babysitting my six year old niece then taking the rest of the week off to recover 🤣 1mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for posting these, you are awesome! As for books, I've read #25, closest is #30 Thin Air by Richard K. Morgan. Same for #92, I will use the ill-fated #100 which I still haven't read even if it came up 3 times already. Also #63 I read a couple months ago, closest is #59: The Last Librarian by Brandt Legg.
Thanks a lot again and wish you a restful end of the week!
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 1mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Wow! You are crushing it! 1mo
Clwojick Seriously hoping you‘ll be continuing with this for next year, as I‘ve already started compiling two separate lists for my Chirp audiobook backlog, and my NetGalley backlog. I feel like I‘ll have better luck with the audiobooks, as opposed to doing physical books like I did this year. 1mo
PuddleJumper @Clwojick Yes, I'll be carrying it on 1mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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So I have read all of these numbers, so these are books near the numbers. We‘ll see if I get to any of them.
A Natural History of Dragons
Six Crimson Cranes
The Iron King

PuddleJumper Awesome! 2mo
Morr_Books I am currently reading Roll100s from August & September. I'm a bit behind :( 2mo
Nessavamusic @Morr_Books yeah I don‘t know if I‘ll get to these in October because they don‘t really fit in my Scarathlon goals! 2mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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It's a dark and spooky theme for October's #roll100

Roll 1 = 100
Roll 2 = 6
Roll 3 = 71

This is the 3rd time 100 has been rolled! Pick a book below it if you've read it already

Tag me @PuddleJumper so I can see what everyone is reading!

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RaeLovesToRead Hehe... Guess who hasn't read number 100 yet 🙈🙈🙈 2mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Will post my books in a few after I wake up . My mom got called into work last night and it was the shift my sister and I don't like her to work ,the 10 pm to 6 am , 1: because their only allowed to lock one door, 2: because their alone doing that shift , 3: they never fixed the button that sends out a message that the work need help, and 4 their cameras are really bad, so basically they don't have good security at all for their workers 2mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Which means on nights that she works those shifts I'm up all night .then when she comes home I lay down for awhile 2mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Woohoo! My number 6 is a spooky read! I can use it for a bunch of challenges for #Scarathlon2022! ❤️🎃❤️ 2mo
Read4life Thanks as always for posting early! Book post to come. 2mo
Bookworm54 So pretty ☺️ 2mo
Ruthiella Clearly the universe wants me to read #100? I‘ve avoided it / failed each time so far! 😂 2mo
Larkken Thanks! You inspired me to buy a set of dice to help me decide what other books to read apart from my roll100, so you know that this challenge really gets me 🥰 (edited) 2mo
PuddleJumper @Larkken Amazing! Welcome to the land of pretty clack clacks 😂 2mo
claudiuo Thank you so much again for the early draw! I am so bad at reading the numbers picked but hope to get better. And I know I keep repeating myself but have to.... gorgeous dice! 2mo
claudiuo @Ruthiella Same here, I kept trying to ignore 100 but someone up (or down) there really wants me to get to it. 2mo
Ruthiella @claudiuo 😂 Will this third time be the charm for either of us? 2mo
Kenyazero Only when your fictional life doesn't depend on you rolling high can you roll 100 so often! 2mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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To celebrate the completion of my first ever campaign I got my players to roll the numbers for September‘s #roll100

Roll 1 = 12

Roll 2 = 95

Roll 3 = 54

We had 54 rolled in May, so if you‘ve already read that one you can read the book above or below it

Tag me @PuddleJumper so I can take a looksee at what everyone is reading

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RaeLovesToRead Woo! I've read 2 of these already!!!!! (That feels satisfying!) Just Razorblade Tears for me this month... 😁 3mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Aww, congrats on the campaign!! ❤️🐉⚔️❤️ 3mo
Ruthiella I need to step up my game here! 😅 I‘m falling way behind. Congratulations on the campaign! 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Priestdaddy, Shuggie Bain, The Color of Law are my picks! I hope I can get to at least one next month! Thanks 😊
PuddleJumper @RaeLovesToRead Nicely done! 3mo
PuddleJumper @Ruthiella Thanks! I'm way behind too but I've cleared out some books from my TBR. Progress! 3mo
PuddleJumper @Chelsea.Poole Interesting! Good luck! 3mo
Clwojick Yay!!! I‘m here for it! 3mo
Kenyazero Haha I love this! Congrats on completing the campaign! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Woooo!!! Looks like I have a couple of romcoms this month - A Sweet Mess and The Wedding Date. Congrats on your campaign completion!! Are you starting a new one with this same group? 3mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks Awesome! Enjoy your romantic month

Thanks! Unfortunately not, one of the players is moving to another time zone. They GM a campaign we‘re all in and I‘ll be starting a new campaign soon with the remaining players and some new people. Very excited!
claudiuo Thank you so much for drawing the numbers early. I've read all the numbers picked and around them, closest I haven't read is at pos. 50 so I'll add the tagged book to my list for September. Thank you! 3mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Whoop! Whoop! That's awesome 3mo
SusanLee Cool 💪🏻 3mo
llwheeler Wow, all 3 numbers are next in series of ones that have already been called in previous months! Love it! (of course 2 of those series I still haven't started but that's another story...) thanks! 3mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Yay, thank you @PuddleJumper for this monthly highlight!

My #roll100 picks for August:
#22 is Girl (likelihood of a DNF is >50% for this one- I added it to my TBR when I was a teenager 😬)
#100 is A Small Place
#17 is The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories (I‘m not big on creepy and weird, but it‘s super short, so we‘ll see)

PuddleJumper Good luck! 4mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Here are my #Roll100 books for August!
1 & 2 I do have so I should definitely get to them. We‘ll see if I can snag a copy of 3.
So far this year I have read 40/100 of my list 😁

PuddleJumper Wahoo! 4mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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August #roll100 has arrived!

Went with a warm/spring tone with two sets inspired by Critical Role characters and my Muninn set

Roll 1 - 22

Roll 2- 100

Roll 3 - 17

100 has come up before so if you've read that one just read the book above our below

Tag me @PuddleJumper to have a nosey at what you are reading!

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ozma.of.oz Woohoo! 💛🧡💛 4mo
wisherwishinguponastar I love the turquoise dice! I need to dig mine up for Gen Con! 4mo
claudiuo Gorgeous dice, as always! I probably should really read the pick at 100, true it came up before in April I believe and I didn't read it that time either. Thanks so much for posting the numbers! 4mo
PuddleJumper @wisherwishinguponastar They are great! I got them from a shop on Etsy called mintandmustard They have some really pretty dice 4mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo I didn't either 🤣 Good luck! 4mo
Chelsea.Poole Lovely dice! 🎲 thanks!! I‘ve done two of these already from my list but haven‘t gotten to 17 which I‘ll work in next month: 4mo
PuddleJumper @Chelsea.Poole That's great! 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I have an older children's book called Matilda and Her Family (17) and a newer romcom, Save the Date (22)!! 4mo
Grrlbrarian Roll 1 for me: The Devotion of Suspect X! 🙌 Roll 2: The Master and Margarita 🐱 (edited) 4mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Going to see what my books are right now 4mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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My #Roll100 picks for July! @PuddleJumper
13: Normal People
44: The Educated Imagination
75: Hounded
I hope I have the focus to get through these. July‘s a busy month, with homeschool supplies coming in and the year‘s plan to map out, and our first vacation in…possibly ever…at the end of the month, plus kiddo‘s birthday and tons of other extended family drama (guess who we‘re going on vacation with? Yay!)…I‘m trying to keep my goals low.

PuddleJumper Ooft, sounds busy and stressful! Hope it goes well 5mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Original post for challenge: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314575
Three roll update post: https://litsy.com/p/Q1FpVTRHcUt0

July #roll100 sticking with the 3 rolls as that seems to be working

Going for a red/pinky theme this month with Cherry Crystal, Raspberry Smoothie and my Rainbow metal dice I never get to use because they dent my desk!

Roll 1 = 13
Roll 2 = 75
Roll 3 = 44

LitsyEvents As always tag me @puddlejumper so I can snoop on what everyone is reading 5mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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My potentials for #Roll100 thanks to @PuddleJumper 🎲
I probably won‘t get to all of these, but will try for at least one! All three are on #hoopla audiobook. 🎧

PuddleJumper Good luck! 5mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Here are my #Roll100 picks for July!

Thank you @PuddleJumper for this fun reading challenge. I have read 34/100 so far this year! 🎉📖

PuddleJumper That's awesome! 5mo
Soubhiville Wow, that‘s impressive! 5mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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July #roll100 sticking with the 3 rolls as that seems to be working

Going for a red/pinky theme this month with Cherry Crystal, Raspberry Smoothie and my Rainbow metal dice I never get to use because they dent my desk!

Roll 1 = 13
Roll 2 = 75
Roll 3 = 44

As always tag me @puddlejumper so I can snoop on what everyone is reading

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JW1108 Awesome, I love those rainbow dice! And one of the rolls was for Wuthering Heights, which I was trying to fit in anyway! 5mo
PuddleJumper @JW1108 That's lucky! 5mo
thereadingpal Thank you for the tag! I'll do it asap 5mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Thanks for the tag and I love the three rolls . 5mo
TheAromaofBooks Nice!! I have two vintage reads that have been on my shelf for years, plus an OwlCrate read I haven't gotten to yet!! 5mo
claudiuo Thank you so much, love these rolls. That's cause I love 13 but also because I've already read 13 and 44 😁 And 75 (tagged) is on my list since forever. Thank you! 5mo
Read4life Absolutely love those rainbow dice. Once again, thank you for giving us the numbers early. Now I can finalize my July #BookSpinBingo list. 5mo
Clwojick Woohoo! Can‘t wait to see what books I‘ll be reading in July. 💗 5mo
Chrissyreadit 🙌🎉🙌 5mo
Smarkies Some really good rolls this month for me. I am about a month behind my roll100 books. Hoping to catch up soon. 😄 5mo
SusanLee Thanks 🙌🏻 5mo
julieclair Just joined! A bit late to the party, but my TBR is about to swallow me whole. I blame Litsy, lol! 5mo
PuddleJumper @julieclair Welcome! I'll add you to the list so I'll tag you next month. I blame Litsy for a lot of things 😂 5mo
PuddleJumper @Smarkies I am so behind! 😅 5mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo You're on a roll! 5mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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June #roll100 going up really early because I‘m travelling on and off the next few weeks

May rolls are still active!

I‘ve gone with an orange/golden theme with Athens, Muninn and my Caleb Widogast set

Roll 1 – 56
Roll 2 – 15
Roll 3 – 62

Let me know what you are reading by tagging me @puddlejumper

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ozma.of.oz Woohoo! 🎉 7mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for posting the picks. Hope you have great fun trips! 7mo
Bookworm54 Enjoy your travels! ☺️ 7mo
Read4life Love those dice! Thanks for posting early. It really helps me get my TBR set. Safe and happy travels, @PuddleJumper 7mo
Airykah13 Thank you! Have a wonderful trip! 7mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thank you for taking the time to do this even when life is busy!! Two out of three of my books have the word “escape“ in the title, and the third book is “Lost Lake“ so I'm not sure about this month's subliminal messaging! 😂 7mo
MeganAnn You have the prettiest dice! Thanks for posting early and safe travels! 6mo
PuddleJumper @Bookworm54 Thank you! 6mo
PuddleJumper @Read4life That's good to know! I always think I post too early 6mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks 😂 That is so strange! 6mo
PuddleJumper @MeganAnn Thank you! 😃 6mo
Chelsea.Poole Thanks!! 6mo
SusanLee Thank you 😘 6mo
claudiuo Just got to update my #Roll100 list with these picks and to my surprise I saw that I've already read 2 of them: #2 is in my list the great Silver In The Wood by Emily Tesh (tagged) which I finished back in January and #3 is Courage (Omega Queen book 3) by W J May which I finished a few days ago.
Normally I will replace them with other books in adjacent spots but I am so much behind that I will just take these and rejoice 😁
Thank you so much!
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Haha take the win! 6mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm The ones on top are GORGEOUS!! ❤️😱❤️ 6mo
PuddleJumper @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Thanks! That was a lucky Etsy find 6mo
Whollybologna I‘m still working my way through my list, but I still have 6 books from the last 3 rolls to get through! 😆 6mo
PuddleJumper @Whollybologna I'm super behind too! 😅 6mo
thereadingpal Hi :) I'm new to Litsy and seeing a lot of challenges... may I ask how this one works/if there is a masterpost explaining it? 6mo
PuddleJumper @thereadingpal Hi, welcome to Litsy! Here is the original post: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314575 6mo
PuddleJumper @thereadingpal It's super relaxed, basically list 100 books you want to read and then every month I roll some dice and you read those books. I wanted a fun way to clear down by TBR 6mo
thereadingpal @PuddleJumper thank you!! I signed up and will make a list asap. I have so many books in my TBR 😅😅😅 6mo
PuddleJumper @thereadingpal Mine keeps growing! 😂 I'll add you to my list. You can join in with June or wait until July, up to you. It's very much about what you want to do 6mo
thereadingpal @PuddleJumper I'll see what ends up on the list and will see :D i have two upcoming exams so i have to see if i can make it in June ahahah 6mo
PuddleJumper @thereadingpal Good luck with your exams! 6mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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#Roll100 #April Two more kindle books off Mt TBR. #May 3 very different books hope to get at least two read.

PuddleJumper Wahoo! 7mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
post image

Here are my #roll100 picks!

54 - Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft
84 (finished 85 & 86) - Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur
96 - Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

lirahlu Great use of DnD dice 7mo
PuddleJumper Good luck! 7mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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May #roll100 is here with a green theme: Cthulu, Fossegrim and Canis Minor

Roll 1 = 54
Roll 2 = 85
Roll 3 = 96

We had 85 last month too so if you've read the book already then read 84 or 86

Sticking with 3 rolls this month. If anyone wants an extra roll let me know and I'll do another one

Tag me at @puddlejumper so I can be nosey

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ozma.of.oz Woohoo! 🎉🎉🎉 7mo
Kenyazero Exciting! I'll have to check and see if I ever got around to reading my April rolls 🤔😏 I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn't. 7mo
PuddleJumper @Kenyazero I read one and I think I've still got a March one to read 😂 7mo
claudiuo Yay, thank you so much for posting the numbers! Not that I read a lot, until now one roll-read a month was the best I could do but I love to have something to strive for. Thank you! 7mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I still haven't read my 85; I read my 54 for another challenge (Ivanhoe ended up being my BookSpin earlier this year), so I think I am going to focus on 96 and catching up on some backlog books!! It's a short one that I spontaneously bought from Book Outlet a while ago - 7mo
JackOBotts I‘m quite behind on my challenges for April, but my May roll (54) will be a read c/o my pen pal @BekahPat 7mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo You're doing great! If it gets you reading and clearly down the TBR pile then that's amazing 7mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks I'm so behind on all my challenge books 😆 Sounds like a great goal 7mo
PuddleJumper @JackOBotts What a lovely idea! I'm behind as well so you are in good company! 🤣 7mo
Clwojick Woohoo! Can‘t wait for another month of reading plans! 7mo
Nessavamusic Yay! I hope I like these better then my last months. 😁 7mo
MeganAnn Yay! This has made reading from my shelves so much more fun! 7mo
Read4life Loving this! 7mo
Chelsea.Poole Thank you!! I‘m reading this from April‘s list next, so I guess it can do double duty! 🌊 7mo
PuddleJumper @MeganAnn I'm so glad! 7mo
PuddleJumper @Chelsea.Poole Sounds like a good plan! Happy reading 7mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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#roll100 choices! 🎉With so many TBR books on my shelves I doubled up listing two choices for each number.

49. The Valley of Horses — I read the other choice in January.

85. A Place Called Perfect OR Bunny — no idea yet which one I‘ll choose. Anyone have a recommendation?

100. Wolf Gone Wild — already read so I‘m substituting book 2: Don‘t Hex & Drive. 2nd choice is a Naomi Novik title which I want to save for August‘s #authoramonth

PuddleJumper Looks great! Valley of Horses is my favourite in that series 8mo
Melismatic Bunny is soooooo good - but very weird. If you don‘t love dark humor or horror, it could be a lot. 😂 8mo
MeganAnn @PuddleJumper I enjoyed the first book and keep meaning to get back to the series so this is a good push! 8mo
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MeganAnn @Melismatic good to know! I‘m not usually a fan of horror, but I can handle it sometimes with the right storyline. I do like dark humor and magical realism though so we‘ll see. The premise sort of reminds me of the movie Heathers from the late 80s which I love. 8mo
Melismatic @MeganAnn oh it‘s very Heathers! Mixed with The Craft. 8mo
MeganAnn @Melismatic well I also love The Craft so you may have just sold me! 😂 8mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Happy #roll100 day! I‘m going to try for all 3, but we‘ll see how things go in April.

#49 is The Jungle Book
#85 is Eating Animals (will probably do audio for this one and, since I‘m currently in need of an audiobook, will probably start very soon)
#100 is As You Like It (thinking of doing an immersion read with this one: listen to a performance while following along/reading footnotes in print)

PuddleJumper Brilliant! Good luck! 8mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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We are testing out 3 rolls this month for #roll100 You can read all 3 numbers, or pick the ones you want.

Went with a purple theme for April with Hyperion, Enchantress, and Trick or Treat which was my first ever dice set. I bought a Halloween blind bag … and thus the obsession began!

Roll 1 – 49 (we had this in January so if you‘ve already read it pick the book above or below)

Roll 2 – 85

Roll 3 – 100

Tag me @puddlejumper so I can be nosey!

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ozma.of.oz Woohoo! 8mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Yay!! So excited for 3 this round! 8mo
BarkingMadRead Awesome, I‘ll post a pic later!! 8mo
Clwojick Can‘t wait!! I‘ll take a look at the list, and post later. 😊 8mo
Larkken Oh no, not April already 😂😬 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Ooooo both 85 and 100 are standalones, so I'll probably go with those because I seem to be getting in over my head with starting series this year 😂 8mo
claudiuo Yoohoo! Thank you so much! I usually manage only one number each month but I will try for all three! 😁 8mo
PuddleJumper @Larkken It's going so quickly! 8mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks Haha sounds like a good plan! 8mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Yay! Good luck! 8mo
Chelsea.Poole Pretty dice! 💜 8mo
Read4life Love the dice! Putting all 3 on my #BookSpinBingo list too. 8mo
PuddleJumper @Chelsea.Poole 🥰 Thanks! 8mo
PuddleJumper @Read4life That's a great idea! 8mo
melissajayne So how this works is that I make a list of 100 books and you roll some dice and I read those books? If I have it correct, I will join in for May. 8mo
PuddleJumper @melissajayne Hi, essentially yes. The original post is here: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314575 It's just a fun way to read through TBR piles. I'll add you to the list, but feel free to join this month 8mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Rolls going up early seems to be preferable to participants so here are the #roll100 rolls for March 2022!

March is spring time and green so naturally I went with my Cthulhu set and a set inspired by Caduceus Clay from Critical Role

Roll 1 = 5

Roll 2 = 28

Tag me @puddlejumper so I can be nosey and see what everyone is reading!

PuddleJumper Currently, I‘m only doing 2 rolls per month but I‘ve had some interest in doing more and then people can pick and choose which ones they want to read or read all of them. Let me know your thoughts as I‘m happy to accommodate whatever you guys want 9mo
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MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Omg, I was JUST thinking about this! 🤣😂 I was hoping they‘d go up before I posted my bingo list so that I could include the titles. 🥰 Drooling over your pretties as always! 9mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for doing this early! I will try to get the selections on my bingospin list. Gorgeous dice! 9mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo It seems to work out well posting early so I'll carry on doing that. Less pressure on me to post on a certain day!

PuddleJumper @claudiuo 👍 Thanks! 9mo
PuddleJumper @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm They are super pretty! 😆 9mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! I'm so excited to see which books these are on my list!!! I'm fine with rolling more - maybe roll 3 and everyone tries to read 2 of the 3? Or something along those lines? In my experience, participants pretty much go with whatever you throw at them 😂 9mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks Yeah, I was thinking if I do more people can pick what they want to do. More books is better than less books! 😅 9mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I second the rolling more! 👍 9mo
RaeLovesToRead Yaaaassss! This couldn't have worked out better! The Circle (also part of PopSugar challenge) and Stoner which I've been told is amazing!!! 9mo
ozma.of.oz Yay! Looking forward to this month! 9mo
Magpiegem Thank you! I‘m only half way through my first one for this month 😬 better get reading!! 9mo
PuddleJumper @Magpiegem I've still got one from last month I haven't read - didn't fancy it! 😅 9mo
Grrlbrarian NICE dice. And thank you!!! 9mo
Clwojick Oooh! Awesome! Thanks for the tag. 💖 9mo
Read4life Love the dice! Thank you for posting early. Book post to come. 🤓 9mo
DuckOfDoom The dice😍 and another critical role fan ☺️ 9mo
PuddleJumper @DuckOfDoom It's what got me into d&d and now I'm hooked 🤣 9mo
DuckOfDoom I totally understand! I love playing tabletop RPGs 9mo
jinxmoon How can it already be the end of the month again 🙈 9mo
shellleigh33 I‘m still reading my second book for this month but so glad to finally find a way to get books marked off my TBR list. Can‘t wait to get home and see what March books are on my list!! That‘s for this creative idea. 9mo
PuddleJumper @shellleigh33 You're doing great! I'm glad it is working for you 9mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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My books for the #roll100. I guess I have a nautical theme for February. #piratelatitudes #thestarkessea

Whollybologna @PuddleJumper I‘m late to the party but I‘m still around 10mo
PuddleJumper Ooo themed month! Looks fun 10mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Going up early will be a trend of this challenge! Just because I put it up early doesn‘t mean the January one stops running, we‘ll have a little crossover period

February #roll100 has Pizazz, a newer set that I hate the name of but is glittery, and a set inspired by the character Caleb Widogast from Critical Role

Roll 1 = 36

Roll 2 = 90

I‘ve enjoyed seeing what people are reading so make a post and tag me @puddlejumper

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TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 10mo
kspenmoll Thanks! 10mo
Magpiegem Oooh! I‘ve been waiting excitedly for this! I‘ve loved the book it made me read this month! Xx 10mo
PuddleJumper @Magpiegem 😃 That's awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it 10mo
Kangaj1 Yay! I only got to one of my Roll100 picks in Jan, but it was a 5 star read - The Lighthouse Witches. 10mo
PuddleJumper @Kangaj1 That's great! 10mo
claudiuo Thank you so much for the picks, I was just thinking today I need to wait 2 more days but, no, here they are. Thank you so much! Both picks are on my #BookSpin list, I started them already, maybe I will finish both this month, for a change: The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin and The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. Thank you! 10mo
Smarkies Thanks for putting it up a little early. It helps with my planning. 😁 10mo
Whollybologna Excited to get started!! Thanks for tagging me! 10mo
Zuhkeeyah Hi! What exactly is roll100? I‘m having trouble finding the original post. 10mo
ozma.of.oz Woohoo! 🎉🎉 10mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Excellent, good luck! 10mo
PuddleJumper @Smarkies Haha, that's good! It's been falling on days in super busy so happy to keep putting it up early. Better than late! 10mo
PuddleJumper @Whollybologna Awesome. Hope you enjoy it! 10mo
PuddleJumper @Zuhkeeyah Oops, didn't put the link in the comments https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314575 This should explain everything 10mo
Zuhkeeyah @PuddleJumper thank you! Sounds like a fun challenge. 10mo
PuddleJumper @Zuhkeeyah 👍👍 If you want to join you can join this month, no need to wait. It's a very relaxed challenge 10mo
audraelizabeth Is it okay if i read the books for this month later? Im filling in my list as i make this years tbr. Ive read books last month that werent the numbers pulled as well. 10mo
PuddleJumper @audraelizabeth Yes, of course. This is just a fun way to bring your TBR piles down. You make it work for you 10mo
audraelizabeth Okay, awesome. 10mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Here are my books for Jan #roll100 with @puddlejumper

I'm hoping I will get to both, but we will see. Have you read either?

PuddleJumper Looks good! I've seen these floating around recently but but not read them 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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#Roll100 for January. Post the titles that you will be getting off your tbr list and tag @PuddleJumper

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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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My #roll100 books for this month are American Gods and Girl Undone! I‘m determined to clear some of my kindle backlog this year!

PuddleJumper Good luck! 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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These are my #roll100 reads for January 😊

PuddleJumper Looks good! 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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So excited for the #roll100! These are my first two books! ❤️🤟🏻 #tellme #alltheimpossiblethings

Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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#roll100 choices!

Since I had over 250 TBR books on my shelves I doubled up my list giving me two choices for each number. I can choose the one that most appeals to me that month, or I can read all four if time allows.

Roll 1: is either A Million Junes or Women Talking
Roll 2: is either The Valley of Horses or Severance

Right now I‘m leaning towards A Million Junes and Severance, but we‘ll see what the rest of January brings.

PuddleJumper Some very different choices there. Good luck! 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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I have a bunch of Imogen Robertson books on my shelves, no clue where they came from. It‘ll be good to read one and see if I like it! I don‘t tend to gravitate towards Victorian murder mystery … I say after reading a bunch of cosy Victorian murder mysteries

Wolfsong has been on my library list for ages. I‘ve ordered it, if it arrives in time then I‘ll read it otherwise I‘ll roll in into another month


Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Here are my #roll100 picks!

They work for some of my other book challenges as well, yay! Thanks @PuddleJumper for organizing this challenge.

PuddleJumper Awesome! Good luck! 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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This is going up a bit early because of New Year‘s but welcome to the first official rolls for #roll100

Starting off 2022 (kinda) with Muninn and Fossegrim because I‘m not allowed to roll these as a DM after a near TPK and yes, the sets have names

Roll 1 = 24

Roll 2 = 49

Make a post with the books you‘re reading, let me know if you finish them, whatever you feel like. Use @puddlejumper and I‘ll come and coo

EnchantedToReadYou If we signed up for four rolls when will you do the other two? 😂😅 I‘ve forgotten 2021 and am excited about my 2022 tbr! 11mo
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PuddleJumper @EnchantedToReadYou I'm only going to do 2 a month to start with. Most people wanted 1 or 2. I'm going to revisit that in a month or two because it is just as easy for me to do more rolls and let people pick the numbers. I just didn't want to overwhelm people at the start 11mo
Kangaj1 Ooohhh, I got The Lighthouse Witches and What Should Be Wild. Thank you for rolling! 11mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Preeeettttieeeessss! 🤤🎲❤️ 11mo
PuddleJumper @Kangaj1 Good luck! 11mo
claudiuo This is so cool, for the first roll to happen already!
I got [24] The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard and [49] Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire. I will start with the second one.
Thank you so much, such a nice surprise before the end of the year! Happy 2022!
tokorowilliamwallace Well, first I have to make a list of 100 books I'd want to attempt this year---I probably already have 100 currently going in my possession, though! . . . 😅

I only have the BookSpin December list of 20.

Maybe 5 to 10 books from each genre, recommendations from others, and at least 1 themed book for each astrological sign, as I attempted to start August last year? I haven't even made my Capricorn list yet.
ravenlee Thanks for hosting this challenge! I‘m excited about it. My picks are the Wilson translation of The Odyssey and Harold Bloom‘s The Anxiety of Influence. 11mo
Deblovestoread I‘m going to play pretty losey goosey with this. My 2 books are Dreamland and Open Mic Night in Moscow. One of them will fill my Roll 100 slot for BookSpin. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Complete contrasts for me - First Date (romcom) and The Old Man & the Sea 😂 Super excited about this challenge!!! 11mo
PuddleJumper @claudiuo Happy 2022! Interested to know your thoughts on Rosemary and Rue, its been on my wishlist for awhile but my library doesn't have it XD 11mo
PuddleJumper @tokorowilliamwallace I was shocked that I had so many books I hadn't read! It is easy to collect them and forget about them 11mo
PuddleJumper @ravenlee Oh! I'd be interested in your thoughts on the Emily Wilson translation. I'm always curious about women's translations on classical literature because it is still quite rare, plus the Odyssey is my least favourite 'classical epic' 11mo
PuddleJumper @Kdgordon88 If it helps cut down TBR piles then it is all good 11mo
PuddleJumper @TheAromaofBooks 😂 Those are a bit different! 11mo
Whollybologna My two books are All the impossible things by Lindsay lackey and Tell Me by Lisa Jackson 11mo
tokorowilliamwallace @PuddleJumper, well I am at close 250 acquisitions for the year, so, yes, it's easy. But it's probably fair for me to skip the January rolls since I just now made my list, and waited to fill in the 2 rolls until I completed the rest of the list. As you probably have noticed, I did not complete the December BookSpin bingo numbers pulled. (edited) 11mo
tokorowilliamwallace @TheAromaofBooks, nice, I gotta get into some Hemingway and more 20th C.E. classics this year, to catch up with my lack during school age. 11mo
tokorowilliamwallace @ravenlee, nice, I've been meaning to acquire and read this Bloom volume/series for probably at least a decade. I hope we get a good comparative appraisal of this translation! 11mo
tokorowilliamwallace @claudiuo, ooh, I saw a Seanan McGuire volume I was curious about, so maybe I can go pick that up at the local used bookstore this first week of the year! 11mo
PuddleJumper @tokorowilliamwallace You do whatever you want. It is a chill challenge meant to clear down some TBR piles and let me roll my hundreds of dice 😅 11mo
claudiuo @PuddleJumper @tokorowilliamwallace The ebook I have includes a novella so started with that and I love the writing, as every Seanan McGuire book I've read. But if I had to chose right this moment, I would pick the Wayward Children series. 11mo
ravenlee @PuddleJumper @tokorowilliamwallace I‘ve had the Wilson Odyssey for ages now, so it‘s good to have a push to read it. I‘ve read the Fitzgerald several times, and have a collection of other translations, but haven‘t gotten to them. And Bloom is always interesting, if rather dense! At least Anxiety isn‘t long. 11mo
Leahkl I‘m absolute garbage at this app but I‘ll try to remember to post the books when I get home 11mo
RaeLovesToRead Woo! I got Big, Little Lies and Neurotribes... both books I wanted to read this year but didn't get round to!!! Really excited for this challenge!!! 11mo
tokorowilliamwallace @Leahkl, same. I feel you there. We'll learn and grow here together. I'm a late bloomer with everything, though 11mo
PuddleJumper @RaeLovesToRead Yay! That sounds great! 11mo
PuddleJumper @Leahkl No pressure to post or anything. Participate however you want 11mo
Sweetkokoro Just for clarity we are allowed to read other books we put on this 100 list even if it isn‘t rolled right? I have over 500+ books that need to be read (that I own lol) I‘m putting my list together now so I just want to make sure what‘s going on my list I can still read I have some priority series I want to finish this year. 11mo
PuddleJumper @Sweetkokoro Of course! It's all about clearing that TBR pile down. If you read a book on your list you can either assign a different book to that number or read the book above/below if that number is rolled. It's very laid back 11mo
Sweetkokoro Okay that sounds great! I‘m looking forward to this, I love how chill it sounds to keep up with! Also your dice are pretty! 11mo
KristiAhlers My selections are Risen and Fragile Eternity. Can‘t wait to get started 11mo
PuddleJumper @Sweetkokoro Thanks! A big part of this was so I could roll dice. I have so many that I never play with 🤣 11mo
PuddleJumper @KristiAhlers Ooo, nice! 11mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Just post my 2 for 24 and 49 ,can't wait to start them 11mo
Clwojick Woohoo ! Looks like I have 20 Boy Summer and Before We Met. 11mo
Jrich21 My picks are The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb and We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families by Philip Gourevitch. Adding them to my January pile! 11mo
PuddleJumper @Jrich21 Whoo! Happy reading! 11mo
melissajayne How do I join in? Can I join next month? 11mo
PuddleJumper @melissajayne There is a sign up form linked here https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2314575 I've added you to my list so you will get tagged next month 11mo
PuddleJumper @melissajayne You can join in this month too if you want. Just make your list and read your books. It's very low key 😂 11mo
Crazeedi I just found out about your #roll100 challenge. I am going to fill out form and I guess I'll jump in in February! I have so many tbr on my shelves now!! 11mo
PuddleJumper @Crazeedi Feel free to join in with January, you can just cheat a little bit when compiling your list 😂 11mo
RainyDayReading I just found out about this! I‘ve filled out the form but not sure I‘ll jump in this month. Depends on if I can get a list of 100 books together in the next few days. But I‘ll definitely join in for February! 11mo
PuddleJumper @RainyDayReading Getting the list together can be difficult! I've added you to my list so you'll get tagged next month but you can join in for January if you want to 11mo
Whollybologna I‘ve read both my books already… I guess I‘ll wait for the next roll ☺️ 11mo
PuddleJumper @Whollybologna 🤣 That was quick! That's great, two books off your TBR! 11mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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For anyone on Storygraph & doing @PuddleJumper ‘s #roll100 challenge, I created a challenge to track your list of 100 books. Thought if it might make it easier for me to track, it would probably help a few others too.

Deblovestoread Thank you! 12mo
PuddleJumper That's great! Thanks 12mo
Jrich21 Awesome! I‘m loving StoryGraph 12mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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We all know I love a reading challenge😉I‘ve pretty much decided that 2022 will be the year for ALL of the reading challenges. I‘m pretty much going to attempt them all.

That being said, head on over to @PuddleJumper to get more info on the #Roll100 challenge! Link in comments if you‘d like to sign up. 🎲

PuddleJumper Thanks for sharing! Hope your enjoy it! 12mo
Magpiegem 😂 I‘ve decided 2022 will be the year of the reading challenge too!! 12mo
KristiAhlers I‘m totally signing up for this. I love reading challenges as much as I love going to the bookstore and library! 12mo
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Roll the Dice | Wayne Avrashow
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Won this from Goodreads. I don‘t even remember signing up for it. 😆