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Well I‘m officially trash for this series. I really tried to get book one out of my head but guess what.... it didn‘t happen. I bought the rest of the trilogy and now plan on binging it for the rest of the month 🤷‍♀️

#sorrynotsorry #renthia #queensofrenthia #trash #trilogy #epicfantasy #mpls #twincities

lahousewyfe I have never heard someone say they were "trash" for loving a series, but damn! I love it! I'm definitely saying this from now on! 11mo
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Alexander Hamilton | Ron Chernow
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Day 6: Favorite historical book
Have I ever mentioned that I‘m total Hamilton trash? Because I‘m total Hamilton trash.
#juneinbooks18 #hamilton #theatre #theater #trash #aesthetic #patriotic #broadway #history #biography #aham

Trash | Dorothy Allison
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I volunteered to help pick up trash today. This was everything we collected in about 2 hours. This was ~ 5 blocks. The area wasn‘t necessarily trash ridden either...

#trash #volunteer

RaimeyGallant Well done! 2y
BookMaven407 Nice job 🙌 2y
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Fuck this shit, I'm out! 🎵

(terribly edited and so painful to read.. I get enough of this on the news that more wasn't entirely necessary)

🚮🚮🚮 #trash #bail #DNF #emojimadness @Tiffy_Reads @JoeStalksBeck

JoeStalksBeck 😂😂😂😂 2y
tammysue 😂👍🏻 2y
Susanita One of my coworkers is listening to the audiobook version during her commute. I think I‘d drive my car off a bridge if I did that! 2y
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AmyG I started it and bailed pretty quickly. I just couldn‘t. 2y
UnidragonFrag @susanita I was listening to it too. That's a torturous way to get to work ? @AmyG I feel like it was seriously just a "get the people riled' sort of thing by how quickly it appeared and blew up. The copy I got from the library had over 100 people waiting on it. Insane. 2y
AmyG I don‘t think we need this book to rile up people. Trump can do that all on his own. 🤣 I just can‘t read this and then see this on the news. I need a break. 2y
UnidragonFrag @amyg surprisingly, there are still a lot of people NOT riled up. I know a few and it's so annoying. I doubt having them read this would help though. I 100% agree about the news though. That's half the reason I bailed. His shenanigans are clear daily. 2y
AnansiGirl On my tbr and debating if I want to even bother. Merely looking at the cover gets me riled up. 2y
UnidragonFrag @anansigirl the cover is just ugh. I had an audiobook, but I can't imagine having the hardcopy and having to just see that face lying around all day. Honestly, it didn't really bring anything I didn't already know to the table, but I also only got about 20% in before bailing so I don't know. Wasn't worth the bother to me. 2y
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Trash | Andy Mulligan
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Il mio sbaglio pi grande | Penelope Douglas
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