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MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx & Crake/The Year of the Flood/MaddAddam
MaddAddam Trilogy: Oryx & Crake/The Year of the Flood/MaddAddam | Margaret Atwood
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A boxed set (three trade paperbacks)of the internationally celebrated speculative fiction trilogy from one of the most visionary authors of our time, Margaret Atwood. Set in a darkly plausible future shaped by plagues, floods, and genetic engineering, these three novels take us from the end of the world to a brave new beginning. Thrilling, moving, a triumph of imagination, this trilogy confirms the ultimate endurance of humanity, community, and love. The novels in this trilogy have been called "towering and intrepid" ("The New Yorker"), "gripping" ("The New York Times"), and "just about everything you could want" ("The Washington Post")."
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Currently on the third book of the MaddAdam Trilogy by Atwood (I‘m mainly listening to the audio though). What a fitting read for current events… you sometimes get the feeling that the world described is not as far away as I wish it was🙃🙃

sarahbarnes That is the truth! 10mo
JillR Ive read the other two in this trilogy but still haven‘t got to this one despite having it on my shelves, must make time for it! 10mo
ju.ca.no @JillR I was so intrigued after the first two, I just had to keep going! It‘s wrapping some questions up, which I still had after the first two books as well! 10mo
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I'm excited for this! I love Hulu's Handmaid's Tale adaption, so this will hopefully be amazing as well. Guess I finally have to read the last book now though. Lol.

CBee I am anxiously waiting on the next season of Handmaid‘s Tale 😳😳😳😳 2y
CBee @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego can‘t wait!! I just recently caught up and just, that last episode 😳😳😳 wow 2y
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SamAnne Finally! Originally it was sold to HBO. I wonder how they will imagine the little naked blue people... 😁 😁 😁 2y
Come-read-with-me Finally!!!! Such great news!! 2y
Librariana Please don't hate me... but I haven't watched the Hulu adaptation/series 🤦‍♀️ I know, I know! I'm sorry 🙈 I've read The Handmaid's Tale, but haven't delved into The Testaments. Plan is to do a refresher of the 1st book via graphic novel format and then dive into the show. Will I be safe watching the 1st season, you think? 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Librariana Oh yeah. Go ahead and start watching. I hope you enjoy it. 2y
Jaimelire Sure hope this happens! 2y
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I‘m terrible with “bests” because I don‘t tend to think that way, but I‘ll try @Come-read-with-me

🌕 Probably a nondescript day watching the sun set over the ocean with a glass of wine in one hand & a book in the other
📚 The tagged trilogy (is that cheating?)
🌀 Christmas and my daughter‘s birthday

@Nute @Soubhiville @TheEllieMo @MoonWitch94 #thoughtfulthursday

MoonWitch94 That sounds like a perfect moment for sure! Thanks for playing 🥰 3y
Graywacke Not cheating! Love your favorite day. 3y
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#Snowman (If it doesn‘t make sense, read the books! 😀) #hollyjollyreading @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

OriginalCyn620 👍🏻📚☃️ 3y
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I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I want to shout it to the world, but y‘all are the people who will get it, so (I‘m shouting now) my friend/cousin/fairy godmother @barbwire invited me to go with her to hear Margaret Atwood at NC State in November!!!!! 😊 💃🏼🌟🤸🏼‍♀️🎆🎇🎉 I can‘t believe I‘m so lucky!!!

saresmoore Wowowow! 💫 3y
bromeliad Whaaaaaat!?! Amazing!! 3y
Lcsmcat @rather_be_reading @saresmoore @bromeliad I know! She‘s one of my auto buy authors, the one whose books never disappoint. I‘m stoked! 3y
sprainedbrain That‘s awesome! ❤️ 3y
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No one beats Margaret Atwood at creating riveting dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction.

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#TimbitTunes So Bryan Adams made me think of MaddAddam which brings you to this post. And Margaret Atwood is Canadian and her biting writing #CutsLikeAKnife 🔪🖊 I haven‘t read this trilogy but I‘ve been told it‘s brilliant and it would work for #booked2019 #CliFi (Climate Fiction) and no, I haven‘t had coffee yet 🤪

GatheringBooks i have the entire series in my shelves, too, waiting to be read! 🤣😭📚🧚🏼‍♀️ 4y
squirrelbrain Very clever! 😁 4y
Cathythoughts Nice one ! Yes , am thinking of Orxy & Crake for #clifi.... the only book I really loved by Atwood so far , was The Blind Assassin ..... 4y
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TrishB Great thinking. This is on the piles! 4y
Cinfhen I loved Blind Assassin too @Cathythoughts and I did enjoy HandMaids Tale 4y
Cinfhen I‘ll wait to hear your thoughts @GatheringBooks @TrishB before I pick up this series...have you read it @squirrelbrain ??? 4y
squirrelbrain I enjoyed Oryx and Crake but haven‘t read the other two (yet!) 4y
BookwormM I loved the first and last books in this series not so much the middle one 4y
Lcsmcat I liked Oryx and Crake, but LOVED the other two. And I read Flood before either of the others. 4y
Melissa_J I‘ve only read two Atwood books - Handmaid‘s Tale and Blind Assassin. I loved both, but her other works hold little appeal to me. I think this might make me a bad Canadian. 4y
TheKidUpstairs I love these books! I need to reread the third one, I read it in the sleep deprived days after dude the first was born, so I have zero recollection of it! @Melissa_J don't worry, your citizenship is safe, I won't alert the authorities 😂😂 4y
Cinfhen Can they be read as a stand-alone ??? @Lcsmcat @BookwormM @TheKidUpstairs and that‘s VERY NAUGHTY of you @melissa_j 🤫🤫🤫 4y
TheKidUpstairs @Cinfhen the first one, yes. And I think even the second one could be standalone. But the third brings them together so you'd need to read both of the first two before tackling it. 4y
Lcsmcat @Cinfhen I wouldn‘t read MaddAddam first, because you‘d miss a lot. But the first two cover close to the same time period from different points of view, which are gathered together in the third. 4y
BookwormM I would read the whole series as it has more impact that way 4y
Melissa_J @Cinfhen 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂 4y
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I‘ve absolutely loved this trilogy. Attwood‘s scarily believable dystopia is still haunting me. Oryx and Crake was a bit of a slow starter but necessarily so. Year of the Flood was my favourite. Maddaddam was gripping. I did find the ending rather distressing but I‘m not sure if another ending would‘ve been possible. I would thoroughly recommend!

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1. Photo is from an hour ago, before I left for work.
2. Horror - I just can‘t.
3. Look for bookshops and antique stores.
4. Cream
5. Too many, but the tagged trilogy is right up there.
#humpdaypost @MinDea

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love antique stores!!! 5y
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Does my favorite count if I haven't quite finished it? I really want to block out some time and get the last book polished off!
Congrats on your milestone 🎉⭐ and thanks for a wonderful giveaway! 😀

#mels3kgiveaway @melyndarae

melyndarae It absolutely does. Lol. And ty. Good luck! 5y
JennAndrew I‘m working on this one myself! I read Year of the Flood a while back and started Oryx & Crake last month. I love Margaret Atwood and am really enjoying this trilogy so far, even if I am out of order! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 5y
JennyBookworm @JennAndrew Ahhh! I know what you mean! My TBR gets all cattywampus quite often 🤣 5y
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Why oh why does Margaret torture me with uneven pages? It's so hard to work out where I am up to as I can't see the page I have folded. Quite liked the series though. The second book was my favourite. I love some of the cover art.

abbsinwonderland They're called deckled edges. Often used to give the book an older look. Just learned that the other day. 5y
shendrix413 My most favorite trilogy 😁❤️ 5y
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By far, my most favorite books of all time! Totally counts as one book since it's a trilogy, right?!?

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I love love love this trilogy!

RaimeyGallant Welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Welcoming to Litsy! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. 😉 5y
MrBook Belatedly, welcome to Litsy!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
TricksyTails Welcome to Litsy! I'm new here, too! ☺️ 5y
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books_from_my_shelves Pride and Prejudice !!!❤❤❤ 5y
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I love this trilogy. Atwood brings her signature subversive wit to an #astheworldfallsdown scenario.

(Incidentally, my favorite band, Girl in a Coma, does a killer cover of this song. Highly recommend)

@Marchpane @Cinfhen

Gezemice My favorite! Loved it so much! Brilliant writing and imagination. 5y
readordierachel @Gezemice Yes indeed! 5y
Cinfhen Didn't know this is a trilogy! 5y
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readordierachel @Cinfhen Yep! The second book is my favorite. Good stuff. 5y
Jaimelire Loved these three books! 5y
readordierachel @Jaimelire They're so good! I keep hoping someone will male them into a miniseries or something. 5y
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Thanks to @Christyco125 for tagging me for #TopFiveFaves!

1. Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy
2. A League of Their Own
3. Yellow
4. Ice cream (not picky about the flavor)
5. Sunflower

Your turn:

OrangeMooseReads A League of Their Own 👍🏽 5y
ReadosaurusText @OrangeMooseReads It really stands the test of time. 5y
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I'm going with a sci-fi trilogy, because I can't choose a favourite from the three. I don't know if everyone would consider this to be sci-fi, but I think it fits the type. #READATHONBLOB @Liberty

Gezemice Ooh I love this trilogy. I mean, as much as one can love something so terrifying. But the writing! The creativity! Awesome. 👍👍❤❤ 6y
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I'm so excited about finally getting my paws on these! But Loki is super excited about his new bunny, too. In the end, I gave up attempting to photo. 🙄 #dogs

BkClubCare Enjoy the world 🌎 of Maddaddam - I kind of wish I had waited til I had all three first before starting. I am not good with series because of the waiting. And the forgetting. Atwood is a master. 6y
meggofrank @BkClubCare thanks! I feel you on the series thing. I like to just burn through them. I read the first one a long time ago, but never got to the second. Then when the third one came out, I got all excited again. I adore Atwood. 6y
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When I heard HBO was picking up the MaddAddam trilogy, to be directed by none other than DARREN ARONOFSKY, I almost lost my mind, in a good way. How awesome would that be! Sadly, HBO appears to have pulled the plug on the project. I really hope somebody else steps in to save this (*cough* Netflix, Amazon, come on guys *cough*) because it so #shouldbeamovie.


vivastory Agreed. At least we have "Handmaid's Tale" & "Alias Grace" adaptations to look forward to. 6y
respekt1111 What? Pulled the plug? Say it ain't so!😭 6y
AGirlAndHerBooks This story would be all kinds of intrigue and wonderful weirdness if brought to screen... 6y
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readordierachel @vivastory True! So excited for both of those. 6y
readordierachel @AGirlAndHerBooks Wouldn't it though? 6y
BookishFeminist WHAT?!?! 😭😭😭 I'm hoping someone else will eventually pick it up too. That's what happened with American Gods, originally slated for HBO but dropped and now being remade on Starz. 6y
readordierachel @BookishFeminist Oh, right! I forgot about that. Fingers crossed. 6y
vivastory HBO is pretty notorious for canceling projects. Also, Darren Aronofsky has a reputation for being unwilling to compromise. Think of that what you will, HBO had to know what they were getting into. 6y
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Happy Birthday Margaret Atwood! I've only read a couple Atwood books, but MaddAddam trilogy & Hag-Seed are among my most anticipated in my TBR.

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Ahhhhhh! I'm not freaking out, you are.

Okay, I am. I am actually freaking out.

Riveted_Reader_Melissa And yes! I would be freaking out too! 6y
Alfoster Too cool!! 6y
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TheNextBook Yes! Freak out! 6y
BookishFeminist Totally 1000% okay to freak out! Atwood is amazing! 6y
Yournewfriendsams Yaaaaaasssssss 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 6y
Shortstack One day I'll get to see her speak! 6y
badnorthern 😍😍😍 6y
lynneamch SO lucky. If I still lived in Iowa I'd have been there. Atwood is such a master of social criticism made more palatable with humor. Heard her NPR interview talking about the prison-for-profit system in connection with #theheartgoeslast . Audio of that one made me shake my head and smile. 6y
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just amazing

CaffeinatedBooks This sounds so good, I can't wait to read it! 6y
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