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The Mapmaker's Apprentice
The Mapmaker's Apprentice: Book 2 of the Glass and Steele series | C.J. Archer
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USA TODAY BESTSELLER When an apprentice from the Mapmakers' Guild goes missing, Matt and India are employed to find him. Going undercover as a married couple, they discover that not everyone at the guild is what they seem, and the lad's unearthly maps caused jealousy, suspicion and fear. With one of the apprentice's magic maps in their possession, India and Matt must use their wits and India's fledgling, untried magic to find him. But the more they investigate, the more sinister plots they uncover, including a link between the Mapmakers' and Watchmakers' Guilds, and an ancient magical treasure buried beneath the streets of London. As the net of suspicion widens and enemies draw closer, it's not just the apprentice's life that's in danger, but Matt's too. Someone will go to great lengths to prevent him discovering the name of the man who can fix the watch keeping him alive. Great lengths indeed.
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So productive while there a good book to occupy my mind. #audiocleaning

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Second installment of the series.

Matthew and India are looking for a missing apprentice. They learn more about magic. Since the chemistry between the two of them is strong, India worries about Matt very often, which occasionally made me roll my eyes.

Latest shawl project. #audioknitting
#knittersoflitsy #FibreFansOfLitsy

Ehina Those colors are beautiful! Are you working from a pattern or are you free handing it? 9mo
julesG @Ehina Thank you! I'm working from a pattern. It's one of Mayrlind's/Melanie Berg's patterns: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/miara 9mo
Iblu Lovely!! I‘m a raveler too!!! 🧶 9mo
Freespirit Love the colours! 9mo
Fridameetslucy Was wondering if it was a Steven West pattern - beautiful 8mo
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Stealthy pic of a man I just spotted in passing. Apart from the bag, he could have time travelled through the fog from Victorian London. Greatcoat, top hat, and all. He was also wearing small round spectacles.

The fog has lifted, BTW. The sun is out.

@Weaponxgirl @kaye

Kaye That‘s an unusual getup. I can‘t say I‘ve ever seen anyone in real life wearing that sort of outfit. Wonder if he was dressed like that for a particular reason, or he just likes that style ? It would‘ve been cool to have him in your foggy picture. Sherlock Holmes ! 9mo
Weaponxgirl Well that is just awesome 😆 9mo
julesG @kaye Caught a few words in passing. It seems to be his usual style. 9mo
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Cathythoughts Very interesting gentlemen... looks like he stepped out of a book 👍🏻♥️ 9mo
Sarah83 Maybe there's a steampunk festival at your town. 😍 9mo
julesG @Sarah83 Nope. Not right now. Guess it's really just his style. We do have some strange people 9mo
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Foggy early morning walk. It's wonderful and eerie. (that's the sun in the picture)

#LitsyWalkers @kaye

Crazeedi Great pic 9mo
Kaye Cool picture. It looks spooky, like a picture you‘d see in a haunted house book. 👻 9mo
Cathythoughts Amazing pic 👍🏻✨ 9mo
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Weaponxgirl Great pic. I always pretend in my head I‘m in a Victorian horror movie in this kind of weather 9mo
Blueberry 😲 9mo
julesG @Weaponxgirl @kaye - then my next picture is very fitting. 9mo
Kaye Looking forward to it. 9mo
Wife 🌹 9mo
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Sitting outside for a few minutes listening to the tagged #audiobook.

#ShadowCat is sniffing at the dried stalks of catnip. It's not yet showing any new greens.


Leftcoastzen Kitties can hope! 9mo
LeahBergen He‘s an addict. 😆 9mo
Velvetfur Shadow has got such gorgeous silky soft fur 💜 9mo
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Another part of town. Another church.

I felt well enough to take the tram to my appointment and walk around on the wonderful cobblestone pavements and squares. Maybe 20min.

The #audiobook is narrated by a different person than the first one in the series. Took me about half an hour to get into it.

#LitsyWalkers @kaye

RachelO 🐷👍! I‘m quite intrigued by the book. Is it fantasy? 9mo
Kaye What is the pig statue for ? That‘s unusual. 9mo
julesG @RachelO You should check the first in the series. I'm tagging it. It is historical fiction with a tiny bit of magic thrown in. Set in Victorian London, 1890. A strong heroine, 27 y/o. Handsome hero, 30 y/o. Nothing going on between the two, so far, but there is chemistry. I like it because it's not YA for a change. 9mo
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julesG @kaye To commemorate 550 years of the annual pig fair held in this part of town; which used to be a town of its own until the 1960s when the bigger town swallowed a lot of smaller, former suburban towns. 9mo
Kaye So what sorts of things do they have at the fair ? Do they have different foods cooked with pork or have a contest for the biggest pigs ? The only festival our town has is The Sleepwalker Festival. When I was a kid, everyone in town wore their pjs downtown. All the businesses would give away small trinkets then also gift certificates and things like that. They had carnival rides , game booths, etc. They still have it but it‘s not as good now. 9mo
julesG @kaye Historically it's exactly what the name said. A farmers' fair and market where blue ribbons could be won for the biggest pig, the sow with the most piglets,... Meanwhile it's become like any other annual fair, there's a ferris-wheel, other fun rides, cotton candy, etc. You can still see pigs, though you can't buy one. Shops are open on Sunday, but only after the special Sunday church service. 9mo
julesG @kaye It's a three day fair, Friday to Sunday. In history you could buy just one pig, or a whole wagon load. Live pigs that is. Nowadays there are lots of food trucks and I'm sure a lot offer roast pig. 9mo
RadicalReader @julesG what‘s been your favorite audiobook you‘ve listened to? 9mo
julesG @RadicalReader The Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry. By far my favourite. Then Neil Gaiman's books read by Neil himself. 9mo
tpixie @julesG the series sounds good!! What lively finds on your walk! ♥️ 9mo
tpixie @julesG that's interesting because my favorite audiobook is HP narrated by Jim Dale! He did such a great job!! And a Pig Fair/Market! How fun!! (edited) 9mo
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Horrible, horrible book! It just grabs hold of you and refuses to let go!!😱😱

I liked this book even better than the first ‘Glass and Steele‘ book. The story is less predictable, the suspense a bit stronger. Just like he first book, it‘s an easy read, but a bit more engaging.

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This was book two in what appears to be an on going series. There are at least 6-7 books so far. I really enjoy the characters and the lite humor. These are not deeply intense and suspenseful, but they do draw you in. They are more like if Nancy Drew was a bit older, and a 19th century clock magician. Ned would be tall, dark, handsome, and bit roguish. The only downside is they changed the narrator on the audio version. So I read myself instead.

Rae2 I had hoped that this would be a fun series to listen to at work. Unfortunately the new narrator, Marian Hussey, is too clipped and her accents are not as good. She sounded a bit like she was smiling and laughing while reading. Her style kind of got on my nerves and it was hard to fall into the story. The original narrator Emma Powell was fantastic! I may look for other books that she has done. 1y
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