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Hobbes (whom I made for my now 4mo nephew) came back this weekend for an inpatient procedure; one of his ears was coming off. It is good that Hobbes is so well loved 🥰 And because it‘s been so cold here, I made him a little scarf as well 😊

wanderinglynn He‘s adorable! 🧡 I love Calvin & Hobbes. 1d
DivineDiana Great job! ❤️ 1d
ravenlee I love it! Hope he was a good patient. 1d
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julesG 😍😍😍 24h
batsy Awww ❤️ 21h
rabbitprincess @wanderinglynn @DivineDiana @julesG @batsy He is honestly the crowning achievement of my life 😂😂 @ravenlee Yes, he was a great patient! He teleworked with me today and took a Teams call 😂😂 6h
kwmg40 That's a nice looking Hobbes! 6h
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Sometimes it‘s fun to read about knitting in between knitting (& other fun stuff) #knittersoflitsy #knitsy #hookersoflitsy

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I‘ve been listening to a lot of pod casts and a few audiobooks and all the while I‘ve been crafting. The latest finished project is this hat. It‘s my first hat and honestly I‘m really happy with it. #knitting #knittersoflitsy #needtoreadmore

Texreader Wow!! I‘m impressed! I‘m tagging the #litsycrafters organizers. You should join us! @Catsandbooks @curiouserandcurioser 2d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookbabeblog84 you should join us!! That is beautiful-i love the color!!💜 2d
Chelsea.Poole Ooh love the pom pom! 2d
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Scochrane26 Really cute hat 2d
BookDragonNotWorm That is cute! 2d
TheBookbabeblog84 Ohhh I love me some crafty folks. @Texreader 2d
Catsandbooks Beautiful! 2d
TheBookbabeblog84 Thanks y‘all (edited) 2d
Nute Cute hat! Nice job! 1d
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Game of Gnomes | Kirsten Mayer
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Meet Gnombleberry and his little friend Gnewt. These are my first knitted gnomes, but not my last.
#LitsyCrafters check-in

Attention #KnittersofLitsy
I had so much fun making them that I‘ve decided to join the designer‘s #YearofGnomes, and you can too. They are great for #audioknitting


Tamra So cute! 3w
Nute Happy New Year, Chelle!💜🥳💜 Love gnomes! These are so cute! 3w
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MaleficentBookDragon @Nute thank you and Happy New Year to you too! 3w
readordierachel The little guy in the backpack is so adorable. Very impressive 👏🏽 3w
tracey38 They're so cute! 3w
LeahBergen I love them! 3w
Catsandbooks Omg those gnomes are so stinkin cute!! The one in the backpack is just too much!! 😂❤️ 3w
Pageturner1 i wish i could knit! so cute! 3w
curiouserandcurioser @MaleficentBookDragon i think i need to learn how to knit-those are adorable!!💜 1w
curiouserandcurioser @MaleficentBookDragon well, post pictures of your progress-i would love to see💜 1w
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Another benefit to reading on the kindle: read while you knit! #knitsy #knittersoflitsy #hookersoflitsy just finished this book riot rec & it was suitably action-packed, with some subtle nods to classical tropes & literature scattered throughout 👩‍🍳 gritty crime fiction borderline hard-boiled *chef‘s kiss*

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Just finished this cowl. I‘m pretty proud of it. I 💜 colorwork. I will wear it every day this winter.

MeganAnn This is gorgeous! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Julsmarshall Wow! 2mo
Chrissyreadit That‘s amazing 😍😍😍😍 2mo
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ravenlee That‘s fabulous! 2mo
KristiAhlers I love everything about this! 2mo
Kdgordon88 Beautiful! 2mo
Soubhiville So beautiful! 2mo
BethM This is incredible! 2mo
LeahBergen How lovely! 🧡🖤 2mo
Bookzombie Beautiful! 2mo
BookwormAHN Fantastic 🧡 2mo
Deifio Very pretty! 😍😍 2mo
julesG 😍😍😍 2mo
Catsandbooks Gorgeous!! ✨ 2mo
Palimpsest Gorgeous! 2mo
Avanders Amazing 🤩🤩 2mo
tracey38 It's beautiful, great job! 2mo
Tera66 Oh my! I love it, so awesome! 2mo
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Rebecca | Daphne Dame Du Maurier
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I have been swamped at work, my first paper to write, plus I was down and out for two days from my booster shot.
However…I‘m relaxing tonight #audioknitting this fun cowl.

Blueberry Beautiful knitting and colors. 2mo
Centique Amazing knitting you‘re doing! 😍😍 2mo
SeaToSkyes That looks beautiful! 😍 2mo
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ShelleyBooksie You are so talented! What a gorgeous pattern. 2mo
sprainedbrain That is gorgeous! 2mo
Smrloomis Oooh, very pretty! 😍😍😍 2mo
Avanders Gorgeous! 🤩 And hope you‘re feeling better from that booster! 2mo
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#audioknitting to Maggie Smith this morning during office hours & had to stop for a second to write this down: “have (& live) your own say” ❤️ we write the story ❤️ keep moving, one row at a time #knittersoflitsy #hookersoflitsy #knitsy

Kdgordon88 💜💜💜 2mo
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Yarned and Dangerous | Sadie Hartwell
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Makers of Litsy! By show of likes and/or comments, would anyone be interested in a bookish yarn swap? If enough people show an interest, I will sort out the details. The swap would probably take place early 2022. #makersoflitsy #knittersoflitsy #crochetersoflitsy #audioknitting #audiocrocheting #crochet #knitting #maker #HookersOfLitsy

megnews I‘m not a #makerofLitsy but after reading The Sewing Machine together I found some who are and I‘m tagging them here in case they‘re interested but don‘t see it. @CogsOfEncouragement @crazeedi @CoffeeNBooks @Tattooedteacher @roary47 @Readswithcoffee 3mo
SeaToSkyes @megnews thank you! ☺️ 3mo
julesG Interesting idea. I'd love to join, but I've become a yarn snob. 😬 Also, we do use the cheeky #HookersOfLitsy sometimes. 😉 3mo
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SeaToSkyes @julesG understandable! I was thinking about including a question for favorite yarn brands in the form. I'll edit my post to include that tag, thanks! ☺️ 3mo
Roary47 I wish! I‘m still trying to wrap my head around yarn making. I‘m into cross-stitch if you are including that. 😊💛 3mo
SeaToSkyes @Roary47 I may include that! Make it an all-inclusive maker swap...that would be fun! 3mo
StayCurious I cross stitch so would love that to be included:) 3mo
Crazeedi I don't do crochet or knitting but I do cross stitch and of course sewing things so if it includes, I'd be interested 3mo
SeaToSkyes @StayCurious @Crazeedi I may have to rethink things then! I'll make an update post once I sort everything out. 3mo
Crazeedi @SeaToSkyes totally fine, the yarn idea is great for a lot of people I'm sure. You don't want to make it too crazy for yourself 3mo
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Moon Magic | Rachel Patterson
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My latest knitting 🧶 project goes nicely with my #allhallowsreadswap mug and bookmark from @MsRadioSilence
But now it‘s off to bed. I hope every had a great Halloween!🐈‍⬛🧛🏻‍♂️🧟🧙🏻‍♀️👻😈🎃

Avanders Ooh so cool! 🎃🖤 3mo
Chrissyreadit You are skilled! 😍 3mo
BooksAndYarn Very nice. That orange yarn is fantastic 3mo
SamanthaMarie Wow!! That's amazing!! 3mo
BethM That‘s gorgeous! 3mo
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