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Prince of Fire | Daniel Silva
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#12 of 2024! Gabriel Allon No. 5!
Started: 4/19/24

Remarkably Bright Creatures | Shelby Van Pelt
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Read in February 2024

This was a heartwarming story. I liked and care about Tova and Marcellus. There were predictable parts and others I think were a little abrupt specially that ending. But still, I liked it, how Tova went through her grief, her loneliness, her second chance in life to be with other persons she care❤️3.8⭐️

Gissy February 2024
#ReadAway2024 @DieAReader @Andrew65 @Ghabi4Roses
#BookSpinBibgo #BookSpin #12 (Late Reading) @TheAromaOfBooks
#ISpyBingo (A novel)
#LitsyLoveReads (January) @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
#52BookClub24 #16 (omniscient narrator)
GoodReads #ATY 52 books AroundTheYear #49 (senior citizen character)
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3w
DieAReader 🥳Great! 3w
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Leslie F*cking Jones | Leslie Jones
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Bag #12 the balcony and the cat that attacked Ross when he kissed Rachel ( and the poking stick for testing the neighbour for aliveness) LJ continues to entertain me with her swears

dabbe These posts make my day. 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
mcctrish @dabbe ❤️ 1mo
Aimeesue The poking stick!!! 🤣 1mo
mcctrish @Aimeesue it‘s a master class in details like your daily dioramas 1mo
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Today, I‘m sharing my 4 picks for #readyourkindle. #16 is the second book in a trilogy. #2 is the first book in a trilogy. #6 is the second book in a trilogy and #12 is a standalone book. It‘s a forbidden romance between a professor and a student. I‘ll probably start with #2 so I can continue with the series and finish it and then read the forbidden romance. I don‘t know if I‘ll finish the other 2 trilogies but if I can, I would like to.

CBee 👍🏻👍🏻 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Friends! It‘s #readyourkindle #readyourebooks #readyournook day! I made it a bit easier on myself this time and used a spinner thingy 😊 Would love to see what you‘ll be reading this month! Enjoy and thanks for playing along with me 😊♥️ I‘ve been having issues with tags - please let me know if you don‘t get a notification 🙏🏻

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Leniverse I have so many other things to read this month (Women's Prize Longlist hello?) that I don't know what I can manage. But my four books are North Woods, Standing Heavy, All the Lovers in the Night, and once again Pageboy (which I didn't get to last month because I started reading Doppelganger instead). I so want to read all 4 😩😅 2mo
Allylu Wow! At first I looked at my #Roll100 and wondered why all the numbers were at the beginning. Duh. I‘ve got it right now! #16 Among the Nameless Stars by Diana Peterfreund, #2 Lady Rample Steps Out by Shea MacLeod, #6 A Girl Called Samson by Amy Harmon, and #12 Sweet On You by Chautona Havig. I will try to read at least one as well as Death by Leprechaun by Jennifer S. Alderson. 2mo
Read4life Love the ‘spinner thingy‘ Cydney! Thanks for hosting. Now to see which books these are… 2mo
KLyn1 🤣 Spinner thingy for the win... And, it looks like A Little Life will be the next #readyourkindle... Not sure I'll get to the others due to length and the other challenges I'm working on... Other picks include Goldfinch, We're All Damaged, and 100 Year Old Man... Thanks @CBee 😊 2mo
AmyG Nice! I am going to read The Women and if I can also read The Prophet…I will. Thank you! 2mo
CBee @Leniverse no pressure! Also, if it‘s an ebook, it counts even if it isn‘t one of the numbers drawn 😊 2mo
CBee @Meshell1313 great timing!! 😊 2mo
Larkken The spinner is nice! Very colorful and cheerful. Not menacing at all ! (I think I need a dose of not-menacing as I look at the metaphorical pile of unread ebooks… 😆) 2mo
CBee @Allylu Death by Leprechaun sounds interesting 🤔 😂 2mo
CBee @Read4life thingy is what I call something when I can‘t think of the actual name of it 😂😂🤪🤪 2mo
Allylu @Cbee The tour group visits several of the places my sister and I visited on our trip to Ireland, so that‘s fun. 2mo
CBee @KLyn1 ooooooo A Little Life 💔💔 I think I mentioned to you before but it‘s a tough read. You‘ll be in my thoughts 😅 It‘s definitely an amazing book; I still think about it and I read it like three years ago… (edited) 2mo
CBee @AmyG I want to read The Women, it sounds excellent. 2mo
CBee @Larkken I‘m very glad it isn‘t menacing 😂 I agree it is quite cheerful! 2mo
CBee @Allylu oh neat! I bet that was an amazing trip! 2mo
Read4life @cbee I do the same thing. 😄 2mo
CBee @Read4life yay! Someone who shares one of my quirks 😂😘 2mo
KLyn1 @CBee - yes, I'll be sure to have boxes of Kleenex nearby... 2mo
CBee @KLyn1 you might want to buy tissues in bulk 😂😂 2mo
OutsmartYourShelf Those are 2) A Friend Like That (Finch), 6) One Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest (Kesey), 12) The Marionettes (Wismer), & 16) Cold Mountain (Frazier). Will probably read in that order too. 2mo
PuddleJumper The spinner is a great idea! 2mo
Hooked_on_books Good that I‘ll get another crack at 12! 2mo
CBee @OutsmartYourShelf sounds great! 😊 2mo
CBee @PuddleJumper it‘s just easier 😊 2mo
CBee @Hooked_on_books right! That was drawn last month too 😊 2mo
Soubhiville Fun! 2mo
audraelizabeth Oh goodness, im almost done with one of my feb books. 2mo
Crazeedi Thank you Cydney!! Whoohoo!! 2mo
vonnie862 The spinner thingy does help! 2mo
CBee @audraelizabeth no pressure! I only read two from last month and didn‘t even finish the second one in time 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
CBee @vonnie862 I love the spinner thingy 😂😂 2mo
audraelizabeth Ive noticed the last couple years im not reading as much. 2mo
monkeygirlsmama We'll see how we do this month. Last month I crossed off 3, but one wasn't from the numbers drawn and one that was for the numbers drawn ended up being a DNF. Still gone from my list though, so that's something. Ha! 2mo
CBee @audraelizabeth that‘s okay! Do you feel like you‘ve been in a slump reading-wise? I go through those too sometimes 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
CBee @monkeygirlsmama girl, that‘s great! It counts even if it wasn‘t a drawn number. And DNFs count too 😊😊 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I'll be reading one I've owned since 2016 😂 2mo
CBee @TheAromaofBooks awesome!! 😊😊 2mo
audraelizabeth Nope, my work is more mentally challenging than my old job. 2mo
CBee @audraelizabeth that makes sense. Hopefully it‘ll get better! 2mo
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I struggled a little at the beginning of this, getting into this new world and knowing the references as I went along. But it's a cute story underneath, so I ended up having enjoyed the journey. There's a second book coming - we'll see if I remember to look for it. #12-2024

The Pale White | Chad Lutzke
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This is a brief horror novella about three young girls, referring to themselves as The Pale White, escaping from sex slavery. This was pretty good. The horror of the story is mostly the horror of their situation. This contains no explicit details or actual sex scenes during the course of the story.


#ReadAway2024 #ReadYourKindle #12

DieAReader 🥳great 2mo
CBee Awesome 👏🏻 2mo
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Nice to read about Cross's family

Iron Flame | Rebecca Yarros
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So. Much. Action. I knew this was going to be fast paced based on the first book, but to tear through a 600 page book in 2 days is ridiculous. And yet I don‘t regret it. The ending is infuriating, but it had to go that way for there to be 3 more books in the making. My favorite character is Andarna. I love her and everything she is, was, and will be. Book #12 in 2024

SpellboundReader I'm enjoying your reviews with illustrations. Good job! 👍 2mo
Allthebookclubs Thank you, I just started book journaling this year ☺️ 2mo
peanutnine Love your dragon drawing! 😍🐉 2mo
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