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Zero World | Jason M. Hough
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Belatedly, the #augustbookhaul photo from @BookBabe & I for the #augustofpages challenge by @TheSpinecrackersBookClub . Of course #Coale had to be front and center playing #peekaboo 😸. Glad to be back on the grid again after a tough week. Thank you all again for all your support for my mom and family! 😊👍🏻

PurpleyPumpkin Glad to see you back! I hope this means that your Mom is doing well. 💜 As always, Coale is adorable. 😻 6y
Mimi28 Best wishes and vibes to you and BookBabe and your mom and the cat ❤️😍😻😎👰 6y
PenguinInFlight I hope your mom is doing well☺️💜(and it took me a second glance to see your cat hiding there😹). 6y
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BekahB Welcome back! I hope your mom is doing better. 🙂 6y
MrBook @PurpleyPumpkin Yes! She is doing well, thank you for asking! He doc says things should be back to normal in a month or so. He's a handsome little fellow 😸. @Mimi28 Thank you 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!!! @PenguinInFlight She is, thank you 😁! He blends in like that 😹👍🏻! @BekahB Thank you! She is! In a month, everything should be back to normal 😊👍🏻. 6y
Grrlbrarian Glad your mom is doing well! Coale - like all cats, part ninja 😹 6y
Bookzombie Welcome back! Glad your mom is on the mend! 😀 6y
MrBook @Grrlbrarian Thank you 😆😂😹👏🏻👍🏻! 6y
MrBook @Bookzombie Thank you, thank you 😁👍🏻!!! 6y
Dragon Glad you're back and that you're mom is on the mend 🐱 6y
Magdawrites @MrBook glad that whatever there was is on the mend. 6y
ApoptyGina69 Missed you both! Hope to do you proud with the brunch I'm making for tomorrow. Will post.👋🏻 6y
StephBengtson So happy your mom is okay! We missed you! 6y
[DELETED] 2232195534 Happy to see you two back! I've been thinking of all of you, especially your Mom. 🙂 6y
SusanInTiburon Awesome sauce! Hope your Mom continues better and better. And what an adorable cat pose! 😻👍🏽 6y
Lynnsoprano Glad your mom is okay, and good to see you posting again. 6y
Megabooks Definitely nice to have you back! Glad things are getting better. ❤️💜 Take care!!! 6y
DebinHawaii Happy to hear you are back and your mom is healing. 😀👍 6y
Laalaleighh Glad you're back and your mom is going to be ok!! Also 😻😻😻 6y
BibliOphelia Glad to hear your mom's on the path back. Mom's are nice to have. 6y
kspenmoll Happy your mom is improving so you both can return home. You've be missed! 6y
asiriusreader Hope your mom continues to improve! PS-- Coale is looking cute in this one! 😺 6y
MrBook @Dragon @MysteryAuthor @ApoptyGina69 @StephBengtson @kaysreadinglife @SusanInTiburon @Lynnsoprano @Ebooksandcooks @DebinHawaii @Laalaleighh @BibliOphelia @kspenmoll @asiriusreader Thank you everyone for all your kind words and generous thoughts 😁👍🏻! She'll be on the mend for about another month. And we missed all of you! It was a funny conversation explaining @Litsy and #LitsyGoesPostal to my parents 😂. 6y
Autumnscribe Oh dear, I hadn't seen your post concerning your mother. Glad to hear she is improving. If my one 6y
Autumnscribe Sorry about the typo at the end...but at any rate glad is going to be well. Hopefully you and book babe are ok too. 6y
MrBook @Autumnscribe Thank you 😊! We are 😁. 6y
Louise I missed the post about your mom. Glad to hear she is on the mend. That's quite a book haul you two managed in just one month! Hats off to you! 🎩👑 6y
Zelma So glad your mom is doing better, and happy to see you and @BookBabe back! 6y
MrBook Thank you @Louise and @Zelma 😁!!!!!! 6y
WanderingBookaneer @MrBook : My sister was in a bad bicycle accident four months ago. Sometimes it might seem like the road to recovery is slow, but celebrate every small victory. 6y
LeahBergen I was so relieved to see that your Mom was going to be okay! 😘 6y
HotCocoaReads Glad things are looking up! Is that a pump organ? 6y
MrBook @JaimitaPR 😟, I'm sorry to hear that about your sister 😕. @LeahBergen Thank you 😁!!! @HotCocoaReads Thank you 😊👍🏻! Nope, it's an electric one 😊. 6y
RealLifeReading Nice organ! 6y
MrBook Thank you, @RealLifeReading 😊! 6y
OrangeMooseReads Glad your mom is going to be fine. Those stacks make me jealous. And I see kitty adding his scent to them. 😊 6y
Laura317 So glad your mama is going to be ok. We will all be glad to see you @MrBook and @BookBabe back with us! We've missed you both. 6y
MrBook @OrangeMooseReads @Laura317 Thank you for your kind words 😁👍🏻!!!! 6y
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Photo Finish | Bonnie Bryant
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Spinecrackers, I would just like to thank everyone for their participation in the #augustphotochallenge. I've seen some really interesting posts during the last month. It's such a shame that I missed the last few days due to wifi connectivity issues. Now the big question is would you guys like to have a photo challenge again? Do we make it a daily thing again or maybe every second day? Or otherwise every other month? Let me know your thoughts 💭💭

DivineDiana Let's do it again! 6y
Kirstin Love the daily photo challenges! 📸📖👍 6y
ramyasbookshelf Let's do it again! I didn't post a pic every day but I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's 6y
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Louise I can't keep up with the daily challenge but could manage once a week. It was fun to see the posts the challenges brought forth! 6y
Reading_E Would love another daily photo challenge! It's ok to be a few days late, sometime I needed some time to catch up. But so much fun seeing everyone's posts! 6y
Zelma I didn't play last time but I definitely would next challenge. 6y
Hobbinol Even if I can't post on a busy day, I LOVE taking a break and looking at everyone else's posts. At least it makes me feel connected to something ... even if it is only vicariously achieved. 6y
DreesReads Would love to do it again! I don't play every day, largely because I'm a library user so often can't snap a pic of what I want! But it's fun and I love to see the submissions! 6y
CherylDeFranceschi I'd be up for it again. 6y
Cinfhen I'm certainly game📚📸 6y
Eyelit @RealLifeReading started a new one, perhaps you can help sponsor that and then do another in October? 6y
Eugeniavb Once a week maybe? 6y
Soubhiville I enjoyed it. I am going to follow the @RealLifeReading one, but I'll do yours too if you choose to do one! 6y
ApoptyGina69 I missed a few days here and there, but it was a lot of fun. I, too, am planning on doing the @RealLifeReading one, but more the merrier! 6y
Bookworm-Bobbie I didn't take part every day, but I would be up for another one. As everyone else has said, I liked taking a look at other people's posts. @RealLifeReading is doing one for September which I'm going to take part in when I can. 6y
Heretherebedragons I liked the daily challenges! Even if I can't post that day, it's fun to see everyone else's pics. Plus I get to go through and reorganize my books, which I enjoy almost as much as actually reading them. 6y
BekahB I had a lot of fun doing this! I didn't post every day, but I loved looking at all the other Litsy posts. 😄 6y
BooksForEmpathy I liked the daily challenges as well! Keep it up please! This next round I want to participate fully! 6y
kspenmoll I enjoyed it- missed some days but it was fun to see people's posts. Would do another- 6y
Mcoun I think a daily challenge is fine. People can participate as they are able. 6y
BookishBlonde12 Let's do it again! Promise to post more this time. But loved seeing all the other Litsians post! 6y
UwannaPublishme This challenge was so much fun and a great way to get to know more about my Litsy friends. I've got a busy few months, but I'll play when I can. 😊👍🏻 6y
teainthelibrary Please! I didn't get a chance to do it this last month cause I'm a bit OCD about starting things in the middle but would love to do it for September! 6y
Graciouswarriorprincess Please do it again! 6y
Godmotherx5 I'm with other folks. I might not be able to do it everyday but I'm up for it. 6y
Hooked_on_books I'm all for it! I think it's fun to see what everyone comes up with. 6y
The_Literary_Jedi 👍🏽 6y
Lizpixie Yes please! I loved the photo challenge! 6y
MrsV I loved this! I'm all for learning about books, I might otherwise miss! 6y
Sarahr875 I want to try again to actually do a photo challenge so yes!! 6y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @RealLifeReading what do you say about co-sponsoring the daily photo challenge? We can alternate between the two of us each month? 6y
Erinloves2read Yes, Co-sponsor the photo challenge! I looked today on @TheSpinecrackersBookClub for a Sept photo challenge cuz I kinda missed the boat for Aug. and saw that @RealLifeReading had already posted one for Sept. on Litsy. Great minds think alike! And twice the inspiration!! 6y
RealLifeReading @TheSpinecrackersBookClub that would be great. I only started up mine as it didn't look like any had been posted for Sept. So sure would be happy to! I kinda wish Litsy had a direct msg thing as I had so many notifications this AM I almost missed this! 6y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub @RealLifeReading maybe send me an email to spinecrackersonlitsy@gmail.com? We could discuss the details. Will obviously share your photo challenge each day and tag you. 6y
BookBabe Yes, let's have another! It was so much fun! 6y
Desha It was fun! I really enjoyed seeing how creative everyone was even if I didn't post every day. ❤️📚❤️ 6y
Onioons I missed the last few days of #augustofpages, but a massive thank you to @TheSpinecrackersBookClub for such a fun month! 🎁🎉🎈 Really enjoyed it 😊 6y
TheSpinecrackersBookClub Pleasure all!! Please support the September photo challenge sponsored by @RealLifeReading. Next month the SBC will be hosting the challenge again and so we'll keep on alternating. 6y
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Not bad for a month that contains multitudes of football games! #augustwrapup #augustofpages

ramyasbookshelf I heard about 'I contain multitudes' on NPR and I definitely want to read it! Good to know it was one of your favs! Microbiome is such an interesting area! 6y
Eyelit 👏📚💜 6y
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It was another busy month, with lots of excursions, outings and travel while Bee (my 9 year old daughter) had the summer off school. I tried to fit in as much reading as possible, but I won't lie when I say I'm looking a bit forward to the fall with its homebody time. #augustofpages #bookphotochallenge

Sydsavvy I really like these stats! Interesting! 6y
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Monthly recap. Not so great. Definitely room for improvement. I read nothing super stellar, but liked the Seanan Maguire Velveteen book a lot for all the issues it explored. #Augustofpages #bookphotochallenge Day 31

Shemac77 Any reading is good reading :). 6y
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#day31 of #augustphotochallenge and here's my #augustwrapup - I started out very ambitious and wasn't able to complete everything. But I'm still pleased with the results! Good luck September! #augustofpages

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By Gaslight | Steven Price
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Eyelit 👏📚💜 6y
PurpleyPumpkin Thanks @Eyelit. That means a lot coming from you (42 books for August, really? Truly amazing!). 6y
LeahBergen Yay!! 🎉🎉 6y
britt_brooke Nicely done! 6y
Texreader 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6y
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My first monthly wrap up. Funny, I felt like I read more than this 😄 #augustofpages #augustwrapup

BibliophileMomma Loved the library of mount char 6y
elkeOriginal Mount Char is on my TBR - moving it up now! 6y
CynCruz23 @ReadingOver50 I agree with you 100% sometimes when I've enjoyed a book - that really sucked me in and let me live in its world, it makes me feel like I've read 10! Especially long books (500+ pages) and then I see other peoples 20+ books wrap up and I'm like "wait, it felt like I read 20 but turns out I only read 4 ?" 6y
Texreader 7 books in a month is practically impossible for me so I think you did amazingly! 6y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I want to read Mount Char every month now 6y
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Before the Fall | Noah Hawley
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Here is my #augustwrapup for the #augustphotochallenge. Once school starts, my reading starts to wane, but I read some excellent books this month. Now onto the gigantic pile I have for September!

Eyelit 👏📚 I 💜 that you have litsy recs 😄 6y
Bookworm83 @Eyelit 😊 Most of the books I read now can be blamed on Litsy! 6y
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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#Augustwrapup #readingstats I finished 10 books and now only have one left to read for my Summer Reading Bingo through my library 😄👍🏼 I loved all but one of the books I read this month so it was really hard to pick favorites!! #augustofpages

Merethebookgal Love The Night Circus! 6y
Eyelit 👏📚💜👍 6y
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