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10 Blind Dates | Ashley Elston
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Been trying to catch up on my #litsylove letters today but I need to take a break because it feels like my hand may fall off. Time for a new book!

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Been beyond busy. But getting a day to be cozy finally. Finished the tagged book and now onto the next!!
Missing all of you lovely Littens. I'm hoping with the upcoming holidays that I will be on more often. :)

Kaylamburson Did you just buy the new one? If so you mayyyy want to consider not breaking the spine, opening the similarly sized package inside #litsylove winter swap and returning it, lol. 🙈🙊 14h
SamanthaMarie @Kaylamburson LOL! I did just buy it 🙈😭🤣 I'm so sorry!!! That is hysterical!! 14h
Kaylamburson Hahaha no worries! The struggle of having too much time between receiving and opening. I had even preordered it since I figured it was brand-new you wouldn't get it before the swap 😂🤣 14h
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Kaylamburson Maybe you'll be able to return one and buy something else?? Luckily I don't follow directions and I sent more than one book 😂🤣 14h
TheAromaofBooks Cracking up about your swap situation. This is always my biggest fear with swaps!!! @Kaylamburson 13h
Kaylamburson Hahaha I know! It's so hard not to buy any books for like 2 months because of the chance someone might buy you that specific one for a swap. @TheAromaofBooks or if you sign up for more than one swap and two people decide on the same book 😂🤣 13h
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Untitled | Unknown
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@AprilMae your #litsylove swap package arrived yesterday!
(When is opening day, again?)


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks November 29th!! 🎉🎊 16h
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#Sundaymorning #cofffeesndbooks #Botmbuddyread #NovemberRead
Stealing some time to read before the day gets ahead of me.

Jee_HookedOnBookz Hi Katherine! Just wanted to let you know I've received your #winterswap #litsylove package. Thank you so much! ❤️ Have you received mine? One's coming from Amazon. 8h
Jee_HookedOnBookz Another one is directly from me 8h
kspenmoll @Jee_HookedOnBookz Not yet, but I will let you know as soon as they arrive! There is plenty of time😀❤️ 6h
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The Unknowns: A Novel | Gabriel Roth
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1. I‘ve broken my wrist tripping over my own two feet.
I‘ve been fired for insubordination.
I‘ve been a Gorilla.
2. “1984.”
3. No.
4. Too Hot

Thanks for the tag @NeedsMoreBooks


DaveGreen7777 Hmmm... I‘ll guess being fired for insubordination is the lie? 🤔 20h
Alora Hey Stacy! Thank you so much for playing! I just replied to your #LitsyLove!! I‘m sending them out this week 😀💙 20h
Alora I‘m going to guess the lie is that you weren‘t fired for insubordination? 20h
NeedsMoreBooks The fired for insubordination? 18h
Stacypatrice I WAS fired for insubordination!! I was working for 16 years at the courthouse and I said “No” to doing something when two other people were capable of doing it and I had a family to see (I worked with kids). 7h
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No Title | None
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Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m up early this morning working on #LitsyLove and the #HolidayRecipeSwap while drinking tea and burning candles. I usually hate this time of year, but I do have to say this isn‘t a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

Crazeedi I just pulled the recipes I'm sending, and going to get mine done today! Beautiful photo!❤ 1d
Gaylagal2 I'm with you ❤️ The holidays drive me nuts, but this year I'm ignoring ALL the bullshit 🤙🤓 20h
lele1432 This looks so perfect and cozy 17h
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Untitled | Unknown
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My recent #LitsyLove mail! Thanks so much @AmyG @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @throwmeabook! Your cards put a smile on my face! 📬💌😊

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 1d
AmyG 😘 22h
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Celebrate Thanksgiving | Elizabeth Lawrence
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#litsylove and Hallmark Christmas movies! 🎄

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I too am watching Hallmark Christmas movies. #guiltypleasures 1d
bookish_wookish Yessss! Im such a nerd for them that i have the Hallmark app to keep track of the movies i watch! 🤣 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 1d
Morr_Books I'm watching the Countdown to Christmas too! 🎄 1d
Bookwormjillk Sounds like a perfect night 1d
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