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A book based in a bookshop. What‘s not to love? Fellow book lovers and clues in books. It still contains other content from a thriller and a twist or two. Plus the whodunnit at the end! It‘s a pick for me! #midnightatthebrightideasbookstore

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8-17-19: My 66th finished book of 2019! #midnightatthebrightideasbookstore #matthewsullivan. 👍🏼📖#️⃣6️⃣6️⃣

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This book caught my attention right from the start! The mystery, the twist in the plot and of course lots of bookish references. My jaw dropped several times and the story kept getting better and better. Though a little rushed at the end I thought but still it worked. Perfect book to enjoy over my Thanksgiving break!

#SassyBookworm😏 #Libby #MidnightAtTheBrightIdeasBookstore #Mystery #Thriller #Bookstore #LateNightReading #LateNightReview

RadicalReader @SassyBookworm I always get my best ideas to go to the bookstore at the most peculiar times simply because I want to be the first to get my hands on the novels that I know are being released that week to avoid the waiting list from the Black Lagoon 13mo
zsuzsanna_reads I love the cover too. Stacked. 13mo
SassyBookworm @RadicalReader I love going to the bookstore for book ideas and to smell the book 😏! Tho I don‘t really like reading physical books I love the smell of new books! And wondering the isles looking at potential new reads is very soothing! 13mo
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SassyBookworm @zsuzsanna_reads isn‘t it gorgeous!! I hope you enjoy it! For me it was quite a page turner! 13mo
RadicalReader @SassyBookworm I too enjoy the scent of new books absolutely incompatible. The candle companies seriously need to add the smell of new books to their scent list 13mo
SassyBookworm @RadicalReader I definitely agree!!! 13mo
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This is the WEEK 2 #LitsyBuddyRead OPEN DISCUSSION post for #MidnightattheBrightIdeasBookstore. We had a great discussion last week. Thanks to all the participation! Please remember for this post, please do not post any spoilers beyond this week‘s suggested reading through chapter 16, but speculation is of course always welcome. 📚🤗 Discuss here👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Thanks!

Jess7 I‘m still enjoying this book so far, but things are starting to feel a little bit too coincidental to me. The reappearance of Raj is a little odd to me. What does everyone else think so far? Has your opinion of the book or any of the characters changed at all since last week? (edited) 2y
Dana1084 @Jess7 I agree- Raj‘s reappearance feels too coincidental, and I‘m wondering if it has anything to do with Tomas trying to reach Lydia. I have to admit that I‘m starting to suspect Tomas, or at least that he knows who the Hammerman is. Also, David really screwed up talking to Tomas behind Lydia‘s back. I feel suspicious of him too, especially since it felt like Tomas used his contact with David to try to manipulate her. Oy!! 2y
mrp27 Yes, I definitely felt my guard go up when Raj reappeared and I found myself looking more closely at David as well. 2y
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Bookishthoughts Raj is an odd "all of a sudden" appearance. And what is going on with David? 2y
Bookishthoughts David could be the hammer man's spy! 2y
Jess7 I agree I‘m not sure about David‘s connection @LazyDays . I found the convo with the detective weird too. He really remembers a lot of specific details. It‘s odd. @Dana1084 @mrp27 2y
Amaryie This book is exceeding my expectations. What this is becoming was not all what I was expecting, especially by the title. I am completely sucked in. I am more interested in the Hammerman side of the story, but that‘s just because that is the mystery/thriller concept I like. My gut feelings? I think her dad, Raj and David are all people I wouldn‘t be surprised to see have a twist at the end. 2y
MinDea @Jess7 @Dana1084 @mrp27 @LazyDays @Amaryie This section in the book I started feeling like ???? uhhhh why is Raj suddenly here and like suddenly always around with NO contact since they were kids. David?!?! What the heck?!?!? @Jess7 I come from a blue family and there are cases that just stick with detectives/cops and so to me I didn't find that part far fetched. I did find Raj's reappearance way too coincidental and possibly "unrealistic" 2y
Mitch Mmmm... it‘s getting a little not believable for me. Too many coincidences and chance encounters. I was especially annoyed by the detective you claimed they didn‘t press too hard to find the killer in respect of protecting Lydia and her feelings??! 2y
Mitch I‘m also surprised that nobody is reading in the book?? Lots of the characters are surrounded by books, claim to love books but nobody reads or hints at wisdoms they‘ve learnt from books. Ir maybe I‘m being too harsh because I can‘t forgive the cutting up of the books??! 2y
Dana1084 @MinDea For sure- just reading the description from the murders stuck with me- I can easily imagine that being something that you cant shake...even the smallest details- esp since he remains at large. 2y
Mitch Pg 105 “he only had you and me” why didn‘t Lyle invite Lydia to the funeral?? 2y
MinDea Yes, it definitely started to become unbelievable for me at this point. And I had already figured out the twist at this point. 2y
MinDea @Dana1084 Yes! That scene is sticking with me! If it had been a real crime scene I think it would definitely be something that you don't forget. Especially a little girl surviving (and one not). I mean... there is something about that. You know? I mean, why did she survive but not her friend? 2y
Bookishthoughts @Mitch I'm with you! Why hasn't any books been disscust past the ones Joey cut up? 2y
Bookishthoughts @MinDea I figured it out also around this point👏 2y
Bookishthoughts I feel they were pushing it on Thomas a little to hard 2y
Mitch Do we think , after what happened to his daughter - that Dad would really take a night job and leave her alone overnight? 2y
Mitch Colorado Department Of Vital Records keep lists of things that are important. For Lyle that‘s Film Noir, books, whiskey & waffles? What would be on your list?? 2y
Dana1084 @Mitch I thought the same thing- after spending such a traumatic night alone, I cannot see how he could leave her at home alone overnight or casually suggest that she just go over to a friend‘s house for the night... 🤔 (edited) 2y
Mitch Mmmm🤔🤔🤔 @Dana1084 2y
MinDea I so agree @Mitch @Dana1084 How could he do that to his daughter?! It seemed very heartless. So now I understood why they ahe had no feelings of wanting to tall to him. He basically abandoned her. 2y
Bookishthoughts Is this before or after the hammer man? 2y
Jess7 I think that is weird how the dad acted too @Mitch and @Dana1084 2y
staci.reads I'm very curious as to what's up with the suit Joey asked Lyle to buy him. It's random but mentioned multiple times, so the author must intend to connect it to the story somehow. 2y
staci.reads @Mitch I agree that it's farfetched that the higher-ups would have discouraged the detective from pursuing his case against Tomas. It's not as if Tomas was someone with clout. 2y
staci.reads "And then came my only her." Pg 134 The wording of this message seems odd compared to the rest. 2y
mcipher I agree with understanding why she was so mad at her dad - he basically abandoned her. And I could see kind of why he did that - I think he was pretty messed up by what happened and he was not acting rationally. He got sucked into his own anxiety about the murders and forgot that she needed him. 2y
staci.reads The detective says that they found brain in Tomas's shirt collar, blood in his pockets, his bloody fingerprints all over the house and the murder weapon. That and the fact that she is the only one who survived makes me wonder if Tomas messed with the crime scene to cover for Lydia. It might also explain why his behavior toward her changed so drastically. 2y
staci.reads And the picture of Tomas's cabin in the O'Toole's house? The author seems to be wanting us to believe Tomas and Dottie were having an affair, especially with that scene of her flirting in the library earlier. It seems too obvious, though. 2y
Carolyn11215 Raj‘s appearance doesn‘t feel so coincidental to me. He was unable to reach his beloved childhood friend after her father moved her out of town and only became aware that she had moved back after she was in news related to Joey‘s death yes? I do find how quickly she involves him in her life (having him stay with her while David is away) a bit bizarre though. 2y
Carolyn11215 I want to smack the living daylights out of her father for the way he neglects Lydia once they move into the cabin. I can‘t fathom why he‘d take a job that leaves her alone overnight after trauma caused by heinous murder during sleepover with her friend. It certainly explains why she is so angry with her father. Despite suspicions of cop, still finding it difficult to believe that the Hammerman is Lydia‘s father. 2y
Carolyn11215 I‘m still really confused about the prison-related connection between Joey and Lydia‘s father that led to Joey having a birthday party photo of Lydia as a child. Seems pretty obvious that Joey has deliberately sought out Lydia. 2y
Carolyn11215 I‘m not great at figuring out whodunits so still not zeroing in on who might actually be the Hammerman. Maybe I‘ll get more of a clue with coming week‘s reading! 2y
JaclynW @MinDea @Jess7 Confession: I sort of finished the book. 😏😉😊 I will try my best not to add spoilers! 😣 It was SO good that I had to keep reading!! 2y
JaclynW @Jess7 @mrp27 @LazyDays @Amaryie @MinDea @Mitch I agree with @Carolyn11215 about Raj's resurfacing. At first it was really odd. But then I could see how he had a past connection with her and never really got any closure after the Hammerman incident. The news article of Joey's death gave him a direction to look. It was odd though that he lived so close and he also lived kind of a creeper lifestyle...I couldn't get over these 2 things. Plus ⬇️ 2y
JaclynW Plus Lydia let him into her current life WAY too easily and quickly. Sure they were super close when they were young...but maybe a few more days together seems like a good idea before she invites him into her apartment alone! Yikes! @Jess7 @mrp27 @LazyDays @Amaryie @MinDea @Mitch @Carolyn11215 2y
Bookishthoughts I finished it also. What did you think about how it ended. I was kinda in the fence, a little surprised and a little disappointed. @JaclynW 2y
JaclynW @Jess7 @mrp27 @LazyDays @Amaryie @MinDea @Mitch @Carolyn11215 I'm actually feeling bad for David. Lydia leaves him in the dark about important parts of her past, yet they are supposed to be close. Hmmm. 🤔 If they were close, I would think she'd want his support. Maybe we talked about this last time?? I can't remember! Sorry! Lydia is suffering from PTSD for sure. Everyone deals with traumatic events differently. 2y
JaclynW @LazyDays I'm on the fence too! Still pondering HOW it all ended. We will have to chat details next week! 2y
Bookishthoughts @JaclynW Lydia defenitly treats David with some hostel distaste. She could be a little more open, or at least not lash out at him so much. 2y
JaclynW @LazyDays Agreed! You can tell he adores her! He would love and support her no matter what. (At least that's how I've conjured him up in my head with the details we've been given.) 2y
Bookishthoughts @JaclynW yes! I felt the same way. And her father loves her move then life. Did he slip up along the way absolutely! Was most of his choices made from the guilt of almost letting his child be murdered absolutely! Lydia AND Tomas loved through a horrif 2y
Bookishthoughts Ha I just send! 🙌🌈 they both suffer from PTSD and they both are trying to make it right. And poor David is caught in the middle. Being treated like a second hand person.😣 2y
JaclynW @Jess7 @mrp27 @LazyDays @Amaryie @MinDea @Mitch @Dana1084 @Carolyn11215 I'm baffled as to why the dad would leave a traumatized little girl alone at nights too! That poor girl! I can't imagine! This made me think he had something to hide. Guilty of something. 🤔🤔🤔 This explains why she didn't want a relationship with her dad. 2y
JaclynW @LazyDays Yes! David was caught in the middle! Counseling maybe was/still can be a taboo subject that some people aren't willing to reach out for that much needed help. Tomas and Lydia just ran away after the incident and never dealt with the trauma. 😢 2y
Bookishthoughts @JaclynW right! Tomas pushed his daughter away , out of guilt. He wanted her to hate him, because he hated himself. 2y
JaclynW @LazyDays That was so sad to me!! I think he was a good dad before. He tried his best! 2y
Bookishthoughts @JaclynW he was an amazing dad! And letting her go to the O dooles house seemed so odd of him. Till I finished the book. It was a misdirection from the author for you to question Thomas's character. Tomas did nothing but love his daughter, moving away was the only thing he could think of doing . i don't know i think I just have a soft spot for him.😊💞 2y
JaclynW @LazyDays Agreed! I have a soft spot for him too! 2y
Coleen_Nieto Totally agree! 2y
Coleen_Nieto I think I remember a similar murder in Colorado in the late 70s or early 80s. I wonder if the author used that as a basis for this murder 2y
FantasyChick So if Tomas ends up being Hammerman....I'll throw the book. It's too easy to pin it on him and I honestly think that is where the author wants us to look. There's gotta be a more suspenseful answer! I think it would be an interesting turn of events if Hammerman actually ended up being Lydia herself. There have bee. Cases of people, children especially, who can "black out", commit a crime and have no memory of it so they are victimized 2y
FantasyChick So....that would be a very, very long shot it could happen. Would make for a great twist. Her father covering it up and secluding them in the mountains. What I want to know, though, is what's David's deal? He has been speaking with her father in secret this whole time and knew about the Hammerman murders? Something doesn't sit right with me there. 2y
JamieArc So I started at page 103 yesterday and couldn‘t stop. I can‘t remember at what point this discussion is for, so I‘m afraid to say anything, but it‘s fun to read the speculations and I look forward to next week‘s discussions! 2y
MissAimz_55 I never felt Raj appearance to be coincidental bc I guess I always took it as he came when he saw her photo in the paper. J thought he didn't know she was around before. I did find it weird that Raj was always hanging around tho. I too was very interested in the HammerMan side of the story and yah that's my mystery/thriller part of me coming out . 2y
Jaayimee I finished the book last night. My digital loan was up tomorrow so I wanted to get it done. My suspicions were all correct and I‘ll wait until everyone is done to discuss so I don‘t accidentally spill anything. (edited) 2y
MissAimz_55 I also got really mad and annoyed at her dad about taking a night job. It's messed up and really broke my heart thinking about Lydia climbing into a cabinet every night. As someone who had PTSD from a way less traumatic event (I was almost kidnaped when I was 12). I couldn't imagine if I was left alone at night 2y
MissAimz_55 I'm in between suspecting her dad at this point and still suspecting Rajs dad. I feel that regardless the murder is related to someone sleeping around . Maybe Raj dad is having an affair with Dottie and he didn't expect the kids there and really only wanted to kill Dottie and t went wrong. Or maybe Thomas was having the affair but that one doesn't seem as plausible . Both would make sense that they would leave Lydia as a survivor 2y
MeganAnn @MissAimz_55 it broke my heart reading about Lydia climbing into the cabinet every night and being by herself all the time too. I can see why she no longer speaks to her dad after going through all that alone. I think at this point that the murder could be related to someone sleeping around too. 2y
MeganAnn @MissAimz_55 it broke my heart reading about Lydia climbing into the cabinet every night and being by herself all the time too. I can see why she no longer speaks to her dad after going through all that alone. I think at this point that the murder could be related to someone sleeping around too. 2y
MeganAnn @FantasyChick I could see how the hammerman could end up being Lydia also which would make a great twist. But who did she see coming into the house? Or would that be something her mind made up to protect her? 2y
MeganAnn I still think there's more to Joey as well. He obviously connected with her dad while he was in prison, but was there more to it? And then he must have sought her out at the bookstore. Who is this mysterious "her"? 2y
MissAimz_55 All the evidence mounting against Thomas is suspicious but then I'm also not for going for the obvious choice bc I would be disappointed if that was it 2y
BookishMe @Jaayimee did your correct guesses make it enjoyable for you to read the book or predictably 'meh'? The coin dropped as plot thickened but it was still a good read for me 2y
Jaayimee @BookishMe I still liked the book but it did leave me wondering what the point was with a few of the characters you know. 2y
BookishMe @Jaayimee interesting take... Red herrings? I definitely found this more intriguing than some psych thrillers that seem to try so hard to shock or whatever not. The pace or maybe mostly the bookstore setting and clues in the books won me over. Although cutting out books in good condition is not an ideal ;p 2y
BookishMe @Jaayimee I notice some of the guesses mentioned above are more or less headed in the right direction... The thrill of knowing - lol! 2y
akfreeborn I don‘t trust anyone at this point but Lydia‘s behavior is getting a bit weird. Not sure why Raj is so easily reunited and I want to get to the bottom of why dad turned into the “bad father”—twists are coming to be sure. 2y
mcctrish I admit I couldn‘t put the book down at the prearranged stopping point 🤣 why did Lydia‘s dad become such a bad dad? What happened that she stopped talking to him? What is up with her and David? He seems so lovely? Why did Joey really leave everything to Lydia? So many threads, so many questions 2y
Jaayimee @BookishMe probably. Just something to make the reader think some more. I agree, some of those books are just too much. The mystery of the book cut outs were fun and different and I really liked the setting a lot. 2y
BookishMe @Jaayimee makes two of us! 😄 😄 2y
BookishMe @mcctrish yes, David is lovely and I liked him regardless the developments 2y
Bookishthoughts @FantasyChick you made me laugh! I was going on like that the whole time also! I was even blaming the Libary Manager for sending Tomas out in a snowstorm. 2y
Jennifer3 Oh my gosh this is so good, but there is definitely a lot of odd behavior. Lydia being close to Raj again so fast, the amount of energy Joey spent on the messages/puzzle and this Moberg guy. I don‘t know what to think about her dad but he clearly didn‘t see it maybe couldn‘t see how deeply Lydia had been affected by the murders: 2y
FantasyChick @LazyDays I am sooo bad with books like this! Seriously, I'm trying to blame everyone....at one point I tried to figure out how Carol could have done it 😂 Which would have been hard since she's dead...but I was still trying lol 2y
AmberWB I am enjoying the book overall, but the notes Joey has left behind are getting annoying. I am hoping there is an actual reason for why they had to be left by cutting holes into books and swapping labels! (edited) 2y
AmberWB Ok, I finished ch. 16 and I can‘t figure out why Lydia is so angry with David for knowing her past. 2y
mcctrish @AmberWB it seems so extreme and confusing 2y
cajunsyd @AmberWB agreed on Joey‘s annoying notes. 2y
cajunsyd I was thinking that maybe Raj‘s dad did it because Carol was a bad influence. Not sure yet how this one will turn out but I don‘t think that Lydia‘s dad did it. 2y
kspenmoll @mcctrish Yes, so many questions, possible plot twists. The “code” Joey left behind ( cutting out pieces of books) is different & intriguing. 2y
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Hello weekend! I‘m excited to start reading #MatBIB today for #LitsyBuddyRead. How are all our litsy buddy readers liking it so far? We will post an official discussion post from the @LitsyBuddyRead page next week. What are your weekend plans?

#MidnightattheBrightIdeasBookstore | #LitsyBuddyRead

BookishMe I should be completing the first week's reading soon... Mildly curious about the past to be unearthed along with the mystery suicide 2y
Carolyn11215 Loving it! Read through next week‘s section already and then forced myself to stop so that I wouldn‘t forget what I‘d read before discussion. :) 2y
staci.reads It's a fast starter for sure! 2y
Bookishthoughts Its keeping me interested. The detective work is what a doing it. 2y
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Sing, Unburied, Sing | Jesmyn Ward
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So I may have let my enthusiasm get the better of me. But here‘s the collected ambition of March:

Carrie #losersclub
The Colour of Magic #ookBookClub
A Wind in the Door buddy read with @Erin7
Murder of Roger Ackroyd & Mystery of the Blue Train #agathachristieclub
Graveyard Book, children‘s lit club
Sing Unburied Sing, IRL book club
Radium Girls, Science book club
Little Children #mountTBR & #LMPBC
Americanah GR group read

CSeydel Peter & the Starcatchers because I‘m seeing the play at our community theater and I want to read it first. 2y
CSeydel Finish up Cymbeline for #shakespearereadalong and start Crime & Punishment for #littleRaskols. Whew! 🤤 (edited) 2y
CSeydel And Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore just came in at the library 🤪 2y
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DivaDiane Good luck? That‘s a great stack of books! Is there a KidLit book club here? I was planning on read Graveyard Book for a KidLit club on #habitica. 2y
Jess7 Nice!!! Yay!! Excited for #LitsyBuddyRead beginning next week for #MidnightattheBrightIdeasBookstore @CSeydel 2y
CSeydel @DivaDiane Thanks! The children‘s lit book club I‘m involved in is at Goodreads. I might not get around to Graveyard Book since I‘ve read it before and I have so many others in the stack. But it‘s short, so maybe ... (edited) 2y
CSeydel @Jess7 yeah that‘s why I requested it from the library but I didn‘t want to promise anything ... didn‘t know it would come in so quickly and I have all these other books already waiting 😬 2y
GingerAntics Oh my. I can't wait to see you tackle that entire stack. 2y
CSeydel I knew I was forgetting something #magicalMarch @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @vkois88 2y
Erin7 Great list! March is going to be a good reading month. I can feel it😊 2y
CSeydel @GingerAntics no kidding 😂 the only question is ... which ones are going to get bumped to April? Or May... 2y
vkois88 Great choices! Lots of reading 😊😊 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Ohhhh I get excited every time I see someone reading ❤️❤️ 2y
CSeydel @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Maybe I‘m in the wrong frame of mind for this book. I‘m about halfway and I‘m just not getting it. It feels like nothing‘s really happening, but also not building toward anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @CSeydel awww I‘m sorry!! Maybe it‘s the wrong time... I just love her writing style and Jojo and Kayla stole my heart!! 2y
GingerAntics @CSeydel hm...That's always a tough question. I always want to read everything NOW. lol 2y
CSeydel @GingerAntics Oh, same! 2y
CSeydel @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s starting to pick up now. I sat up when Richie joined them in the car. Interested to see where she goes with that. The author does have a gift for beautifully phrased philosophical aphorisms. I‘ve noted several in my journal. But the whole thing is so sad. I‘m practically in tears at least once per chapter. 2y
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Cinfhen Midnight plan was hilarious ❣️❣️💚 2y
Pamwurtzler @Cinfhen the cover looks hilarious! There‘s another for my TBR. 😂 2y
Cinfhen It's really quirky @Pamwurtzler but so much fun to read 2y
RealLifeReading Looks fun! 2y
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#TisTheSeason for an awesome ⤴️ Kindle Deal Alert‼️#MidnightAtTheBrightIdeasBookstore is only $1.99 today! I‘ve heard really good things about this one, and who doesn‘t love a book about books?! 📚🤗💙 #TBR #Kindle #ebooks #dailydeal #kindlepaperwhite #ereader #amazon #deal #dealalert #bookstore #ReindeerReads

JacqMac Thanks! That one click buying is so great. 2y
Jess7 You‘re welcome @JacqMac - if definitely is. @MinDea have you read this one? 2y
Luv2readbookz I picked this one up too! (edited) 2y
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JSW What a steal!!! Jump on it! 2y
MinDea I have not read this... I don't think I own it either... 🤔🤔 2y
Jess7 I‘ve heard really good things about it. Tillen came home from work the other day and told me his coworker told him to tell me it was a #mustread. As luck would have it, two days later it was a kindle daily deal. So I had to add it to my over 330+ books I own and need to read lol. I don‘t think it‘s a kindle daily deal anymore, but I‘ll keep my eyes peeled for you! @MinDea 💙 2y
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4/5 ⭐️'s
This was a fun mystery! The story flowed easily, & the main mystery; a horrific event in the main character's childhood was right out of a horror movie. I do wish more of the mystery would have dealt w/ the bookshop, since a death revolving around a bookstore is an original & brilliant idea. Overall a great debut novel! 👍🏼#midnightatthebrightideasbookstore #matthewsullivan #bookreview #mysterythriller #crimefiction #booksandcoffee

Jess_Read_This I really enjoyed this one as well! 2y
catebutler @Jess_Read_This I thought it was so clever and very well done for a debut novel. I especially thought the book puzzles were cool! (edited) 2y
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