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#TimBitTunes #StartedFromTheBottom

Crocheting 🧶 the crocodile 🐊 stitch, while the Big Game is on and stopping to watch commercials! This is a shawl, so I have to start at the tip/bottom and work my way bigger!

GingerAntics I‘m going to have to look up the crocodile stitch. 10mo
Cinfhen So awesome to have so many creative skill sets 🙌🏻💕 10mo
TheKidUpstairs That looks lovely! I love the colour. Learning to crochet is on my never-ending to do list! 10mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Nice colour! 10mo
CrowCAH @GingerAntics it takes a long time to make, but well worth it! 10mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen thank you 😊 10mo
CrowCAH @TheKidUpstairs it does give the hands something to do and I find it relaxing. Keep it on the list; you‘ll get there some day! 10mo
CrowCAH @erzascarletbookgasm it‘s a bright blue teal and soft to work with! 10mo
GingerAntics It looks lovely. 10mo
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The Deep | Nick Cutter
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A dark and disturbing look at what lies in the deep. This book started out a bit slow and derivative. I kept being pulled out of the story...”oh, that reminds me of”...now, back to the story. But the book eventually came into its own and made it a pick. I will never be able to look at guinea pigs the same way ever again (See my post for #QuotsyDec18 | 7: #Magnetic ). And the bees, oh, the bees.

#TimbitTunes | 1: #StartedFromTheBottom

📷: Libby

LiterRohde So sorry for the repost! It disappeared from my feed! 10mo
TheKidUpstairs I don't think I want to know about the guinea pigs.... 10mo
LiterRohde @TheKidUpstairs And @Cinfhen said on my original post before it disappeared that I had her at guinea pigs...🤣 (edited) 10mo
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Convenience Store Woman | Sayaka Murata
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Dark and deeply unsettling in parts. This novella raised a lot of questions about society‘s expectations and normalcy. Keiko tried to fit in by mimicking others and being the perfect convenience store employee. Finds herself questioned bc she #startedfromthebottom and has no desire to move up. Dark broken up with some lightness in Keiko‘s observations about her coworkers and friends. not the light palate cleanser I expected. #timbittunes

Cathythoughts Sounds great 👍🏻♥️( except for the “ novella” part ) ..... 😬I like normal sized books 10mo
Blaire @Cathythoughts yes, this took under two hours to read so it is not a normal size book. ☺️ 10mo
Cinfhen I also thought this was going to be a light read but it was SO HEAVY!! It left me REALLY SAD and frustrated too!! I didn‘t like the word usage either. This whole book was off putting for me. @emilyhaldi just reviewed it too!! And gave it an enthusiastic pick 10mo
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Blaire @Cinfhen the whole middle section was really sad. I felt awful for her. Tho the ending made me feel ok and I‘m glad it went the way it did. 10mo
Reggie Ughhh when she stopped hearing the sound of the store at night, there was an emptiness I felt for her. 10mo
Blaire @Reggie yes! Me too. So sad. 10mo
emilyhaldi I totally agree with this review! I was expecting something lighter too. There were definite moments of sadness in the middle @Reggie @Cinfhen but ultimately I appreciated the ending and Keiko‘s resolve about accepting her life as is instead of letting societal expectations define her. 10mo
Blaire @emilyhaldi I agree re the ending. I breathed a sigh of relief when she accepted herself and got out of that awful situation. @reggie @cinfhen 10mo
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The White Queen | Philippa Gregory
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#StartedFromTheBottom #Drake #TimbitTunes Day 1: @Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs
🎵 Started from the bottom now we‘re here! started from the bottom, now MY WHOLE TEAM F#%#ing here!!! 🎵
Elizabeth Woodville put her whole fam of minor Lancastrian/Red rose nobles on the map when she married the victorious York/white rose king. She went from widow w/2 kids whose lands were taken from her, to queen of England. Started from the bottom for REAL!! 😎

TheKidUpstairs 👏👏👏 10mo
Elma Loved this book and the tv show! 10mo
Cinfhen I‘m loving these posts today 🥰 10mo
HOTPock3tt @TheKidUpstairs @Cinfhen Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge!! @Elma I‘m currently listening to, and loving♥️ the audiobook... but the show didn‘t grab me 🤔 maybe I‘ll give it another chance once I finish the book... 10mo
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Adam Kay #startedfromthebottom in the NHS. He kept a diary over the years, most of which was spent as a training OBGYN.

You‘ll be shocked. You‘ll find yourself laughing (Kay has an amazing sense of humor), you‘ll wonder how so many stupid people exist in this world. 😂 You‘ll also question why anyone in their right mind would become a doctor for NHS. (97 hour work week is just the tip of the ice berg.)

#darguschfamilymarkupbookclub #timbittunes

Cinfhen I‘ve heard really good things about this book😀and I‘m really intrigued by your photo prop😜 10mo
TheKidUpstairs Sounds like a great read! I always get a little freaked out reading books or watching shows about doctors starting out. They're so sleep deprived, and I know How little my brain works when I'm tired, I hate to think of the mistakes they must make. 10mo
Cathythoughts Great review... I think I‘ll get it for my daughter for her birthday ( she‘s a nurse ) 10mo
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Reviewsbylola Genevieve had a little obsession with conception, fetal development, and birth so when I happened upon this in London I bought it for her. 😂 @Cinfhen 10mo
Cinfhen Most parents who go to London bring their kids home a toy replica of a double decker bus 😂😂 You‘re my favorite mom EVER 10mo
Reviewsbylola Lol they got that too. 😆😆😆 @Cinfhen 10mo
Cinfhen Haha!!!! And was there also a Beefeater hat!?!?? Or a tiara???? 10mo
Reviewsbylola No, maybe this next time. 🤗 @Cinfhen 10mo
Cinfhen Niki totally begged for that tiara when we visited Tower of London 😂😂 10mo
emilyhaldi Lolol just now seeing this 🤰🏻 5mo
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TheKidUpstairs ❤👏❤👏❤👏 10mo
Tamra One of my very favorite shows! 10mo
Samplergal Hysterical! We just bought an RV and I can‘t tell you how many ppl have mentioned Breaking Bad. Well today our tags came: LAB 432. I see cops everywhere laughing. 10mo
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HOTPock3tt YEAH!!! 🤣🎉♥️ 10mo
Tamra @Samplergal 😹 10mo
GripLitGrl @Samplergal 😂😂 that's hilarious! Hope you & the fam enjoy many fun trips in the RV 10mo
GripLitGrl @Tamra ☺👍 10mo
GripLitGrl @HOTPock3tt 😀💕 10mo
Tanisha_A Hahahahaha 10mo
Tanisha_A That show is 👌! 10mo
Cinfhen 😂😂😂😂 10mo
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#timbittunes #startedfromthebottom

I was obsessed with this book as a kid - written in 1881 it‘s the story of a widow and her five children living in poverty. It emphasises the values of family and hard work and honesty etc as a good nineteenth century children‘s book tended to do! There‘s a kind of rescue from poverty along the way but it‘s the first in a series so I‘m not sure if that‘s the end of the story 😊

Becker ❤️nostalgia- I loved it too❤️ 10mo
theresidentromantic I loved this book!! I found I'd put it on a pedestal as a kid and found it hard to reread, but it's Definite treasure, especially how they care for their sister! 10mo
Eggs Loved it too, read it many times 10mo
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Cinfhen Calling @LeahBergen and maybe @rubyslippersreads ???? 10mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen @LeahBergen I read this book over and over as a kid. My mom bought me a lovely vintage set of (almost) the whole series, but Im embarrassed to confess I haven‘t read them yet. Z😊 10mo
Cinfhen As long as you‘re enjoying owning them @rubyslippersreads that counts too❤️❤️ 10mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen I read this one as a kid but never read any of the sequels, either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 10mo
Centique @rubyslippersreads ohhh it sounds beautiful though! 😍 Mine fell apart and i made it a cardboard cover - the complete opposite! 10mo
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King Rat | James Clavell
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You would think you could not be more at the bottom than being imprisoned in a Prisoner Of War camp. But some people still manage to rise up.
#timbitunes prompt 1: #startedfromthebottom
A new month and a new photo challenge. Thanks @cinfhen @thekidupstairs it looks a lot of fun.

Cinfhen Great choice!! Thanks for joining in😁 10mo
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I adored this book when I read it late last year....

We first meet Kathy Kontent in ‘late middle age‘ attending an opening evening at MOMA, having clearly led a charmed life. However we go back in time to 30 years before where we see her sneaking into bars through the back door, hustling and a bit of stealing. There follows the story of how she got from there to here.....


TheKidUpstairs Oooh, sounds interesting! 10mo
Rachel_nyc I loved this one too! 10mo
irre I loved this one too! 10mo
Cinfhen This was a bookclub book several years ago. I don‘t know why but it didn‘t hold my attention. The others loved it. And of course, the author went on to write one of my new favorites 10mo
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In the 1860s, Horatio Alger wrote a series of books for boys about Ragged Dick, a New York City boot black who, through hard work, rises to middle class respectability. It's a classic, sentimental rags-to-riches fantasy of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. #startedfromthebottom #timbittime @Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs

TheKidUpstairs Great classic pick! 10mo
LeahBergen That title has always made me go 🤔... 😂😂 10mo
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merelybookish @LeahBergen Ha! 😂 Poor Mrs Ragged Dick. 😬 10mo
Leftcoastzen You went way back! 10mo
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen It's from my "Obscure books I had to read in grad school" file. ? 10mo
Cinfhen Exactly!!!!! @LeahBergen 😂😂😂 10mo
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