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“There is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read—unless it be reading while you eat.” – E. Nesbit
Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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This was the exact book I needed to decompress from the whirlwind craziness of the past 2 days. We have a woman president here in the U.S., and her son, Alex, our FSOTUS, falls for Henry, the Prince of England. Sweet, funny, I never knew shit talking someone so much could be so sexy, lol. That Alex has a mouth on him. The mix of e-mails in between the action was really nice. What a completely charming story!!!

RebL This had to go back to the library before I finished the last chapters. I have it on hold and will learn the ending in about 8 weeks. lol. 6d
readordierachel I'm really looking forward to this. Sounds delightful. 5d
Reggie @RebL do you want me to tell you what happens? Cause I would if you want. Lol Hopefully the wait is shorter than 8 weeks. 5d
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Reggie @readordierachel It was. Totally delightful. Cup of tea and crumpets, delightful. 5d
RebL Thanks for the offer, but I think I‘ll wait. I‘m pretty sure based on the genre that it‘s a “happily for now” ending. ;-) 5d
Rissreads I'm stacking this book only because it's not the usual book I would read but it's good to read outside your comfort zone sometimes. 'Variety is the spice of life'. You inspire me @Reggie to broaden my reading horizons because you read some weird shit (I mean that in a good way!) 🤣 4d
Reggie @Rissreads Lolololol thank you!!! 4d
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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Lol....This book is the perfect balance to getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Aimeesue I love this one. ❤️ 1w
Reggie @Aimeesue I‘ve laughed so much. 1w
MidnightBookGirl Definitely a good Holiday read! 1w
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jessinikkip I keep hoping my library will get a copy sonce this book sounds awesome! It will apparently arrive "sometime next year, maybe". ? 1w
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m still looking for a copy. Glad you like it. 1w
sprainedbrain I thought this one was so fun. 😃 1w
Centique I‘m looking forward to this one! How exciting that it‘s nearly thanksgiving. You know it‘s so foreign to me! Will you eat a turkey dinner with the whole family or is that just what they do in the movies? 🍗🍺 1w
Reggie @MidnightBookGirl I was laughing out loud at lunch today with it. I find myself smiling through it. 1w
Reggie @jessinikkip @CoverToCoverGirl Hopefully holds and copies come in soon! 🤞🏼 1w
Reggie @sprainedbrain the part with the turkeys was cracking me up!!! 1w
Reggie @Centique it‘s sooo good so far!! We‘re actually traveling down South to go to my grandma‘s and my aunt and her 2 kids are gonna be there. So it‘ll be nice because we haven‘t seen them in a while. I‘m cooking it, tonight I baked a cake and did some prep for other stuff. But that morning is a 5 hour dash. And after the meal we usually play games and eat for the rest of the day... into the afternoon into the evening and right before bed lol. Itsa 1w
Reggie Lotta eating. 1w
Centique @Reggie wow that sounds amazing! Good luck with all the prep and cooking. I hope you all have a fantastic time! 💕 1w
Cathythoughts Book sounds good 👍🏻❤️and have a lovely trip ✨ 1w
Rissreads It's fantastic when you find a book that makes you laugh and smile to yourself. 😊 1w
Suet624 I hope you had a lovely day, Reggie. 1w
Reggie @Cathythoughts @Suet624 Thanks, ladies! I made a turkey in a roaster for the first time, there were people with the flu, my grandma at 80 is something to behold, her and I cooked the whole thing, we had a great time, and played some cards. Hope you ladies had a great time yesterday! 6d
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The Best American Food Writing 2019 | Samin Nosrat, Silvia Killingsworth
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I enjoyed this very much. There is a wide array of topics: sugar‘s horrible history, to a couple of known and unknown foodie rockstars, to billionaire farmers and the impact they have, to Kit Kat‘s in Japan and how popular they are, to what it means to a girl who grew up in the system and what it means now that accessibility to food is under attack, to Utah what the demonumentization of lands might mean for them, and the equally great and 👇🏼

Reggie horrible ( there is a story about eggs I could have done without in here. I know why it‘s in here but still.) memories food can conjure. This book was great. 2w
Megabooks Sold! 2w
xxjenadanxx Ooh this sounds intriguing! 2w
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Eggs Sounds like a great read-hmmm eggs 🥚 🍳 are one of my fave foods 2w
Dolly Sounds good. I hope the egg story doesn‘t make me even more squeamish about eggs I have chickens and way too many eggs right now 2w
Reggie @Megabooks It won‘t let you down. 2w
Reggie @xxjenadanxx It was!!! Just be prepared to be hungry!! 2w
Reggie @Eggs @Dolly it‘s not so much squeamish as it as a persons bad memory of what the egg represents and just one more thing women go through. But seriously, the rest of the essays are great, thought provoking, and will make you want to cook and eat. 2w
Centique I‘ve been wanting to read these collections since Jenny @ReadingEnvy talked about them. Sounds so good! 2w
ReadingEnvy I'm hoping to tackle this over one of the sets of holidays! 2w
Reggie @Centique @ReadingEnvy they were more political than I was expecting but such is the world we‘re living in, and it doesn‘t make them any less powerful. 2w
ReadingEnvy @Reggie last year's were too, #metoo and more ... Makes sense to me! 2w
vivastory Reggie L, book pusher extraoirdinare. Stacked, obvs!! 2w
vivastory *Sidenote the best American series are almost always on sale on Kindle on black friday-cyber Monday 2w
charl08 My sister brought green tea kitkats home from Japan. 🤔 1w
Reggie @charl08 it‘s a real neat essay, it‘s called ‘Big in Japan,‘ and it‘s all about the different kinds of Kit Kat‘s there are and how there are chefs who come up with very interesting flavors and how they all become collectibles. It was very interesting and made me hungry for a Kit Kat!!! 1w
Reggie @vivastory thank you for the side note because I‘ll be on the lookout for them. 1w
Sace Well this is getting stacked 😁 1w
Suet624 If you‘d asked me, I would have looked at the title of this book and said, “Nope. Not for me.” But of course you have just nudged me to stack it. 1w
Maria514626 Thanks, @Reggie This sounds like a great read. Off to the library site to put it on reserve! P.S. Thank goodness for interlibrary loan. 👍 (edited) 6d
Reggie @Sace it‘s pretty good. Hope you like it. @Suet624 and a wink wink, you‘ll like it, Sue. There was a good mix of fun and very serious essays in here. 5d
Reggie @Maria514626 I made beans con chorizo because one of the essays was about how amazing beans were and it just reminded me of growing up with my grandma. 5d
Maria514626 @Reggie I love how books carry that type of magic. 🤗 5d
Suet624 @Reggie Sold. 5d
kspenmoll Sounds fascinating. A must read! 3d
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@BookishTrish Thanks so much for this pick. This was had a lot going for it. There was some police procedural, a little mystery, some rooting for the underdog, the said underdog surprising themselves, and so many brain puns!!! I even got teary eyed in 2 parts. Sooo good! #screamsbymail

BookishTrish Glad you liked it - Does that mean Round 2 is over?!? Wow. Time flies. (edited) 3w
Reggie @BookishTrish kinda but when Myra came last week she gave me the last 2 books so I have still have to send them to Katherine, so not really. But yeah, we‘re almost there. 3w
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Not gonna lie, was bummed when the unit gave out at home but the unbothered reading time is a bonus once I got over those flashbacks of the early 90‘s laundromat Sundays where no one had washers and dryers in their homes and everyone did the laundry at the ONE laundromat in town and you had to fight for dryers. Good times! Lol, happy reading on this laundry Wednesday, Littens!

Cathythoughts Ahh Stop !! The first washing machine I got was when my kids were still small .... I loved it so much !! The dishwasher didn‘t come for another 20 years. ... we couldn‘t live without them now ( I couldn‘t anyway ... ) lol XXX 3w
AmyG Ha...agreed. Uninterrupted reading time! I remember those days. 3w
CoverToCoverGirl Great photo! 3w
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TrishB I used to make it last longer for the reading time! 3w
sprainedbrain You‘re almost making me nostalgic for the laundromat. Almost. 😂 3w
Tamra I love getting ALL my laundry done at once in the laundromat when we‘re not home during the summer. 👍🏾 3w
Bookzombie @sprainedbrain I feel the same! 3w
Centique Remember the Levi‘s 501 ad though... it could happen! Although that came out in 1985 you might not have been born! https://youtu.be/BICzHeW5z9w 3w
Reggie @Cathythoughts Technology is great until it breaks down. 🙂 3w
Reggie @AmyG I was lucky when I got there, there was only one other person on the far side. I had a real nice time reading. 3w
Reggie The person who went with you @TrishB: why are we setting everything on low? 3w
Reggie @Sprainedbrain @Bookzombie @Tamra the sun was bright, there was only one other person and the machines gave off that nice hum while reading, it was perfect. (edited) 3w
Reggie @Centique Lol, I was only 6 when that came out but that was kinda 🔥. 3w
Centique @Reggie I was 14 and I think that was the first time I went “whoa who is THAT?” 3w
Rissreads Your description sounds wonderful @Reggie 3w
Rissreads @Centique I remember that add, I was 14! 3w
Suet624 @Centique thanks for the link. I definitely missed that ad! It‘s a good one. 😀 3w
Suet624 Bubble zone. Cute. 3w
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Hunted | Darcy Coates
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@danibolahood Thanks for the #screamsbymail pick because this was great. 22 yo Eileen gets lost in a forest and then starts to realize something may be following her. After missing for a couple of days her brother and some of his friends go looking for her. With the way the chapters are set up it became extremely addictive and fast paced. It was a definitely never going into the forest alone, Pick!!

danibolahood Yay!! So glad you liked it 💜 4w
CoverToCoverGirl That looks terrifying! 4w
vivastory I wish I could stack this twice! Sounds great 👍 4w
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Centique Look at you with your new profile photo you charmer! Very cute my friend. 😍😍 3w
Cathythoughts Yes ! What @Centique says ... lovely new pic 👍🏻❤️ (edited) 3w
Reggie @CoverToCoverGirl it was!! I was on pins and needles hoping people wouldn‘t die! 3w
Reggie @vivastory it‘d be a great palette cleanser. 3w
Reggie @Centique @Cathythoughts Thank you, ladies! ☺️ 3w
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Hunted | Darcy Coates
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Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus, image, or sound where the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none exist. The lady in the tree, the Yoda Pig, the angry slippers, and of course the Jesus in the toast. I had no idea there was a word for this until I read this book. How fascinating.

Come-read-with-me @Reggie This is fascinating! Nice to know there is a word for it other than “plain old weird!” 4w
Reggie @Come-read-with-me Right? 😊 4w
Megabooks Very cool! 4w
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UnidragonFrag Had no idea there was a word for that - cool! 4w
Cathythoughts Pareidolia ! Thanks! A new word & something to think about ... 👍🏻❤️ 4w
Cinfhen I see things ALL THE TIME 🙄😬 4w
Bookzombie This is so interesting! 4w
Reggie @Cinfhen the hearts for your mom. 💕 4w
Cinfhen Yes, exactly @Reggie ❤️🙏🏼 4w
Centique The lady in the tree is SPOOKY! 😳 3w
readordierachel It totally is @Centique ! I can't see anything else. 3w
Reggie @Centique @readordierachel really? She looks like she‘s just layin‘ back, just chillin. Lol 3w
Suet624 I love the tree!!! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Tonight, I had a great time hanging out with @GatheringBooks at a bookstore and going to dinner. Many of you who did the survey about Litsy mentioned the joy of finding other people who like to talk about books. At the bookstore I had a great time talking books with her as we perused the aisles and happily wondered ‘is this what it‘s like in real life?‘ Lol. She is so kind and brilliant. Thanks for nice night, Myra! #screamsbymail

merelybookish So fun! I love hearing about Litsy meetups! 1mo
JennyM ♥️♥️♥️ 1mo
Cathythoughts Oh how lovely ! Great that ye got to meet up 👍🏻❤️ sounds like some serious book talking went down ✨ 1mo
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RachelO How wonderful! 1mo
batsy Fabulous! This is lovely to see 💕 1mo
ephemeralwaltz So Happy for you! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm How lovely to meet up! Nice new profile pic, btw. 1mo
ljuliel Sounds like you had a nice time ! 1mo
LauraBeth Sounds like a wonderful time ❤️ 1mo
youneverarrived ♥️♥️ 4w
GatheringBooks thank you thank you @Reggie for driving 90 minutes to get to where i am!! and for spoiling me to bookish death. send positive energies my way as i deliver my presentation in 90 minutes! hugsssssss! 4w
Reggie @GatheringBooks I‘m sending super positive vibes that you kick ass so much people leave the conference sad about choices they made and I‘m still holding a candle for Yo Soy Muslim. Good Luck!!! 4w
ValerieAndBooks This makes me so happy 💖. Glad you and @GatheringBooks had a fun Litsy meetup ! 4w
GatheringBooks @Reggie I read Yo Soy Muslim!!! Yay! I think it went well. 😂😍🤣 4w
readordierachel How fun! So cool that you could meet up 💕 4w
rohit-sawant So wonderful! 💜 4w
Centique How cool! 3w
Suet624 How wonderful! I‘m jealous! Would love to meet up and chat with you in real life. 😀 (edited) 3w
BiblioLitten That‘s amazing!! 😃💕 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni
2. I would love to hear about India but what she feels she has most loved about being here and what she misses most about there. Also I would guilt her into writing a 3rd book after Sister of My Heart and Vine of Desire where Sudha and Sunil get together, he becomes Dayita‘s dad, and Anjali and Sudha make amends and Anjali is a huge author with a book loving boyfriend. Why? Because we need a pick me up in these 👇🏼

Reggie dark times, Chitra!!! Lol, and because I love your writing and have missed you very much. 3. I honestly don‘t know. Maybe 200? Seems like a safe middle of the road answer. Thanks for the tag @CoverToCoverGirl 1mo
TheAromaofBooks lol now I am thinking of the authors that I would like to meet just so I could try to guilt them into writing sequels I yearn to read! 1mo
zuzia She is one of my favorite authors! Love her books and writing! 1mo
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ValerieAndBooks This has prompted me to start the Chitra book you sent me! Apologies for waiting so long. 1mo
Reggie @TheAromaofBooks lol, I think there are a lot of people with a list like that. Maybe Mr. R.R. Martin would be on a lot of those lists. 1mo
Reggie @zuzia I still till this day think about some of her short stories. She writes so beautifully. 1mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks No worries, I hope she‘s wonderful for you!! 1mo
BiblioLitten I love her books! 2w
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Princess of Thorns | Stacey Jay
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Another book I never would have picked up if it weren‘t for the LPMBC. After being traumatized with what happens in the first six pages I settled in for this fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty‘s daughter, Aurora, and her quest to save her brother and reclaim the kingdom. A prince with his own troubles accompanies her on this Mulan-LOTR mashup, adventure, romance, romp. I enjoyed the metaphoric writing that had some good messages. Pick!

Addison_Reads I'm a sucker for fairytale retellings. 😁 1mo
Bookzombie I already stacked this, but now I‘m really curious about those first six pages! 🙂 1mo
readordierachel Ooh, sounds fun! 1mo
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Reggie @Addison_Reads I‘ve never been big on them but this one and Stepsister kinda has me wanting to try Christina Henri‘s books. 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I will tell you what happens in those 6 pages if you want but just know that these were the faces of all my coworkers when I told them what happened..😲😟😳 1mo
Reggie @readordierachel it was and kind of a nice little transition from all the horror of Halloween into fairytale into who knows what‘s next. Lol 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie lol. I think I will wait until I can pick this up. 🙂 1mo
rohit-sawant Sold! 🙌🏼 4w
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We Sold Our Souls | Grady Hendrix
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I #cherish any author who can put into words what #music can do and mean for people, just like what Grady does here. There are two pages that go along with this paragraph and they were powerful. #Movember @Cinfhen

TrishB ❤️❤️ 1mo
Billypar I'm reading 'Paperbacks from Hell' now and Hendrix is cracking me up! 1mo
batsy That's really nice! I need to read him. 1mo
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Reggie @TrishB 😊 1mo
Reggie @Billypar I need to read that one and Horrorstor but in the back of this book it says he has one coming out spring next year. 1mo
Reggie @batsy yeah, he had his finger on the pulse of the world in this one. 1mo
Suet624 Beautiful 1mo
Reggie @Suet624 he kinda writes horror with heart. I‘ve only read 2 of his but I will pick up anything by him. 1mo
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I want to admit that sometimes John Langan‘s writing tries my patience as I feel my eyes glaze over at the overly detailed, but goddamn does he write a good story. The theme of these stories is betrayal as evidenced with stories about a woman on her way to confront her husband‘s cosmic mistress, a gay couple in Scotland trying to heal on a wizard‘s path, a meeting with the Devil about addiction, a story about vampirism without a vampire. PICK!!!

Cathythoughts This stories do sound intriguing ❤️👍 1mo
Rissreads These sound Nuts! But fun...... 1mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts @Rissreads these stories are the stuff nightmares are made of for people in relationships where people have cheated or are insecure in their place. I‘m single and have no reason to have had the reactions I had to these stories. Lol, they were great. 1mo
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rohit-sawant Been meaning to read this for so long! Will definitely try to pick this one up soon after your review! 4w
Reggie @rohit-sawant I think there are prototypes of stories every great horror writer takes on, like when a a character meets the devil. Stephen King has his “The Man in the Black Suit” and even Stephen Graham Nones has his own where he has a bookclub talking about the Stephen King short story where the runner of the bookclub meets the devil. It‘s called “The Spindly Man.” John Langan‘s take on the my character meets the devil blew me away. Hope u like 3w
Reggie it!! 3w
rohit-sawant You know, funny you should mention this, I got thinking about prototypes I haven't touched upon on my way home from watching Doctor Sleep after seeing this billboard which sparked a character meets devil idea although it's paper thin as of now (I'd love to do something original with the Haunted House subgenre at some point). Those by King and Jones are absolute faves and everything you said has me doubly excited for this one! 3w
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I know Halloween is over but I love when books direct me to look up a painting that inspires a story. While writing “In Paris, in the Mouth of Kronos,” Langan was talking to another writer friend, Laird Barron, who shared his inspiration for a story he was writing from the pictured, Saturn Devours His Son by Goya. Creepy stuff. Lol

Bookzombie Imagine that hanging in your home. 😳 1mo
RealBooks4ever I remember really liking the short story Blood & Stardust by Laird Barron in the anthology called The Mad Scientist‘s Guide to World Domination. 💜 1mo
Cathythoughts Creepy stuff is right 😳🙈 1mo
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Reggie @Bookzombie @Cathythoughts If I had kids I would hang it over their bed and tell them what happens to bad children. Lol jk. 1mo
Reggie @RealBooks4ever I‘m gonna have to look that up. I really like Langan. Thanks! 1mo
Cathythoughts Oh no 😂🤣 Reggie !!!! 1mo
JoScho I have always loved this painting. It is terrifying! 1mo
RealBooks4ever Someday I hope to read 1mo
readordierachel That painting haunts me. That book cover is pretty haunting too! 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie LOL 😂 1mo
Reggie @readordierachel I feel like they accurately represent the dark tone of all the stories. Those stories I‘m gonna be thinking about for awhile. 1mo
Rissreads It amazes me where some people get their creativity, inspiration and imagination from. 1mo
Centique I had that painting in one of the Greek myth books I read this year too! Now I can‘t remember which one it was of course... there are at least three myths I remember where Fathers ate children 🤷🏻‍♀️😩🤣 1mo
Reggie @Rissreads I don‘t know if you‘ve ever seen this movie called Working Girl where the character we‘re rooting for has to explain to the ceo of a company where she got her idea from, because mean ass Sigorney Weaver is accusing her of stealing it when actually Sigorney is stealing it. That scene is what I kept thinking of when I read his notes in the back of the book because you would just never guess where they came from, and it was fascinating. 1mo
Reggie @Centique apparently there are 5!!!! instances where child are eaten. I went down the rabbit hole. 2 have to do with people killing their own children and feeding them to the gods to see if they‘re omniscient. One is a woman and her sister are raped so they kill the rapist‘s son and cook him up and feed it to the guy. Another is Kronos eating all the god children except for Zeus who he meant to but ate a rock swaddled in blankets instead. Crazy!! 1mo
Suet624 Good lord! That picture! 1mo
Reggie @Suet624 it‘s the stuff nightmares are made of!! 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Addison_Reads thanks for the tag. These are the books I‘ve read in the last year that I‘ve wanted to talk, cry, gush, argue, and smile about with other people in the past year so these would be my bookclub picks. #myidealbookclub

Addison_Reads @Reggie Great choices! I've only read Sula, but all the others are on my TBR. I love that you picked ones you've read that left such emotional impressions. 1mo
Cinfhen Absolutely took a #screenshot 🥰 1mo
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Balibee146 Immediate screenshot then read the comments.. 👍😉 @Cinfhen 1mo
TrishB Going to check all those out 👍🏻 1mo
Rissreads I have not heard of any of these! I can always count on you to broaden my reading tbr list! Screenshot taken 😁 1mo
Reagan-reads Looker was really interesting, a very uncomfortable read. 1mo
Reggie @Reagan-reads I have never read such a tense scene where someone just puts their dish down at a neighborhood bbq. 1mo
Suet624 I‘m so glad you liked Freshwater. I loved it. 1mo
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We Sold Our Souls | Grady Hendrix
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Kris Pulaski is a metal band has been who feels something is missing, her soul. A soul sold from under her by an ex band mate. Now we follow her a decade later on her journey to save not only hers but maybe the world‘s. Hendrix mashes a cosmic music tale and a Faustian bargain filled with different types of horror, some claustrophobic, some technological. Like a character in here I also felt I needed a tin foil hat at one point. A rockin‘ pick!

rohit-sawant Terrific review!🤘🏼 1mo
vivastory This review gets 5 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 1mo
vivastory Have to ask, which cover do you prefer? People seem split. I have a preference for the hardback, but the Rolling Stone style is a good touch 1mo
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TNbookworm Great review👍 1mo
Reggie @rohit-sawant Thanks, man! 1mo
Reggie @vivastory Thanks!! The hardback just because I don‘t picture Kris as the woman in this cover. I really liked what Grady had to say about the hole in the world. And the wheel analogy. And the butterfly landing on his hand while he was at the wheel. I thought a lot of the way this book related to the world we live in was brilliant. 1mo
Reggie @TNbookworm Thanks!!! 1mo
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Rites of Extinction | Matt Serafini
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This was great. We meet Rebecca, a grieving mother trying to find the killer of her daughter, the boyfriend. She goes to the small town of Bright Fork where things that start out grey and tinged with grief turn bright red with blood and guts!! At a 153 pages it was tight, well written, and went from 0-100. Also if you‘re a parent, this is the Halloween book for you because it is a DOOZY and would make you rethink some things. A folk horror pick!!

TrishB Interesting 👍🏻 1mo
Chrissyreadit Hmmm 1mo
Reggie @TrishB I thought of you because it definitely has A Friend of the Family Vibes. It was decent. His writing was decent. 1mo
Reggie @Chrissyreadit If you have kindle unlimited it‘s free or if you‘re curious enough and have 2.99 to spare I say go for it! 1mo
Chrissyreadit @Reggie I have kindle unlimited! This will work. 1mo
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Rites of Extinction | Matt Serafini
post image

merelybookish That last line! 👍 1mo
Reggie @merelybookish yeah, this guy can write. His first couple of pages describing parenthood was so arresting. 1mo
Gezemice Yeah, that last line is great. Some of this kind of writing struck me in the Overstory, too. 1mo
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Holy crap, look at that cover!! These 13 tales were pretty good. Some were short, some ended in vapor, some really tugged on my insides, some kinda freaked me out. Part of this book was being on that scary ride or going through the haunted house, and laughing when it was all over. Part of it spoke of the real horrors of life that can keep you down. This was good. I look forward to reading more of Christa Carmen. A Halloween worthy pick!!

erzascarletbookgasm Eeeek! That cover.. 1mo
Chrissyreadit Wow! That cover is intense! 1mo
BarbaraBB That cover is great! 1mo
Cathythoughts Great title too 👍🏻♥️ 1mo
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Taken from the story, “All Souls Eve,” I really liked this take on Dicken‘s A Christmas Carol, where 3 dead exboyfriends come to show a bride her past on the night before her wedding. Good stuff.

charl08 Wow. Great quote. 1mo
Reggie @charl08 Thanks, it was part of a really good story. 1mo
Suet624 That‘s how I feel about horror films. 1mo
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I don‘t know why I‘m surprised at the range of genres these stories cover. I know Joe Hill can write. I‘m always impressed when short horror fiction yanks me around emotionally and leaves me wrung out. These did that. I thought all of these were solid. My faves were Late Rerurns, All I Care About is You, Mums, and You Are Released. Total pick!!👇🏼

Reggie My absolute favorite in the bunch was All I CareAbout is You which is about a girl on her birthday and all the disappointment she has until she puts tokens in a robot boy and things look up.............but then there‘s those last two pages and I felt like just having had Joe Hill roll my heart in crushed glass, like rolling a truffle in crushed peppermint he decides not to eat it and instead throws it away. Wtf!!!! Joe Hill!! Lol, good stuff. 1mo
TrishB As I was banned from buying books in the run up to my b/d this will be first to buy if it doesn‘t turn up! 1mo
Reggie I‘m a little shocked, it‘s a collection of short stories. Are there, is it 51 or 52, books possibly on their way? Lol, I hope you have the best birthday, @TrishB!!! 1mo
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TrishB I doubt there‘s that many (it would be 52!) but any is a good amount 😁 1mo
readordierachel Brilliant simile! Now I want a truffle... 1mo
Reggie @readordierachel Thanks!! I‘ve been watching candy making videos for holiday prep, lol. 1mo
Mimi28 I have this book out from the library and I was shocked they let me renew it, lol. Thanks, I want to read it even more now. They may not let me renew it again, lol 1mo
Reggie @Mimi28 It‘s pretty good but be warned, just don‘t expect happy cute feelings from it. 1mo
Mimi28 Lol, thanks for the warning and for your concern ❤️I was thinking about reading it now because I can‘t sleep and if I keep laying down it won‘t be good either because I feel a heartburn attack coming on, but maybe I won‘t, lol. I was up earlier because of cramps in my legs. I think my boots were too tight yesterday... anywhoo, I‘ll find something else to read thanks 👍🏽😊 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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❤️ New Mexico
💛I‘m a slot supervisor at a casino.
💜It‘s my name.
💔Last week. I went to McDonalds for a McRib and was told they were out.
❣️I have not given blood but did give plasma for extra cash in college.
💓Last time I was shook was when I heard my new favorite horror story, “Til the Road Runs Out,” last night on Pseudopod.
💘Guys who don‘t use a fork and knife to eat pizza.

Thanks @ishan0986 for the tag!!!

ljuliel 🍖🍔 Sorry about your McRib. 😦. I hope you find one while they‘re still available. 1mo
ChimichangaJawa Oh cool! We‘re both from New Mexico! What area are you from? What‘s your favorite bookstore to go to in this state? 📚 1mo
Reggie @ljuliel I had one this last weekend!!! Succes!!! 1mo
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Reggie @ChimichangaJawa I live in Espanola but am from Artesia and lived in Las Cruces for ten years. Where are you from? I used to go to this magical place in Las Cruces called COAS bookstore. That was my favorite ever!! Now I just go to the Barnes and Nobles in Albuquerque when I can. 1mo
ChimichangaJawa @Reggie Yes! I love the Barnes & nobles in Albuquerque! I‘m from SantaFe and there was a Hastings here a while back that was my favorite ever! Barnes & nobles fills that void now that Hastings is gone but I don‘t get to go too often! But is COAS bookstore still around? Maybe someday I can convince my Mom to take me there! 1mo
ChimichangaJawa @Reggie Do you like it in Espanola? 1mo
Reggie @ChimichangaJawa Espanola is a little rough. I miss Las Cruces even though it‘s been 10 years. Yes COAS is still there and it is HUGE. On that list of best bookstores from every state, COAS is NM‘s!! Yeah I miss that Hastings too!!! We used to have one in Las Cruces and that‘s where I discovered foreign film. I miss Hastings. 1mo
sprainedbrain Omg you win Litsy today! 😂❤️ 1mo
readordierachel You are the funniest 😂😂 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I like your extra responses @Reggie 😂Aren‘t there still a few indie and used bookstores in Santa Fe? I remember bumping into a few there in the past. (my sister lives in Los Alamos @ChimichangaJawa ) 1mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks yeah, there‘s a couple in Santa Fe but.....I‘d still rather go to Albuquerque. 1mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie as long as you‘re visiting bookstores regularly!! 📚📚👍 🤗 1mo
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If anybody‘s interested in a 30 minute spooky story about a young girl and the devil in a whorehouse nestled in a backwoods swamp, back in the early 1900‘s and choices that must be made, this story is great. Not gory at all but a great Halloween season story. The host always puts his final thoughts to the story in the back and I just really dig them. Give it a listen. http://pseudopod.org/

Untitled | Unknown
post image
Sace 👏👏👏👏🎃 2mo
Chrissyreadit Love it! 2mo
JoScho 🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃 2mo
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batsy Nice one! Giving me Laws of the Skies vibes 😱😆 2mo
vivastory Very nice! 👏 2mo
sprainedbrain Nice! 2mo
Avanders ☠️☠️👏🏽 2mo
readordierachel Well done! 2mo
Reggie @Sace @Chrissyreadit @JoScho @batsy @vivastory @Avanders @readordierachel Thanks, everyone!! I really wanted to just put ha ha ha kill kill kill three times but I was one syllable short. Lol 2mo
readordierachel 😆😆 2mo
Centique Hey Reggie. Question for you when you have a moment. I‘ve got a friend who likes wilderness and adventure stories, Justin Cronin and Joe Hill. What book do you reckon I should buy him? (edited) 2mo
Reggie Joe Hill, I‘ve read Nos4A2 and Strange Weather by him which were my favorites of his. And his Heart Shaped Box and The Fireman are good too. Justin Cronin unfortunately I‘ve never finished his trilogy. But wilderness and adventure stories-I haven‘t read it but everyone I‘ve ever heard talk about it loves The Dry by Jane Harper which takes place in the Outback. Hopefully that helps, Paula! @Centique (edited) 1mo
Reggie @Centique also this is a shot in the dark but maybe Richard Laymon‘s The Island. It was suspenseful as a family‘s boat crashes near a deserted island and they start getting picked off one by one. It‘s meant to be horror and the end gets crazy. Lol never mind that one. 1mo
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The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
post image

Out of 19 stories, 17 did something for me so that‘s definitely a pick. This collection of short horror fiction has something for everyone from chicken zombie horror to a mother who has her hands full with her daughter who might be Satan, to a pregnant woman being Andromeda‘ed before the Kracken(I could have read about this one all day), to a sister who discovers a black hole in her brother‘s head ( this one too!!), to some tales that seemed 👇🏼

Reggie to be from the old country. It‘s an I‘m glad I read this in the month of October Pick! 2mo
batsy The black hole brother story is by @rohit-sawant right? 👏🏽 Great review! 2mo
Reggie @batsy yes and it was pretty awesome!! Thanks!! 2mo
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Mandoul Sounds cool @Reggie thanks. Worth checking out Luke Smitherd if you havent already. He writes pretty similar stuff, which is often a fun ride. 2mo
Chrissyreadit This was not even on my radar, so I went to @rohit-sawant ‘s page and now I think I need to get this book! 2mo
rohit-sawant Was so tempted to peek at the other stories during the final proofing but managed to resist. 😄 Can't wait to read them, especially after this awesome review. 🙌🏼 2mo
Reggie @Mandoul Will do, thanks. Can you recommend a specific book by him or are they all pretty good? (edited) 2mo
Reggie @Chrissyreadit yeah, they weren‘t too gory or torturous, some were actually quite moving. I say give it a try. 2mo
Mandoul @Reggie on Smitherd I'd recommend a Head Full of Knives (full novel) and The Black Room (broken in to four shorter, linked stories). Plan to check out more of his myself. 2mo
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The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
post image

@rohit-sawant A couple of things:
1. This story was AMAZING.
2. There‘re some very OMG moments that revved me up.
3. I‘m a sucker for writers who use the word inexorable.
4. I believed all of this story. The brother/sister relationship. The parents.
5. I had this moment where I forgot who wrote this and thought ‘I need to check out this writer‘s novels.‘
6. I can‘t wait until you come out with a novel.
7. I‘m so proud of you!! Great job!!

Cinfhen Such a LOVELY review and I believed EVERY WORD 🥰congrats @rohit-sawant 👏🏼👏🏼💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 2mo
batsy How wonderful!! ❤️❤️ Cannot wait for @rohit-sawant to come out with his novel too 🙌🏽 2mo
Tanisha_A Wow! Amazing! Well done @rohit-sawant! ❤️ 2mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations!!! So that‘s where you have been 😉 @rohit-sawant (edited) 2mo
Crazeedi @rohit-sawant wow! Congrats! @Reggie great review! 2mo
TrishB Great review 👍🏻👍🏻 2mo
rohit-sawant Gosh I'm so overwhelmed by this. So delighted you found the story engaging. Thank you Reggie for your beyond generous words! Can't express how heartening it is. 💜 2mo
rohit-sawant @Cinfhen @batsy @Tanisha_A @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Crazeedi Thanks so much, everyone! Grateful for all the kind words and support. You're the best! 💖 2mo
JoyBlue Number 3. 😂 💙 2mo
Suet624 @rohit-sawant this just made my heart grow three sizes. 1mo
Reggie @JoyBlue the word avuncular is also on that list of words. 1mo
JoyBlue @Reggie Awesome! 😂 😎 1mo
rohit-sawant @Suet624 You're too kind 😊💗 1mo
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The Twisted Book of Shadows | Christopher Golden, James A. Moore
post image

Whoever put the order of stories together on this book did real well putting this one first. From those first two paragraphs I was hooked and irritated and my skin started to itch. This was a great story about a world in which there can be no darkness for fear of monsters coming through. But what do you do when you close your 👀??? It‘s also a great allegory about the woman in the role of a homemaker who doesn‘t want have to want that. Good stuff!

rohit-sawant Whoa, that's a very cool idea! 2mo
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George Romero, in the anthology he was part of right before he died said that in the mid to late 80‘s, John Skipp and Craig Spector came to him with an idea for a book of zombie short fiction, the first of its kind. Romero thought no one would even bother with the idea, much less attach their names to such a project. Imagine his surprise when all the invites sent out were responded with such enthusiasm. I liked this book but these stories were👇🏼

Reggie so dark and the nihilism was almost overwhelming. It has some marks of its time, like there being no women contributors to this anthology, and yet there is such violence against women in here. One of my favorite stories in here is “A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned,” which deals with a woman who is looked at but never seen , and it is powerful and heartbreaking. This was a great book but maybe for the zombie enthusiast. (edited) 2mo
Billypar I'm picking back up a Thomas Ligotti collection that I started last Halloween season and had to stop around February because too much horror can be depressingly nihilistic. The stories are excellent but it has similar marks of its time like you mentioned- the only female characters are victims, and more often than not there are just no women in the stories at all. 2mo
sharread That book reminds me of The Evil Dead movie. We watch that every Halloween. It's scary. 🤪😱😍 2mo
Reggie @sharread I‘ve never seen seen the original but if you‘re talking about the remake from the beginning of the decade holy crap that was effin scary!!!! Lol 2mo
Reggie @Billypar I should have left it for awhile but I‘m a book monogamist but what should have taken me 2 days took me five and I had to force myself. 2mo
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(Zombie Kiss by Rob Sacchetto) Thank goodness this anthology was anchored by “Eat Me” this beautiful story by Robert McCammon where two very lonely zombies find solace in each other, because the whole book was dark. “lying on bits of flesh like petals of strange flowers”-that‘s just lovely.

Cathythoughts ..... like petals of strange flowers.... love this quote ♥️ 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts the whole story has lines like this in it. Where it makes beauty of what would usually be disturbing. 2mo
IamIamIam Yeesh!!! 2mo
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readordierachel Oh man, I love this! I'll have to find this story. 2mo
Reggie @IamIamIam lol, there‘s a part where she nips his shoulders and cockroaches come out and instead of disgust he manages to write it as a thing to behold!!! 2mo
IamIamIam @Reggie Oh my... Cannibalism is the only thing I can't handle but let's add zombie Cannibalism as a sub category. 😂🧟‍♂️ 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Jas16 Um, I feel like I went on Ellen or Oprah and they said, “We hear you like books.” Seriously, thank you sooooo soooo much for the books. Holy crap, words cannot really say what I‘m feeling but thank you. Tears may have been shed.

Bookishthoughts Shes such a thoughtful book gifter 💛 2mo
LeahBergen Lovely! ❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts Oh so nice ! Such generosity ♥️ 2mo
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TrishB Oh how lovely 💕 2mo
sharread Wow! 👏👍 2mo
Jas16 It was probably more fun to put together than it was to receive it. I am so glad you like it! 2mo
BarbaraBB Wow, that‘s a lot of books 💕💕 2mo
Cinfhen That‘s awesome!!!!! @Jas16 has DEFINITELY earned her book fairy wings 🧚‍♀️ 💕 2mo
Centique Oh my lord that‘s amazing! @Jas16 @Cinfhen book fairy wings is the perfect description! 2mo
Centique @Reggie I hope you like Spoonbenders, it is one of my favourite reads of the year - when you‘re in the mood for a lighter family romp, it‘s kind of Arrested Development oddballs plus magic. 🥰 2mo
batsy Wow, that's lovely ❤️ 2mo
Tanisha_A Wow! That is amazing! 2mo
Suet624 How wonderful! 2mo
Rissreads What fun! 2mo
youneverarrived How lovely!! 😍 2mo
readordierachel Amazing!! 2mo
GatheringBooks awww, that is a huge gift indeed! how awesome! 2mo
Crazeedi So special for a special person! 2mo
kspenmoll Soooo generous! I loved 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
post image
Cathythoughts I will do !! Later today & im looking forward to it 👍🏻 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts yayy!!!! 2mo
Cinfhen I‘m gonna listen right now 🤗 2mo
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JennyM Yey...I will have to listen 😄😄😄 2mo
Reggie @Cinfhen @JennyM 😊😊😊 2mo
batsy Nice! Will settle down this this and a nice cup of tea tonight ❤️ 2mo
Jerdencon Listening to you on my way to work!! 😀 2mo
Redwritinghood 👍🏻👍🏻 2mo
LeahBergen I can‘t wait! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Cathythoughts So lovely to hear you & your knowledge & enthusiasm for reading. I‘m checking out some of the books ye spoke about. I could listen to @ReadingEnvy ‘s melodic voice ( & yours ) forever. A thought you had from Stray City ... “ that novel went places that nobody goes “ ... I havnt read this one , but I love that about writing, to be able to go to these places... so important. Great stuff Reggie, good to hear your voice 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
ReadingEnvy Yay Reggie that was so fun! Thanks again! 2mo
Reggie @ReadingEnvy Thanks for having me!! 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts 😊you‘re the sweetest, Cathy!! Thanks so much! 2mo
thebluestocking Listening right now. So much fun! 💙 2mo
Jas16 Just finished listening and loved it! 2mo
Avanders ♥️♥️ 2mo
Centique Reggie I‘m listening to this right now and you‘re such a breath of fresh air and sunshine on a rainy day! 😍 Just listening to your anecdote about being stuck on Page 474 in Panda Express and I‘m laugh-snorting and my family is wondering what‘s wrong with me 😂😂😂 2mo
Reggie @thebluestocking @Jas16 @Avanders 🧡🖤🧡Thank you ladies so much!!! I was very nervous. 2mo
Reggie @Centique I am so glad I could entertain and make you laugh. 😁 I had such a good time talking with Jenny. 2mo
vivastory Yay! You've joined the #readingenvy alumni! I will definitely be listening later today! 2mo
batsy I enjoyed listening to this so much. You're such a generous and eclectic reader and you make any book sound fascinating and worth reading! Also, you're so funny and entertaining ❤️ I was so excited that Strange Weather in Tokyo was one of your picks!! 2mo
Reggie @vivastory 🙌🏽 2mo
Reggie @batsy Thanks so much!! Yeah, here we are almost a year later after reading SWIT and I still think about it a lot. It was my first read of the year and still one of the best for me. 2mo
Christine ❤️❤️❤️ LOVED!!! It was such a joy listening to you. I was LOLing over your Panda Express story when I listened yesterday and in fact started laughing again when I drove past one this morning! 😂 I love the way you think and talk about books and reading. ❤️ 2mo
Suet624 Oh yippee! I can‘t wait to listen!! 2mo
readordierachel Yay!!! 2mo
Reggie @Christine lol, thanks. I had a good time talking to Jenny. I‘m glad we were entertaining. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 @readordierachel If ya‘ll listen to it I hope you enjoy it. 2mo
mreads You were great, hope you go on again ❤👍 2mo
Reggie @mreads Thank you so much! ❤️ 2mo
Suet624 Reggie!!! It was so great to hear your voice! I loved that you referenced Chasing Amy. I watched that movie at least 10 times and don't know anyone else that has watched it. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I'm so happy you did this interview. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 that movie was the first movie I ever watched where there wasn‘t a Disney ending. I just remember thinking, what?!!!! They don‘t end up together? But Holden was stupid. I laughed so much on that movie up until the end. I‘m glad you enjoyed it Sue!! 2mo
Suet624 @Reggie you‘re right. Holden was stupid. 2mo
GatheringBooks i loooooved chasing amy. and dream for an insomniac! :) there was a scene in chasing amy where i copied down word for word the dialogue between holden and amy. ;) 2mo
andrew61 Looking forward to listening. 2mo
Twainy Great! I just Subscribed to the Reading Envy podcast on Overcast (Clive Barker was the second author I loved after King, my first of his books was Hellbound Heart!) I also will read everything but still love horror. 2mo
Reggie @GatheringBooks there were some really deep conversations she has with Holden and I can still remember snippets. I‘m gonna try and crash your conference, just the session you‘re doing. Lol so Imma try to see you live!!!! 2mo
Reggie @andrew61 I hope you enjoy!!! 2mo
GatheringBooks @Reggie it would be soo soo lovely to meet you in person! seriously, let us plan it if you have the time and only of course if you are so inclined. i would not want to impose. but send me your email ad so we can make arrangements. here is mine: gatheringbooks@yahoo.com :) 🧚🏼‍♀️📚📚📚🧚🏼‍♀️ 2mo
Reggie @Twainy I loved The Great and Secret Show and it‘s sequel, Everville. I have found new and great horror but there will always be a special place in my heart because Barker was my first. I‘m glad you liked the show. 2mo
JoyBlue I've added it to my Me Time list. Hope to listen soon. 💙 2mo
Reggie @JoyBlue I hope you enjoy it!! 2mo
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Disco Deathtrap | Cameron Roubique
post image

I feel like this was so close to a pick, and I wanted to give it a pick because let‘s be honest, someone had to write the slasher roller rink book. However, this was several drafts away from being ready. The first 3rd is the setup of high school kids going to a roller rink lock in on 1980 New Year‘s Eve. The 2nd 3rd is the slashing. The last is the surviving. I did get sucked in by the nostalgia, and I rooted for some kids but the story and 👇🏼

Reggie the writing were just very meh. (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Great review and awesome concept 🕺to bad it didn‘t deliver 2mo
Reggie @cinfhen it made me sad, lol. I so wanted it to be good. 2mo
See All 12 Comments
batsy Aww that's too bad. Stacked it after your last post because of the cover, lol 2mo
Reggie @batsy there was this one nice paragraph where the roller rink DJ tells the kids it‘s time for all the lovers to get out on the floor. And then he plays “I wanna rock with you,” by Michael Jackson. And all the couples go out skating on the floor holding hands. It was just a nice little scene. It gets very high school nostalgic. Lol But yeah, just meh. 2mo
batsy 😆 Now I feel the need to listen to old school MJ! 2mo
Bookzombie I‘m so bummed that this wasn‘t a pick. I had high hopes. Great review! 2mo
ValerieAndBooks How I spent my time in Junior high and HS!! At the roller rink. But without the crime 😂 2mo
Centique Never mind! So much nostalgia for roller skating and holding hands with a boy - was the peak of romance at fourteen 😂😂 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie me too!!! Thanks, Margie! I‘m gonna read another of his because this woman who gave him a bad review of this book in such a great review on Goodreads couldn‘t get over the fact that his other book was so good for this one to be this bad. It‘s called Kill River so I think I‘m gonna give it a try, cause the guy definitely has potential. 2mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks @Centique I went to my friend Eric‘s 13th birthday party at a rollerink. Valerie, I‘m glad there was no crime.😂 This book was kinda nice in that in the back he provides a playlist and the likes of ELO, The Bee Gees, and ABBA was on it. 2mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I have that one on my Kindle wishlist too! I look forward to your review. 🙂 2mo
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Zero Lives Remaining | Adam Cesare
post image
LeahBergen Oh, no! Pac Man! 😆😆 2mo
vivastory @LeahBergen I think it's Q-bert 😂 2mo
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post image

Does anybody listen to the podcast pseudopod? It‘s just narrated short horror stories but the episode I listened to today had this poem grouped in with a story read by a guy who had the deep low voice of the devil. It definitely had a chilling effect. And it made me think of Weaveworld by Clive Barker. #poetry http://pseudopod.org/2019/09/20/pseudopod-666-breaking-the-waters/

andrew61 No i hadn't heard of it but thanks i will give it a go. 2mo
Cathythoughts I just looked it up & I‘ll listen tonight 👍🏻 thanks Reggie 2mo
KathyWheeler Haven‘t heard the podcast, but this has been one of my favorite poems for a very long time. I‘ll take a listen to it because they have great taste in poetry. 😊 2mo
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Booksnchill I memorized this in High School and loved it- I will listen to the podcast- thanks for the memory! 2mo
sprainedbrain This sounds cool. I will check out the podcast! 2mo
Hazel2019 Thanks for recommending! Always looking for interesting podcasts 😁 2mo
Reggie @sprainedbrain @Hazel2019 I hope you ladies like the podcast. I like them because the host will breakdown a story afterwards and give some great insight. 2mo
RiverKScottWrites Love that podcast and love this poem! 2mo
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The Hellbound Heart | Clive Barker
post image
sharread That's one scary cover! 👹😱👍 2mo
Reggie @sharread it‘s the book the movie, Hellraiser, is based off of. It‘s very creepy. 2mo
LeahBergen Eek! 2mo
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BookReader01 How do I go about getting g to read a book title life at the end of a throttle cable daredevil Ken Mackow how do you read books on here 2mo
Reggie @BookReader01 Litsy is more a site for reviewing and talking about a book. But if you wanna read a book for free online just go to your library and sign up for a card and I think most libraries have an online app they subscribe to that lets you read e-books for free like the apps Hoopla or Libby, I think. Help me out here @LibrarianRyan @Librarybelle @Christy2318 I don‘t use the library. (I Know, shame) these three are librarians. 😊 2mo
Librarybelle @Reggie You are correct! @BookReader01 , if you would like to read the book you mentioned, you may want to check out your local library. Most libraries now offer an e-platform that you can download ebooks or eaudiobooks. If the library doesn‘t have that title, they may offer a service that allows you to request a purchase. Good luck! 2mo
Reggie @Librarybelle Thanks!!! 2mo
LibrarianRyan @BookReader01 @Reggie is correct. Every once in a while people will give away books or galleys. But for the most part about the only free legal place to read free books is from the library. 2mo
Reggie @LibrarianRyan Thank you! 2mo
Librarybelle @Reggie You‘re welcome! Happy to help! 🙂 2mo
Christy2318 @BookReader01 @Reggie I‘m not a librarian just an obsessive library patron with multiple library cards. I access Libby with 2 of my library cards & Hoopla with one. My 3rd library uses RB Digital which is mostly audio books. OpenLibrary.org has scans of a lot of out of print books. Since it‘s mostly scans of mass market paperbacks, it reads better on a tablet than a phone. 2mo
Reggie @Christy2318 my bad I just assumed after your post about your library the other day, however, they‘re lucky to have such a passionate library patron. Thanks for the info!!!! 2mo
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The Merciless | Danielle Vega
post image

#horrorcovercrush Day 5 Yowzas, this was intense. Short on characterization but good on action and I couldn‘t stop reading it. Sofia is the new girl at school and just wants to make friends. She befriends the popular girls at school and freaks out when one night she is taken to an abandoned house where the popular girls have kidnapped an ex-friend wanting to give her an exorcism. All I got out of this was it‘s tough being a teenage girl. Lol pick!

vivastory This is on my TBR & I agree on the cover, very striking 2mo
sprainedbrain This sounds pretty awesome. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory @sprainedbrain it‘s kinda Saved meets Mean Girls meets The Exorcist. 2mo
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amanda__reads__horror Good to know!! I‘ve had my eye on this one! That cover 😻 3w
Reggie @amanda__reads__horror Hi, and welcome to Litsy! We‘re all pretty nice here so if you have any questions don‘t be afraid to ask. This was good but for some reason this October I really loved some of the short zombie stories I read. And for some reason the ones about addiction( which you would think is horrific enough on its own) really got to me. Do you have a favorite horror book or author? 3w
amanda__reads__horror Thanks @Reggie! I‘m still trying to figure this all out! It‘s confusing! As for my favorites, there‘s so many!! I wouldn‘t even know where to start. I‘m looking forward to sharing them once I figure out how to post! Ha ha! 3w
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post image

#horrorcovercrush Day 4 Not in the database yet but also on the TBR this month.

vivastory Hadn't heard of this one 2mo
ReadingOver50 Sounds interesting 2mo
Bookzombie Love this cover! 2mo
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Nights of the Living Dead: An Anthology | Jonathan Maberry, George A. Romero
post image

First book of October down. I‘ve always loved zombies. I remember watching the original at my grandmothers house when I was a kid and not being able to sleep. This anthology is all based in the original movie universe. Some stories were soooo YOLO and full of testosterone I could only smile and laugh. And then the end stories were given weight by Mira Grant, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Chuck Wendig, and Neal and Brendan Shusterman. Pick!!!

AmyG The original is scary AF. I love the old horror movies. 2mo
Reggie @AmyG my grandmother had a leaky faucet but it was soooo slow. As I was lying awake on the living room floor, I imagined each drop was a tap at the window from one of the dead outside the window. 😱 2mo
AmyG 😬 😬😬 2mo
Centique Unrelated except your story reminded me - when I was 10 my twenty ish sister had me, my little brother and two younger friends sleeping in the lounge at her flat and she played us Death Wish 2 and Poltergeist. 😱😱😱 I must visit her and slap her about the cheeks for that memory! 😂😂 2mo
Reggie @Centique yowzas!!! Lol Death Wish 2, my grandpa loved Charles Bronson. And I personally love Poltergeist. There was probably no sleeping that night for ya‘ll. Lol 2mo
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Thanks @TrishB for putting out his scheduled tour because I went to see him earlier tonight in Denver. He read us one of his stories, You are Released. He‘s quite a funny guy. My favorite part of his talk was when he said, I‘m paraphrasing, “When you get one of my 400 pg. novels, there was a good chance that it was 700 pgs to begin with, because there is an editing process and I‘m not upset about it but I‘ve gotten good at recognizing the 👇🏼

Reggie scenes I write for the reader and the ones I write for myself because I need to know the character I‘m writing completely.” It was sexy and touching at the same time when he said it. I had such a great time. And the bottom right photo was the scary path back to my car. I was just waiting for someone to jump out from behind a tree. Lol. 2mo
Cathythoughts Nice one Reggie. Sounds great. I‘m glad you got safely down that path 😱👍🏻 2mo
TrishB So jealous! Glad you enjoyed it, he‘s very entertaining 😁 sounds like he did a good talk. 2mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Sexy? 🤔😄 What a great night, lucky you! 2mo
Centique That is so cool. You and Joe Hill in the same room! I‘m surprised the universe didn‘t implode from two brilliant horror loving minds crossing paths! And as for the walk to the car afterwards 😱😱😱 2mo
Centique Also I love that he said he gets rid of so much. That‘s how I write too. Although I‘ve given up at the moment ... that kind of inspires me! 2mo
Avanders Yay what a great night!! 😍😍 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy, Lol, during the day it looked gorgeous, at night gave me Nightmare on Elm Street flashbacks. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB Thanks, he did. And the story he read us makes me think he‘s growing as an author. Someone asked him how he got into writing comics and he explained how for a good7-10 years he couldn‘t sell a book or a story. He said he “failed into it.” Cause after managing to get a short story in an American “best” anthology a Marvel talent scout contacted him. He‘s come a long way. It was a great night. 2mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm there‘s something about a man who is sooo good and passionate about what he does. You had to hear the way he said it. Lol 2mo
Reggie @Centique Awww I would totally read anything you wrote, Paula. Yeah, that path, gorgeous during the day, at night, every slasher movie scene. Lol 2mo
Reggie @Avanders and then I went to top off the night by reading about zombies. It was a good day. 2mo
Avanders Sounds like an amazing day 🧟‍♂️💚 2mo
vivastory This is awesome. Glad you got to attend! 2mo
sprainedbrain Very cool that you got to go! I adore him. 🖤 2mo
Rissreads Lucky you! I have only read one of his books but I plan to read more. 2mo
rohit-sawant So cool you had a chance to attend this! 🙌🏼 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Wow! Lucky you. That‘s dedication— several hours of driving each way (unless you flew instead?!). I really liked Tattered Cover when we lived in Colorado but went there only a few times, since it was about an hour from my house. And looks like the nighttime scene hasn‘t changed much! 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads I‘ve read 3 of his novels and his book of 4 novellas and some of his short stories. I‘ve never been disappointed so I hope you like his other stuff. 2mo
Reggie @robot-sawant you would have loved it. He was so funny and just....you could tell he loves to write. 2mo
Reggie @ValerieAndBooks it was also an excuse to visit a friend up in Fort Collins, which by the way is gorgeous. So many trees and outdoorsy things to do. Their downtown was so much fun to walk with my friend. The Tattered Cover was very cool and their staff was really nice. Joe Hill himself was incredible! 2mo
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vivastory Haven't read Barker in years, but definitely stacking based on your review of this! 2mo
Reggie @vivastory start with The Great and Secret Show. This is the sequel to that book. There is supposed to be a third but I don‘t ever think it‘s coming out. Barker was in a coma for a while after going to a dentist and suffering toxic shock. He had a couple of heart attacks while he was under as well. He‘s alive but who knows what‘ll happen. 2mo
vivastory It looks like he's currently working on a novel called Deep Hill. He seems to think it might be his final book. 2mo
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The Girl Next Door | Jack Ketchum
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LeahBergen And now I want this. What the hell‘s wrong with me? 😆 2mo
Reggie @LeahBergen lol Idk but let me just say this has been the only book disturbing enough to make me feel like I was complicit in a murder and I. Felt. Horrible. If that helps you decide...... 2mo
LeahBergen 😳😳😳 2mo
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vivastory Haven't read the book, but I watched the movie years ago & I've never forgotten it. 2mo
EyesOnly34 It‘s a rough read. Ketchum knee what he was doing with the ultimate unsettling atmosphere. 2mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I love this cover. You described this books so well. I felt horrible after finishing it too. 2mo
Reggie @EyesOnly34 @Bookzombie Ketchum knew how to make you care only so he could hurt you. Lol, he was a master horror writer. 2mo
EyesOnly34 Yeah!! True! 2mo
Leftcoastzen 😁💀 2mo
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Nights of the Living Dead: An Anthology | Jonathan Maberry, George A. Romero
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Taken from the first story “Dead Man‘s Curve” by Joe Lansdale.

Cathythoughts Great sound effects here 👍🏻 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts Right? It definitely caught my attention. 2mo
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Disco Deathtrap | Cameron Roubique
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#horrorcovercrush Day 1. On this month‘s TBR.

xxjenadanxx Reminds me of when I cracked my kneecap at the skating rink 😂 2mo
Reggie @xxjenadanxx good times.... lol. 2mo
RachelO What a fab cover! 2mo
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batsy This sounds great! And by great I mean gruesome! Love the cover. 2mo
LeahBergen This is awesome! 2mo
BarbaraBB Yay! You‘re raising expectations! (edited) 2mo
vivastory This is phenomenal!! 2mo
Reggie @vivastory have you read it? 2mo
vivastory No, is it good? 2mo
Reggie @vivastory no, but it‘s next after the book I‘m reading. 2mo
vivastory Nice! I'll definitely be watching for your review! 2mo
Bookzombie I can‘t wait for your review. I have had it on my list since I heard about it on an episode of Books in the Freezer. 2mo
Reggie @Bookzombie funny story, I can‘t remember what book I looked up this past week it was but it was a review from 2 years ago and in the chat you told someone you heard about it on that podcast BITF and I had never heard of it. Listened to the episode that mentioned this book. This is what they call full circle, no? Lol 2mo
Bookzombie Lol. 🙂 2mo
Rissreads Love this cover! 💜 2mo
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
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Yeah, so never in a million years would I have picked up this book on my own but my LPMBC chose this. I wanted to bail because it just seemed like some Disney/Lifetime cheese. But the longer I read the more I realized this cheese was delicious. That this retelling of one of Cinderella‘s stepsisters had whimsy, had magic, was funny when it needed to be and dark, and had a great message of forging one‘s own path in this world. I really liked this.

TrishB Great when books surprise you. 2mo
Lindy I‘m glad you liked it. I almost bailed on this a few months ago because I found it message-y and marred by writerly missteps, but it was ultimately rewarding and I‘m glad I stuck with it. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB totally!!! @Lindy Me too, because something very special rose out of this book. I loved the interactions between Chance and the fate crone and the Fairy Queen. 2mo
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GatheringBooks I like Donnelly. She manages to surprise me even while she appears very “pop” in the beginning. (edited) 2mo
Centique This sounds fabulous. I loved the quote too! 😍 2mo
Lauram Cheese IS delicious! Happy to stack cheese. 2mo
Reggie @GatheringBooks your use of “pop” is very apt. 2mo
Reggie @Centique there are some very memorable scenes in here. Very girl power. 2mo
Reggie @Lauram I hope it is very Gouda for you. 😉Lol 2mo
Rissreads This sounds very interesting! Stacked! 2mo
Reggie @Rissreads it ended up being pretty good. 2mo
Rissreads I love that you read a diverse range of books! 👍 2mo
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
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I have grossly underestimated this book.

Bookish_Gal I officially want this book now 2mo
Reggie @Bookish_Gal yay!!! I hope you like it! 2mo
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I‘ve been so lucky to read some really great YA this year that I wished was around back in my day. Darius is a Star Trek The Next Generation/LOTR loving, Persian American, nerd (I mean this in the best way possible) who deals with depression and being picked on and trying to find his place in this world. His grandfather falls ill and his family goes to Iran to visit where he makes a new friend and comes into his own. Easily a new favorite. Pick!!

Billypar Great review! Poor Darius- he and Fleischman really need a break. Thank goodness Eleanor Oliphant is doing alright from what I hear 😉 2mo
rwmg Apparently a sequel is coming soon 2mo
Reggie @Billypar Thanks, Lololol. 2mo
Reggie @rwmg That‘s the word on the street. I‘m excited. 2mo
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This young American teenager is meeting his grandmother for the first time in Iran and there are some simple sounding sentences that just blindside you in here. Oof.

Suet624 That‘s lovely. 2mo
Reggie @Suet624 @readordierachel this book was so good. 2mo
Texreader Great quote 2mo
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Normal People | Sally Rooney
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I just have to say I hate Sally Rooney. 2 books, outstanding books, before the age of 30. How dare she!!! Lol. I really liked this book about two young people who love each other but as we all know, nothing is ever that simple.

vivastory But, did you cry? 2mo
LauraBeth She has moved up on my list of favorite living authors. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory of course, the first time on pg 46 when he tells her he loves her and she for the first time in her life feels like she is someone who is fit/capable of being loved. And on the last page when she says his goodness is his gift to her and how she gives it back with the last line in the book. They end up together, right? That is what I‘ve made myself see in their future. 2mo
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Reggie @LauraBeth I will keep on reading everything she writes. And lucky for us she got an early start. 2mo
TrishB Yet to read this one, I didn‘t really like Conversations. 2mo
Reggie @TrishB I remember, but I think you would really like this one. It‘s different. Give it a shot. 2mo
TrishB I will do eventually! Getting closer. 2mo
KarenUK How dare she indeed! I loved them both too.... both in my top five I read this year.... she‘s so bloody talented! 🤦‍♀️😍 2mo
Megabooks Extremely talented young writer! I look forward to reading her books for another 50 years! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 2mo
batsy Hahaha I know right! Damn it, Sally 😭😆 2mo
Tanisha_A @batsy Sentiment seconded! Ugh! 2mo
Kalalalatja One of my faves! 2mo
Reggie @KarenUK @Megabooks @batsy @Tanisha_A And the girl who wrote A Place for Us, Fatima Farheen Mirza, she was only 26 this year when her book came out. 2mo
Reggie @Kalalalatja they end up together, right? Even if he goes to New York, he comes back and they get married, right? 😭 2mo
Kalalalatja That‘s what I need to tell myself to be able to sleep at night 🤞🤞 2mo
readordierachel I need to read her first book but now I'm scared of the emotional toll 😭 2mo
Cathythoughts Such a good book 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
Reggie @readordierachel Her first book isn‘t as emotional as this one. It‘s still great, but it isn‘t this one. 2mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts ❤️💔❤️ 2mo
GatheringBooks one of my great reads this year. i stayed up all night finishing this one! 2mo
GatheringBooks did you know that this is going to be made into a tv series????? yes it is. yes it is. BBC I think. 2mo
Reggie @GatheringBooks I don‘t know if my heart could take it. Lol 2mo
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Seed | Ania Ahlborn
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Oof!!! I‘m glad I read the ending of this during the day. This was a good, horrifying, primer going into October. A father who thought he had escaped his past is horrified when the past shows up when he has a wife and 2 daughters. This was very creepy. Thanks for the pick @scripturient #screamsbymail.

RealBooks4ever I've always loved this cover! 💜 2mo
vivastory Yes! I 💯 pictured the creature as looking the same as from Insidious 2mo
lele1432 I've been eyeing this for a while! It sounds perfect for October! 🔪 2mo
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JoScho Sounds good! 2mo
Cathythoughts Great picture 2mo
Reggie @RealBooks4 yeah there‘s a lot to notice. That, is it a sun? or a gunshot wound? while there‘s this demon amongst the trees. Lol it‘s definitely eye catching. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory @Cathythoughts this whole book shares a kinship with the movie Insidious. Which is kinda crazy to realize that both came out in 2011. The picture is taken from the movie, Cathy. 2mo
Reggie @lele1432 @JoScho it would be a great Halloween read. 🎃 2mo
readordierachel Creepy cover 😱 2mo
Reggie @readordierachel just so you know my first cry was on on pg46 when Connell tells her he loves her and Marianne feels like for the first time she is someone who is worthy of being loved. I‘m halfway right now but I just want them to be together but they are KILLING me!!!!! Lol 2mo
readordierachel OMG, I know! It's heartwrenching. 2mo
BiblioLitten I was admiring the cover when I saw the background!! 🤭😁 2mo
Reggie @BiblioLitten I hope it scared you! 😱😊Lol 2mo
BiblioLitten It sure did! 😅 2mo
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Frankly in Love | David Yoon
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Frank Li is a Korean-American high schooler who is neither American enough or Korean enough. He wants to date a girl who just happens to be white but comes up with a ridiculous fake date scheme with a close Korean friend to fool his parents. This book was so deep and representative of what it means to be caught between cultures. And it was hilarious because of Franks strong and questioning voice. Reading the back interview between David and 👇🏼

Reggie his author wife Nicola Yoon, you see where this book comes from when he tells you how in real life his parents didn‘t attend their wedding because they didn‘t approve of who she was. Because she was black. And how they didn‘t talk to him for 10 years. How he talks about how you can love your parents but just be disappointed in them. Really illuminating. Read this book. Super pick!! 3mo
TrishB 10 years!!!! A long time to be disapproving. 3mo
Reggie It is!!!! Have you ever read her? She wrote The Sun is also a Star. The Jamaican girl in there falls in love with a Korean boy. It just hit me that he is probably inspired by David. @TrishB 3mo
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TrishB I loved both her books. I can‘t imagine cutting myself off from my kids because I didn‘t like their partner- whatever the reason. ☹️ so sad. 3mo
Centique Serendipity! I have this book on reserve at the library and hope it comes in soon. 😍 3mo
Reggie @Centique it‘s so good and just has a lot of things going for it throughout the book. 3mo
Reggie @readordierachel I hope you like it!!! 3mo
13North This is so beautiful 2mo
Reggie @13North it‘s such a good book and aside from the stuff in the review it‘s got some really cute nerd stuff in there. They call themselves the Apeys because they‘re all in ap classes and the way they support each other is really nice. Check it out. 2mo
Suet624 10 years. What a waste I can‘t imagine cutting off my kids. 2mo
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Cantoras: A Novel | Carolina De Robertis
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Cantoras means singer but also a slang term for women who love other women. 5 women in Uruguay find a secluded beach area in Cabo Pollonio where they make a safe space to be themselves in the 1970‘s away from the city and its dictatorship. There was a heady desire in here that lead the way to personal evolutions onto personal revolutions all the while Uruguay is also in a revolution. This is easily a top 3 book of the year for me. Loved it.

MicheleinPhilly SOLD! 3mo
Reggie https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yhJqBdFMIVI this was the review that made me want to read this. @MicheleinPhilly just in case you needed more reasons. 3mo
Centique Wow! I already stacked this but I‘m so impressed it is in your top 3. I think I could make a fab reading list just using your top books each year! 3mo
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Reggie @Centique 😊this book was beautiful and there‘s something to be said about the ones who have come before (queers) because not all of us make it and surviving and still managing to live life. The ladies in here were just amazing. Amazing. 3mo
Centique @Reggie that sounds so beautiful. Do you know I am so moved by that subject because I was obsessed as a teen about my uncle who died by suicide before I was born (in the 1960s). 😰 He looked like a movie star and my older family tell lovely stories about him. His mother adored him but the 1960s were bloody hard I‘m sure. 💕💕 3mo
Reggie @Centique That‘s so sad to hear. You‘ll appreciate this book then. 3mo
ReadingEnvy I swooned about this on the most recent podcast episode too. So so so so good. 2mo
Reggie @ReadingEnvy I heard!!! There is still a Malena shaped hole in my heart weeks later. 2mo
merelybookish Not reading spoilers but just started this and already into it. Excited to see it's a pick for you! 2mo
Reggie @merelybookish it‘s such a lovely book. 2mo
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