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Two novellas and three short stories, each set in a different African country; all are devastating and heartbreaking. 💔 Most feature children. This is fiction, but we know it is rooted in truth: exploitation, religious violence, ethnic conflict, poverty, despair.

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rockpools That sounds like (!) a very hard read 💔 (edited) 2mo
Ruthiella @rockpools It was. 💔 2mo
Librarybelle It sounds like a hard read but a necessary read. I‘ve not read it, but you‘re probably right that the fiction is rooted in what is happening in reality. 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 2mo
Ruthiella @Librarybelle I was kind of dreading reading it, in fact. 2mo
Ruthiella @TheAromaofBooks Thanks!😊 2mo
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Biography of X: A Novel | Catherine Lacey
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At first I found it pretentious and stilted but the story grew on me and I found myself curious to know what would happen next. Set in an alternate history America, the widow of X tries to unearth her (in)famous wife‘s history and learns secrets that make her question her relationship. Was she just another person to be used and subsequently discarded by X?

#The52BookClub24 - grieving character
#pop24 - book about a writer

sarahbarnes Great review! 2mo
azulaco I‘ve been curious about this one. 2mo
BarbaraBB Great review indeed! I think you ended up liking it more than me 2mo
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squirrelbrain Great review - and well done for sticking with it when you weren‘t sure. 2mo
Ruthiella @sarahbarnes Thanks 😊 2mo
Ruthiella @azulaco Give it a try! It seems to be a kind of love it or hate it kind of thing. 2mo
Ruthiella @BarbaraBB I think I did like it more than you did. I found it ultimately very compelling, despite my less than positive start. 2mo
Ruthiella @squirrelbrain Thanks! I‘m glad I stuck with it too. 2mo
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H.M.S. Surprise | Patrick O'Brian
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Third in the Aubrey-Maturin series - I loved it. Jack finally gets a command and is commissioned to sail to the Malay Peninsula, first stopping in India. There‘s espionage, romance, bromance, a naval battle, a duel at dawn, tragic death, sudden squalls, the literal doldrums…just fantastic.

#pop24 - published under a pen name
#The52BookClub24 - features the ocean

BookDadGirlDad Loved this entire series!!! 2mo
TheSpineView Awesome! 2mo
LeahBergen I liked this one, too! 👍 2mo
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