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Big Questions | Anders Nilsen
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Time for some #LitsyQuestions is it, young lady? Alright then, @GypsyKat 😽
1) Easily my favorite audiobook Trevor Noah‘s ‘Born a Crime‘; anyone else listened to his gorgeous voice?!
2) Harder question! Favorite fiction is a toss-up between ‘This Mortal Coil‘ (Emily Suvada) and ‘Dark Matter‘ (Blake Crouch).
*I won‘t include 2018 releases that may already be my faves!
3) Favorite non-fiction is the awesome #TotalCatMojo
4) Mindy McGinnis

AmyG I agree with Born a Crime. Him reading this book made it my favorite. I was walking around for a week saying “Whaaaaaat?” (edited) 2y
GypsyKat Yes! 🙌 Born A Crime was fantastic as an audiobook! 2y
kamoorephoto @AmyG @GypsyKat I think I‘ll listen to it again to hear his voice. I also think he needs to do a continuation! His move to the States... 2y
GypsyKat @kamoorephoto He has a great voice! And Oh! That accent! 😍 2y
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We have a winner to the #catmojogiveaway! I know this person is going to need to use the litter box right away...
The winner of the signed copy of #TotalCatMojo is @Clwojick (seriously)!
2nd runner up is @2BR02B and I‘ll be sending you a Cat Pawsitive clicker (I hope you get the book so you can work on some clicker training). I‘m going to get hold of another clicker because I believe #3 needs one and that‘s @rubyslippersreads 💓

Clwojick WHATTTTTTTT?! I am beyond excited! 2y
Clwojick ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
kamoorephoto Everyone who entered I will need to tag as I need your email to get your address; I need to send your goodies and a kitty photo! @Clwojick @2BR02B @rubyslippersreads @Texreader @Mimi28 @erinreads @BookwormAHN @CatLass007 @julesG @GondorGirl @Chasing-Pages @JPeterson 2y
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CatLass007 My email address is catlass007@yahoo.com 2y
Clwojick You should have my address from the bookmark swap, yeah? Let me know if I have to resend 2y
JenlovesJT47 Rltranscriptionist@yahoo.com 😻 2y
MinDea You should already have mine!!! 2y
Yellowpigeon Aww thank you. It's lisette.liang@gmail.com 2y
MinDea Congrats @Clwojick !! 2y
Jen_Reads Congrats @Clwojick !!!! 2y
Jen_Reads My email is jennieah5@yahoo.com 2y
Tanzy13 aaawwww thank you, mine is 44tanzy44@gmail.com 🐱❤️ (edited) 2y
BookwormAHN My email is Bookwormahn@yahoo.com 😸 2y
HiddenGemBooks Kornegayjane@Gmail.com thank you so much ❤️ 2y
rubyslippersreads Nicky and Sadie are all ready to train me with that clicker! 😹 Seriously, I'm excited to have won. My email is rubyslippersreads at yahoo.com Thanks! 😸 2y
Mimi28 Mine is michellemiddleton28@outlook.com Thanks!! This is awesome!! 2y
julesG Thank you! My email is julia.guttzeit@gmail.com 2y
TricksyTails Such a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations @Clwojick ! 👏😁♥️ 2y
Chasing_Pages Thank you so much! Mine is kaylib277@gmail.com 2y
JPeterson Thanks! My email is peterson.jessl@gmail.com 😸 2y
AmyG @Clwojick Yay! I am so happy you won! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
AmyG @kamoorephoto Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! My email is gratefulmom58@gmail.com 2y
Clwojick @AmyG @TricksyTails @MinDea @Jen_Reads Thank you! I am so so excited, and will definitely be bragging about it to all my fellow Crazy Cat Ladies at work today. 😻😽 2y
4thhouseontheleft Congrats @Clwojick!! My email is abergsman@gmail.com 2y
GondorGirl Ms.n.stevens@gmail.com ❤ 2y
2BR02B Yasss, thank you! The book definitely sounds like a good investment! 😸 I'm at 2br02book@gmail.com 2y
Reagan Hey I am at r.janke@live.com 2y
Texreader Congrats to @Clwojick ! She‘s amazing and deserves some kitty love! So very nice of you @kamoorephoto !! 2y
Clwojick @Texreader thanks!!!! I've bragged to all my friends at work, and they've already decided who gets to borrow it first. Hahah😍 2y
kamoorephoto @Clwojick Btw, I forgot to say your book package WITH your bookmarks has now been mailed. It‘s on its way to you!! 😻💓 2y
Clwojick Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Did my bookmark package make it to you yet?! 2y
kamoorephoto @Clwojick Not yet! I‘ll cross fingers for it🤞🏼 2y
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Ok, last teaser while I gather names and enter in randomizer and prepare to watch the most intense #Seahawks game yet. I am nervous to pull a name for my #catmojogiveaway because I wish I could give you ALL a signed book; MANY of you would benefit from buying a copy of #TotalCatMojo and I hope you buy/put it on your Xmas wishlist. I‘m going to add one of Jackson‘s clickers as a 2nd prize for the kitty/owner pair that I think will benefit most! 😻

TricksyTails 😻🦄 Love this photo!! 2y
kamoorephoto @TricksyTails Isn‘t it cute? There are 5 illustrators in this book, and I just love all the cute pictures!!! 💓 2y
TricksyTails It's ridiculous how freaking adorable this is! This needs to be an emoji! 2y
kamoorephoto @TricksyTails Unicorn cat emoji!!! 2y
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Okay, #catsoflitsy lovers! Another #catmojogiveaway teaser! Have you entered my #giveaway yet, and you have a #cat? I love this cute little page about kitties that get along but #JacksonGalaxy knows how hard it is to get some cats to get along; sooo much of his new book has the goods on that big problem. Anyway, go to my original post and see how to enter to win a signed copy of Jackson‘s new book #TotalCatMojo - I‘m picking a winner this weekend!

GondorGirl This makes me so happy, because both my older boys have been doing these things with Pippin! It's good to know they're on the right track towards friendship. 😻😻😻 2y
jfalkens Two of my cats still don't do this after 7 years together! 2y
TricksyTails @2BR02B @Clwojick If you haven't entered, your kitties would be perfect for this! 2y
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kamoorephoto @jfalkens He has this small part in the book called ‘I hate your face...‘ 😹😹 😹 2y
jfalkens @kamoorephoto 😂 I love Jackson 😊 2y
MiyakoBunny This is too dang cute 😻 2y
Clwojick Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait 😻🙈🙈🙈🙈 2y
kamoorephoto @GondorGirl THAT‘s SUCH a great sign!! Welcoming Pippin into the hierarchy! @Clwojick 😹😹😹😹 2y
2BR02B @TricksyTails thanks for the heads up! 😸 2y
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And That's a Wrap | Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
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#NovemberWrapUp So here‘s what my November looked like with my books!
Finished books: 8 (finishing a couple tonight!)
Favorite book: This Mortal Coil
Least favorite: The Animators (on audio) or Bad Call (but NOT bad books)
Includes 3 ARCs this month plus my #LMPBC read
AND two #BOTM books
Also #catmojogiveaway book #TotalCatMojo 😻
OVERALL - a great book month 👍🏼
#NovemberReads #NovemberWrapUp

kamoorephoto **Note: I plan to read ‘The Animators‘ in copy; it‘s probably better that way... 2y
Reviewsbylola Great month! 🎉🎉 2y
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Tiberius and Molly cuddling, something these two rarely do together. #TotalCatMojo #CatsOfLitsy #CatMojoGiveaway

Ms_T 😻😻 2y
Bookzombie 💕🐱🐱 2y
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kamoorephoto Maybe they do it in private, and you just caught them. But it‘s definitely a sign that they love each other, even if you rarely see it. I love the look he‘s giving you!!!! Such a handsome devil 😻 2y
CatLass007 @kamoorephoto Oh, I‘m sure this isn‘t the first time these have cuddled. However, I just don‘t see it as often as I see kitten Tiberius trying to rough house and nine-year-old Molly putting him in his place. 2y
TricksyTails 😻😻 2y
Crystalblu Tiberius, as in Captain James Tiberius Kirk?! 2y
Crystalblu Awesome!!! Cheers to geeky pet names! 2y
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Okay, so #catoflitsy people... Check out this illustration from #TotalCatMojo - I LOVE it! There‘s a lot of talk about ‘The Raw Cat‘ in the book and about how play is a structured activity (see how a toy is an important part of their Hunt/Catch/Kill/Eat ritual) that indoor #cats must engage in to be happy and healthy. Make sure to go to my earlier post and enter my #catmojogiveaway to win a copy of #TotalCatMojo!

AmyG That's so funny. I was just playing with my cat...with her beloved feather. It's the only toy she likes to play with. 2y
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These cats got mojo. #totalcatmojo @kamoorephoto #cataunt (these cats belong to @T.ballin , but have been sleeping on my legs for the past week).

TricksyTails 🙃😻 So dang cute! 😘 2y
Sue 😻😻😻 2y
kamoorephoto This is adorbs!!! My babies sleep together! 💓💓 2y
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MrBook Oh my goodness! 😻😻😻😻 2y
RadicalReader @hermyknee you sure they weren‘t Austin Powers cats previously?! 😂😂 2y
BookBabe 😻😻❤️❤️ 2y
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Happy Thanksgiving 😻 It‘s time! I can‘t do much to celebrate today BUT that‘s when I want to spread love the most; I‘m so grateful for this community! Following the book signing with #JacksonGalaxy I said I‘d do a #catmojogiveaway of a SIGNED COPY of his new book #TotalCatMojo (& I‘ll send 2 of my prints of cats from the rescue I photograph at)! There will also be 10 RUNNERS-UP who I‘ll send prints to as well. *Entry info in comments! Plz SHARE!

kamoorephoto Entry 1: Post your best kitty pic and WHY you need this book, tagging me @kamoorephoto AND #catmojogiveaway - even tell me your rescue story!
Entry 2: Check out my webpage and blog! I‘m sooo excited about the calendar for next year that I JUST finished, and I just did a post about it bit.ly/CatCalendarKAMoore
Entry3: Find me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/kamoorephoto and be my friend!
Come here and tell me what you did! #catsoflitsy #catsrule
(edited) 2y
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kamoorephoto PS. You can post those pics and enter through until my son‘s birthday, December 2nd 😻💓 2y
Clwojick Done, done and Done! ? going to search thru my phone for my "best" cat photo. ????they're all great 2y
Tanzy13 done, done and done, thank you 😊📚🐱 (edited) 2y
Jen_Reads Done, done and done 🐱 2y
julesG Also done, done and done. Thank you! 2y
Chasing_Pages All done, thank you for the opportunity. 😻 2y
GondorGirl Did all three! The photos in the calender you did for the rescue are amazing! That's got to really help the cats get adopted. 2y
kamoorephoto @GondorGirl Thank you!! Doing photos makes a big difference for them... 2y
BookwormAHN I did all three. Thanks for trying to make a difference for rescue cats and for this giveaway 😸 2y
MinDea Done! Thank you so much! I love your calendar. #Shadow is a rescue and in a way I consider #Chloe to be one too but not technically. I love my furbabies to death! 💙💙 2y
2BR02B Gorgeous calendar! I can't wait for mine to arrive. 😻 2y
kamoorephoto @2BR02B You ordered a calendar! I‘m so humbled! Thank you! I‘m going to show a better peek soon 💓 2y
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The signing for #TotalCatMojo last night was awesome: PACKED. What‘s great is #JacksonGalaxy totally knows who I am now! 👊🏼 Since there‘s a huge rescue community here in Seattle, a huge amount of the audience raised their hands when he asked who‘s involved in rescue and there were hundreds there. They ran out of books! AND stay tuned for details of a #giveaway, as he signed 2 books for me; don‘t we make a cute couple?! #catsoflitsy #teamcatmojo

rubyslippersreads My cats are jealous. 😸 2y
AmyG What a great picture! 2y
kamoorephoto @rubyslippersreads Your cats are very lucky to have you 💓💓 2y
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kamoorephoto @AmyG I know! We are just so cute together! 😹 2y
MaleficentBookDragon 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 2y
CatLass007 I love Jackson Galaxy!😻😻😻😻😻😻 2y
cathysaid Is he the Cat from Hell guy?!? 2y
kamoorephoto @cathysaid You‘ve got it! 2y
hyperhawk Omg @GondorGirl look! I'm so jealous! 2y
ArcticDwarf Look at you! 😍 2y
Tanzy13 so jealous 🐱 2y
GondorGirl Ahhh! 😻😻😻 2y
Clwojick Oh my gosshhhh😬😬😬 eeee! Jealous 2y
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