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The Surprise Picnic | John S. Goodall
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1. Italy -Portofino like in The Enchanted April

2. All my Litten peeps

3. Wine and charcuterie 🍷🍶🧀

Anyone that sees this is tagged! ♥️

RaeLovesToRead I'm in!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ 16h
4thhouseontheleft You are more generous than I. No one is coming to my 🧺. 😂 15h
TheBookHippie @4thhouseontheleft 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have years like that … 15h
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BookNerd9906 #whyilovelittens literally all the picnics on my feed include wine. ❤️🍷🧺 12h
TheBookHippie @BookNerd9906 🍷🍷🍷🍷 12h
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The Surprise Picnic | John S. Goodall
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1. Im leaning toward The Adirondacks. 2. Inviting ALL my Litsy friends. 3. A Delicious VEGAN charcuterie, iced tea, dessert, and just overall yumminess.
#thoughtfulthursday tagging some friends but everyone is invited to share and play along!

RaeLovesToRead Yay! Litsy picnic!!! 🥰 16h
TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 16h
wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag! I‘d love to picnic in the Adirondacks 🧺💚 14h
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Mitch I‘m there! 14h
Megabooks I‘ll join you for some vegan charcuterie!! 😁😁💜💜 13h
mabell Oh how fun! Tell me more about this vegan charcuterie! 😄 12h
Chrissyreadit @AmyG just realized I forgot to tag you- which is crazy cause you were on my mind after getting your delightful card 😘 12h
AmyG Ha!!! 😘 12h
ElizaMarie Oooo! I would love to be part of this picnic :) 9h
MicrobeMom Yummy! I wanna go! 8h
inthegreensandblues It sounds amazing ☺️ 1h
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I‘ve always loved cats and scary stories. 🌕 🐈

This was a real trip down memory lane. I remember identifying with cat-obsessed Wendy and relishing the descriptions of her transformation into a wild werecat. He nails both those elements. Otherwise the book is as schlocky as you‘d expect! LOL moment when the witchy “Mrs. Bast” is revealed to be a cat groomer whose “clients” she snatches from alleys to sprinkle with cornstarch. Okay?

Michael_Gee In the background is a portion of a Ruby Bradford calendar. 😻 She is a serious cat lover! Check out her work at Project Onward. 5d
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Catwad | Jim Benton
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This is how I feel about the library too 😜

Chrissyreadit Love ❤️ 6d
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Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover
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These are my reading #cats. They love laying on me as I read. Sometimes they even try to sneak their way in front of the book for more attention!
Top left: Hemingway-Siamese seal point kitten
Top Right: Edison-Siamese blue point cat
Bottom Left: Churchill-Siamese blue point cat
Bottom Right: Siamese puddle

wanderinglynn So sweet! ❤️🐱 1w
kelly_anne @wanderinglynn thanks 😊 1w
Kshakal They are beautiful!! 1w
kelly_anne @Kshakal thank you! They look quite dapper in bow ties. 7d
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The Cat and the City | Nick Bradley
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I loved this collection of 15 short stories where the city of Tokyo itself and a cat are characters alongside the inhabitants populating this lively capital. Fragments of their life are beautifully and originally illustrated. They are just humans in a vibrant city, experimenting love, loss, addiction, grief, regrets, failure, healing. The stories have in common some of the characters but also possibly the legendary shapeshifting cat.

BennettBookworm That reminds me of Jemison‘s The City We Became where the cities are actual people, too! 1w
IuliaC @BennettBookworm This sounds great, I've stacked it, thanks! 🤗 1w
charl08 Tempting! 1w
IuliaC @charl08 I hope you enjoy it! 😊 1w
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I recently sent this book via eBook to my friend's Kindle for her birthday as well as another book I loved. This series always makes me smile. How does everyone feel about sending eBooks as gifts, though? Does it feel strange? I think I like it.

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Number three in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series and we're picking up steam. I'm getting used to the characters and finding them less similar to the Aurora Teagarden series as I get to know them. Definitely a cute series and I will keep reading. #35-2022

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As a cat mom and cat lover, this charming little book was right up my street. Not long after the Childs moved to Paris, a cat appeared on their doorstep and became a cherished member of the family. Includes letters and photographs.

#Adoptive #MayMoms
@Eggs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Eggs Perfect 🤩 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😽😽😽 2w
Nute Love this post!💕 2w
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