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Witchery | Juliet Diaz
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I am so excited by the wonderful #AllHallowsReadSwap package from @Texreader !! Gourmet chocolate, socks, and some witchy reading?!?! Yes, please!!! Thank you so much!! And the card you made is adorable!! You are very creative. Thank you, again!!

Readergrrl I realize I should have posted this yesterday, but it was my daughter‘s first Homecoming Dance and hubs and I were designated drivers. So busy all day and then we literally fell into bed at midnight once we finally got home. Nothing like a car of screaming 15 year old girls!! 3mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego That chocolate looks awesome. 3mo
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MaleficentBookDragon Well that sounds like you had a scary day yesterday. 👻😂 3mo
Readergrrl @MaleficentBookDragon Yes,yes, yes, but also so much fun!! Thank you for hosting this swap!! 3mo
Texreader I‘m so glad you like it all! Have a wonderful Halloween!! 3mo
Readergrrl @Texreader I meant to say, too, that I love Jenny Lawson! I‘ve only visited her bookshop online, so I‘m a bit jealous that you‘re able to go in person. Is it as fun as I imagine? 3mo
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The Santa Suit: A Novella | Mary Kay Andrews
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(Dare I post this BEFORE HALLOWEEN 🎃)
I‘m so excited to have received this special package from Mary Kay Andrews, Friends & Fiction, Nantucket Book Partners, & Mitchell‘s Book Corner! Not only is there a signed book, but a F & F mug, hot cocoa, a bookmark, a letter, a recipe, & a special video!

wanderinglynn How fun! 4mo
tpixie @wanderinglynn yes! It‘s a little early to post Christmas books, but I was a little impatient since I just got it in the mail. I‘ll have to set the book aside until November to read with my IRL Bookclub. I bought three books from friends and fiction so I could receive some bookish gifts along with them! 4mo
wanderinglynn It never too early for Christmas!🎄 4mo
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tpixie @wanderinglynn lol when the kids were little we used to listen in the car to Christmas songs in the summer because they loved them so much lol 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl So festive and pretty! 🎄 4mo
LeahBergen Oh, lucky you! 4mo
Cathythoughts Very festive! Lovely 😊 4mo
tpixie @CoverToCoverGirl @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts lol I used their wrapping paper and confetti from the box! 😂 🎁 😂 4mo
marleed Oh what a fun package! 4mo
tpixie @marleed yes!!! 🥳 4mo
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Thanks @Sourcebooks ! ! I‘ve so loved all the books you have published this year & sent to our Bookclub!
#Litsybookclub #bookmarked

RebelReader I loved her first book and am third on hold to get Little Hopes at my library. Can‘t wait! 7mo
tpixie @RebelReader oh that‘s great to hear! I haven‘t read either! Glad you are only 3rd on hold!!! 7mo
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Suffragette | David Roberts
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My love is books is closely followed in second place with my love of stationery! #bookishgifts

At the moment it‘s the small things that bring me joy!love me new little notepad 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Ruthiella They do seem to go hand in hand. Also list making. Readers seem to all like lists! 😀 12mo
TrishB Me too! Where is that note pad from?? I may have to have one 😁 12mo
Freespirit I agree. I‘m a lover of anything paper💕 12mo
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Mitch @TrishB I‘m trying to support museum shops at the moment for presents etc - I got this one from the National Archives shop ♥️ 12mo
Mitch @Ruthiella oh yeah - I‘m a list maker for sure! 12mo
Mitch @Freespirit yep - always have been! 12mo
TrishB Thank you ♥️ I‘ll have a look in one of my breaks tomorrow! 12mo
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Holiday Swap | Zara Stoneley
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Top left: #bookishgifts for my grandmother, our young nieces & our BFF. Top right: warm fuzzy penguin socks for me from our BFF! Bottom right: xmas gifts for me from our oldest niece! And last but not least... bottom left: gratuitous #catwithbooks bonus pic 😸

Crazeedi Merry Christmas!!☃️🌠🎁💗🎄 13mo
TK-421 @Crazeedi Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too! 🎄 13mo
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Eeeee!! Came home to a bag on my door and thought it was my preorder from Indigo but it's even better 🥰

Thank you sooo much for the gifts for Baby A (not so baby anymore 😪) @BookishTrish I love them and so will he! He is definitely a little reader in the making. The Midsummer Night's Dream book is the best thing ever! You're the best 😘😘😘

#bookishgifts #raisingreaders #LitsyFriendsAreTheBestFriends

BookishTrish So glad they arrived safe and sound. Much love to you both xo 14mo
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Lilac Girls: A Novel | Martha Hall Kelly
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30th birthday gifts from people who know me well 😊📚😚 #bookworm #morningafter #lilacgirls #bookishgifts

marleed Happy Birthday! 1y
ElizaMarie I love the Sue Grafton Books! You are going to love Kinsey! 1y
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! 1y
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My boyfriend got me the best gift for Christmas! Tonight was my first night breaking it out and I loved every second of my relaxing bath 😌

#bookishgifts #booksandbaths #bookworm #relaxing

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Christmas Gifts | Mary Balogh
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#BookishGifts who could resist owl book ends? My mum knows me so well.

Christmas has been very busy even though I was away, poor internet connection meant I am behind with Litsy.

Hope you all got the books you wanted and that the holiday season was not too stressful.

Back to work for me tomorrow so chances of getting caught up are slim 🤣🤣

ShyBookOwl I love those bookends!! 2y
Megabooks Cute! 2y
Nute Very nice! 2y
fictionaddictbooks Lovely bookends! 2y
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