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Little Women (Little Women, #1)
Little Women (Little Women, #1) | Louisa May Alcott
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Bookwormjillk Just going to say it now- I can‘t stand Mr March 3h
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BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk I never felt like he fit anywhere, he doesn‘t make sense in the family. I don‘t know if I‘m explaining it very well 🤣 3h
Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead I always resented his presence. They were getting along fine without him and then he shows up like they need his approval. (It was the times I know.) 3h
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk I totally agree! Even as a kid, I was like, why are you here? They don‘t need you! 🤣🤣 3h
kspenmoll You all said it well- he seems so apart from them. This book, fictionalized account from Marmee‘s point of view helped, but in Alcott‘s real life he was like a child to be catered to- why Louisa went to work writing. 44m
rubyslippersreads I can‘t stand Mr. March because I can‘t stand Bronson Alcott. 28m
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mcctrish This chapter turned me right off Laurie. He was a SHIT to Meg and then he gets on his high horse and won‘t talk to his grandfather or eat because he feels like his grandfather was out of line?! Mr Laurence didn‘t shake him hard enough 14h
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Bookwormjillk @mcctrish agree. Jo should have brought him skating on thin ice too. 13h
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish @Bookwormjillk this is above and beyond spoiled and childish! A total brat, for sure! 13h
Cuilin @BarkingMadRead @mctrish @Bookwormjillk sorry I‘m late to the discussion, what I found so upsetting about Laurie is he was so aware of everything that they had just been through, regarding Beth‘s health to then pull a stunt like that. 1h
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Bookwormjillk It feels kind of ick that they‘re all deciding this stuff for Meg without her knowing. 2d
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Cuilin @Bookwormjillk the last line about “learning to love him” was a bit ominous. 2d
mcctrish @Cuilin absolutely ominous and ick 2d
Clare-Dragonfly Poor Jo! She just wants her family to stay the same always—probably more than ever, after her fears for Beth. 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk @Cuilin @mcctrish - I don't feel like her parents are trying to push her into a relationship she isn't interested in. More that it was common at the time for a young man to check with the parents and let them know that his intentions/attentions are honorable, and that they approved him as a potential suitor. Women who ended up in a bad marriage didn't have a lot of recourse at this time; it was important that parents “preapproved“ ⬇ 2d
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) potential husbands to help protect women, who had limited options to care for themselves. I think Marmee just sees that Meg already admires and respects Brooke, plus thinks he's kind of cute haha so it's likely that she'll be open to his attentions. 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Clare-Dragonfly - I have so much empathy for Jo!! My siblings and I were so close growing up and I hated it when we got older and everyone started going their own directions!! It's tough to make that adjustment. 2d
dabbe @TheAromaofBooks I was just going to say the exact same thing! I have 3 sisters--just like Jo, and I hated it when we all moved away and got our own lives. We all live in the same area, but it's not the same. 💚💙💚 2d
julieclair @Cuilin Agreed. The “learning to love” him idea doesn‘t sound like a great way to plan a life together. But as @TheAromaofBooks noted, times were different then. Kind of sad. 2d
Cuilin @julieclair @TheAromaofBooks yes times were definitely different back then and I‘m guilty at looking at it through a lens of fourth wave feminism. 😬 2d
julieclair @Cuilin So are we all! 😃😘 2d
Bookwormjillk @TheAromaofBooks oh for sure it was a different time, but did even Jo have to be in on it? 🤣 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk - LOL As someone with a bunch of siblings... yes 😂 😂 😂 but more seriously, I think it was because Jo came to Marmee with concerns that Brooke was “sneaking around“ (the whole glove thing), and that Marmee told Jo so that she would know that he was being straightforward/honorable and not trying to do anything behind their backs. 1d
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Ch 19: Amy makes a will #pooramy #auntmarchisabore #thatparrotthough #littleamyisgrowingup #hashtagbrigade
Laughing at the 🦚 in the background. Where‘s the 🦜?

Bookwormjillk Amy is…a bit much. I do feel bad that she had to be sent away though. 3d
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Clare-Dragonfly Poor Amy! Aunt March liking her might be worse than Aunt March disliking her! I noticed that Aunt March had a daughter who must have died very young. 😢 3d
julieclair The listing of Amy‘s possessions, and who she chose to give them to, was pretty interesting. 3d
mcctrish That parrot deserves an Oscar 2d
Clare-Dragonfly In Jo‘s Boys, a podcast about a queer & trans reading of Little Women, the host contrasts Amy dressing up with this chapter with Meg being dressed up at the ball. I think a big difference that both shows and shapes their characters is that Amy gets the opportunity to dress up and experiment in private, allowing her to go bold and silly and find out what she likes. Meg is dressed up by and for other people, and doesn‘t get to pick out what nice… 2d
Clare-Dragonfly …things suit her best, which I think strongly informs her dislike of the whole experience. Without spoilers, I think that difference shows even more strongly in their adult lives. 2d
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly I love that! 2d
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Clare-Dragonfly This chapter is so scary! And the doctor saying she‘ll pull through “this time”… 😭😭😭 4d
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BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly I knowwwwww ugh! 4d
Bookwormjillk 🥹🥹🥹🥹 4d
Cuilin “ if life is often as hard as this, I don‘t see how we shall ever get through it” 😢 (edited) 4d
TheAromaofBooks Hannah refusing to let Marmee know what's going on always infuriates me. I would rather be worrying from a distance than not know that my own daughter is dangerously ill! 4d
dabbe I call this the “waiting“ chapter. #ughindeed! 4d
kspenmoll @TheAromaofBooks Totally agree! 4d
julieclair I agree about Hannah, @TheAromaofBooks . Definitely bad judgment on her part. But I love how Laurie cares for them all! 3d
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Bookwormjillk Oh, Beth. Too funny about the bird though. 5d
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TheAromaofBooks Beth is only like, what 13ish? I can't imagine having a baby die IN MY ARMS, especially at that age! How horrible!

Flip side, gotta wonder where that parrot picked up its language 😂
Clare-Dragonfly So heartbreaking! @TheAromaofBooks I don‘t think we have to ask 😂 I love “no boys allowed!” 5d
dabbe Aunt March must have quite a vocabulary. 😂 5d
BarkingMadRead @dabbe the real truth comes out 🤣🤣 5d
mcctrish What a roller coaster chapter - baby dying and the parrot squawking 5d
julieclair This chapter was so sad. 3d
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dabbe Reading Amy's letter just cracked me up. 😂😂😂 6d
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BarkingMadRead @dabbe it also made my head hurt a little 🤣 6d
dabbe @BarkingMadRead IK! It was challenging just getting through it with all of the misspellings and absence of punctuation! 😂 6d
Bookwormjillk #IAlwaysSkimLetters it‘s my fatal flaw. No matter what the book. If it‘s a letter I skim. 6d
peanutnine One downside of listening to the audiobook is I don't see all the quirks like that in the letters @dabbe 6d
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Bookwormjillk Good for Jo! 1w
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Cuilin Well, this was a very exciting chapter. And Jo 💇‍♀️ 💗 7d
TheAromaofBooks “Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.“ The last line of this chapter always gets me. 7d
dabbe @TheAromaofBooks What a powerful line! 🤩 7d
julieclair It‘s so strange to think that Marlee had to pack whatever medical supplies she could, knowing that the hospital would not have enough supplies on hand. Tough, tough times. 6d
mcctrish No is just so fierce and health care hasn‘t changed much 6d
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Cuilin Having a lark ✅ being wild ❎ runnng down hills also ❎ I also can‘t decide if the thieving of the glove is creepy or not. 1w
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mcctrish @Cuilin it is kind of or mean, considering they are expected to wear them but the March‘s don‘t have money for new ones very often. I love that Jo is published but I‘m mad about the lack of payment! They don‘t pay newbies or they don‘t pay girls?! (edited) 1w
dabbe @mcctrish Based on the seediness of the place, I'd say both. #grr 1w
Bookwormjillk @mcctrish reminds me of today‘s unpaid internships 1w
Cuilin @mcctrish I didn‘t even consider the financial aspect. Yes. 1w
julieclair I‘m thinking Brooke picked up the glove so he‘d be able to return it to Meg and look like a hero. Which is still kind of creepy. I‘m waiting to see what he does next before I give him a creep-o-meter score. 1w
mcctrish @julieclair you are right, he wants to be gallant and is just waiting for the opportunity to 1w
julieclair I‘m so proud of Jo for having the guts to submit her stories to the paper. But I‘m angry that she‘s not being paid anything - not even a tiny amount. Good - but disturbing - comparison to today‘s unpaid internships, @Bookwormjillk . 1w
Clare-Dragonfly Yes, I‘m mad that the newspaper won‘t pay Jo, and she doesn‘t question it or shop her stories around to other papers! 1w
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My daughter and I are buddy reading Little Women 📚❤️
I'm so excited to hear her thoughts on one of my favorites 🤗

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Ch 13: I love their castles in the sky! #megpeepingonbrooks #whatdoeslaurieknow #staytuned #hashtagbrigade

Clare-Dragonfly Beth is such a sweetie. Why doesn‘t she stay with Mr. Laurence and Laurie run off? 😂 1w
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Cuilin Why did Laurie throw stones and how did the squirrel betray Laurie exactly? 🤔 oh and can we take a day off from the puritanical work ethic? geez (edited) 1w
Bookwormjillk @Cuilin I think the squirrel was squawking at him. Not really sure. 1w
TheAromaofBooks I love the way each person's “castle“ shows something of their personality. I also think it's funny how “dreaming big“ is a part of youth, no matter the time period. I appreciate the way the girls are working hard to become better people, and the way that we see that it doesn't happen magically, in a day, but over time with ups and downs. 1w
BarkingMadRead @Cuilin @Bookwormjillk yes, the squirrel screeched or something and it caused Beth to look up and see Laurie. 1w
peanutnine @Clare-Dragonfly that's what I thought! He and Beth get along great, Laurie can go do his thing 1w
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SpellboundReader Love the notes going back and forth! ❤ If Jo were a boy, I wonder if the same expectation to 'hold your temper' would apply if someone were caught cheating during a game. Excellent therapy for Beth. She needs to get out more, I think. 1w
dabbe I also love that Marmee and Laurie's grandfather are involved in the PO fest as well.

It's been so long since I've read this that I had forgotten how each chapter could stand alone just like a Sherlock Holmes story with titles like “The Adventure of the Croquet Picnic“ or “All Play and No Work“. 🤩
(edited) 1w
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Cuilin So I was at a picnic yesterday by a lake in Massachusetts. Ours was more of a frisbee, Jack Johnson on the boom box and lashings of Rosé. Lol I liked this chapter. 1w
Bookwormjillk This chapter always reminds me of Persuasion. I wonder if LMA read Jane Austen. 1w
Bookwormjillk @SpellboundReader good question re Jo‘s temper 1w
willaful This is one of my favs. My first copy of LW was abridged (!) and this was one of the sections that delighted me when I found the complete book. 1w
mcctrish @SpellboundReader I love the notes too 1w
Clare-Dragonfly This chapter is so fun! It bugs me that Beth assumed Frank is nice based on his disability, but it all seems to work out. Warning: my spoilered comment will contain spoilers for the very end of the book! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 1w
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m glad Amy doesn‘t marry Fred. Cheater. 😂 1w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 1w
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Librarybelle Poor Pip!! 2w
dabbe “Pip“ and the “Pickwick“ Club. Someone likes Dickens! 🤩 #rippip 2w
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Bookwormjillk RIP Pip! 🦜☠️ 2w
mcctrish Poor Pip and what a waste of food 😬 2w
Clare-Dragonfly I love the lesson they learn in this chapter! Everyone needs to pitch in! I don‘t think Little Women had a huge influence on me for how many times I read it as a kid, but this chapter may have been formative. Poor Pip 😭😭😭 2w
peanutnine Pip 😭😭 2w
TheAromaofBooks I know Marmee's little lessons sometimes sound a little pithy, but I appreciate “make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well.“ Such wonderful advice!! 1w
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Bookwormjillk Love the thought of the garden 2w
dabbe So much fun and delight in this chapter. I loved reading the papers, too! 🤩 2w
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TheAromaofBooks Literally the reason I finally read Pickwick Papers last year was because I've always meant to thanks to all the references in Little Women 😂 It was pretty exciting to actually recognize all the Pickwick characters today haha 2w
kspenmoll This was such a fun chapter, reading the papers was fabulous- such creativity & organization & voting against Laurie joining, then voting ti let him in. 2w
kspenmoll @Bookwormjillk Their own gardens so reflective of who each sister was- i love the flowers/veg that each chose 2w
Clare-Dragonfly The gardens always remind me of the beginning of The Little Mermaid! The mermaid princesses have their own garden plots too. 🥰 Any insights to share from having actually read Pickwick Papers? I never have (or read Pilgrim‘s Progress… just noticing all the alliteration) even though I‘ve read Little Women so many times! 2w
julieclair I can‘t wait to see how the mailbox gets used! 2w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly the descriptions of why each girl took their PP name is spot on. Those 4 men have a ridiculous number of adventures in a really fat book, and they have a club as well. Sam Weller was Pickwick‘s manservant. It‘s hard to describe the story though 🤣 2w
Clare-Dragonfly I would not have guessed that Sam Weller was a servant! That does shed some light and is a fun reversal of position on Laurie‘s part. ❤️ 2w
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I‘m starting this tonight and a bit behind, reading with the #pemberlittens.

This cover makes me laugh and I bought it just for the cover.


mcctrish This is awesome 2w
dabbe Agree 💯 wigh @mcctrish. Hmmm. What would a similar cover look like for #thebros? 🤔😂😀 2w
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kspenmoll 👏🏻👏🏻 2w
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willaful Never liked the shaming in this chapter. 2w
dabbe I forgot all about this chapter. I agree 💯, @willaful, about the shaming. It reminds me in a way of the scene in SENSE & SENSIBILITY when Willoughby (and the witchy fiancee) publicly snub Marianne. 2w
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julieclair @dabbe Yes! And it makes me sad that Meg gets drawn in and allows herself to be treated like a “project”. 2w
Cuilin @dabbe I think I‘m really going to struggle with the one dimensional puritan morality. This chapter gave me the ick. 2w
Bookwormjillk @Cuilin total ick 2w
TheAromaofBooks I love the advice Marmee gives Meg and Jo at the end of the chapter, and think her “plans“ are lovely. Even though women have many options besides marriage these days, wanting to have a life that is “useful and pleasant“ and the importance of emphasizing happiness and contentment over money and material gain still resonates. 2w
dabbe @TheAromaofBooks Agree 💯. 2w
kspenmoll @TheAromaofBooks Agree with you. 2w
Clare-Dragonfly So do we think that Meg really tore her dress, or did she just say that to get them to lend her a dress, as what she overheard suggested? We don‘t get Meg‘s internal monologue at that point and I‘ve always wondered. 2w
julieclair @Clare-Dragonfly I wondered the same thing. 2w
willaful @julieclair @Clare-Dragonfly I always assumed she said that because of what she overheard, but I supposed maybe she was uncomfortable because she knew what would happen. 2w
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“My Jo, you may say anything to your mother, for it is my greatest happiness and pride to feel that my girls confide in me, and know how much I love them.”

I don‘t know if this is my first time reading Little Women since becoming a parent, but it‘s certainly the first time since my child could speak and express his feelings, and I so much relate to this quote. ❤️

BarkingMadRead I love this quote! 2w
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SpellboundReader I never blame Jo for her reaction. Shame on Amy for being so spiteful and spoiled. 2w
BarkingMadRead @SpellboundReader I‘ve always felt the same. To burn something that Jo worked on for years, it‘s too much. 2w
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dabbe I think the sourness of sucking on those limes went straight to Amy's head. 🍋‍🟩 2w
Clare-Dragonfly @SpellboundReader Right?! It would be impossible not to be furious after your sister did such a horrible thing. She was rude to Amy, but Amy‘s reaction was way over the top. 2w
Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead @SpellboundReader agree 100% That was not a proportional response. And then to act like Jo‘s temper was the problem. This chapter really bothers me. 2w
Cuilin @Bookwormjillk yes, this chapter really bothers me too. I think an apology needs to come with some sort of reparation. Amy offered nothing. Jo‘s feelings are entirely valid 2w
dabbe @Cuilin Agree 💯! It reminds me of someone who apologizes by saying something like “I'm sorry IF I offended you,“ meaning it is still the other person's fault for being offended. #backhandedapology 2w
julieclair I totally agree with everyone. Amy‘s reaction was completely disproportionate. And the way the family reacts bothers me too. Even Jo seemed to think her own anger wasn‘t justified. The family really seems to be coddling Amy here, and she‘s the one who was totally in the wrong. 2w
mcctrish @dabbe I laughed out loud and Amy just makes me so mad absolutely book throwing mad 2w
dabbe @mcctrish What an effin prima donna! How did she get such airs in that family? 😂 2w
TheAromaofBooks I agree that Amy was way out of line, but Jo did literally almost let Amy die because she was angry. She didn't have to forgive her to warn her about the thin ice; by turning away she went from just being angry to wishing active harm on Amy. I don't think anyone expected Jo to just act like nothing had happened, but nursing and encouraging anger and bad feelings towards someone, no matter what they did to you, isn't a healthy response. 2w
TheAromaofBooks All that being said, I think Marmee needed to have the same conversation with Amy about HER temper, because Amy's fit of temper is what started the whole problem in the first place! 2w
kspenmoll @SpellboundReader I agree! Amy is a brat prima donna! 2w
kspenmoll @TheAromaofBooks Yes, Amy is coddled too much/ youngest? Pretty golden hair? 2w
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https://www.worldturndupsidedown.com/2020/07/little-women-civil-war-era-pickled.... why were they banned at school? Sounds like Civil War version of Pokémon cards

dabbe That's why! I remember the banning of Pokemon cards at middle school; those things were EVERYWHERE! 🤩😀😂 2w
mcctrish @dabbe it‘s always something 🤣🤣 2w
Jess_Read_This I have always wanted to try pickled limes since reading Little Women. Even after reading how they are made, I‘m still intrigued! But wonder if I‘ll be disappointed like I was as a kid when I begged my mom to buy Turkish Delight like Edmund has in Narnia. 2w
mcctrish @Jess_Read_This my mom liked Turkish Delight so I knew what it was and did not understand Edmund AT ALL. I am thinking of buying a bag of limes at Costco and trying this recipe, I do love limes and pickles - it seems like an Indian food thing to me 2w
Jess_Read_This @mcctrish 😂 I remember my mom proudly bringing me Turkish delight home (mainly to stop my begging) and I was so disappointed because real Turkish Delight wasn‘t what my imagination thought it was. I love limes and pickles too so will have to make this! (edited) 2w
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Cuilin “pickle limes” does not sound appetizing. “Lapse of Lingy” is so much better than dysgraphia. I will be using this from now on. I also want the backstory as to why the Irish kids were foes. 2w
BarkingMadRead @Cuilin I say lapse of lingy all the time because of this book 🤣🤣 2w
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IndoorDame LOVE “lapse of lingy” never really noticed that phrase before. I think I‘ve always been too wrapped up trying to figure out what exactly picked limes actually were… This time I actually found a recipe, and now I‘m even more confused as to what these things might taste like????? 2w
dabbe @Cuilin I'm with you. I can see the Irish-English feud for centuries, but the Marches are American. Or do their ancestors come from GB? 2w
dabbe #lol The old-new hashtag. Now it can mean #lapseoflingy to those in the know. 😀 2w
Cuilin @dabbe so many Catholic Irish arrived during and after the famine and were not welcomed at all by the established protestant community. Of course, Massachusetts has such a huge Irish heritage community now. 2w
dabbe @Cuilin I think this idea comes out in SH's VALLEY OF FEAR. If only we could let everyone practice their religion or no religion in peace. 💚 2w
Cuilin @dabbe 💯 2w
mcctrish My Nana wasn‘t allowed to play with Catholics growing up and what‘s crazy is they lived in St Boniface in Winnipeg ( French quarter, settled by French Catholics so they‘d be the majority 🙄) her dad went on to be mayor - still not allowed to mix with them ( or be a nurse or hairdresser because those occupations were beneath her ) 2w
willaful Just remembered that I grew up with no religious tradition yet awareness that there were “Irish Catholics down the street.“ 🙄 I wonder now if that came from my stepfather because it seems unlike my mother. 2w
Clare-Dragonfly Yeah, there was a lot of racism among groups that we today don‘t consider to be different races—I‘ve learned that as an Italian, Laurie‘s mother wouldn‘t count as white! That partially explains Mr. Laurence being so overprotective and not introducing himself to his neighbors. Now, can anyone explain to me what Latin phrase “lapse of lingy” is supposed to be? It always made perfect sense as it is to me! 2w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly I have no idea, I just like the way it sounds. Italians not being considered white reminds of that line from the LaBamba movie, when Donna‘s dad thought Richie was “one of those I-Talians” 🙄 2w
kspenmoll @Cuilin Agree- yuk pickled limes; love “ Lapse of Lingy”! I would not have explored that phrase without this group! 2w
kspenmoll @Cuilin My great great grandfather came to Connecticut during the potato famine as 12-year-old. Many Irish & Italians immigrated & by 1860s lived in the city of Hartford in separate areas. By then there was less intense bigotry by the Protestant farmers than when they first arrived. 2w
julieclair @cuilin I wondered about the Irish kids, too. Is there a backstory, or was it just pure prejudice? @mcctrish That is a wild story about your Nana! @dabbe YEs! 💯! 2w
rubyslippersreads In all the times I‘ve read this book, I‘ve never noticed #lapseoflingy! 🤣 However, I always thought pickled limes sounded quite unappealing. 2w
Cuilin @kspenmoll how amazing that you have that information. Do you know where in Ireland he came from? I agree, as time went on the Irish worked very hard and were eventually embraced by their communities. 2w
Clare-Dragonfly FYI: I googled “lapse of lingy” and found a site saying Amy is trying to say “lapsus linguae,” Latin for “slip of the tongue.” 2w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly even better!! 2w
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Bookwormjillk We sure did earn it!! 2w
Librarybelle Yes…such a different type of book compared to some of our previous ones…I‘m looking at you, #TheBros !! 2w
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Cuilin I don‘t know if it‘s because we have read such dark material that I am having trouble with all the sweetness. I think there‘s something wrong with me. Am I broke? lol 2w
IndoorDame @Cuilin hahaha, I usually can‘t do sweet either so you‘re not broke (or at least you‘re not alone 😂), but somehow this is one of my favorite books ever, which really makes no sense 2w
Ruthiella @Cuilin It‘s not only you. This book is overly sweet for my tastes. 2w
Cuilin @BarkingMadRead is that our new name? 😂 #thebrosbrokeus 2w
willaful @Ruthiella @Cuilin We'll be getting some... well, if I say spice, I'll completely mislead you.... 😂

For me, the strong characters and the fun made it worth while.
BarkingMadRead @willaful I totally agree! There is definite some drama and fun ahead 2w
dabbe @BarkingMadRead Now THAT's a hashtag! 🤩😂😀 2w
willaful @dabbe you earned it! 2w
Clare-Dragonfly 😍😍😍 2w
TheAromaofBooks I literally bawled my way through this chapter 😂 2w
Bookwormjillk @willaful @Ruthiella @Cuilin @BarkingMadRead I don‘t want to spoil but it definitely doesn‘t stay this way. And after I highly recommend 2w
Bookwormjillk @TheAromaofBooks got a little misty for me too 🥹 2w
Cuilin @Ruthiella @IndoorDame so glad that I‘m not the only one and I‘m in good company! 2w
mcctrish @Librarybelle 😆😆😆 2w
mcctrish @Bookwormjillk I love anything Geraldine Brooks writes, I am totally up for March 2w
mcctrish I love this book @TheAromaofBooks I‘m trying not to cry 2w
kspenmoll Love 💗 2w
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“ He isn‘t as handsome as my grandfather…”
I loved everything about this chapter - all the joy Jo brought to Laurie. I had to look up Meg‘s dessert! #hashtagbrigade


BarkingMadRead Doesn‘t look very tasty 🤣 2w
willaful @BarkingMadRead I think we've all experienced the blancmange letdown, although it's not nearly as intense as the Turkish Delight letdown!

(Though I recently had some TD from actual Turkey -- one of my husband's coworkers is from there, and brought some when we went to see the eclipse -- and it was quite nice.)
kspenmoll @willaful 😀😀😀😀😀 2w
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Clare-Dragonfly It sure takes a lot of effort for them to be friends considering they are literally neighbors and Grandpa Laurence was friends with Marmee‘s dad! Good thing Jo is so willing to put in that effort. 2w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly gramps is definitely overprotective! 2w
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IndoorDame I love grandpa! He‘s quirky, but every scene with him is sweeter than the last! 2w
Bookwormjillk I love these day in the life of scenes 2w
kspenmoll I just loved this chapter! 2w
mcctrish This is such a comfort read ❤️❤️❤️ I loved the scene with Jo and Mr Lawrence 2w
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Bookwormjillk I can‘t picture how he would have picked a fish up with his cane 🐟🦯 3w
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk the pic in my book shows him hooking the fish in the gills with the curved part 🤷🏻‍♀️ seems sus to me 🤣 3w
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Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead ew. His hands must smell like fish. 3w
Amor4Libros @Bookwormjillk I just finished reading the chapter and thought the same when I read that part 😅 3w
dabbe I forgot what a complainer Meg could be. I don't remember her being like that in the movie versions I've seen. Amy, yes; Meg, no. Or has it been that long? 🤔 3w
BarkingMadRead @dabbe in the movie I feel like Meg complains so quietly and Amy was so whiny and that‘s why it felt worse with Amy 3w
dabbe @BarkingMadRead That makes total sense. Thanks! 🤩 3w
kspenmoll @Bookwormjillk 😂😂😂😂 3w
kspenmoll I did feel that This chapter revealed more of their personalities & day to day lives- love Jo & Aunt March & The Vicar of Wakefield! 3w
Amor4Libros The last time I read this was so long ago that I barely remember anything. I also didn‘t remember it being so long 😅 3w
mcctrish I think I just identified with Jo so much I blended Meg and Amy together ish 2w
julieclair Now I want to read The Vicar of Wakefield… 2w
BarkingMadRead @julieclair we will have to remember this when we plan 2025 🤣 2w
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Amor4Libros I need to find a copy of this book. I‘m still on chapter 1 on Serial Reader 🤣 3w
Bookwormjillk @Amor4Libros do you have a kindle? Pretty sure my copy was under a dollar. 3w
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Bookwormjillk I always think of this chapter as the mirror image of the ball where Lizzie Bennett met Darcy. 3w
Librarybelle Oh, that‘s a good thought @Bookwormjillk ! ❤️ 3w
Amor4Libros @Bookwormjillk I do! I haven‘t been buying any books and didn‘t even think to check and see how much it was 😅…copy secured! Thanks! ❤️ 3w
SpellboundReader Giving my totally unfair and biased opinion, but I like Christian Bale's version of Laurie better. This is one of my favorite chapters in Little Women. 3w
dabbe @SpellboundReader I agree! Bale rocks this role! 🤩 3w
BarkingMadRead @SpellboundReader I am definitely #teamBale on this one. I also prefer that entire version. The newer one just didn‘t do it for me 3w
julieclair I just loved this chapter. And… I have never seen this on film (!), so have no opinion on #whoplayeditbetter . But if & when I ever do watch it, I‘m going for the Bale version! 😀 (edited) 3w
BarkingMadRead @julieclair if I had to suggest an order to watch I would definitely suggest the Bale version. They were both fairly close to the book, but the original movie did a much better job with the characters being accurate 3w
julieclair @BarkingMadRead That‘s good to know. It always bugs me when the movie differs much from the book. 3w
Clare-Dragonfly @Bookwormjillk What a fun way to think of it! @BarkingMadRead Original movie? There are at least two older versions! 😂 I need to watch the one with Katharine Hepburn. 3w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly ohhhhh I forgot about that one! 3w
mcctrish @Amor4Libros my serial reader ap is letting me read 2 instalments a day = 1 chapter in real life 3w
mcctrish There are quite a few versions I haven‘t seen, maybe it‘s time for a retrospective binge 3w
Amor4Libros @mcctrish ooh, how nice! I was able to get a Kindle version of the book 😊 3w
mcctrish @Amor4Libros I almost bought one for .75 but for some reason I can skip ahead this time 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3w
Amor4Libros @mcctrish Now that you‘ve mentioned it, I think I was able to do that too, but I didn‘t try it 😅 3w
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Bookwormjillk I think this might be my favorite literary Christmas scene ever. 3w
TheAromaofBooks I love it when the girls all get folded up in the bed 😂 3w
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Clare-Dragonfly I always hated how Meg complains about being poor and they have a servant and then they meet some ACTUAL poor people 😂 3w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly 🤣 for real 3w
julieclair I loved this chapter! Everything about it speaks to the true meaning of Christmas. 3w
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Despite trying multiple times, I've never actually read this classic. I know how beloved it is, but there's just something about it that I don't connect with. However, it feels like a huge gap in my literary knowledge, so maybe giving it a go with the #hashtagbrigade will help?

Tamra I find reading with others helps! 3w
Ruthiella You can do it with the #hashtagbrigade ! 👍 It‘s not my favorite and I wonder if I‘d feel differently if I had read it as a child, or even seen one of the adaptations as a kid. 3w
LeahBergen That‘s true, @Ruthiella . I love this book (and read it as a child) and yet I haven‘t enjoyed some of her other books that I first came to as an adult. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (edited) 3w
See All 12 Comments
Hooked_on_books I‘ve never read it, either! I‘ve also never tried. But I‘ve definitely had success reading books with others that I know I would never get through if left to my own devices. 3w
Clare-Dragonfly I have definitely finished books I would not have finished otherwise with the #hashtagbrigade! 3w
dabbe I could have NEVER gotten through some reads (talking to you, A PASSAGE TO INDIA and #thebros) without the #hashtagbrigade. C'mon and join us! 🤩🤗😀 3w
rubyslippersreads I read this and all of her other books as a child. I love this, but my two favorite Alcotts are Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom. 3w
rubyslippersreads I think you should join us. The March sisters are much more fun than #thebros. 🤣 3w
quietjenn @Ruthiella @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Maybe! Although I'm pretty sure I tried to read it as a kid and couldn't get into it then either. Maybe I'm just contrary. 😂 3w
quietjenn @Hooked_on_books @dabbe @Clare-Dragonfly @rubyslippersreads I've definitely found it helpful to get through a few things in the past. I will give this one a go - again! - and see if the company and the hashtags help! 3w
quietjenn @rubyslippersreads Maybe I will try those! I did read and really love An Old Fashioned Girl, around the time that I first became a children's librarian. 3w
dabbe @quietjenn 💙🏳️‍🌈💜 3w
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My first edition of Little Women bought in 1963. As to its publication date, it states: “THE SPECIAL CONTENTS OF THIS EDITION ARE COPYRIGHT, 1947, by GROSSET & DUNLAP,INC.”
There are both color plate & black & cream drawings illustrated by Louis Jambor. #hashtagbrigade
Beginning my day with coffee & Little Women. #coffeeandbooks

IndoorDame 🤩🤩🤩🤩 3w
tpixie How lovely! Thanks for sharing! What a find! 3w
AllDebooks 😍 3w
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BarkingMadRead So beautiful!!! 3w
Cuilin I love the cover 💞 3w
kspenmoll @Cuilin It used to have a paper cover with a color painting but it‘s long gone. I like the cover without it. 3w
kspenmoll @tpixie My younger sister had this edition of mine & found it when she moved . 3w
tpixie @kspenmoll treasures 💎 3w
LeahBergen Love it! 3w
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@Sace here is the #hashtagbrigade schedule! Anyone can join at any time. I have a master tag list that I use once a month to see who is interested in the next book. I use that tag list to post every day. We read a chapter a day and I post every day. The hashtags are often ridiculous and always chapter spoilers, so don‘t read my post until you‘ve read the chapter! @LitsyEvents could you please share this again?

Sace Thank you! 3w
Graciouswarriorprincess @BarkingMadRead please add me, thanks! 2w
BarkingMadRead @Graciouswarriorprincess I added you to the list, you‘ll start getting tagged tomorrow! 2w
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Excited to join the #HashTagBrigade for a reread of a favorite book. This is a new edition from others I‘ve read, part of the Puffin Collection.

@BarkingMadRead Please add me to your tag list. I think I may be able to stay on task with this one 😁

dabbe 💙 your cover! 3w
Sace Is there a link to a hashtag brigade list of books and schedule? 3w
sblbooks I just read this one last month. I've never read any of the others in the series, have you? 3w
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BarkingMadRead This cover is beautiful!! 3w
BarkingMadRead @Sace I will tag you 3w
Deblovestoread @sblbooks I‘ve read Jo‘s Boys but it‘s been too many years ago to remember anything about it. I should probably revisit. 3w
tpixie Puffin makes the best covers! 3w
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Reading this book never gets old. Chapter 1 tonight.#buddyread #hashtagbrigade

BarkingMadRead I love this cover! 3w
Ruthiella Yes! This is a beautiful edition. 😍 3w
Tamra What a cover! 3w
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sblbooks Wow, gorgeous cover! 3w
tpixie And gorgeous cover!!! 3w
Gissy Beautiful edition😍👌 3w
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I own a few copies of Little Women but decided to read from my most recent edition acquisition, the #BOTM version.

I‘ve read this a couple of times, so I‘m looking forward to this reread. Fun fact: If I ever had a daughter, her name would be Josephine Elizabeth, after my two favorite female characters, Jo March and Elizabeth Bennet. #PemberLittens #HashtagBrigade

IndoorDame Love the cover art!!!! 3w
Bookwormjillk I think that‘s my favorite so far 🤩 3w
BarkingMadRead Ohhhhh fun cover! 3w
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Librarybelle I loved it so much I had to add it to my BOTM box awhile ago! @IndoorDame @Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead 3w
LiteraryinLawrence I love the name Josephine for that reason too! With a nickname of Jo. I‘m not having kids so I always thought of it as a possible cat name. 😋 3w
Librarybelle @LiteraryinLawrence Good plan! I‘ll never have kids either, so my cats are blessed with “human” names. They‘re my kids. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 3w
Texreader And I still haven‘t read it… 3w
kelli7990 I haven‘t read it yet. 3w
Librarybelle @Texreader @kelli7990 There are quite a few children‘s classics I have yet to read but everyone else has. Maybe someday! 3w
marleed I believe I own 3 physical copies of this book, and I too must admit, I‘ve never read it. Ohhh, maybe I should list one of my #BookSpin categories as A children‘s classic! 3w
Librarybelle @marleed I highly recommend it! 3w
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I‘m so psyched to start our #hashtagbrigade read of this tonight! I have a copy of the Sterling hardcover somewhere that I read from the last few times I picked up Little Women but I always found it bulky and unpleasant, so this time I decided to try this Sea Wolf Press one which is larger than I‘d like for a paperback copy but has reproductions of the original illustrations which is a sure way to convince me to buy a book 🙃.

kspenmoll I have the same edition! Looking forward to this buddy read. I am too starting tonight. 3w
IndoorDame @kspenmoll yay! 💜 3w
BarkingMadRead Beautiful cover!! 3w
Ruthiella I think this edition is beautiful! 😍 3w
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I first read a library copy of this classic, but in 1997 I used a gift card to buy my own copy from Borders in Fairlawn, Ohio #RIPBorders #HashtagBrigade

Ruthiella Borders! 😭 3w
AnnCrystal 📚Borders💝💝💝. 3w
tpixie Borders!!! 💞💞💞 3w
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🎶The Girls are back in town 🎶 sung to Loverboy‘s The Boys are back in town #chapteraday #hashtagbrigade Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy ❤️❤️

kspenmoll I love this! You made me smile “The Girls are back in town!” (edited) 3w
mcctrish @kspenmoll I had such a strong physical response to reading this first chapter ❤️ it never ceases to amaze me how much a book can resonate with someone #MarchGirlsForever 3w
tpixie @mcctrish thanks for reminding me about Serial Reader!! 3w
mcctrish @tpixie I don‘t think I‘m lined up with a regular book 😬 3w
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post image
Bookwormjillk I‘ve read this so many times it was like putting on a comfy robe or something this morning reading this again. I‘m reading on kindle this time, but I‘ll take a pic of my paperback in a bit. 3w
mcctrish @Bookwormjillk I often think Pride and Prejudice is my most reread book but it‘s hands down Little Women ❤️ I have lost my copy 😭😭 so I‘m reading on Serial Reader 3w
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SpellboundReader Such a great opening line for a book, I think one any child or even adult could relate to. As many times as I've read this chapter, I still get take aback by the immediate jump into themes of self-improvement and self-sacrifice. 3w
Librarybelle I‘m starting this tonight! This is such a perfect book. And totally agree about Jo! 3w
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m starting out with an audiobook because I‘ve read this enough times that I won‘t have to rewind if I miss anything! I‘m going to my mom‘s house halfway through the month, though, and I hope to find my old hardcover there. 3w
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly ohhhhh i hope you find it!! 3w
peanutnine This is my first time reading and I love the girls so far! 3w
TheAromaofBooks Like several others, this is an old favorite of mine!! Unpopular opinion, Meg is my fave 😂 Have you read this one before @BarkingMadRead ? 3w
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks so so many times 3w
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRead - I've really enjoyed reading several books with this group that were brand new experiences for me, but I'm also excited to read one that so many of us already know and love!! 3w
kspenmoll I have reread this book a few times over the years. I am excited to read it with a group! I recently read a fictionalized book based on her mothers letters & journals that was wonderful 3w
IndoorDame @Clare-Dragonfly oooh 🤞🏼! there‘s something so special about reading from your childhood copy of something! 3w
IndoorDame I think this may be the first time I‘ve noticed that Marmee tells them what they‘re getting for Christmas in this chapter. (also kinda feels like we‘re getting a lot of mixed messages about gifts and frugality, but I‘m from outside the tradition so I could be wrong…) 3w
dabbe It's been ages since I've read this--decades. And reading chapter 1 was like drinking the coziest cup of cocoa in front of a warm fire--even though it was 102º today. 😂 I love how the girls change their selfish desires with their $$ in order to make Marmee's Christmas a special one. 🎄 3w
julieclair I am so happy to be rereading this. It‘s been quite awhile. I‘m wondering if I will feel differently about any of the characters or events this time around. 🤔 3w
StayCurious This is my first time reading this book - all I know about it is references I‘ve seen in movies and tv - so I‘m looking forward to meeting the characters. 3w
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I don‘t know why I put #littlewomen into my #bookspinbingo stack 🤣 we won‘t finish it until July 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well! @TheAromaofBooks I‘m replacing it with Run Rose Run

KadaGul If Spin View is this captivating 🤓🤗🫣, I can only imagine 🤔🙂‍↔️how incredible the book 📚 must be. 4w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 4w
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I decided to read quite a few #YA this month. I'm happy with my selections, all of these were four and five stars.

post image

Yesterday evening. 🌼 🌸 📖 🎧

post image

A copy of Little Women for my mom for Mother‘s Day (I don‘t think she‘s ever read it??? But we saw the Greta Gerwig version in theaters together when it came out) and a couple for my own pile because 🤷🏻‍♀️ #bookhaul

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Tag, everyone!

1. Flying to Texas to see my mom, returning on Easter Sunday to eat candy with my kids :)
2. I haven‘t really had one yet, but several three-star ratings. The level of the sex scenes in The Kiss Quotient was way too much for me, though. I‘m not a hardcore romance fan.
3. Little Women! I read it over and over again, and also several of Alcott‘s other books. I still have my Little Women series hardbacks from childhood.

Cupcake12 I love Little Women ❤️ Thanks for joining in x 3mo
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Here ya go, @eeclayton our list for the year! If anyone would like to join us for these buddy reads, let me know. Be warned, my hashtags are often ridiculous and always chapter spoilers, so you should read the chapter before you read the hashtags! I have a master list that I use before we start each book, and then a book specific tag list that I use for each book. #hashtagbrigade #pemberlittens

Bookwormjillk Little Women is going to be so fun 3mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk I can‘t wait!! 3mo
kspenmoll Hoping to join in some of these! 3mo
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KAO Count me in for Rebecca! It has to be easier to follow than The Bros! 3mo
BarkingMadRead @kspenmoll do you want me to add you to the master list? 3mo
eeclayton Thank you so much! 3mo
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Hi, I‘m new here. Starting the new year with a new #readingjournal (old one isn‘t full yet, but I needed space for my #tbr and #readinglog )
I Plan to finally read #littlewomen through the App serial reader. Any recommendations for other Classic I should read this year?

SpellboundReader Welcome to Litsy @funkelbunt.liest .🙂 I noticed @BarkingMadRead is hosting readalongs for some classic books this year. Little Women is scheduled for June/July but there are some other classic novels you might be interested in reading. It might be helpful to follow LitsyEvents too, as there are a lot of fun things posted through that feed.
#PemberLittens #HashTagBrigade classic reads post:
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks is also hosting readalongs for different classics, the hashtag is #randomclassics mine are a chapter a day, and we use a lot of hashtags. They are usually ridiculous and always chapter spoilers 🤣 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Glad to have you on Litsy @funkelbunt.liest !!! There are loads of fun challenges and readalongs here, so if you see an event or hashtag that intrigues you, just ask!! I recommend following @Chrissyreadit and checking out the link in her profile which has some Welcome Wagon info!! And like @BarkingMadRead said, I'll be reading #RandomClassics all year; March's is Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. 4mo
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Chrissyreadit Welcome to Litsy! I love serial reader, and Little Women is one of my favorite books in the entire world. What other things are you interested in for classic reading? Many of us love Jane Austen and anything by her will be fun. Some of my other favorite classics are anything by Alcott, The Secret Garden, Les Miserable and Watership Down. 4mo
funkelbunt.liest @BeeCurious thank you, I will check this challenge and Litsy events out (I‘m still a bit confused with how Litsy works though) 4mo
funkelbunt.liest @BarkingMadRead thank you! I‘m still totally confused with Litsy itself so don‘t get me started on hashtags yet 🤪 4mo
funkelbunt.liest @TheAromaofBooks @Chrissyreadit thank you both! I actually have no idea what these events are, but I will definitely look into it! 4mo
funkelbunt.liest @Chrissyreadit I love Jane Austen and I wanted to read some Charles dickens books, but I also haven‘t read yet Anne of greengables and the following books and I don‘t know if that counts as classic but I would love to read the narnia books, since I‘ve only listened to the German audiobooks a few years ago 4mo
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ½

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Little Women is one of many.
This is on my mind since I saw the movie last night.

BookmarkTavern A fantastic choice! Thanks for sharing! 7mo
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Finally saw this version. Starz says it's a Holiday movie so I am counting it! 😬😉

#WinterGames #TeamEvergreen
@clwojick @TEArificbooks @Larkken @Lizpixie @Jadams1776 @PathfinderNicole @Skygoddess1


This article appeared in the July 7, 2023 edition of The Guardian. A scholar has found several stories that may have been written by Louisa May Alcott.


post image

This was the first (of three-ish) classics I‘ve read that I‘ve actually enjoyed. Despite how long ago it was written, the writing flowed smoothly and didn‘t feel crammed with unnecessary descriptions (cough-Dickens-cough). 4.5⭐️

oddandbookish Little Women is one of my all time favorites! 9mo
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