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Voting is now open for the May selection of #LitsySciFiBookClub Please cast your vote for your favorite. I will leave the voting open until the end of the week. May the best book win.😅

@Larkken @Deblovestoread @bnp @Johanna414 @BookmarkTavern @julesG @sebrittainclark @BookBelle84 @Readergrrl @CSeydel @Roary47 @Lizpixie @Ruthiella @PaperbackPirate

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julesG The Spare Man 2d
Lesliereadsalot The Three-Body Problem 2d
Roary47 The Three Body Problem 2d
DuckOfDoom 👀👀👀 I didn't know there was a sci-fi book club. Can I join? 2d
CSeydel The Three Body Problem 2d
RamsFan1963 I'll go with the book I nominated 2d
TheSpineView @DuckOfDoom Sure. I will add you to the tag list. I will include you going forward. Go ahead and vote for one of the May options. We are reading The Calculating Stars for April and open discussion will begin a couple of days before the end of the month. 2d
Karisimo Just watched the first season so I‘d like to read it! 1d
Ruthiella I think we‘re going to read The Three Body Problem! 😂 But I‘ll still vote for my suggestion 1d
Lizpixie I‘ll vote Alien Clay but it looks like it‘s a 3 Body Problem month! 1d
BookmarkTavern I‘ll vote for Redshirts! But just want to say that The Spare Man is a lot of fun! 💕 1d
DuckOfDoom This looks like the perfect book for my right now 1d
Larkken Having already read 3-body-problem (and given that I‘ll be excited to see how everyone does with it) I‘ll vote for 18h
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From @TheSpineView

Nominations are now open to choose May's book for the #LitsySciFiBookClub Please keep nominations to one and stick to the Sci-Fi genre.
Of course, any sub genre, i.e. Space Opera, is good too.

Let her know if you wish to be tagged

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Nominations are now open to choose May's book for the #LitsySciFiBookClub Please keep nominations to one and stick to the Sci-Fi genre. Of course, any sub genre, i.e. Space Opera, is good too. Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the tag list.

@Larkken @Deblovestoread @bnp @Johanna414 @BookmarkTavern @julesG @sebrittainclark @BookBelle84 @Readergrrl @CSeydel @Roary47 @LeeRHarry @Lizpixie

LeeRHarry Hi could I be removed from the list please 😊 5d
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CatLass007 Maybe third time is the charm. I nominate 5d
RamsFan1963 I'll nominate this, even though I haven't read April's selection yet 5d
Ruthiella Looking at my TBR I‘ll nominate 5d
julesG @RamsFan1963 I haven't read the April book yet either. 🙈 5d
julesG My nomination, from #MountTBR, 5d
Lizpixie My nomination is 5d
Larkken Nominated from a best-of list (though I, too, need to start this month's book & failed utterly at Dhalgren and it is also on the best-of list 🫣) 5d
Bookwomble @CatLass007 I'll nominate it, too 😊 5d
CaroPi No idea what to nominate but please add me to the list! 4d
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Hiatus | L. A. Witt
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I've been lurking and reading but haven't had the energy to post. So hello! Here's the list I've been reading off of this month. I'll be tentatively poking around at these challenges and buddy reads, as ever. 👋 #bookspin #roll100 #readyourebooks #naturalitsy #noplacelikeholmes #LitsySciFiBookClub

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I am so ready for spring and April‘s #BingoBoard ! 🎊

#BookSpin Pandora‘s Jar, #DoubleSpin The Wind‘s Twelve Quarters

#Roll10 The Wind‘s Twelve Quarters, Tribe, The Nez Pearce

#OokBOokClub Sourcery

#AuldLangSpine Pandora‘s Jar

#ClassicLSFBC Way Station

#LitsySciFiBookClub The Calculating Stars

#SeasonalCozies Flowers and Foul Play

Trixie Belden Read The Secret of the Mansion

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Looks fabulous!! 3w
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My March Summary:

18 books total
9 Audiobooks
6 Middle Grade
3 YA


TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Fabulous month!!! 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💚💚💚 3w
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@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs #SpringSkies #BkClubRead

Reading this book in April for the #LitsySciFiBookClub #LSFBC which I host. It is a reread for myself. I enjoyed this book and look forward to visiting with the characters again.

Karisimo Have you read the whole series? 3w
TheSpineView @Karisimo Yes. Book 1 and 3 are my favorites 3w
Eggs 💙🖤💙 Perfect 3w
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julesG Same. I'm going to enjoy the audiobook shortly before our discussion. 3w
Karisimo @TheSpineView good to hear! 3w
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Starter Villain | John Scalzi
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The Hugo nominees were announced yesterday and these are the Best Novel nominees. The full list of nominees can be found at https://locusmag.com/2024/03/2024-hugo-astounding-and-lodestar-awards-finalists/.

I've read Starter Villain and Some Desperate Glory and liked both very much. Is anyone else planning to read the Hugo nominees?

#hugoawards #hugo2024

kwmg40 Starter Villain was one of the recent #LitsySciFiBookClub selections. It'll be interesting to see how it places in the Hugo voting. @TheSpineView 4w
TheSpineView I liked Starter Villian. I want to read a few of the nominations but doubt I will get all of them. 4w
Ruthiella I‘m stunned that I have actually read two! I enjoyed both Starter Villain and 4w
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willaful I enjoyed Tesh's other books, so that's on my TBR. And probably the Wells at some point. 4w
RamsFan1963 I really enjoyed Starter Villain, but Leckie's Translation State was amazing!! 4w
kwmg40 @TheSpineView @Ruthiella @willaful @RamsFan1963 I'll be very interested in seeing your reviews if/when you read any others from this list. I'm especially looking forward to Leckie's book but there's a long wait at the library. 4w
peanutnine I really loved the Witch King. Starter Villain and the Adventures of Amina are both on my TBR, I might push them up the list now 4w
kwmg40 @peanutnine Glad to hear you loved the Witch King. I've liked all of Martha Wells's works that I've read so far, so I expect I'll like this one too. 4w
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Repost for @TheSpineView

The April selection for the #LitsySciFiBookClub had changed to The Calculating Stars since the original choice, which was self-published, is not available at this time. Please let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list. Happy Reading! ❤️📖🛸

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Here are a few questions on The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis. These are just to get us started. Please feel free to discuss anything about this book. There was a lot going in it and I would love to hear your thoughts. #LitsySciFiBookClub #LSFBC

@Larkken @Deblovestoread @bnp @Johanna414 @BookmarkTavern @julesG @sebrittainclark @BookBelle84 @Readergrrl @CSeydel @Roary47 @LeeRHarry

Ruthiella 1. think at least in part the book is to show how humans can‘t see beyond their own limited understanding and perspective, to our own detriment.
2. Was he an alcoholic? I never thought of him that way, interesting! In any case, I found him relatable in his need for solitude coupled with his need for companionship.
3. I never saw Newton as a Christ figure. Icarus fits in that his ambitions were too high and were ultimately his downfall.
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Bookwomble 1. That vested interest will outweigh wisdom. That we don't learn from experience. That technology can't save us if our intentions continue to be domination through force.
2. Tevis was actively alcoholic when he wrote the book, and alcoholism was a feature of many of his stories. I thought it an interesting inversion of culture shock, as historically alcoholism is a factor in the collapse of a colonised culture. Saying that, Newton does lose...
Bookwomble ... himself in American culture, "goes native", and perhaps alcohol is the haven of the alienated alien.
3. There's an early scene in which Newton sees a picture of Christ crucified and sees him as Anthean, so the comparison is there, but I think as a contrast between Christ's arrival being the salvation of the fallen universe and Newton's failure to save anything. The fate of Icarus is the overarching metaphor: the fall of Anthean civilisation...
Bookwomble ... through the misuse of technology, the incipient fall of human civilization, the literal and metaphorical fall of Newton from space to earth, and from grace to purgatory, if not damnation. Rumpelstiltskin span straw into gold, and Newton arrived not just with literal gold, but with the prime materials to create wealth from, essentially, nothing. Photography is the innovation most mentioned: wealth created by the conversion of the real into... 1mo
Bookwomble ... an image, and faery gold is traditionally illusory, lacks intrinsic value and eventually reverts to leaves and dust.
(My apologies for hogging bandwidth.)
kwmg40 Good observations here. I don't really have anything to add to the discussion, but the rest of you have given me more to think about. 4w
rretzler I would agree that there have been some good observations. While reading the book, I felt that I could see the handwriting on the wall when Newton started at first to drink, as if that would ultimately lead to his downfall. So in answer to that question, I think it made him more human. But perhaps the Antheans were “human” anyway, as their civilization is a cautionary tale for our own. 3w
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