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The Invisible Library | Genevieve Cogman
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I chose this for #booked2023 #gaslightfantasy, since it was on my TBR shelf already. 🙂

I‘d say it also falls into urban fantasy, taking place in Londons (yes multiple) and having the typical UF cast (vampires/fay/werewolves/etc) and also somewhat steampunky.

For me, more so-so but almost low pick? Fun but won‘t stick with me at all.

Cinfhen I bailed on this one - just wasn‘t my thing 2mo
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 2mo
TheSpineView Great job 2mo
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Pigs must be flying @julesG @TrishB because I‘m really enjoying this #GasLightFantasy story - really sharp but accessible
A love letter to linguistics, language, learning, cultures, identities and Oxford. I‘m only a little bit in so I‘m hoping my admiration doesn‘t begin to fizzle out. Audio narration is OUTSTANDING 🙌🏻🎧💟 #ToB23 shortlist

julesG The audio is great. Made me want to get the physical copy. I struggled with the last part(s) of the book. 4mo
Cinfhen Uh oh @julesG maybe I‘ll continue to surprise myself!!! The physical copy is GORGEOUS but I don‘t think I would have liked this book in print. There‘s something about the narration that is SO soothing & lulling. I want to see what else the reader narrates. (edited) 4mo
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IndoorDame I‘m glad to hear the audio is great! I‘ve been toying with using my next audible credit on this since my library hold is still 19 weeks away and I‘m feeling impatient 4mo
Cinfhen I was lucky to be able to borrow @IndoorDame BUT I would have been VERY SATISFIED if I had used an Audible credit 4mo
LeeRHarry I was needing a book for Gaslamp fantasy and I didn‘t even think of Babel, a book I definitely want to read, so thanks 😊 glad you‘re enjoying it! 4mo
Cinfhen I have to give credit to @Megabooks for that prompt idea 💡 🙌🏻 @LeeRHarry 4mo
MicheleinPhilly Oh I‘ll be VERY curious to see what you think of this. 4mo
Cinfhen I‘m not sure if you‘ll like Babel @MicheleinPhilly but meanwhile I‘ve been sidetracked by this audio….phenomenal (edited) 4mo
MicheleinPhilly I don‘t know that I will either but I‘m always curious to hear what non-fantasy readers like me think of it. I adored Nanette! Enjoy! 4mo
merelybookish I feel resistant to this one...maybe you'll convert me @Cinfhen 😄 4mo
Cinfhen I‘ll let you know @merelybookish hoping it stays engaging 🤞🏼I sort of put it on the side burner as I picked up a new Libby hold 4mo
BarbaraBB I am about a third in now and still enjoying it too. Who would have thought?! It reads a bit YA even! 4mo
Cinfhen You‘re reading Babel too @BarbaraBB ?!? It does feel a bit YA but it‘s really engaging 4mo
BarbaraBB I listen to it on audio. @RidgewayGirl recommended that and it really works for me. But it will take a while because I only listen to audiobooks when driving or walking. 4mo
Ruthiella It‘s great when a book surprises one like that! 4mo
Cinfhen Narration is SO GOOD @BarbaraBB and definitely so true @Ruthiella expectations works both ways! 4mo
squirrelbrain Ooh it‘s good that it works for #gaslampfantasy. I‘m actually quite looking forward to it, even though @julesG and @TrishB thought I might not like it either. 4mo
Cinfhen I do think you‘re gonna like this @squirrelbrain GO AUDIO if you can. I‘m listening via #scribd 4mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain @Cinfhen I‘m liking the pigs flying 😉 4mo
squirrelbrain I can get it on Scribd audio Cindy, but I‘m also getting a digital library copy this coming weekend. I just don‘t get that much time to listen to audio and it‘s SO long! 4mo
Megabooks You can do it! The plot is really propulsive and doesn‘t feel as long as it is. 4mo
Cinfhen It is long @squirrelbrain but like @Megabooks said - it moves quickly & @BarbaraBB mentioned it feels YA and it‘s true but that‘s not bugging me either @TrishB I feel like Alice, I must have taken some mushroom tea 🍄🫖 4mo
Well-ReadNeck Just picked this up today on Kindle Daily Deal. Going to read as soon as I finish 4mo
Cinfhen Ohhhhh!!! That‘s a GREAT price @Well-ReadNeck !!!!! I ended up loving Babel 😃 4mo
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Plainsong | Kent Haruf
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I am quite happy with how things ended up with my #bookspin and #doublespin.

Plainsong, which I have owned since 2015 🫣, is on @Emilymdxn ‘s #ALSpine list, and I started it this morning before the draw. Only a couple of chapters in, but I‘m really enjoying it!

Seven Steeples is a bargain book find that just happened to be on the #toblonglist, so I‘m excited to read it too!

jlhammar Plainsong is wonderful. Hope you enjoy! I‘m looking forward to Seven Steeples. Planning to get to it in March. 5mo
Cinfhen I LOVED plainsong and the entire series 5mo
Soubhiville I‘m another Plainsong fan. I love everything I‘ve read by that author. 5mo
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 5mo
Jess Looking forward to seeing what you think of Seven Steeples. I had it in my hand the other day, put it back but am still thinking about picking it up. 5mo
Emilymdxn I really hope you love it!! Just letting you know, I‘m super excited to read tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow but I have a big masters deadline on the 9th so I‘ll be starting it when that‘s handed in 🥳 5mo
Megabooks @Emilymdxn yes! I‘ve found 4 from your list I hope to read this month. I‘m about to finish Head Full of Ghosts on audio (great gothic tale!), Will and Testament on audio, then Plainsong and The Bell Jar in print. Please don‘t feel you have to read that many from my list! Good luck meeting you deadline! Grad school can be tough and time consuming for sure. I hope you enjoy Tomorrow x3 as much as I did! 👍🏻 5mo
Megabooks @jlhammar @Soubhiville I‘m really enjoying plainsong! Fantastic characters! 5mo
Megabooks @Jess I‘ll tag you in my review if you want. I‘m excited for it! 5mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen would it work for #PartOfaTrilogy? And also, I think Babel would work for #GaslampFantasy because it‘s set in Victorian times?? What you you think #Booked2023 organizer?? I‘m really enjoying Plainsong. 👍🏻💜 5mo
Cinfhen Yessssss!!! Wonderful choice for trilogy and I think Babel would work for #GasLightFantasy 🙌🏻❣️brilliant thinking 😘 5mo
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