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Fool Moon | Jim Butcher
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Finally picked this one up again as a buffer book to ease my #bookhangover. So far, so good! #Sundayplans #socksunday

JazzFeathers Is this a retelling? The Snow Queen was one of my very favourite fairy tales when l was a kid. 5y
TK-421 @JazzFeathers Actually it's a memoir/travelogue about the author's winter travels in Lapland. I was worried it might be a bit dry but I'm really enjoying it! The Snow Queen story is a favourite of the author's and she frequently refers to it, especially when she spends time in Sweden during the construction of the Icehotel. 5y
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The Witches | Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake
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Today has been an excellent day to cozy up and read. Soph has been keeping me company as I read The Witches and eat Halloween candy. Feeling totally relaxed (though a bit sugar high) on this rainy Sunday.

#catsoflitsy #sundayplans #currentlyreading

Freespirit Beautiful cat😊 6y
SMayWrites @Freespirit Aw thanks 😊 shes quite a lady lol 6y
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Oh hey Obama! We miss you! #sundayplans

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Sunday Plans: Finish this cute little story up and drink all the hot cocoa! Autumn is finding it's way to Michigan! 🍁🍂☕
#sundayplans #readingday #readingchallenge #autumnishere

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monalyisha What a beautiful cover! 😍 6y
SMayWrites @monalyisha I know right? I love it! 6y
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SMayWrites @TheBookKeepers Thanks! And thanks for your help! 6y
TheBookKeepers You are very welcome!!! 💛💛💛 6y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 😊👋🏻 6y
SMayWrites @Eggs Thank you! 😊 6y
jfalkens I'm in Michigan too! Where in Michigan are you? 6y
SMayWrites @jfalkens Yay! A fellow Michigander! I'm at the Tip of the Mitt! Near Cheboygan 😄 Where are you? 6y
jfalkens @SMayWrites I'm in Otsego, about 20 mins north of Kalamazoo. I grew up in the U.P, about 20-30 mins from Marquette. My husband and I moved down here 7 years ago, it's where my in-law's live and my husband grew up. 6y
SMayWrites @jfalkens Nice! I go to Marquette as often as I can make it. Love that town and the keweenaw! How do you like living downstate? 6y
jfalkens @SMayWrites I do, I hated the winter's in the U.P., too cold for me lol I've only gone back 5 times since moving, my parents come down twice a year usually. My sister's been down every time the first few years but after she got married, she's been down once. 6y
SMayWrites @jfalkens That's true! The winters are a bit....extreme lol. My husband and I moved back to the north to be by all of our family. His sisters married into the airforce and are scattered in different countries now. He wanted to be close to home. I'm not fond of all the snow shoveling but the summers are stupendous. 6y
jfalkens @SMayWrites You don't get much summer in the U.P. I remember one year having to wear our snow gear while riding bikes during summer vacation! I don't think we got any snow but it was freezing. The summer temps were around low to mid 70's but the couple days it got to 80! Lol I enjoy the seasons more so down here, winter still isn't a favorite, I hate shoveling too. The last time we visited the U.P. was after our nephew was born and home(premie) 6y
jfalkens @SMayWrites and that was end of February. We left our house and the day before I was wearing flip flops! We got out to get gas in St. Ignes, dressed for cold, and about died when the wind picked up. I'd forgotten how cold the lake effect wind is, I remembered it was bitterly cold but forgot just how cold that is! 6y
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When your cat interrupts your Sunday nap to clean your nose for you. Pretty sure this is true love ❤️ 😂#kittykisses #sundayplans #livingthelife #lifewithcats #LitsyKittens #CatsofLitsy #bombaycats

aeeklund This is what equates true love in my house!! 😻😻 6y
rubyslippersreads Kitty nose kisses are the best! 😻 6y
blondie Awww♡ 6y
Cailey_Mac I woke up from my cat nap.. surrounded by cats 😅 but they were all passed out too 6y
mrozzz 😆💗 6y
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As soon as I leave work, my precious #sundayplans #veschwab #swoon

GirlMeetsBook I have tried to read this so many times, I know it'll be great when I finally have the time to commit to it! Enjoy! 8y
WoodyWoodson @GirlMeetsBook when the time is right, you'll get sucked in to the various Londons!!!! 8y
Merethebookgal Loved this one! 8y
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Real World | Natsuo Kirino
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Delicious croissant. Delicious feminist noir. Hello Sunday, I love you.

What are your #sundayplans ? (Feel free to tag me in your pics my TBR pile is never full enough!)

Churchlady How are you liking it? I bailed because the translation seemed poor but @erikalauren says I'm tough on books. I loved Out!! 8y
Matilda @Churchlady you mean that the writing becomes curt at times? I'm enjoying it and completely invested at the moment. 8y
Churchlady @Matilda maybe? I picked it up years ago and when I bailed I wondered if it was me. The premise was definitely up my alley. 8y
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Tonton Loved Out, the Japanese tv series was great also, surprisingly. Have you read Grotesque? 8y
Matilda @Tonton Grotesque is next on my list. I didn't know there'd been a TV series! 8y
Tonton @Matilda TV series in Japanese, A few years ago. I keep thinking it would adapt well to an American re-make. 8y
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