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I am late, and only 20 made the cut for a best of year list, but here are my favorites from 2021. @Graywacke @merelybookish thanks for the prods to do this! #top21of21 #top21in21

merelybookish This is quite an eclectic list! And always happy to see love for Normal People. 🙂 3mo
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Kate in Waiting | Becky Albertalli
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I read 133 books in 2021, mostly middle and young adult fiction. These are my #top21in21. Rules included had to be published in 2021 (so no Invisible life of Addie La Rue 😢), and no rereads (sorry Lumatere Chronicles). Well, they are the 21 I picked at the time. Maybe a few would have been different on another day. #readingchallenge #readingstats2021 #mylifeinbooks

Tomboy Survival Guide | Ivan Coyote
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Booksnchill Read 6 of these which is good for me on front list books! Great list- Happy 2022 Heather! 5mo
britt_brooke 💚 Nice choices! I‘ve read 10 of these so far. I‘m really happy to see Interior Chinatown. That was my overall favorite last year!! 5mo
HeatherBookNerd @Booksnchill happy 2022 Rebecca🎉 5mo
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HeatherBookNerd @britt_brooke it was so unusual. Creative storytelling. 5mo
Chelsea.Poole I‘ve read and loved several from your list. This one made mine and and it was one of the highlights from my reading year 5mo
HeatherBookNerd @Chelsea.Poole I just discovered Ross Gay this year. He‘s a joy to read! 5mo
BarbaraBB Such a great list, wow! 5mo
HeatherBookNerd @BarbaraBB lots of good reading in 2021! 5mo
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Waiting until the last minute to post just in case I finished a masterpiece today, lol.
My #top21in21 books feel more eclectic than past years - and this is the first time an author has been featured twice in my end of year list.
Becky Chambers wins the year - I read all of her available books and two made my list with 5 stars 🤩
I‘m pleased with the number of nonfiction titles, but am still resolved to read more in the new year!

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If I had to choose a favorite, I think The Serpent King (Jeff Zentner) would just edge out For Lucy (Jewel E. Ann) but those are for sure my top two.

I also relistened to two of my all-time favorite series...The Illuminae Files (Kaufman & Kristoff) and The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins).

My favorite “new“ Series of 2021 is for sure Chaos Walking (Patrick Ness).

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My #top21in21

This year seemed harder to make it happen than 2020 🤷🏻‍♀️
And looking over my list, there are a LOT I don‘t recall at ALL - that‘s very unusual - I usually have at least an impression, if not total recall.

But these stood out for sure.

My top 3 would be
Plain Bad Heroines
The Midnight Library
Queen of Spades (read it!)

Happy Reading in 2022! 📚📚📚

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#top21in21 I still have 1 or 2 books to read (maybe try for 3) but here are my favorites- and for me these were all 5 star reads! But tbh this was a good reading year- everything else I read was 3-4 stars with the exception of 2 books. Also story graph is being glitchy as I try to log and I have read 95 books so far!!! That‘s crazy cause it feels like I never have time to read! Thanks for the tags @Liz_M and @Laughterhp anyone else interested?

megnews I really want to get to 5mo
Chrissyreadit @megnews I loved it- I‘m excited to see what you think. 5mo
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The Year in Review | Freedom Forum Media Studies Center
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Thanks for the tag @AnneCecilie and @Bookwormjillk ! That took some time and thought.

Honorable mention: A Merry Christmas by Louisa May Alcott

What are your faves in 2021? @TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks @Butterfinger @GingerAntics @Crazeedi @freeatlast1137 @Jari-chan if you haven‘t already posted?

Bookwormjillk Great list! 5mo
AnneCecilie Great list and a lot of books I haven‘t heard about before. But I did spot “The Shadow of the Wind” which is an old favorite of mine (edited) 5mo
IndoorDame Great list! 5mo
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Butterfinger I'm tickled to see Shadow of the Wind. That will definitely be on my list. 5mo
Texreader @AnneCecilie @Butterfinger I have to laugh because I wasn‘t sure whether to include it. I ended up replacing A Merry Christmas on the list with Shadow of the Wind because I didn‘t want to include holiday books. I liked Shadow, but it was far from my favorite this year. 5mo
Catsandbooks Excellent list!! 🎉 5mo
Crazeedi I still have to get my list done! 5mo
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Recursion | Blake Crouch
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Here‘s my #Top21of2021 **in no particular order** … of course there‘s time for it to change still 😁

And I could only add 20, so 21 (still no order) is: The Girl From the Other Side

And of these, my TOP 4 (in the order in which I read them):
1. Recursion
2. Sun Down Motel
3. The Other Black Girl
4. Velvet Was the Night


IndoorDame I loved The Sun Down Motel! 5mo
Bookwormjillk Ohhh now I want to re-read the Louise Penny books 5mo
TheSpineView Ahhh.. so many good ones! 5mo
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RaeLovesToRead I LOVED Recursion!!!!! 5mo
BethM Recursion was soooo good! He needs to write another book soon like that or Dark Matter. 5mo
Avanders @BethM *so* agree! 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#Top21in21 #Top21of21

I didn‘t quite hit 21, but I‘m going to be optimistic and say I will find another favourite in the last two weeks of this year 🤞. I didn‘t include any rereads, and not all of these books were released this year.


Karisa 👏👏👏 And pretty collage layout! 😀 5mo
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