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Talking Movies: Contemporary World Filmmakers in Interview | Jason Wood
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"A culmination of more than ten years of interviews, Talking Movies is a collection of conversations with some of the most audacious and respected contemporary filmmakers of the present generation. Several of these in-depth discussions have already featured in publications such as Vertigo and Enthusiasm, and there are over fifteen interviews exclusive to this book. The names included here are those at the cutting edge of cinematic style the world over, those whose work has defined how images are processed and appreciated by modern audiences. Directors frankly discussing their craft and the social, political and technological forces that inform it including Claire Denis and Bertrand Tavernier (France), Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu and Carlos Reygadas (Mexico) Hal Hartley and Richard Linklater (USA), Stephen Frears and Andrew Ktting (UK), Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey), Atom Egoyan (Canada), Lucrecia Martel (Argentina) and John Hillcoat and Nick Cave (Australia)."--Publisher description.
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@Cinfhen & @rohit-sawant put together a fun photo challenge #MayMovieMagic for next month check out the page for a spotify playlist link as well. ☝ have fun playing along

Cinfhen Thanks so much for the repost ❣️ Here's the playlist: open.spotify.com/user/rsawnt/playlist/2NyY5zSTm6WTLlwuJZVtxE?si=qqOhYs_wQRCGRhaL6_36-Q

GripLitGrl @Cinfhen Welcome thanks for the link 🎶😊🎶 9mo
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Saw this on the Gram. So accurate! I am such a book to movie snob.

madamereadsalot1 I'm literally at a bar discussing how much better a book was vs the movie ... 😂 12mo
KatieDid927 This is also me. 12mo
Erinreadsthebooks Me, constantly: "You know that's a book, right?" "Did you know it's actually a book they made into a movie?" "Yep, such a good book." ? 12mo
RaimeyGallant Ha! 12mo
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Not book related: are there any Littens who use Letterboxd? It‘s like Goodreads but for movies 🎥

I‘m still deep in my Epic Reading Slump so I‘ve been binging movies and tv shows 😅

SkeletonKey 😮 I will now that I know there‘s an app. When I first saw that site they hadn‘t gotten that far yet! 1y
QuoteQueen Goodreads for movies?!?!? I‘ve been dreaming of this moment! Lol 1y
Beatlefan129 I just saw this post and signed up! 1y
dariazeoli I do! I thought I was the only one! I only log there, never review, but I love having a history 1y
LA_Mead I‘ve never heard of that before! I‘ll have to check it out. 1y
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I love movies and of course I love books, but I especially love seeing a book come to life in a movie! So of course I couldn‘t resist this one.

Repost for @DoonTheGoon
https://goo.gl/forms/yHVv9HYEyd9AJjC63 Use the link above to sign up for the #ReadTheMoviesSwap! Open now until 9/19 or whenever I receive 50 entries (whichever comes first!) Don't forget to share with the hashtag #ReadTheMoviesSwap and tag @DoonTheGoon 🍿🍬🎬🎞📽

DoonTheGoon Yay thanks for the share!!! 1y
DoonTheGoon Hey there! I've got an inquiry from your swap match that I've emailed you about!!! Please check on it when you can! Thanks. 1y
MeganAnn @DoonTheGoon just replied to your email! 😊 1y
DoonTheGoon @MeganAnn Got it! Thanks so much!!! 1y
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Great swap idea, @DoonTheGoon !!!

If you love books and their film adaptations, #ReadtheMoviesSwap is for you! Sign up starts Sept 1, opening day November 9 (perfect movie watching season!) hosted by @DoonTheGoon 👍😁🎥🎞📽🎬

DoonTheGoon Thanks for the share!!! 1y
Shadowfat This sounds like fun! 1y
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I'm super excited about this swap because it combines my two favorite things! Check out the original post by @DoonTheGoon .


DoonTheGoon Thanks for sharing!!! :) 1y
Ingerella @DoonTheGoon Can't wait to sign up! Thanks for hosting it! 1y
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1. The Hunger Games.
2. Depends, but usually the original cover is better.
3. I believe it is going to be made into a movie, so I'd like to see a movie adaptation of Bird Box.
4. @OrangeMooseReads, guessing you probably already did this, but if not then consider yourself tagged.

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⚡️ A Clockwork Orange
⚡️ So many.. Clockwork, The Dark Crystal, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, anything Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. I can go on and on with this list
⚡️Ever After. I don‘t know why but it‘s my go-to when I need noise.
⚡️Sometimes I want candy, sometimes I want popcorn, sometimes I want both.

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I love so many movies but #topfive that I can watch over and over are
Clue (my all time fav 🎥)
The Mummy (the one with Brendan Fraser)
Secret Admirer
Thanks @dariazeoli for the prompt. What are your top 5 movies?

dariazeoli I haven't seen Soapdish in forever! 😊Here are my 5 from a prompt last month:
(edited) 2y
KCorter Clue was absolutely hilarious! 2y
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This was so hard to pick my top 5 !

🐘Stand By Me
🐘Star Wars: A New Hope
🐘Captain American Civil War
🐘The Notebook
🐘The Hobbit

Bostonmomx2 Great list!! 2y
Texreader Ok first list I can agree with every one of your picks (even though they aren't on mine). So so cool!!!! 2y
KirstieE @Texreader sounds like we have great taste in movies ! 🙌🏻 2y
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