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Wrong Side of Twenty-Five
Wrong Side of Twenty-Five | Kate Armitage
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Best before twenty-five? With newsfeeds full of perfect pouts, hot-dog legs, and the self-proclaimed hashtag-blessed, it's hard not to feel inadequate. How has everyone figured out how to live their life to the full, except you? That's what Kylie wants to know. She thought she would spend her twenty-fifth birthday having a mini-break - not a mini-breakdown! After an evening of finger-food and snide remarks, Kylie decides that things must change. Naturally, Alexa disagrees. She doesn't think anything needs to change at all, and is quite happy plodding along with her best friend by her side. So, when everything changes for the better for Alexa - while it's going from bad to worse for Kylie - will it tear them apart?
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Loved it - What a wonderful debut novel! A fun story that delves into the lives of two best friends, Alexa and Kylie.. their longtime friendship is in question over misinterpretation‘s while experiencing a quarter life crisis. Life is about growth + change, and how we handle it — this is a unique story on how we interpret expectations and pressure on oneself. A fab book for twenty-something readers, or anyone that enjoys a great story! 5 ☆🌼

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I‘ve gone away for the weekend to Glenelg in South Australia and am having another read of one of my favourites... a fabulously funny book about friendship and having a quarter life crisis.

KryssyB Sounds interesting! I'm going to add it to my looonnnng TBR list. Happy Reading 😊 2y
HeidiCatherine @KryssyB Excellent! I‘m sure you‘ll enjoy it. A long TBR list is a sign of a real book lover 😍 2y
KerriNTurner I love Glenelg! Hope you enjoy your getaway and your book. 2y
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HeidiCatherine @KerriNTurner Thank you!! Yes, Glenelg is one of my favourite places. So beautiful. 2y
ReadZenRites I want a holiday in south Australia too! That sounds fantastic! Loooonng way from Colorado 🇺🇸 2y
HeidiCatherine @ReadZenRites And I want a holiday in Colorado! I‘ve never been to the USA. I‘m back home in Melbourne now so holiday is over 😢 2y
LizzieChantree Loved this book! 2y
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The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five was funny, the characters are nicely-drawn with their quirks and observations. It has a nice, fast pace and with short, sharp chapters, it is an easy book to pick up and read in bursts. While it is written in a very light manner, it does contain a good message about the pressure we put on ourselves and our expectations of life. A strong effort from a debut novel.

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This book was so good it literally tickled my soul. I'm way on the wrong side of twenty-five, so it brought back all those fond (and not-so-fond!) memories of being that age. I loved how the characters interact, and the wonderful way the author has of writing with a wry humor about really relatable things. Highly recommend!

itskatearmitage I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you 😀🤗 2y
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Did you know that The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five is endorsed by best selling author Aimee Brown? #chicklit

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Reviews are everything to authors! Do you review books? If you've read The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five I'd love to hear your review on it!

LizzieChantree I totally agree. Reviews help authors to find new readers and give them a boost to keep writing. 2y
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So, I dedicated The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five to myself. I wrote this novel after being fired from a zero-hour job that treated me like dirt, after being turned down for an apprenticeship for being too old, and a long summer of depression and self doubt. Writing this book gave me new purpose and hope. I dedicated this book to myself to remind myself that I am capable. What's the best dedication you've ever read?

Trashcanman Charles Bukowski, Post Office. It is "dedicated to no one." 2y
LizzieChantree I'm glad you're feeling more positive and am thankful that you found a new career and people who support you in all that you do. 😀📚🌸🌈 2y
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What books are beside your bed? I have a few of my favourite titles published by my publisher Crooked Cat and also shamelessly, my own book The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. #chicklit #bedside

kim.guernsey Cat eye pillow ftw! 2y
Reviewsbylola I keep my TBR pile on my bedside table. It‘s usually reserved for BOTM books, library books, and any book club/traveling book club picks I need to get to quickly. 2y
itskatearmitage @Reviewsbylola very organised! 2y
itskatearmitage @kim.guernsey I love it :D and my publisher is called Crooked Cat Books so I have a huge affinity with cats :D 2y
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The first paragraph of The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. You can download it on Amazon now! #chicklit

Scarlett_ohara I love the "modern-day witch hovering over a cauldron" comparison ? 2y
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This is a wonderful read about friendship, getting older, and fulfilling your dreams. I really enjoyed the interaction between the two main female characters and read the whole story over two days!

HeidiCatherine Loved this book! 😍 2y
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So I've just found out that users of Litsy are called Littens. As an author with publishers Crooked Cat Books, and as a cat lover, I love that! Here's a Litten with a kitten. #catsoflitsy

Jess7 Haha! Cute!!! 2y
aprilpohren Love it! 2y
AmyG Ha! 2y
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mrozzz 👌🏻☺️ 2y
UwannaPublishme 😁🙌🏻 2y
Kaye Thank you for the follow 🌷 2y
LitsyGetsGraphic What a look 👀 ❤️ your cat nailed it 💪🏻 2y
Purrfectpages Great picture! 2y
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Not a quote from my book, but a quote about my book. Does that count? Reviews mean everything to me. If you've read The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five, I'd love to know your thoughts! #chicklit #friendship #review

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Hey there! I'm new to Litsy so be gentle, please. My name is Kate and I am author of The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. A contemporary women's fiction about feeling insecure and trying to find your place in the world. It's a coming of age for anyone who doesn't feel like they are where they should be. A platonic love story, too.
Tagline - what's a quarter-life crisis between friends?
#womensfiction #chicklit #friendship

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This was a great holiday read. Lots of fun!

itskatearmitage Thanks Megan! 2y
LizzieChantree This is a great read! 2y
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This is seriously the best book! And... I got to be the cover endorsement!! The Wrong Side of Twenty- Five is out today!!

#womensfiction #friendship

Alfoster 👏👏👏👏👏! 2y
Megara Those shelves are 😍 beautiful 2y
Authoraimeebrown @Megara thank you! I think so too! 2y
itskatearmitage Thanks Aimee 😘😘😘 2y
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