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Living with a SEAL
Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet | Jesse Itzler
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Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler will try almost anything. He brazenly pretended to be an established hip-hop artist to secure a meeting with a studio head-and it led to a record deal. He convinced a bunch successful business executives to invest in an unprecedented business plan- and it turned into Marquis Jet. He sincerely offered to run a 100-mile race in Spanx to get the attention of the beautiful founder of the company-and ended up marrying her. His life is about being bold and risky. And it's brought him plenty of rewards. So when Jesse felt himself drifting on autopilot, he hired a rather unconventional trainer to live with him for a month-an accomplished Navy SEAL widely considered to be "the toughest man on the planet"! Living with a SEAL is like a buddy movie if it starred the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air... and Rambo. Jesse is about as easy-going as you can get. SEAL is...not. He even shows up at Jesse's apartment with an inflatable raft just in case the Itzler family ever has to escape Manhattan by crossing the Hudson River. Jesse and SEAL's escapades soon produce a great friendship, and by the time SEAL leaves, Jesse is in the best shape of his life, but he gains much more than muscle. At turns hilarious and inspiring, Living with a SEAL ultimately shows you the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.
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This is the book that got me reading more books. Enough said.

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The SEAL that Itzler is referring to in this book is David Goggins, who just wrote an outstanding autobiography. If you enjoyed reading Living With a SEAL, you'll love this book.


The guy was a cross between a gladiator and the G.I. Joe action hero my son has, but life-sized. He looked indestructible. Battle tested. Dangerous. Alone. Determined.
Even the way he spit was scary. If he hit you with it, it likely would leave a scar.

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#FierceFeb #RichMansDream 💰I use this book often for prompts, mainly because I like it so much. It was my first thought for today's musical prompt because Jesse Itzler is a rich man (on his own-not to mention that his wife is the billionaire inventor of SPANX) who had a dream of being mentally tougher & in better physical condition so he hired a Navy SEAL to come live with him & his family & train (torture) him for a month-a rich man's dream. 💸

Cinfhen I always smile when I see this book mentioned... 2y
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#ScenesFromABook #DailyWorkout 🏋🏻I've posted about this book before-a millionaire hires a former Navy SEAL to live with him & train him for a month-but this prompt had me remembering the daily workout scenes in the book like doing 100 burpees in 10 minutes or less, or the more extreme 4/4/48--running 4 miles every four hours for 48 hours. Crazy! Still it's an entertaining read--humorous & inspirational even for the athletically challenged! 😆👍

Cinfhen Love the collage 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Thanks! I recycled a couple of previous collages because I am lazy and sleepy! 😆😴 2y
keithmalek I really liked this book! 2y
JoeStalksBeck Love! 2y
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"Now get your strength up and do a hundred push-ups before you can come in the house. That's ten every thirty seconds. I'm not fucking around, man, this isn't sleep-away camp in upstate Fuckville."
Again, what?


Four months after Badwater, SEAL completed the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. Whereas an Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run, the Ultraman is a 6.2 mile ocean swim, 261 mile bike ride, and a 52.4 mile run. WHAT? That is over a double Ironman.

Cortg Is that humanly possible? People amaze me every day. And I feel like a slacker. 2y
keithmalek @Cortg When SEAL did an Ironman, he started the race by parachuting into the water. 2y
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If you don't challenge yourself, you don't know yourself. --SEAL


The days of fancy gym memberships are numbered. Things like Crossfit and street workouts are going to prevail in the future. All you really need to do is get your push-up and sit-up routine consistent, and you can see amazing results.


Every day is a challenge, otherwise it's not a regular day. --US Navy SEAL David Groggins

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Day 5 #JubilantJuly #workaholics I thought of SEAL, a Navy SEAL that the author hired to live with & train him for a month. With mantras like "If it doesn't suck we don't do it" & "When your mind is telling you you're done, you're really only 40% done"-SEAL is a machine. He's an Ironman triathlete & endurance runner who does it with about 3/4 heart capacity due to atrial septum defect-a defect caused by a hole in the heart that limits endurance.?

Dolly That description alone has prompted me to have a lie down. 2y
Centique @Dolly oh that comment made me laugh so hard! Book looks like a lot of fun too 😍 2y
Caryl @Dolly 😂 @Centique - Me, too! 2y
DebinHawaii @Dolly @Centique @Caryl Hah! Me too! I felt guilty when I read the book on the couch. 🤣👍😆 2y
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SharonGoforth Looks like #Bitsy is doing a mind-meld 😊🐶 3y
diovival Haha! I am very familiar with this face. Sometimes accompanied by a slow motion paw tap. 3y
LeahBergen 😂😂 3y
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Karkar Paw tap or a pull down with one fuzzy paw on what you are reading...the followed by little whippers 3y
saresmoore Bahahahaha! 3y
Joybishoptx Haha! I just gave Poochie her heart worm med with wet food so she's napping and letting me read. But I'll be seeing that face later when she needs to potty. I ❤Bitsy! 3y
AlaMich Cats don't say please. 😼😼 3y
KerriNTurner My dog can sympathise 😆 3y
LauraBeth @diovival ahhh - the slow motion paw tap 😹 3y
LauraBeth @LeahBergen, @saresmoore I feed her twice a day at exactly the same times - she KNOWS 😂 (edited) 3y
LauraBeth @Karkar oh I like the pull down 😹 3y
Hooked_on_books Yup, my dogs totally do this, too. Sometimes starting 2 hours before they get fed (which is the same time every day). 3y
LauraBeth @AlaMich no, they don't 😹😹 3y
LauraBeth @Hooked_on_books 2 hours before the scheduled feeding time - that's when it starts here too 😂 3y
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣 3y
Reecaspieces 😂😂😂 3y
[DELETED] 206653737 Glad my furry babies aren't the only ones to start early with the gentle (and by gentle I mean loud and obnoxious) feeding time reminders. 3y
Tanner Awww, poor starving #Bitsy! 😂 3y
ApoptyGina69 I read that they actually smell time. I guess it makes sense?!? Either way, they know!!! 🐕 3y
SaraFair I get that look at 5:00 every night. 3y
RadicalReader @LauraBeth what's a bitsy? 3y
LauraBeth @RadicalReader 😂 Bitsy is a nickname for my dog who likes to lay with her lady bits exposed 😳 3y
RadicalReader @LauraBeth what a fitting name I loved that when dogs exhibit certain behavior they earn themselves a wonderful name because of it 3y
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Somebody got in big trouble for romping in the creek behind our house, trotting her muddy self inside and falling asleep like nothing happened 🙀and it wasn't my mom's dog 😹

Cinfhen It's good to be #Bitsy ~ that's all I'm saying 3y
Laura317 Oh dear, dear Bitsy! And mama didn't EVEN care to cover your bits this time! 😂😂 3y
mcipher Living the good life! 3y
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LeahBergen Oh, #Bitsy. I do love you so. 😂 3y
SharonGoforth Gotta love Bitsy!! 🐶😂💕 3y
Reecaspieces Poor Bitsy! She needs to come live with peanut!! I am sure she and LULU would get into major trouble...peanuts too lazy 3y
Lmstraubie Okay, forget the coffee table book. #Bitsy would make a wonderful children's book character! 🐶 3y
MicheleinPhilly Oh Bitsy. I have to buy baby wipes later because Pickles goes hog wild at the dog park (which is dirt and gravel) and then comes in and plops on the couch. Have I mentioned that all of our furniture is white? 😕 3y
DebinHawaii Yes, she certainly doesn't look at all guilty. 😆👍🐶❤️ 3y
Simona 😍😍😍😍After some physical activity she is just a very relax dog ... guilty of what? 3y
LauraBeth @Cinfhen 😂😂she was so joyful and happy about her muddy romp - I couldn't get mad at her #sucker 3y
LauraBeth @Laura317 this was a "safe" angle ?? 3y
LauraBeth @mcipher 😂😂 If I could have anyone's life - it may be hers 3y
LauraBeth @LeahBergen 😂😂😽 She got a nice long bath this afternoon! 3y
LauraBeth @SharonGoforth She's a constant reminder to just live life with with no regrets 😀 3y
LauraBeth @Reecaspieces oh her and LULU would dominate the world 😂 3y
LauraBeth @Lmstraubie she's the dog version of Bad Kitty 😂 3y
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly I buy those suckers in bulk at Costco and keep them in the car (for right after the park) and by the door (for her antics like today) 😂That's good that you're starting Pickles early with the baby wipes - that will help tremendously when she's older! We were able to successfully teach Bitsy not to get on the couch - but we've made other concessions 😂😂 3y
LauraBeth @DebinHawaii you're partly to blame why I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing because I was absorbed in looking at recipes on your blog! I had decided I was going to make lasagna soup when I realized I had left her outside 😂😂😂 3y
LauraBeth Not guilty of a single thing! @Simona 😂😂 3y
DebinHawaii @LauraBeth My humblest apologies for my blog distracting you. 😂 That is funny about the lasagna soup because I checked out a vegan cookbook with a lasagna soup recipe, then Stephanie posted that one & I planned on making it this week. Lasagna Soup for the win! 😆👍 3y
Tanner I want to be just like #Bitsy! ❤🐶 3y
SaraFair Mine had a romp this past weekend cause someone left a door open. Luckily my son caught her. Came back with dirty feet and a full belly and you know what that means... 3y
LauraBeth @tanner me too! 😂 3y
LauraBeth @SaraFair oh no! Dirty feet and a full belly - never good 😂 We have a gate on the back part of our fence that my neighbor keeps opening (and then forgetting to close) because he wants #Bitsy to come out and come over to his house for a visit 😀 3y
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#Bitsy time 😀

BeckaroniAndCheese Oh my gosh, the emoji choice and placement 😂Brilliant! 3y
SharonGoforth 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🐶 3y
MicheleinPhilly Hi Bitsy! 😘 3y
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CherylDeFranceschi 😂😂Hi, Bitsy! 🐶❤️ 3y
DGRachel Yay for Bitsy! 🐶 3y
Soubhiville Haha, great sticker! 3y
Mimi28 Hey Bitsy!!! 3y
DebinHawaii Excellent book & emoji pick and of course #Bitsy! 🐶❤️ 3y
Reecaspieces Ah.... Bitsy!! Hanging strong!! 3y
Joybishoptx Heeeeeyyyyyyyy Bitsy! Happy Monday! 3y
Laura317 Bitsy! Love that dog!! 3y
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Glad I listened to my friends-this was a fun & inspiring read that crosses genres. A great mix of humor, sports, memoir & even a bit of business & motivational self-help mixed in. Although most of us aren't hard-core marathoners, wealthy successful business owners (married to the founder of Spanx) w/ multiple homes & able to hire a former Navy SEAL to live with & train us for 30 days, we can all learn something from SEAL's focus & determination.

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When you're sitting in church and your Pastor quickly and casually mentions a book he just read and loved - and you scribble it down while feeling like everyone else is totally missing out on a book recommendation 😂

CocoReads I do that all the time! 📚 3y
UwannaPublishme Love it! 😂🙏🏻 3y
BookishFeminist 😂😂 3y
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Lmstraubie 👍 3y
DebinHawaii I'm reading it right now. Great book! 👍📚 3y
LauraBeth @CocoReads, @UwannaPublishme, @BookishFeminist, @lmstraubie I feel like my ears are finely tuned to pick up any subtle mention of a book 😂 (edited) 3y
Libby1 Love ❤️. 3y
LauraBeth @DebinHawaii glad to hear! Looking forward to reading it 😀 3y
CocoReads @LauraBeth yes, I miss a lot of things, but book mentions are rarely one of them 3y
SaraFair I do that! Then later when cleaning out my Bible, can't decipher what I wrote. 3y
TNbookworm Sounds like an interesting book. 3y
LauraBeth @SaraFair me too! I have resolved to fix this issue by removing the bulletin from my Bible on Monday morning and then copying over the notes into my journal and that way I can easily reflect on it for that week. I started doing this...today 😂 3y
LauraBeth @libby1 ☺️ 3y
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"It doesn't have to be fun. It has to be effective." -SEAL. Pretty sure I'll not hire a former Navy SEAL to come live at my house & train me because I prefer fun (like funny books & potato & egg breakfasts)?SEAL made the author sleep in a chair all night (not sure why-SEAL doesn't explain much) Day 4 morning workout was a 6-mile run, 15-min treadmill test carrying 2 20-lb weights up increasing inclines, 50 box jumps, 36 pull-ups & 100 push-ups.?

Lindy Sleeping (ie sleepless) in a chair (for 13.5 hours) sounds like my most recent flight between Canada and New Zealand. 3y
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Venturing out this morning to run errands & grab gift wrap & hopefully a few items for my #cupidgoespostal match & starting w/black coffee (good for the wheezes), a cheese bagel & this book. My good friends & Hawaii ohana (family) are hard-core athletes who also read & they were raving how good/funny it was, so I checked it out from the library via Overdrive. The author hires a former Navy SEAL to live w/ & train him for 30 days. So far so good!😆

Cinfhen I'm totally in the mood for a bagel now 😋and a Navy Seal trainer sounds pretty awesome💥 3y
Helly When i saw seal i was thinking the adorable big eyed sea creature, rather than scary shouty muscle man! Haha 3y
Bostonmomx2 @Helly haha me too!!! 3y
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DebinHawaii @Cinfhen @Helly @Bostonmomx2 There is not much cute, sweet & cuddly about SEAL. The quote that starts chapter 2: "I like to sit back and enjoy the pain. I earned it." --SEAL And pretty sure he would not approve the bagel. ?? 3y
Cinfhen And the author looks like Ben Stiller, right?!? 3y
Helly @DebinHawaii like i said... Scary guy :p 3y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen I didn't think about it before but he does have a Ben Stiller-ish look! 😆 @Helly Very! 😱 3y
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I expected to like this book because I like books about people shaking up their daily routines. (I once conducted a 30 day experiment of gluing on fake lashes to see the impact it had on my life.) But wearing fake eyelashes and training with a Navy SEAL are very different things and I'm no workout junkie. I didn't expect to be inspired to look at my own life differently and I definitely didn't expect to cry at the end!

#memoir #personalgrowth

Marchpane What was the result of the eyelash experiment? 3y
DianeVallere That photos are a lot less stressful because you always look good :) 3y
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