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Happy Birthday, Princess! (Disney Princess)
Happy Birthday, Princess! (Disney Princess) | Jennifer Weinberg
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It's a royal celebration for Rapunzel, Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Aurora as they celebrate their birthdays! Featuring all eight Disney princesses, this Step 1 reader will make the perfect birthday gift for girls ages 4 to 6.
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Today we are sending #BirthdayLove to @Bibliogeekery and @DarcysMom! Wishing the two of you a wonderful day with your loved ones, the perfect cake, and a large stack of books. 🎉

julesG Happy Birthday @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery 🎉🎂🎁📚🍫🎈🎊 1mo
EadieB Happy Birthday! 1mo
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squirrelbrain Happy Birthday @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery - have a great day! 🎉🎂🎈🎉🎂🎈 1mo
aprilpohren Happiest of Birthdays to you, @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery !! 🎉🧁🎂🎈🎁 1mo
Kalalalatja Happy birthday! 1mo
MatchlessMarie 📚💜🎂 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday! 🎂🎂 1mo
CoffeeCatsBooks Happy birthday! 🎉 1mo
Megabooks Happy birthday y‘all!! Enjoy your celebrations! 🥳🥳🎉🎉🥳🥳🎉🎉📚📚 1mo
KarenUK Wishing you both a lovely day 💕😊 1mo
JulAnna Happy Birthday @Bibliogeekery and @DarcysMom 🎉I hope that you both have a wonderful day 🎉 1mo
Daisey Happy birthday to you both!! 1mo
gradcat To the birthday peeps, @DarcysMom & @Bibliogeekery : It‘s a day for lots of cake & lots of fun, and if you get the chance, a little bit of reading! Hope you have a lovely day & a perfect birthday!! ♥️ 🎂 🎉 📖 🎊 🥂 ♏️ 🦂 🎈 🎁 🧚🏽‍♂️ 🥳 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy Birthday @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery 🎊🎉💗🎊🎉 1mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery 🎊🎂🎉🎉 1mo
robinb Wishing you a day filled with wonderful moments and a year ahead filled with exceptional books @DarcysMom ! Happy Birthday! 🥳🎈📚 1mo
robinb @Bibliogeekery Hope your day is blessed with sunshine and love! ☀️❤️☀️❤️ Happy, Happy Birthday! 📚🎈🎁🎂 1mo
Jas16 Happy Birthday @Bibliogeekery @DarcysMom 🎉🎈🎁🎂🥳🍰 1mo
Eggs @Bibliogeekery @DarcysMom Happy Day of Birth 🥳🎶😍 1mo
JacqMac Happy Birthday 🥳 @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery 🎉🌸🎉Have a great day! 1mo
Redwritinghood Happy birthday @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery ! 🎂🎂 1mo
readordierachel Happy birthday you two! 🎉📚🎉 1mo
Ddzmini Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎁🎊🎂 🥳📖😋 1mo
Crazeedi Sending special birthday wishes to you @DarcysMom and @Bibliogeekery !!🎉🎂🎶🥂 1mo
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Today we‘re sending lots of fairy dust, with warm hearts (and warm coffee), and books, and cake...and...whatever you want @Bookwormjillk ... It‘s your special day!! #BirthdayLove


@robinb @julesG @KarenUK @Crazeedi @squirrelbrain @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

robinb Have a fantabulous day @Bookwormjillk !!! 🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday!!! 🎈🎁🎂 📚 4mo
gradcat Hope you have a lovely day for your birthday, @Bookwormjillk — and that you get your every wish fulfilled! Happy, happy birthday—oh, happy day! 🥳🎉💃🏼🧚🏿‍♀️♥️📚♌️🦁🌟🥂🎊🛍🎈🎁😁 4mo
julesG Happy Birthday @Bookwormjillk 🎉🎂🎈🎁💐🎊 4mo
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Birdsong28 Happy birthday @Bookwormjillk 🎉🎊📚📖 4mo
squirrelbrain Happy Birthday @Bookwormjillk - have a fabulous day! 🥳🎂🎁📚🎉🎂🎁📚 4mo
BookwormAHN Happy Birthday @Bookwormjillk 🎂🥂 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday @Bookwormjillk 🎉 4mo
Crazeedi Fairy wishes for a birthday filled with lots of love @Bookwormjillk ! 🧚‍♀️🎉🎶🎂🥂 4mo
Librarybelle Happy Birthday @Bookwormjillk ! 4mo
Bookwormjillk Thanks so much everyone! 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy Birthday @Bookwormjillk 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 4mo
SW-T Happy birthday 🎂🎉 4mo
JacqMac Happy Birthday 🎉🌸🎉 @Bookwormjillk Have a great day! 4mo
Cinfhen Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎂🎁 4mo
Sarah83 Happy birthday 🎂 @Bookwormjillk 4mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! @Bookwormjillk 🎊🎂🎉 4mo
Megabooks Happy birthday @Bookwormjillk !!! 📚🥳🎉🥳📚🎉🥳💜💕 4mo
mrp27 Happy Birthday!! 🎉📚🎂 4mo
Bookwormjillk Thanks again! 4mo
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Dearest Jess @Librarybelle It‘s your birthday! Party, eat cake, open presents, blow out candles, and make a wish.
Hope you have a fabulous day 🥳💜🎈🎂sending much #BirthdayLove xxx the #BirthdayFairies

robinb YAY!!! Happy Birthday @Librarybelle !!! 🎉🎉🎉 May your special day be every bit as sweet as you are! 🤗💕🎁🎂🎈🎈🎈 6mo
readordierachel Happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 6mo
Cinfhen Happiest of birthdays, Jess💝🎂🎶Hope it‘s as wonderful as you are 😘 6mo
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SW-T Happy birthday! 🎉 6mo
batsy Happy birthday @Librarybelle ! 💐🎂🎉 6mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Happy Birthday! 🎂 💐 🎉 6mo
BarbaraBB Happy birthday @Librarybelle 🎈❤️ 6mo
merelybookish Happy birthday!! 💐🎂🥂🎁 6mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! @Librarybelle 🎊🎂🎉🌸 6mo
mrp27 Happy Birthday!! 🎉📚🎂 6mo
Kalalalatja Happy happy birthday 🎉🎉 6mo
CarolynM Happy birthday @Librarybelle 🎂🎈🎉 Hope you have a lovely day. 6mo
julesG Happy Birthday @Librarybelle 🎂🎉💐🎊🎁🎈 6mo
squirrelbrain Have a wonderful birthday Jess @librarybelle! 🎉🍰🎁❤️🥳 6mo
Itchyfeetreader Have a great day @librarybelle 6mo
KarenUK Wishing you a lovely day @Librarybelle 6mo
LaurensLibrary @Librarybelle Happy birthday! 🎉🎉 6mo
Librarybelle Thank you so much, @KarenUK and @laurenslibrary ! ❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
Sarah83 Happy birthday 🎂😍💖🤩😘🎉🎇 @Librarybelle 6mo
CaitZ Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!🎂🎈 6mo
Jas16 Happy Birthday @Librarybelle 🎉🎈🎂🎁🥳 6mo
Librarybelle Thank you so much, @Sarah83 , @CaitZ and @Jas16 ! 6mo
Ddzmini Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁🎊🎈 📖😋 6mo
Crazeedi Dear Jess @Librarybelle have a wonderful day and a year filled with all good things!!!🎶🎶🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🎂🎉 6mo
DaveGreen7777 @Librarybelle Sorry I‘m just seeing this now, Jess! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, filled with joy, cake, and of course, books! 😀🎂📚 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday @Librarybelle 🥳💗 6mo
Robothugs Happy birthday @Librarybelle 🥳 6mo
Librarybelle Thank you, @Robothugs ! 6mo
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Even though my daughter was sick on her birthday she has a blast. She got clothes , shoes , a slide, books , and a bookshelf. She love her cupcake that daddy got her. 😊💕🎀#1yearold #adorable

minkyb Love her sandals! 2y
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Happy Birthday to the OG! May you have a day filled with books, vegan ice cream, Red Bull, and lawn bear sightings! ❤️

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It's my birthday! In lovely Switzerland ❤️ my co-patients made my day a happy one! They decorated the entire hallway, my door and my place at the table 😍😍😍

tpixie Have a lovely birthday 🎉 🎂🎈🎁🍬📚 3y
BookishMarginalia 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Happy birthday to you!! 🎉🎉💕 3y
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Kirstin Happy Birthday! 🎉🎁🎈🎈🎈 3y
britt_brooke Happy birthday! 3y
MatildaBaggins Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎈 3y
EricaReads Happy birthday! 3y
Tanner I hope you have a most excellent day! 🎉🍰🍾 3y
James Happy Birthday! 3y
Eyelit Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎁🎂🎈 3y
MrsCappuccina Happy birthday 🎉 3y
Lindy Enjoy your day! 3y
Bibliogeekery Happy birthday! 3y
NatalieR So sweet! Happy Birthday! 🎈🎂🎈 3y
Bookzombie Happy Birthday!!🎉 3y
Merethebookgal Happy Birthday! 3y
MizDoniaBuding HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎂🎊 3y
[DELETED] 3216391035 Happy birthday! 🎉 3y
Laura317 Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 3y
Josie Happy happy birthday!! I'll always remember you as one of my first favorite Littens! I hope you have the best day ever!!! 3y
CherylDeFranceschi Happy Birthday!!!🎉🎂🎉 3y
LauraBrook Happy birthday!🎁 3y
JulieAnn Happy Birthday!! 3y
ashley_liz Happy birthday!! 🎈🎁🎉 3y
BookInMyHands Happy birthday! I hope your stay brings everything you hope for! 🎉🎉📚📚📚 3y
stacybmartin Happy birthday!! 🎉📚🎉 3y
Dragon Happy Birthday 🎉 3y
Simona How thoughtful! Have a excellent and happy birthday 🎁 3y
LeahBergen Happy Birthday!! 🎉 3y
ApoptyGina69 Personal touches are the best! Enjoy yourself today! ⭐️💐🍰 3y
LauraBeth Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎉🍰🍰🍰 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Happy birthday! That's so wonderful! 3y
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