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Kiss Her Once for Me | Alison Cochrun
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Woot! I'm very excited that Kiss Her Once for Me is one of the picks this month for #BOTM (just in time for #LGBTbookclub !) and The Holiday Swap should be a fun add-on. I'm going to be honest that I'm not really interested in any of the best of the year picks except for the one I already have, but a free book is a free book, and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Nona the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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What the heck did I just read?!

Book 4, ASAP, please.

I may end up buying all four books just so I can read them all at once when Alecto comes out and maybe make more sense of them. Which may be Tamsyn Muir‘s evil master plan… 🤔

KristiAhlers I‘ve been putting off reading these afraid they wouldn‘t live up to the hype 2w
Clare-Dragonfly @KristiAhlers I‘m surprised there is so much hype because I would think they would be very niche. But I like them and I don‘t usually like weird for weird‘s sake. If you like weird, wild fantasy-SF, with mostly queer mostly horrible people, I‘d say… wait until Alecto the Ninth is coming out and then give Gideon the Ninth a try 😆 2w
KristiAhlers @Clare-Dragonfly I‘ll do that. I love quirky reads. I just finished a book a couple of weeks ago where all the characters were a member of the LGBTQ community and it was really good. 2w
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Clare-Dragonfly @KristiAhlers Yay! Are you aware of the new #LGBTbookclub that @AbigailJaneBlog is running? (Hope I got that hashtag right…) 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @Clare-Dragonfly perfect hashtag, thanks for the advertisement 🥰😂 @KristiAhlers you'd be more than welcome to join! 2w
KristiAhlers @AbigailJaneBlog oh that would be great! Please tag and include me! 2w
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Kiss Her Once for Me | Alison Cochrun
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Hey guys and welcome to the unofficial start of the #LGBTbookclub ! You can join in, or not - there's no pressure. Usually discussion would be the last Sunday of the month, but as that's Christmas this month, I'll be posting on the 30th December. Let me know if you're joining!
Here is a link to content warning details:

Look out for voting to open for January's pick!

PuddleJumper Looks cute! My library doesn't have it so I'll sit this one out. If people rate it I might look for it for next Christmas 2w
BookwormAHN Library hold placed but not sure if I'll get it in time. 2w
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AbigailJaneBlog @PuddleJumper we'll be sure to let you know! 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @BookwormAHN no problem, it was very last minute! 2w
peanutnine Sweet! I pre-ordered this one because I loved her last book so much 💗 Looking forward to this! 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @peanutnine ooh I haven't read anything else by this author - perhaps I'll go back to her after this 2w
peanutnine @AbigailJaneBlog I'm pretty sure it was her debut novel - definitely recommend ☺️ 2w
Nelnjali Awesome! I'll join in! 2w
psalva I will probably not be able to participate for December, so I think I‘ll start in January. I‘ll follow for everyone‘s thoughts though. 2w
willaful I just read it so won't read it again, but I'd like to be in on the discussion. 2w
Clare-Dragonfly Don‘t know if I‘ll be able to join in, but I put it on hold so we‘ll see! 2w
Kenyazero I might join! My library has this one, but the wait time is pretty long. That'll determine things for me pretty often 😉 2w
MoonWitch94 Can I join in? 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @MoonWitch94 @willaful of course you can join in! The more the merrier! 2w
AbigailJaneBlog If you can't join in this month (or any month), don't worry! 🌟 We'll see you next month! 2w
Chrissyreadit Checking in to see if you received your match for our #WWSwap 1w
AbigailJaneBlog @Chrissyreadit yes sorry, I completely forgot to email you back! Thanks 1w
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Hello everyone, and welcome to LGBT+ BOOKCLUB. It will be a chilled, commitment-less affair. We'll vote on books at the beginng of the month for the following one. Discussions will be held on the last sunday of the month, with a reminder/check in half way through the month! If anyone would like to join, just comment! If you could all reply with your fave genres/tbrs I can set up a vote for the Jan read! #LGBTbookclub

AbigailJaneBlog I love fantasy, personally, but I'm up for pretty much all genres - non fiction included! Some reads I'm particularly looking forward to are Genderqueer; The Romantic Agenda; Coven; The Hand, the Eye and the Heart. Lately I have enjoyed Cemetary Boys, Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating, and everything I've read by TJ Klune 😊 2w
PuddleJumper I like fantasy/sci-fi but I'm open to other genres and non-fiction, I like to expand my reading horizons! Individual books I've got on my TBR are Girls of Paper and Fire, All That's Left in the World, A Marvellous Light, and Once & Future 2w
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AbigailJaneBlog @PuddleJumper ooh yeah! Girls of Paper and Fire is on my TBR shelf - good shout 😊 2w
Kenyazero I'm open to everything (but fantasy is my favorite) and don't really have a dedicated, well planned TBR 😅 2w
peanutnine I like fantasy/sci-fi but I'm open to all genres! I'm sure I have plenty of specific titles on my TBR but the only one I can think of atm is So This is Ever After 2w
Nelnjali @peanutnine I read So This Is Ever After recently and absolutely loved it! 2w
Nelnjali My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, and I'm a sucker for a fun rom-com. I'm currently reading A Lady for a Duke. Some of my TBRs include Kiss Her Once for Me, In Deeper Waters, and Cemetery Boys. 2w
AbigailJaneBlog Ah these are all such good suggestions! I love that we seem to be liking similar genres! 2w
peanutnine @Nelnjali ooh I also love a good romcom! In Deeper Waters was very fun and I'm looking forward to reading KHOFM next month 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @peanutnine I'm also planning to read KHOFM next month! If anyone else wants to read it I'm happy to start the club early! 😂😊 2w
psalva This is an exciting book club idea. I am open to any genres but my general TBR goal lately is to to read things nominated for the Lambda Literary Awards. 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @psalva I'm more than happy to add you to the tags! I'm having a look at the lambda list now and there's some great books on there, a few I've read too! Would definitely be open to reading some of those 😊 2w
BookwormAHN I'd like to be added as well and as much as I love a good m/m romance I'm open to other genres. My favorites are usually fantasy or historical fiction 😺 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @BookwormAHN welcome aboard! In the initial post I made it clear that we would make a point to read a range of orientations and gender identities so that's great 😊 2w
Gissy 🙋🏽‍♀️ 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @Gissy glad to have you aboard! 2w
Clare-Dragonfly Yay! I love fantasy and/or YA. I‘m sure I have lots of stuff on my TBR but I don‘t keep track of what‘s queer, I just wait to be pleasantly surprised 😁 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @Clare-Dragonfly surprise queer is the best kind! 2w
Nelnjali @AbigailJaneBlog I'm so hoping that the BOTM clue that just dropped is for Kiss Her Once for Me. If not, I plan on getting it anyway, so I'd love to read it with you all! 2w
GirlNamedJesse Please add me! I‘m game for pretty much everything. I love YA (Aiden Thomas is my favorite author currently; saw some love for Cemetery Boys in above comments) and adult (RWRB!), and also MG, though there‘s a lot less published for that age group. Fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, dystopia, I love it all. Only type I usually don‘t read is literary, but I‘d never say never. Thanks for putting this together! I can‘t wait. :) 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @Nelnjali fabulous - I look forward to that 😊 Glad to hear from you @GirlNamedJesse - I'll add you to the tags 🌟I'm not usually a litfic fan either so that's fine lol 😂 2w
Clare-Dragonfly I should probably mention that I find myself stacking a lot of the books that @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian reviews favorably! 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @Clare-Dragonfly yes, I do too! Feel free to join us @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian 2w
CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian I'd love to join! I read all genres, as long as it's queer (although I tend not to be too interested in stories by/about cis queer men). I just started KHOFM last night. I really like it so far! 2w
AbigailJaneBlog @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian excellent! It's not a hard commitment thing so you're welcome to join in with whatever books strike your fancy, but there will be definitely be a variety of options to vote from! 2w
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@abigailjaneblog is interested in lgbtq buddy reads or starting one. If you are interested TSG her or go to her page and let her know.

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Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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PuddleJumper 1) I liked a lot of the characters, they just died 🤣 I found some of the secondary characters more interesting than Gideon 3mo
PuddleJumper 2/3) I didn't mind the ending, I just didn't fully understand it. I did finish the book, it didn't make me want to read the rest of the series though 3mo
BookwormAHN I haven't finished yet but so far I like Harrow even though she's a bitch 😸 3mo
ozma.of.oz I really enjoyed this book! Gideon was my favorite, although I agree. Many of the secondary characters were worth their own stories! I don‘t know if I enjoyed the finale, but I did appreciate it. So excited for more in this series! 💜 3mo
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My birthday month! Woohoo! I‘m getting the next October Daye book in a couple days, and I‘ve got so many books lined up I‘m so excited about! #BookSpinBingo away!

#DiverseCozy #LGBTBookClub #OokBOokClub #LMPBC #Roll100

Soubhiville Yay, happy birthday month! Celebrate 🎉! 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Litsy has such a huge variety of #BuddyRead activities going! 📚

1. I am! I love participating in these and expanding my horizons!
2. #OokBOokClub - Terry Pratchett‘s body of work, #LGBTBookClub - highlighting queer stories, #DiverseCozy - broadening horizons of cozy mysteries. I did #PemberLittens last year too!
3. I‘d probably do one with Tamora Pierce‘s Circle of Magic books. ❤️

#SundayFunday Have a happy Sunday and remember to tag me!

Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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#lgbtbookclub will be reading the tagged book this month. Let @thereadingpal know if you want to join in!

Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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So, if I checked the comments correctly, we've come to this conclusion: we'll read Gideon the Ninth in August! Here are the dates!!

@PageShifter @PuddleJumper @ozma.of.oz @BkClubCare @MoonWitch94 @kaysworld1 @TheBookWitchON @Kenyazero @AbigailJaneBlog @Nutmegnc @BookwormAHN

ozma.of.oz I enjoyed this so much when I first read it! I can‘t wait to see everyone‘s thoughts! 🧡 4mo
BookwormAHN I've been really wanting to read this 🖤 4mo
BkClubCare Yay! 4mo
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BkClubCare Plus, just sharing here, I have ZERO expectations nor understanding of whatever this might be about!! I bring ZERO knowledge and probably zero genre prior anything to it. Hoping this might be a good thing?! I am open to it 😃 4mo
PuddleJumper I'm excited to see other people's thoughts on this! 4mo
Kenyazero I‘m excited to see what everyone thinks of this book! I started it a few months ago and wound up bailing, which I don‘t do often 🤔 4mo
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