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H is for Hell | Bob Johnston, Simon J Plant, Gemma Paul
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#manicmonday #LetterH @CBee @RaeLovesToRead

📖 Hyperion (Dan Simmons) or Hotel New Hampshire (John Irving)
✍️ Frank Herbert
📽 Heathers
🎤 Thee Headcoats
🎵 How Soon is Now? (The Smiths)

CBee Heathers was my choice too 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 35m
The_Penniless_Author @CBee It seems to be making some sort of comeback. My daughter and her friends are always talking about Heathers: The Musical, so when I told her it was a movie first and that it starred "Joyce from Stranger Things", she couldn't wait to see it ? 32m
CBee @The_Penniless_Author does that make you feel old like it makes me feel old? 😂😂 30m
The_Penniless_Author @CBee Not as much as when she's name-dropping some "professional YouTuber or TikTok-er" I've never heard of. ? 22m
CBee @The_Penniless_Author ah yes. My oldest son is into YouTube and I‘ve learned much more than I‘d ever thought possible 😂😂 5m
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High Fidelity | Nick Hornby
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#manicmonday #letterH @CBee

📖 High Fidelity
✍️ Patricia Highsmith, Nick Hornby, Thomas Hardy
🎞️ How to lose a guy in 10 days 📺 House MD
🎤 Ed Harcourt
🎵 Heat of the Night by Bryan Adams

CBee I loved High Fidelity! 35m
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📚 Tagged, Home (Marilynne Robinson), Homegoing (Yaa Gyasi), The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas)
🖋 Hosseini, Khalid, Herbert, Frank
🎞 Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus
🎤 George Harrison
🎶 Happy Birthday (Concrete Blonde) Hey Ya (Outkast) Hate Me (Blue October) Heart‘s Content (Brandi Carlile)

#manicmonday #LetterH @CBee

CBee Great answers!!! 😍 50m
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Hop-Frog | Edgar Allan Poe
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📚Hop-Frog*Hogfather*Hobbit*H of H Playbook*Hearing Trumpet*Hound of the Baskervilles
🖋️Highsmith*Haruf*D. Hughes*L. Hunt
🎬 Hannibal*Hell or High Water*Halloween*Hot Fuzz*Hitchcock Presents
🎙️Head & the Heart*PJ Harvey*Howlin' Wolf
🎧Hurt (Cash)*Hallelujah (Buckley)*Heart the Size of a Horse*How's it Gonna End (Waits)*Happy Phantom (Amos)*Holocene (Bon Iver)*How Lucky (Vile & Prine)*Home of the Brave (Spiritualized)
@CBee #manicmonday #letterh

CBee The man who brings it every time 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I absolutely love Tori Amos. (edited) 52m
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Housekeeping: A Novel | Marilynne Robinson
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📖 Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson
🖊 Haruf, Kent
🎬 Hunt for the Wilderpeople
🎙 Holiday, Billie
🎶 Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

#ManicMonday #LetterH

CBee I adore Billie Holiday! 1h
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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#letterh #manicmonday @CBee

Tagged (Movie is the same)
Antonia Hodgson
Not really a singer/band, but Hugh Jackman
Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift

CBee Hugh Jackman counts! He always counts 😍😍😍 3h
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#manicmonday #letterH

📚 The Hot Zone, Home, The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy
✍️ Jane Harper, Harlan Coben, Thomas Harris (TBR)
🎥 Hereditary, Hunter Hunter, Harry Potter movies, Halloween (1978) 📺 House of the Dragon, House M.D., The Haunting of Hill House
🎸 Halestorm and Hands Like Houses
🎶 Half of Me (Yours Truly), Have Faith in Me (A Day To Remember), Hypnosis (Sleep Token), Hysteria (Spiritbox)

CBee Hidden Valley Road was amazing! 3h
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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#manicmonday #LetterH @CBee

📕 Tagged
✍️ Patricia Highsmith
🍿 Hocus Pocus
🎤 Halestorm
🎶 Hong Kong garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees

CBee How did I forget The Handmaid‘s Tale? 🤷‍♀️ 3h
Cazxxx @CBee I always find if I think too hard I end up missing something really obvious 😂 2h
CBee @Cazxxx yep, that‘s exactly what happens to me 😂😂 1h
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- Harry Potter and…..
- Harper Lee
- Halloween
- Harry Styles
- Hell in a Bucket - Grateful Dead

#manicmonday #LetterH @CBee

CBee Happy Monday, my friend ♥️ 3h
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#manicmonday #letterH @CBee
📚Heroes of Olympus series, Harry potter, hunger games
🎥Heels, House of the dragon
🎶Jonny Hawkins of nøthing møre, Highly Suspect
🎼H by tool, hostage by billie eilish, how soon is now? By the smiths

CBee Thanks for playing! 😊😊 4h
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