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The Trouble with Tinsel | Juliet Giglio, Keith Giglio
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Ugh. This was awful. Like just terrible. No chemistry between these two horrible people, and no festive atmosphere at all.
1st finish for #wintergames (6hours×10×11thons)+(261words×10)+1=3,271 #gangstawrappers @Bookwormjillk
#20in4 #rushathon #bookspin #littenlisten #winterAtoZ #wintercleardown #wintercosy #castthedie #candlyland #holidayromance #adventathon @Andrew65 @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES @TheAromaofBooks @aperfectmjk @Texreader

Bookwormjillk Congrats on finishing? 9h
Traci1 @Bookwormjillk lol thanks. 9h
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Andrew65 Oh no, not a good start, but things can only get better. 9h
Texreader Ahhh. But lots of points. So a plus side nonetheless! 9h
AnnR Awww, sorry the story wasn't good. I think some of the newer holiday romances and cozies can be 'iffy' in the story development department. Cheers on all the points you got though! 👍🎉🎄 8h
TheAromaofBooks Oh no! At least it's off the list!! 8h
PuddleJumper Yay points! Sad the book wasn't any good 8h
BookmarkTavern Too bad! But yay for many points! ❤️ 5h
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 4h
Catsandbooks Aw too bad ❄️ 4h
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Happy December and most of all ....

Happy #WinterGames !!!!

Wishing everyone a great month of reading and holiday activities. Good luck to all of the teams but especially, #GangstaWrappers !!! 💚❤️💚

Listening to my first holiday audiobook (tagged) while working on this cold and rainy Friday.

#readathon #20in4 #wintergames2023 #wordsearch #littenlisten #rushathon #wintercosy #wintercleardown #adventathon

Bookwormjillk Woo hoo!! 14h
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…and here‘s my 2nd TBR list for Dec + #Midwintergames / #wintergames ! The first 12 are my picks for #castthedie and then there‘s some catchup reads for #bookspin from the past year. Maybe I‘ll catch up with these haha.
These lists should fill me in with a nice backlist of possible reads for #cloakanddaggerchristmas #littenlisten #RGB #wintergamesAtoZ #scaryChristmas #promptmaze #bingoparty #rushathon #adventathon #longdarknights

Emilymdxn Looks awesome to me! ❄️❄️❄️ (edited) 2d
AllDebooks Fabulous x 2d
Patchshank Nice! Egotistical Puckboy me chuckle. 2d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2d
Ruthiella Looks like a great list of possibilities! 2d
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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The pic above includes updates for the readathons occurring all month from 12/1-12/31. Shoutouts:
#WinterClearDown: @puddlejumper; #Adventathon: @BookmarkTavern;
#LittenListen: @Aperfectmjk; #WinterCosy: @puddlejumper; #SundayBuddyRead: @TheBookHippie; #Gottacatchemall: @puddlejumper; #Castthedie: @puddlejumper

Whew! I think that's it ... for now. 🤣

TheBookHippie Phew😅 2d
dabbe @TheBookHippie 🤩🤗🤣 2d
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Here is the bingo card for #LittenListen. Sorry it took me so long to get together. Between the holiday and preparing for my sister's baby shower, I've been distracted.

Looking forward to another fun filled month of games, activities, and holiday audiobooks for #WinterGames.

@Clwojick @StayCurious @LiseWorks

Texreader Yay!!!! 3d
AllDebooks ❤️ 3d
Clwojick This looks great! Thanks! 3d
LiseWorks Fantastic! I probably will be lousy at this as I don't really listen to books 🤷 I get to distracted 🙃 and then I miss stuff that was said. 3d
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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#WinterGames #Readathons

These are the readathon posts so far. There will be more, but this is enough to get you started.

Shoutouts to @TexReader (#AtoZReadathon), @peanutnine (#HolidayRomance),
@Andrew65 & @DieAReader & @GHABI4ROSES (#Rushathon), and @Catsandbooks for #CandyLandReadathon.

Please let me know if I've missed someone. It's hard to corral all the information! 🤩

DieAReader This is great! Thanks so much!❤️‍🔥📚🤓 3d
AnnR I think #WinterCozy is a #readathon hosted by @Puddlejumper (Dec 1st - Jan 31st)
Original post https://litsy.com/p/UXRBTWtYSndk
AnnR Sorry, I forgot to say in the prior message, thanks for keeping track of all this @dabbe. 👍🤗🎄 There's so much to keep track of. I've been trying to take screenshots each time someone posts a readathon but I've already fallen behind. 3d
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AnnR One more : #LittenListen hosted by @perfectmjk for audiobook lovers
Original post: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2665911
AmandaBlaze Thanks for this. According to one of the Google drives, @PuddleJumper is doing a WinterCosy Readathon but I don‘t know how long it lasts. 3d
dabbe @DieAReader 🩵🩶🩵 3d
dabbe @AnnR Thanks. I had it under just “Bingo Boards.“ I'll put it under Readathons, too. 🩵🩶🩵 3d
dabbe @AnnR 🩵🩶🩵 3d
dabbe @AnnR Thanks. I had it under “Audio“ but will also put it under Readathon. 🩵🩶🩵 3d
dabbe @AmandaBlaze Thanks. I had it under “Bingo“ but will also put it under Readathon. 🩵🩶🩵 3d
Catsandbooks Thanks for this! 🩵 3d
dabbe @Catsandbooks 🩵🩶🩵 3d
Texreader Thanks for the tag!! 3d
AnnR @dabbe - another one just popped up in my feed. (Sorry to keep adding more here.)
#adventathon December 1 - 24 hosted by @BookmarkTavern 🙂
Original post: https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2669431
dabbe @Texreader ❄️🩵❄️ 2d
dabbe @AnnR Don't be sorry! Two pairs of 👀 are better than one! Thanks! ❄️🩵❄️ 2d
Bookwormjillk #GangstaWrappers I was going to create a post about Readathons next month, but @Dabbe did a better job so hopefully she won't mind me piggybacking on hers. @pigpen_reads @jerdencon @jessieKB @bthegood @Traci1 @MidnightBookGirl @Fandom_hellspawn99 @alora 2d
dabbe @Bookwormjillk I would NEVER mind! #sharingiscaring 🤩🤣🤗 2d
Jerdencon Thanks for this! 2d
dabbe @Jerdencon My pleasure! 🩵❄️🩵 2d
bthegood @Bookwormjillk @dabbe thank you both!! 2d
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Repost for @aperfectmjk

#LittenListen will be back again for another round of #WinterGames. There will be a bingo card to accompany the readathon, but as usual it‘s not required to participate. The bingo card should be ready before the end of the month.

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#LittenListen will be back again for another round of #WinterGames. There will be a bingo card to accompany the readathon, but as usual it's not required to participate. I should have the bingo card ready before the end of the month.

@Clwojick @StayCurious @LiseWorks @LitsyEvents

Texreader Yay!! 2w
Clwojick WOohoo! 2w
AllDebooks Yay, I loved this challenge. I'm in 😊 2w
MatchlessMarie 🧑🏻‍🎄🎧 yessss 2w
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