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#BFC #round4 week6
@wanderinglynn @TheSpineView @Airykah13 @mcipher
The last week! Wow, time flies!
My best achievement was my book goal I read 17 books so I definitely met and exceeded my goal
I did ok with exercise, averaged 1200 steps a day
Meditation daily
And I did 2 craft projects, I actually wanted to do more, will work on that!
Photo is my kitty who demands attention while I'm reading by sitting on the book on my lap!😉❤😸

Darklunarose Kitties know when best to seek your affection! 3mo
AmyK1 He‘s so cute 🐱 3mo
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wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 And what a beautiful kitty ❤️🐱 3mo
CoffeeCatsBooks 😻What a beauty!! 😻 3mo
TheSpineView Way to go!👏👏👏 Adorable fur baby! 3mo
mcipher Gorgeous kitty! And yay you - mediation daily is a HARD goal and you nailed it (and so many others!!) 🙌🙌 3mo
Andrew65 1200 steps a day is a brilliant achievement! 👏😊😍🥳 3mo
Crazeedi @Darklunarose he certainly does!😸 3mo
Crazeedi @wanderinglynn thank you Lynn for all you've done!❤ 3mo
Megabooks Great job!! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪💕 3mo
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Week 1 of #bfcr4 I think I did pretty good for my first week. I am proud of myself and am working hard to achieve my goals!!

#bookfitnesschallenge #Round4 #goals #weekone #Scarathlon #TeamStoker @TheReadingMermaid

MatchlessMarie Awesome! I'm posting mine in the morning so I can get my sleep data for tonight. 4mo
Bookwormjillk Great job! 4mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌 A great first week! 4mo
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I thought the #bookfitnesschallenge #round4 started today, but it doesn‘t, I‘m just crazy 😂

I got in a 20 minute run after work & I started listening to the tagged book—I think it‘s going to be pretty funny!

#BFCr4 @wanderinglynn #earlybirdpost

kspenmoll Congrats!!!! Off to a good start! 5mo
wanderinglynn You‘re getting a good head start! You‘ll be all ready to go next Sunday. 😉 Way to go! 🙌🏻 5mo
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I thought my #LMPBC #round4 group would appreciate this! @thebluestocking @Ingerella @Whimsical.Curiosity
I didn't catch this! Did any of you?
I still think about this book. It was probably the most imaginative (although very odd and disturbing) book that I have ever read. Which makes it a great choice for a book club! 😉

thebluestocking I didn‘t know or notice that! That‘s super cool. 10mo
Ingerella I didn't notice either! I love it! 10mo
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@DarcysMom I wanted to touch base and let you know that your book is on its way. I got it out last week (Thursday, I think). I apologize for the delay, and sorry I didn't post when I mailed it, but I had a lot going on and had to make a short notice trip to Ohio. #lmpbc #round4 @LazyDays @irre

DarcysMom Thanks for letting me know. I hope all is well with you. 10mo
cherinium @DarcysMom Have you received the package yet? 10mo
DarcysMom I did! Thank you so much! I should have posted immediately. Thank you for the lovely extras. I am really excited to read them! 10mo
cherinium @DarcysMom Great! I'm glad they made it to you. I'm a bit less trusting of the mail these days than I once was. 10mo
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Sanctum | Sarah Fine
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#lmpbc #round4 has arrived @MeesesPieces
Let the reading begin!
@Pogue @InBooksILive coming soon to you...

DaveGreen7777 Happy reading! 😀📖 10mo
MeesesPieces Yay! Enjoy! 📖💕 10mo
InBooksILive Can't wait! 😁 10mo
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Shadow Tag: A Novel | Louise Erdrich
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@irre The book is finally in the mail! You should have it on Thursday.
#LMPBC #round4

irre Thanks! 11mo
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Shadow Tag: A Novel | Louise Erdrich
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#LMPBC #round4
@irre @cherinium @LazyDays

I will get this in the mail tomorrow. 😁

irre Thanks! 11mo
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@DGRachel sorry I‘m little late posting but got the book in and love my super cute book marks. Had fun reading everyone‘s comments. Hope y‘all girls enjoyed. @Amanda61 @Kayla.Adriena #LMPBC #round4 #groupL

DGRachel No worries! Thank you for the extra time. 11mo
shellleigh33 Your welcome @DGRachel 11mo
Kayla.Adriena I enjoyed that book! Thanks for a great round! 11mo
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Challenger Deep | Neal Shusterman
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The Buried Giant from #Round4 has made it home! It will be fun perusing everyone‘s comments 😊

And now I am gearing up for my book for #Round5! #GroupC

@Victoriahoperose @OriginalCyn620 @cwarnier

Victoriahoperose Yay 😊😊😊 12mo
OriginalCyn620 Awesome! 12mo
cwarnier So fun. 💖💖 12mo
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