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@TamarackTrail just want to make sure you received your #feedareader I sent it late but a few months ago and I just wanted to verify it made it to you?

TamarackTrail Oh my goodness!!! I just remembered I forgot to post about it!!!!! Thank you so much @Kendyl !!! I have been itching to have some nice weather to try the outdoor cookbook you sent. Sorry about that! Life got busy... 8mo
Kendyl No worries at all!! I usually forget to post mine too but I was worried about that one getting to you. The transaction at the post office with that package was a little concerning. 😂 Glad you got it, enjoy! 8mo
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Sourdough | Robin Sloan
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Thank you @JenlovesJT47 I received my #feedareader today!! No worries on the late send I sent some of mine late too. Life happens! I'm excited to read and use these, thank you!

JenlovesJT47 ❤️❤️❤️ 8mo
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TheSpineView 😊 9mo
Itchyfeetreader Yay thanks for tagging me always good to know a swap gift was a hit!! 9mo
Velvetfur I'm glad this one was a pick for you! 8mo
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Sour Candy: A Novella | Kealan Patrick Burke
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@Carolyn11215 you are so amazing!! You got everything so perfectly right and thank you so much for sending a makeup package! #feedareader

Carolyn11215 Oh yay! It arrived. I‘m so pleased that you like the package. It was truly my pleasure to send a replacement package!! 11mo
monkeygirlsmama Awesome 11mo
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Replacement for @collegecatlady missing #feedareader swap packages shipping out tomorrow. Hope you love everything! @MinDea

collegecatlady Oh thank you so much!! I‘m so excited! 11mo
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@MeganAnn is my hero!!!! One of the people in my #feedareader group dropped out after I'd already sent a package, so Megan volunteered to send me a make-up. We've been swap buddies before and she sends the best things!!!! I'm so touched by your handwritten notes, Megan, and all the thought you put into this. You're so amazing! @MinDea @TricksyTails

(I just realized I left the hot sauce out of the picture. There's amazing hot sauce too!!!)

ferskner @MeganAnn I'm also thrilled that you included copies of your magazine! I've always been curious about it and I'm looking forward to taking a look! 11mo
ferskner @mindea also FYI, I sent my last package to @AprilMaesBookHabit but forgot to take a picture. She let me know it arrived! 11mo
Chrissyreadit Are you still in touch with @TricksyTails ? I have not seen her post in a long time! 11mo
Schnoebs Oh man, you‘re in for a treat with that book. Can‘t explain my heart after reading that book! Also, if I remember correctly, there‘s a pretty decent movie adaptation 👍 11mo
MeganAnn I‘m glad it finally made it to you and so happy you like everything! I always love shopping for you 😉💕 11mo
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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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Hey #EpicKaTetRead-ers! How are ya'll doing with #SongOfSusannah? Are you enjoying it? Is everyone caught up?
#EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTower #Roland #StephenKing

Sadly I have had no time to read much this year. Hoping to read some today but we'll see how the chips fall.

BookwormM Have to confess I haven‘t started yet but I will start soon 11mo
BookwormAHN I started a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure where I am since I'm listening to the audio book, but so far its been really good. 11mo
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PaperbackPirate I‘m still on Wizard and Glass but thank you for tagging me. I‘ll catch up to you later! 11mo
TK421 I haven't started yet. I have one other book left to finish before I start this. 11mo
MinDea Well I am glad we are all in the same boat! @TK421 @PaperbackPirate @BookwormAHN @BookwormM! 11mo
TrishB Not started yet, but will be done by discussion time 👍🏻 11mo
tonyahoswalt Still way behind, but please keep tagging me 11mo
Jovy Have not started either! Will get to it next week 😅 11mo
ScientistSam Still way behind, but appreciate being tagged! 11mo
collegecatlady I‘m still on Wolves of the Calla but I‘ll get caught up eventually! 11mo
MinDea @collegecatlady on a different note someone is sending you a make up package for #FeedAReader. Should be there around end of month. Again, I'm so sorry for the issues you've had with this swap. 😫 11mo
Andrew65 Still not been able to start this yet. Currently reading two Chunksters, 944 Pages and 768 Pages. When I have finished these I shall get to it and read through and catch up. 11mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Ditto! 11mo
Andrew65 @MinDea 😂😂😂😂Looks like a similar theme for all of us! 11mo
collegecatlady No problem! Thanks for letting me know! 11mo
MinDea @Andrew65 I'm honestly relieved we're all in the same boat cause I am so behind and I really wnat to catch up! 11mo
Andrew65 @MinDea We‘ve still got over a mo th to finish this book and it is shorter than the previous ones. I‘m sure I‘ll finish by 17th Feb. 11mo
AnansiGirl Glad to know we‘re all on the same path with this one. I was slammed with overdrive/libby ebooks I was on wait list all downloading on the same day and Song of Susannah keeps getting shoved aside. 11mo
BookwormM Is there any update on when we will hit the final book? 10mo
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Dark Matter | Blake Crouch
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Oh my goodness, Melanie @Kappadeemom ! You are too kind. This #FeedAReader box is out of this world. Guys, do you see that cookie cutter? It‘s a #BEAGLE! Thank you ever so much. @MinDea @TricksyTails

Kappadeemom You are so welcome! 11mo
emtobiasz That cookie cutter! 😍 11mo
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Molly! Thanks so much for the #feedareader package! The book looks great, and what‘s not to love about cheese recipes and chocolate? The chocolate marshmallows look really good- I need to make some hot chocolate now! Thanks again!

Itchyfeetreader Cheesy recipes sound good! 11mo
heikemarie What a cute card! 11mo
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Thank you @Avanders for all of the fun items that came with my #SFMBC book. The coffee and hot chocolate look tasty and the books all look good! I sent mine out today to @Endowarrior21 . I also sent my #FeedaReader package to @Pamwurtzler and the #LMPBC book to @Madamereginald

Pamwurtzler Oh yay!! I‘ll watch for it! 11mo
Avanders Yay I'm glad you like everything!! ☺️😘♥️ 11mo
Ingerella Hiya! I wondered if you received your Feed A Reader package yet. I sent it 2 weeks ago. 11mo
Shadowfat Yes I received it, I'll post a picture tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! 11mo
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