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Bucket List Journal
Bucket List Journal: Create a Lifetime of Inspiration and Purpose | Alex Wagman
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My Bucket List is an inspirational journal with sections to guide you through listing out and accomplishing your life's journey.
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I think I went through every emotion last night, and I still can‘t quite wrap my head around the fact that we‘re going to the World Series! Games 3-5 will be in Washington!!!

marleed Have fun! 4w
Leftcoastzen Congrats! They totally rocked that series! 4w
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Izaday wow 4mo
rather_be_reading @Izaday ik so pretty! 3mo
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cool endpapers!

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I have crossed some things off my bucket list #thissummer!
1. I visited a new-to-me city, Boston 🍻
2. I flew first class ✈️
3. I swam with dolphins 🐬
It‘s been great!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
Jerdencon Awesome!! 5mo
sudi That does sound fun and the pictures look great 💜💜💜 5mo
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AmyG Fun! 5mo
Andrea313 I love this! How fun! ♥️ 5mo
wanderinglynn That‘s awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻 5mo
Hollie Awesome! 5mo
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1. Iceland
2. The Shire
3. So many - Carson McCullers
4. Walk the Santiago del Compostela trial
5. Jean Louise ‘Scout‘ Finch

Ke633 That would be an awesome trail! Thanks for sharing! 1y
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Menzies Castle Scotland
Jane Austen Or Maya Angelou
Whale watch
Elizabeth Bennett

Ke633 I have always wanted to go whale watching. Every time I go on a cruise I stand outside for far too long looking for whales. 😭😭 I‘ve only seen dolphins. Seeing orcas in the wild is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!! 1y
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1. Ireland
2. Hogwarts
3. Maureen Johnson. She seems so quirky and fun.
4. Have a no kill shelter and low cost vet clinic
5. The Doctor
@Ke633 #tellmetuesday

Ke633 The doctor! 💙💙🙌🏻 1y
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1. Vietnam (I want to eat allll the food!!)
2. Middle Earth
3. CS Lewis or Tolkien, or both! Over a pint.
4. I want to go on a foodie trip around the USA. Chasing obscure bits of deliciousness, and maybe a few cool bookstores too!
5. Mrs. Weasley, I just know we‘d be BFFS!
@Ke633 #tellmetuesday

Soubhiville Oh my gosh, I‘m such a foodie too! When I get back south, come to Austin and we‘ll go to a couple to die for restaurants! 1y
Soubhiville Also 👍 to all your answers! 1y
Foragingfantasy @Soubhiville 😱 I‘m so excited!!! I‘m so down! 1y
Ke633 Foodie trip would be awesome and I agree, Austin has some great food!! Thanks for sharing! 1y
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1. So many places, but I think Australia is the furtherest, so that‘s my pick.
2. Hogwarts, several of the planets in John Scalzi‘s Old Man‘s War trilogy, Asgard, Neverland, Gotham City...
3. Jane Austen
4. Learn to play the cello
5. Aziraphale & Crowley from Good Omens

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1. PEI, Canada
2. Hogwarts
3. I‘d definitely time travel to meet the Brontes
4. Visit Graceland
5. Miss Marple (as played by Joan Hickson)

This was fun! @Ke633 #tellmetuesday

Ke633 I think I‘ve been to Graceland!! Haha! Thanks for playing along! 1y
OutsmartYourShelf @Ke633 Thanks for setting it up, it was great fun to think about the answers. I‘m definitely jealous if you have been to Graceland. 1y
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Congratulations on the 5K, @corycatelyn , and thanks for hosting this great #bucketlistgiveaway 😊

At the top of my bucket list:
1. Travel to London again, and see more of England & Ireland
2. Develop a circle of friends 😊❤
3. Create a beautiful home book nook/library/sanctuary

Top 3 books I'd like to own:
1. The List by Amy Siskind
2. America: The Farewell Tour by Chris Hedges
3. Devotions by Mary Oliver

corycatelyn Thanks for entering! 1y
Trashcanman Yoohooo 1y
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Here are the top 3 things on my bucket list:
1. Visit Australia 🇦🇺
2. Visit all 50 states (only 11 to go!)
3. Hear Yo-yo Ma live

Thanks @corycatelyn for this fun #BucketListGivwaway 😀

corycatelyn Thanks for entering! 1y
CarolynM Let me know when you visit Australia, I'd love to show you around Melbourne🙂 1y
corycatelyn Also, are there 3 books you would like to own? 1y
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wanderinglynn @corycatelyn I got so caught up in the bucket list, I forgot to list the books 😂 My 3 books are (1) A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, (2) The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, and (3) Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi 1y
wanderinglynn @CarolynM That would be awesome! Is there a particular time of year you recommend visiting? 1y
CarolynM I suppose it depends on how you feel about hot weather and if there's anything in particular you want to do or see. If you don't mind heat and you only want to visit Sydney and other places south, summer is a great time to be here. If you prefer it not so hot, March and April are usually lovely. If you want to go north May to September is best, but southern places will likely be grey. 1y
Lauram Yo-Yo Ma is playing Bach in Ohio next month. You should go! 1y
wanderinglynn @Lauram Oh, that would be awesome! Where in Ohio? 1y
Lauram At an outdoor amphitheater in the middle of a National Park between Cleveland and Akron. 1y
wanderinglynn Thanks @Lauram I‘ll have to look into that. 😀 1y
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Thanks to @corycatelyn for the fun idea of the #bucketlistgiveaway!

Bucket list: Become fluent in American Sign Language, do a literary tour of England, and get a bookish tattoo!

Books to read: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Turton), The Mystery of Three Quarters (Hannah), and Resurrection Bay (Viskic)

corycatelyn Thanks for entering! 1y
Zelma Learning ASL is on my list too. I have been meaning to take classes for years. My best friend is deaf, as is her bother, and her husband is an interpreter. I am routinely in situations where I really want to communicate better. 1y
tracey38 Yes, learning ALS is something I have always wanted to do. I know the alphabet. 1y
LiteraryinLititz @Zelma @tracey38 I‘ve had an interest in it for a long time. I‘ve taken some classes over the years and at one point considered studying to be an interpreter. My career went in a different direction, but I‘m excited to be taking a class again! 1y
tracey38 @LiteraryinLititz I have been amazed by interpreters since I've seen them come in with patients at work. 1y
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Someone I know is waiting to go in for surgery, and she says she's got 4 books she wants to finish while she's recovering. She called it her bucket list, but with the drugs, it sounded like #BookItList, and I thought, that would make a great hashtag. Then, maybe it already is, and I'm behind the times.


Traveler13 I saw bookit and was like Pizza Hut still does that? And for adults? #hungrytoday 2y
RaimeyGallant @Traveler13 I didn't know it was a pizza thing too! Pizza and books, yum. :) 2y
gibblr @Traveler13 I immediately thought Pizza Hut too 😂 2y
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Traveler13 @gibblr I always killed myself tp get those and never used them. I always wanted that little pizza too. 2y
SpeculativeFemale @Traveler13 Yep, Pizza Hut does still do the BootIt Program; my son's school participates. I have his January assignment hanging on the fridge right now! 📚 🍕 2y
Traveler13 @SpeculativeFemale That makes me unreasonably happy. 2y
VanChocStrawberry @Traveler13 Pizza Hut still does it! I‘m 43 and participated when I was in school and my kids did, too, until they aged out. It‘s kindy-5th grade. 2y
VanChocStrawberry Ha. My phone glitched and I didn‘t see the previous post. 2y
Hornsby78 I was TOTALLY a Book It program kid in the summer time and STILL have the huge, purple Book It button they put stickers on for each book I read leading up to going to get free pizza from Pizza Hut. #Carbs #InhaleTheBooksAndPizza 2y
MizLit Love this idea! 2y
Jennifer3 @Hornsby78 I remember reading books too for Book It and those personal pan pizza! (edited) 2y
Jennifer3 @SpeculativeFemale @Traveler13 I am so thrilled to know Pizza Hut still does this!! 2y
Velvetfur What is this connection between pizza and books? Sounds like it's a US thing, I don't remember hearing about it here in UK, unless I totally missed something... But now I want to read while eating pizza, what a great idea! 2y
RaimeyGallant @Velvetfur I'd never heard of it either. :) 2y
readinginthedark @Velvetfur It‘s an incentive to get Elementary students to read. Pizza Hut gives them a little booklet, and for each book they read (or amount of time, I can‘t remember) they get a sticker. When they fill the little booklet, they get a free personal pan pizza. There are various things like this done by companies in the US. My son‘s school does one with a nearby amusement park. They have three months to read 360 min for a free summer ticket. (edited) 2y
DivaDiane @VanChocStrawberry I‘m 48 and I never heard of this BookIt thing with Pizza Hut. Maybe too old? This would‘ve totally been my thing! 2y
DivaDiane Love the hashtag though!! 2y
Velvetfur @readinginthedark That sounds fantastic! They should do things like that here in the UK, the young ones these days just don't know how to read and write 🙁 2y
readinginthedark @Velvetfur Yeah, it didn‘t make a huge difference for me. Although the pizza was nice, I would‘ve read anyway. But my son‘s a big reader, and he reads even more with the incentives, so they work! 2y
Velvetfur @readinginthedark Aaww, cute 😊 2y
tracey38 @DivaDiane I'm 38 and never heard of this. But love the idea! 2y
RadicalReader @RaimeyGallant what an absolutely wonderful idea for a 2018 and forward reading list a book it list is most definitely the best invention since sliced bread!!! 2y
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