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I'm Sad
I'm Sad | Michael Ian Black
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A girl, a potato, and a very sad flamingo star in this charming sequel to Im Bored by New York Times bestselling author and comedian Michael Ian Black and celebrated illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Everyone feels sad sometimeseven flamingos. Sigh. When Flamingo announces hes feeling down, the little girl and Potato try to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work. Not even dirt! (Which usually works for Potato.) Flamingo learns that he will not always feel this way. And his friends learn that sometimes being a friend means you dont have to cheer someone up. You just have to stick by your pal no matter how they feel. Even if theyre a potato.
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I'm Sad | Michael Ian Black
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I‘m having an awful day here, I can hardly see the keyboard from tears. My scan results were bad, I‘m in a lot of pain and I‘ve had a huge fight with the hubby and now he‘s gone for three days & I‘m just sitting here on my own and sobbing. I‘m sorry for venting but I needed to tell someone. I‘m just gonna curl up & watch trashy tv for awhile.

ValkyrieAndHerBooks I'm sorry you're having such a rotten time! Sending ghost hugs over the internet to you! I hope things get better for you soon! 2mo
JennyM Oh Liz. I‘m so sorry to hear this. Are any of your family nearby who can come over and give you some support? I‘m sorry we‘re not nearer - but I‘m thinking of you and sending you love and hugs xxx 2mo
vivastory I'm so sorry to hear about your bad scan results. I hope that things improve for you soon 2mo
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CarolynM I'm so sorry to hear all that, Liz. Sounds like you're overwhelmed at the moment. Sending hugs and good wishes. ❤️ 2mo
Texreader I‘m glad you shared. You are near and dear to us Littens and we care about you. So sorry for your news. Hope things start looking better soon. 2mo
Kalalalatja I‘m so sorry Liz ❤️ 2mo
TrishB So sorry 💔 sending hugs and kind thoughts. 2mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I'm so sorry it's a bad day. Sending good thoughts your way that tomorrow is better. Is there anything you like to do (or only seem to get done) when your husband is out? 2mo
LeeRHarry Oh no Liz, I‘m thinking of you lovely, sending you hugs 💕💕 2mo
alisonrose I‘m so sorry for what you‘re going through. Sending support and prayers your way 💕💕💕 2mo
ljuliel Very sorry to hear that. I hope things soon look better. ❤️ 2mo
Lizpixie @ValkyrieAndHerBooks @JennyM @vivastory @CarolynM @Texreader @Kalalalatja @TrishB @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick @LeeRHarry @alisonrose @ljuliel you guys are amazing, the love & support you‘ve shown me today made all the difference. I wish I could give each of you a huge hug & kiss, Littens really are the best people. My heart is full♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
sprainedbrain I‘m sorry. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Stacypatrice @Lizpixie - Just getting home from work and seeing your post, I wish I could wrap you in a blanket, give you hot cocoa, and feed you warm cookies. It doesn‘t fix things, but it provides some cozies. Wishing you a day without tears and a smile in your heart knowing so many people care about you 💛 2mo
BookNAround ((((((((Big squashy hug)))))))) ❤️ 2mo
tournevis 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 hugs😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 2mo
Jas16 Sending you lots of ❤️ 2mo
Karkar Hugs and support ❤️🤗 2mo
MamaGina Just seeing this and hoping you‘re feeling a little better ... sending a big 🤗 your way!!! 2mo
Blaire What a scary and sad time. So sorry to hear about the results. Sending love and support. Know that so many people are thinking of you. Hope you can find something that will give you a small break from the tears. A comforting show of book - great British bake-off is my go to comfort watch. 2mo
alisonrose @Lizpixie 💓💓💓 2mo
Lizpixie @sprainedbrain @BookNAround @tournevis @Jas16 @Karkar @MamaGina @Blaire @alisonrose words cannot express how much it means to me that y‘all care enough to send your support & love.♥️♥️♥️ @Stacypatrice that sounds perfect, I wish you could too. Especially the cookies🍪 I feel so loved today, Littens are amazing🥰 2mo
DaveGreen7777 Oh, no, I‘m so sorry about the scan results! 😢 Sending healing energy and best wishes your way, I hope things get much better for you soon! 2mo
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I'm Sad | Michael Ian Black
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🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟5 🌟
Perfect Book. Perfect message. Perfect illustrations. Just Perfect. I love that the flimingo does not find his happy in the end, but instead learns it‘s okay to be sad. That your friends are with you through happy times, and sad times. Love this BOOK!

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I'm Sad | Michael Ian Black
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Peddler410 Have you read I‘m Bored by the same author? I love them both. 11mo
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I'm Sad | Michael Ian Black
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Because I posted that he was sick it feels wrong someway not to post that Burt passed yesterday. I am so heartbroken. I was able to spend yesterday with my nephews and niece but today it's back to work so if anyone wants to tag me in adorable photos of any stripe it would be much appreciated. Social media is weird, thanks for being patient with the awkwardness. Back to books when I feel like reading again...

Mitch Love to you x 2y
Schlinkles So sorry for the loss of your furry kid. 2y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry... love and hugs to you ❤️ 2y
emilyhaldi So sorry 😿 2y
Tamra 😿 It‘s a heartache. 2y
Mdargusch That is heartbreaking, I‘m so sorry. 2y
Yellowpigeon I'm so sorry for your loss. 😢💛 2y
Smrloomis 😟 so sorry! 2y
shortsarahrose I am so sorry for your loss 🐈😞 2y
BookwormAHN I'm so sorry for your loss 😿 2y
TrishB So sorry 💔 2y
Jas16 I am so sorry 2y
Puredragonstar I'm so sorry for your loss. 😿💔 2y
JessClark78 So sorry for your loss. 💔🌹 2y
TommieMarie74 So sorry. Hugs. ❤️ 2y
BookNAround I‘m so sorry. I hope you take comfort in the love you shared in the time you had your precious fur baby. 2y
AmyG I am so very sorry for your loss. I know, unfortunately, how painful this is. 💔 2y
SandyW We had to put our girlie down 2 weeks ago today. I can tell you it gets a little easier. And yes, social media is weird. It's odd to get likes for your negative news. But the support of this community is indeed helpful. So I'm sending healing thoughts your way, and hoping you will be able to remember him with more love and less sadness in the future. 2y
megt I‘m so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs. ❤️ 2y
squirrelbrain I‘m so very sorry. Console yourself by knowing that you gave him a fantastic loving life. We had one of our old girls put to sleep a few months ago and my godmother sent me a lovely card saying ‘she really fell on her paws when you chose her‘ and I‘m sure the same applies to your special boy hxx 2y
drokka I'm sorry for your loss 💜😢 2y
PirateJenny Oh, I'm so very sorry 2y
Karkar So sorry for you loss. 2y
tonyahoswalt I'm so sorry for your loss 2y
CoffeeK8 I‘m so sorry for your loss 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Eggs 💜😿🌹🌺🌼💓 2y
DivineDiana Sending love. 💗 A beautiful boy. 😿 2y
GlassAsDiamonds 😿😿😿❤️❤️❤️ 2y
everlocalwest @DivineDiana & @GlassAsDiamonds Thank you guys for your kindness. 💙💙💙 2y
thevictoriousone Oh no, Michelle, I‘m so sorry!!! 💜💜 2y
Avanders So so sorry 😢💖 All the hugs and love. 💖😢 2y
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