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The Pioneers
The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West | David McCullough
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Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough rediscovers an important and dramatic chapter in the American storythe settling of the Northwest Territory by dauntless pioneers who overcame incredible hardships to build a community based on ideals that would come to define our country. As part of the Treaty of Paris, in which Great Britain recognized the new United States of America, Britain ceded the land that comprised the immense Northwest Territory, a wilderness empire northwest of the Ohio River containing the future states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A Massachusetts minister named Manasseh Cutler was instrumental in opening this vast territory to veterans of the Revolutionary War and their families for settlement. Included in the Northwest Ordinance were three remarkable conditions: freedom of religion, free universal education, and most importantly, the prohibition of slavery. In 1788 the first band of pioneers set out from New England for the Northwest Territory under the leadership of Revolutionary War veteran General Rufus Putnam. They settled in what is now Marietta on the banks of the Ohio River. McCullough tells the story through five major characters: Cutler and Putnam; Cutlers son Ephraim; and two other men, one a carpenter turned architect, and the other a physician who became a prominent pioneer in American science. They and their families created a town in a primeval wilderness, while coping with such frontier realities as floods, fires, wolves and bears, no roads or bridges, no guarantees of any sort, all the while negotiating a contentious and sometimes hostile relationship with the native people. Like so many of McCulloughs subjects, they let no obstacle deter or defeat them. Drawn in great part from a rare and all-but-unknown collection of diaries and letters by the key figures, The Pioneers is a uniquely American story of people whose ambition and courage led them to remarkable accomplishments. This is a revelatory and quintessentially American story, written with David McCulloughs signature narrative energy.
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I listened to this on a road trip and really liked its focus on Ohio. You don‘t hear a lot about that aspect of Western expansion. #NFNov

Crazeedi I've borrowed this book twice and returned before I read! I definitely have to get it and read!! 1w
Clwojick 6 pt 1w
IamIamIam Great review! I tried this and it was so bogged down with details, I had to return it before I could finish the audio. I will definitely check this out, though! 1w
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Wife I have this in my Scribd queue. How is the reader? 1w
Bookwormjillk @Crazeedi it took me a few tries to get into it, but I enjoyed it once I finally did. 1w
Bookwormjillk @IamIamIam there are a lot of details! 1w
Bookwormjillk @Wife he‘s decent. Doesn‘t add to or subtract from the text. 1w
ljuliel I‘ve got this on audio. I need to listen to it at some point. I believe it talks quite a bit about the Marietta area, which is where a large chunk of my family lives . They settled there probably not long after the original settlers did. They‘ve been there for several generations . 1w
Bookwormjillk @ljuliel yes, most of the book is about Marietta. I was happy to see Ohio get some recognition. 1w
ljuliel @Bookwormjillk Agreed ... sometimes Ohio gets a bad rap , so it‘s nice to have something good said about us. I‘d have to try to figure out, year-wise, how long ago our ancestors settled in Ohio. My grandma was born in 1890. Her parents were born here , her grandparents were born here. My great grandfather was a traveling music teacher and rode a horse between all the little one- room schoolhouses to teach music to the kids. 1w
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Not an easy one to listen to but still quite interesting. It gets better towards the end. You will find a slightly amount of humor. 4/5⭐


This was listed as a developing the NW theme. Just assumed it was the Oregon Trail only to discover OH was the NW before OR was!!! We knew nothing about the settling of the OH River Valley! We learned lots listening to this on a road trip and we‘ve driven through Ohio countless times to get to “somewhere else” apparently discounting the evolution of settlement there. We were particularly interested in the educ. foundation in Ohio.

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Happy Father‘s Day to all the dads on Litsy!

I owe my love for history and my overall sense of curiosity and yearning for more knowledge from my dad. I had to buy a copy of this (and one for myself!) for him...McCullough is one of his favorite authors.

Crazeedi This is on my waiting to read list!! 5mo
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The Pioneers, by David McCullough is a New York Times Best Seller, nonfiction, literature circle. This book focuses on the challenges they face such as sickness, death and savage Indians. The harsh physical conditions that they encountered to colonize the Northwest Territory and the values and ideals of the American people. This book is inspiring. website: www.davidmccullough.com Hashtag: #UCFSU19 UDL: 8.2 EL: look up words in language

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I learned about some people in Ohio's history that I didn't know about (in spite of living in Ohio my whole life), but this book doesn't really add anything to our understanding of history. For the most part, it's the same old same old white men and manifest destiny that was in all our history books growing up.

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I love David McCullough! So glad he has a new book out.

Califlamingo I just bought this book today! Can't wait to start it! 6mo
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Coming soon to a library near you...literally! Call us to be placed on hold for these titles.

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This engrossing book about westward expansion focuses on the settlement of one area of Ohio and the remarkable people behind it. McCullough also does a great job evoking the dangers (wild animals, etc) of going into unknown territory. Thanking my mom again for sending this!

(New plant given to me by daughter‘s girlfriend 🌱 💜)!

saresmoore I tend to really like people who give plants as gifts. 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @saresmoore it definitely is a sweet gesture! Think I need to find a sunnier spot for this darling. 6mo
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The result of 2 hours of tsundoku-yoku (see previous post) with my friend Amelia!
#bn #bookhaul #tsundokuyoku #bookbathing

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Hmm. Looks like donating money for college buildings (to get one‘s kid in —or back in—) is a much older tradition than I thought.....

Reggie Also see: Legacy 6mo
Suet624 Oh yeah. Definitely.. 6mo
QuintusMarcus Awesome find, well done! 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Reggie @Suet624 @QuintusMarcus History does repeat itself 🙄 6mo
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Hot off the presses! Just got the new David McCullough book in the mail! 🥰🤩💃🏻

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Im envious! This looks good!! 6mo
Amiable @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I‘ll read anything David McCullough writes! If he decided to write a book about the history of the phone book, I‘d even read that. 😀 (edited) 6mo
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Look what arrived today! This is from my mom, who knew how much my late dad and I like McCullough ❤️. I miss talking history with him so much.

Lynnsoprano I saw this just the other day in a list of recommended new books, in the Washington Post, I think. It looks wonderful. McCullough writes so well. 6mo
LeahBergen Aww, what a lovely gift. 💕 6mo
Suet624 Awww, that's sweet of her. 6mo
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Tamra 💚 Love McCullough too! 6mo
MicheleinPhilly ❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
MaureenMc 💕💕 6mo
DivineDiana Wonderful memories. ❤️ 6mo
ValerieAndBooks @Lynnsoprano yes, he‘s very good! Just starting this tonight, finally. It‘s been so busy here! Youngest is graduating HS in 3 weeks! 6mo
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How did I not know McCullough has a book coming out in May??? Obviously, I‘m getting this for the library! McCullough fans...did you know about this?

Kimberlone This is exciting! And on a topic of interest to me! 10mo
Lauram I‘m down for another McCullough buddy read! (edited) 10mo
Librarybelle @Kimberlone It should be fascinating! 10mo
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Librarybelle @Lauram That sounds fabulous! The only other one I‘ve read by him is 1776, and I‘m not quite finished with it. I‘d love to read his book about the Johnstown Flood, since that is not too far from where I live, though really I‘m happy to read any of his books. 10mo
Amiable My boss and I literally had a discussion this week about McCullough--he was sad because he assumed that McCullough was probably done with publishing books because of his age! I will have to tell him he's wrong. 10mo
Kaye Sounds good ! 10mo
Librarybelle @Amiable I was pleasantly surprised to see this book. Your boss will be so happy! 10mo
Librarybelle @kaye I think so too! 10mo
Lauram I would happily read The Johnstown Flood! I talked myself out of buying it last week. I‘m only 3 hours away and have thought about combining a visit there with Fallingwater and perhaps a whitewater rafting trip. 10mo
Librarybelle @Lauram I think Johnstown is just a couple hours away from me. I‘ve yet to visit Fallingwater either. Sounds like a good trip idea! When would you like to start the buddy read? Should we aim for towards the end of January and see if anyone else would like to join? Maybe @kspenmoll would be interested. 10mo
Amiable @Lauram @Librarybelle "The Johnstown Flood" is very good --definitely recommend. 10mo
Librarybelle Thanks, @Amiable ! 10mo
Tamra What??? I‘m up for this one! 10mo
Librarybelle @Tamra It will be hard to wait until May for this one! 10mo
kspenmoll @Librarybelle I would love to read it as buddyread. Comes out in May. Plan for then? 10mo
Librarybelle Sounds good, @kspenmoll ! 10mo
Lauram @Librarybelle the end of January sounds perfect! 10mo
Librarybelle Great, @Lauram ! I‘ll find my copy and work out some dates for the buddy read! 10mo
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