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A Queer and Pleasant Danger
A Queer and Pleasant Danger: A Memoir | Kate Bornstein
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A stunningly original memoir of a nice Jewish boy who joined the Church of Scientology and left twelve years later, ultimately transitioning to a woman. A few years later, she stopped calling herself a woman and became famous as a gender outlaw. Kate Bornstein--gender theorist, performance artist, author--is set to change lives with her compelling memoir. Wickedly funny and disarmingly honest, this is Bornstein's most intimate book yet, encompassing her early childhood and adolescence, college at Brown, a life in the theater, three marriages and fatherhood, the Scientology hierarchy, transsexual life, LGBTQ politics, and life on the road as a sought-after speaker.
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I‘m not sure why but my hatred for this book was strong. Not sure why I bothered finishing it. Still bitter I spent good money on it.

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This was an enjoyable memoir. I didn‘t really know what to expect as I didn‘t know of Kate Bornstein before. The subtitle is what made me read it. It‘s dark and funny a little slow at times but overall enjoyed it! I also learned a little bit about Scientology and some new perspectives. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

britt_brooke Glad you liked it. The Scientology stuff is so bizarre. I‘ve read several books about it. I have a thing for obscure religions/cults. Leah Remini grew up in Scientology and her memoir is really good: 7mo
krayoncolorz @britt_brooke Might have to check it out! I lived near Clearwater and saw all of the Scientology people coming and going. It was definitely an interesting education on the subject. (edited) 7mo
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Week 1 goals met! Because of audiobooks I‘m crushing my book goal. Not sure if I‘ll finish my fourth book tonight but will by tomorrow night.

Finishing the week with a fire and looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!
#BFC #bookfitnesschallenge #week1 #checkin @wanderinglynn @mcipher @BeckyB @DebbieGrillo @Lucy_Anywhere @okthislooksbad @twohectobooks @Books.Bottles.and.Babies

wanderinglynn Great first week! 🙌🏻 And beautiful photo! 💜 7mo
BeckyandBooks Great job! Sounds like you‘re off to a great start! 7mo
Lucy_Anywhere Nice one! Fantastic start to the challenge 🙌 7mo
mcipher Yay! Great first week. Hope you enjoyed that fire! 7mo
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June has been a great month! I joined this awesome community which has inspired me to read more! I think the world would be a better place if we all read more. Still finishing up Queer and Pleasant Danger but hoping to finish before July!

twohectobooks That subtitle/tag line for the tagged book is A+ 7mo
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The subtitle says it all! Bornstein is a darkly humorous & enchanting storyteller. She‘s been through some shit & is so brave, but at times, self destructive. In a world that generally doesn‘t understand her, she persists & succeeds. This isn‘t like any memoir I‘ve read before & I‘ve truly gained some perspective. Isn‘t that the beauty of reading? Learning about other people‘s experiences is vital. Empathy is cool. Empathy is necessary.

SarahHarts_books What a great review!! 💯👍 7mo
britt_brooke @SarahHarts_books Thanks so much! 🤗 7mo
MicheleinPhilly You‘ve convinced me! #stacked 7mo
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BooknerdsLife Great review! Stacked 🤗 7mo
britt_brooke @BooknerdsLife Thanks! 💚 7mo
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▶️? Listing to the tagged book while prepping for my son‘s Pokémon party this weekend. Can‘t believe my first baby will be 7 Friday!! I made these easy, but time-consuming Pikachu treat bags for his little buds. ?

LeahBergen You‘re impressive! 👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
Theaelizabet How cute! 7mo
TheEllieMo They‘re so good!! 7mo
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saresmoore Way cool! 7mo
Gezemice So cute! 7mo
britt_brooke @LeahBergen @Theaelizabet @TheEllieMo @OrangeMooseReads @saresmoore @Gezemice Thanks a bunch! I love doing this kind of stuff for my babies. 💛 7mo
CoverToCoverGirl Wow! Fantastic! 7mo
britt_brooke @CoverToCoverGirl Thanks - It was fun making these for my little sweetie. 💛 7mo
rretzler 💕 7mo
Centique These are great - I might have to steal this idea next year! 7mo
britt_brooke @Centique Thanks! 💛 The idea came from some valentines I found on Pinterest. Just tweaked them a little. 7mo
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Wow this book was a ride. Although, of course, the title warned me about that. So, thoughts:

First of all, this is a book to go into with prior experience with trans terminology, theory, other authors and perspectives. Bornstein is a FANTASTIC writer but that doesn‘t mean she doesn‘t have flaws. I can‘t say I agree with all of her politics, but the fun she has with gender and life in general makes this worth a pick.
#lgbtbooks #queerlit

Rthvn If you do pick this up please be warned; this book touches on a lot of things that could be triggering. Off the top of my head, suicide, eating disorders, sexual assault, cults, self harm.... probably more stuff too. 2y
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Workin my way through this rn, really enjoying it!
#transpride #lgbtbooks #queerlit

RaimeyGallant Love the title! 2y
RaimeyGallant And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. 2y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻😊🌸 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 2y
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Subtitled: The True Story of a Nice Jewish Boy Who Joins the Church of Scientology and Leaves Twelve Years Later to Become the Lovely Lady She is Today. This sounds fascinating! #startswithq #maybookflowers

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Hi folks, I wanted to see if any Litsy people are interested in starting up a #litsygoespostal group specifically focussed on queer and trans books? If you're interested let me know in the comments and/or email me at bibliogeekery@gmail.com. I'd also love some insight on how to organize one of these groups as I've not done one ( @MrBook @BookishFeminist @Soubhiville etc). #queerbooks #transbooks

GirlMeetsBook This is a great idea! Best of luck (I'm already a organizer of a LPG group)! 😄 3y
Bibliogeekery @GirlMeetsBook cool, can you give me a little insight on how to organize one? 3y
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kgriffith Heck yeah! I may be unreliably involved, particularly once next semester starts, but I'll try! 3y
Bloomingjen I would love to participate. 3y
Soubhiville Sure! I'm just starting a new round of a postal group. If you'll give me your email I'll send you the letter I've been sending out to everyone today. Or email me- magicbelly@gmail.com 3y
Kat_Reads I'd love to join!!! 3y
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻!!! Wow! This is a phenomenal idea, @Bibliogeekery 😎👍🏻👍🏻!!! If you'd like your group to be a part of the #LitsyGoesPostal enterprise, you would be our #1stLGBTQEdition! What do you think? If you want to, great; if you don't want to, great 😂. And I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can ☺️👍🏻. My email is jasonvigorito at gmail. 3y
MrBook Or however you would want to name your 1st Edition 😜, lol. It was the first thing that came to mind to me. 3y
Bibliogeekery @MrBook would love to be a part of the "enterprise" ? of enough people are interested. How many people are best for one of these groups? 3y
WhatDeeReads Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm in. Where do I sign up? Let's do this! 3y
Joybishoptx I would love it. Would it be ok to include YA LGBTIA books too? 3y
Bibliogeekery @Joybishoptx absolutely! My favourite kind! 3y
Joybishoptx Yay! I'm so excited! What a great idea! 3y
saguarosally Sounds interesting! 3y
MrBook Our editions average our to around 20 participants. They go as high as 33. 3y
MrBook *out 3y
BookNerdBritt Im interested (and I definitely lean toward YA too). 3y
CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian YES. I like like queer and trans books for all ages. 3y
Emory This sounds amazing! Would totally love to participate! 3y
Yellowpigeon I'm in!!! Let me know what the next steps are. 3y
AlobelThee I've just started using Litsy, gladly finding your post 😊 I'm very looking forward to joining and contributing! 3y
GirlMeetsBook @Bibliogeekery @MrBook has it basically down to a science! Once you've got people interested and get some info from them, I think making a google doc or excel spreadsheet of people is helpful. I think that deciding shipping order was most difficult and my fabulous partner @andreadmw did that with ease. She might have tips! I wouldn't call myself an expert by any stretch but I've usually got an opinion of you ever want one. 😂👍🏼 3y
Peddler410 @Bibliogeekery I'm not able to join your postal group right now -- already committed to two ( #litsygoespostalog and LGP Jr. ) but I am interested in finding more #lgbtq YA recommendations (edited) 3y
Yamich49 You know I'm in!! 3y
moranadatter I love this idea! 3y
BooksForEmpathy I love this idea and would love to be a part of it! 3y
andreadmw @GirlMeetsBook @Bibliogeekery OMG would u be willing to take me in even though I'm already in another LGP group??? I can be there to help you wth the setup along the way. I'd love to get more immersed into LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 reading 3y
Bibliogeekery @andreadmw Absolutely!! It would be great to have you in the group and I would LOVE help with the set-up because I haven't got a clue how to organize it!! So excited about this! 3y
andreadmw @Bibliogeekery I'll send you an email 😍 3y
LitsyGoesPostal You have our assistance, should you request it. 😊👍🏻 3y
Bibliogeekery @LitsyGoesPostal thanks!! I would love some info on how to set up and structure a group. 3y
Susannah I'm definitely interested if you have room! 3y
Redjewel_7734 I'm interested!!! 3y
LiteraryinLititz I'm definitely interested in finding out more! I like the idea of focusing the swap on one genre, and I'm always on the lookout for awesome LGBTQ books. 3y
Redjewel_7734 I have tried twice,from different accounts in case the issue was with my email, to send an email to deepbibliogeekery@gmail.com and it keeps bouncing back saying that email doesn't exist. 3y
Bibliogeekery @Redjewel_7734 weird? Do you feel comfortable leaving your email here and I'll get in touch with you from the account? 3y
Redjewel_7734 Redjewel7734@gmail.com 3y
saguarosally @Bibliogeekery Just sent it! 3y
LiteraryinLititz The email failed for me too. Odd. My email is allison.hutt@gmail.com. 3y
Bibliogeekery @Redjewel_7734 @LiteraryinLititz @saguarosally - I put down the wrong email address!! Sorry. It's bibliogeekery@gmail.com 3y
Redjewel_7734 That one worked ☺ 3y
Bibliogeekery @GlitterFemme @Bloomingjen @Kat_Reads @Lucky_Ladee @Joybishoptx @saguarosally @BookNerdBritt @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian @Emory @Yellowpigeon @AlobelThee @Yamich49 @kmdartist @BooksForEmpathy @Susannah @Redjewel_7734 @LiteraryinLititz - sorry folks! I've deleted my previous post because there was a typo in the email address (tech wizard!). If you'd like to participate in the group please send an email to bibliogeekery@gmail.com with Litsy handle. 3y
Redjewel_7734 Don't ya hate when your fingers get all tongue tied? 3y
Bibliogeekery @Redjewel_7734 ha! Totally. I got my email mixed up with my Instagram #toomanyhandles 😄 3y
saguarosally @Bibliogeekery Ok, just resent! 3y
jesstothefuture I'm definitely interested, I'll email you! 3y
bookishkris Somehow I missed your tag up at the top. I'm interested, emailing you now. 3y
Emory Just emailed you! 😀 3y
Bibliogeekery @Lucky_Ladee @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian - if you folks are still interested in this LGP queer group please send an email to bibliogeekery at Gmail.com 📚😍📬 3y
Bibliogeekery @Bloomingjen if you're still interested in participating can you send an email to bibliogeekery at Gmail.com 3y
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I took the #readharder challenge, stepped out of my box and read more diverse books this year. For 2017, I already have many more on my #tbr. Keep those recommendations coming, Litsy! #weneeddiversebooks #seasonsreadings2016 @RealLifeReading

BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3y
thec0zy Looks like a good year to me 👍🏻 3y
BooksForYears Excellent!!! 👏👏👏 3y
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PrezBookster That is neat! Where would I find that for next year? 3y
UwannaPublishme @BooksForYears @Ellsbeth @PrezBookster Thx for the applause and link. This challenge inspired me to read so many more books this year. I'm in for 2017. Looking forward to sharing our progress. 😊👍🏻 3y
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"Do whatever it takes to make your life more worth living, just don't be mean."

I quickly took this photo when I met Kate Bornstein at Temple in 2009 and she gave me one of her "Get Out of Hell Free" cards. She's just as funny and fiery as you'd expect.

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I squealed a little bit when I read that Auntie Kate's first apartment in Philly (after leaving Scientology, ending a third marriage, beginning her transition, and in the middle of this badass trailblazing memoir) was across the street from my favorite dive, 2 blocks from my workplace! #phillyreads #Philadelphia

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Bornstein chronicles her time spent in (and escape from) Scientology, her exploration of her own gender identity, and the darker aspects of her life (addiction, anorexia, sadomasochism, suicide attempts). It's candid, gritty, dark; yet Bornstein's humor often has you laughing where you feel like you shouldn't. Provides lots of first-person insight into early feminist and trans rights movements. #TheLiteraryOthers #transgender #lgbT #queer #memoir

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