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I finally finished this book from #LMPBC #15 😄

Though it was a slow read for me, I did enjoyed it. I was engrossed with the characters and I really wanted more. The ending was a bit unsatisfactory for me but it did not affect how I felt about the book.

This will go out next week.

The Family Game: A Novel | Catherine Steadman
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#15 of 2022 (Since July 9th) #BOTM October
Started: 11/26/22
Finished: 12/4/22
9 Days

Extasia | Claire Legrand
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Another book with mixed reviews. I think the concept was interesting, dark and weird. A town that believe in female saints but at the same time were mysogynist, extreme and violent in their punishment against women until one of them will discover her magic, that their others like her and all of them will revealed secrets that they are not alone. “Saints” or witches? I think there will be a sequel. Not a great story but kept my attention 3/3.4⭐️

Gissy #20in4 Readathon (2nd book) @Andrew65

13 hours of reading x 10 points= 130x 9 readathons = 1,170 pts + 15 ScarathlonDailyPrompt +15 genre+ 6 post

Total= 1,206 points

TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 3mo
TheSpineView Awesome 3mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 3mo
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A Madness So Discreet | Mindy McGinnis
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#Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash
#ScarathlonDailyPrompt #15 secrets ((I haven‘t read this one but it seems the story has many secrets😳)

5 points
Post- 1 point
Total= 6 points


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Another fun entry in the Bakeshop Mystery series (#15!) in this one Jules & the Torte crew are catering an outdoor wedding (I won‘t say whose in case you aren‘t caught up)😉& incorporating the bride & groom‘s favorite donuts among the other tasty upscale picnic fare. Of course a dead body shows up on the big day & Jules is on the case. I love this series for the characters & the food.😋 I‘m going to make at least 3 of the recipes in the back!

The Last Flight | Julie Clark
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Mixed feelings with this one. Abigail had a one night stand with a stranger before her wedding. A man she thought would never see again. She married with Mr. Perfect who took her to an isolated unique luxury camp. Then, she sees the stranger man and things will happen. Does she know her husband? Well, I liked the beginning of the story and the mystery. But then the ending was unrealistic, expected? Yes, at least for me. 3⭐️

Gissy #DoubleSpin #BookSpinBingo (#15 Summer vibes/mood in my list) I like to read thrillers during summer 😳☺️

(edited) 6mo
kplovesbooks That "cranky with a touch of psycho" sign though! ? 6mo
Gissy @kplovesbooks It goes perfect with the book🤔? Why do I have that sign? 😳☺️
I see these things in stores and immediately think in books😄
kplovesbooks @Gissy 😂😂😂 6mo
TheAromaofBooks I felt the same way about this one. It really pulled me in while I was reading it, but I got done and was pretty much like, “What the heck!?“ 😂 6mo
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⭐️⭐️⭐️ Phoebe and Her Unicorn book #15 … yes 15! I started reading these years ago, and passing them along to my niece, but she‘s apparently outgrown them. It‘s fine. I‘m fine. 😭😝 Her family are not readers. I tried. I‘ll keep reading them because Simpson is always good for a few chuckles.

sherri I love those. I need to catch up. I think I was somewhere around #12. 7mo
britt_brooke @sherri They‘re consistently fun! 🦄✨ 7mo
Cinfhen I LOVE that you‘re still reading them ✨🦄🌈💖 7mo
MaureenMc I love them, too, and now my 10-yo daughter loves them, too. 😊 I think I‘m actually a couple behind her now. 7mo
britt_brooke @MaureenMc Aw! I love that your daughter likes them, too. 💚 7mo
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Spinning Out | R. T. Martin
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Good morning, everyone! The moment you have all been waiting for!! Our official #BookSpin number is TWELVE!! Our official #DoubleSpin number is FIFTEEN!! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at everyone's lists & am really looking forward to seeing your reviews!

My next post will be the #BookSpinBingo card!!!

My tagging/tracking system has changed this year, so if you didn't get tagged PLEASE let me know so I can add you to the (semi) permanent ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont‘d) tag list! I will post “FINISHED“ when I post the last batch of tags so you can tell if you have been missed!!

Below are a few housekeeping items that I would really appreciate if you took a few moments to read. As always, my new masterpost about both #BookSpin & #BookSpinBingo can be found on my blog - https://thearomaofbooks.wordpress.com/bookspin-bookspinbingo-litsy-challenge - & this link is always available in my profile as well. ⬇
TheAromaofBooks 1. Remember, this is a no-pressure challenge!! You can read one or both of these books. You can bail on them. You can bail on the whole challenge and try again next month. Whatever works!! This is supposed to be fun not stressful!! ⬇ 7mo
TheAromaofBooks 2. I do have a giveaway at the end of the year. Every BookSpin or DoubleSpin book completed counts as an entry!! In the past, I have tracked these myself, but for 2022 YOU are in charge of tracking your own entries!! To help with this process, I have created a Google Form that can be found here - https://forms.gle/X57ePKzuHpsqLjE5A - You can use this Form two different ways: You can update it throughout the year OR you can wait and fill in ⬇ 7mo
See All 60 Comments
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) all the information at the end of the year. If you want to be entered in the giveaway you MUST use this form. However, if you do NOT want to be entered in the giveaway but still want to use the form for organizational purposes, I have set it up so that the personal info/address blank is OPTIONAL - so you can use the form without submitting your name/address. If you do not care about the giveaway you do NOT have to use this form at all ⬇ 7mo
TheAromaofBooks cont'd) There is more information about how the form works when you click on the link and go to the form because I LOVE overexplaining things!!! You are also ALWAYS welcome to ask me questions!!

4. Even though I don't HAVE to see your reviews I love reading them!! So please feel free to tag me in any and all BookSpin reivews!!

5. For the giveaway, DNFs do count!! The goal for #BookSpin is to get a book off your TBR, so if you decide not to ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) finish it, it's still off the TBR and still counts as a completion in my book!!

6. If you do not finish your #BookSpin/#DoubleSpin book this month it is STILL ELIGIBLE for a giveaway entry as long as you complete it sometime in 2022!! There is space in the form for you both to put down what book you are SUPPOSED to read & then to check off which books you DID read! ⬇
TheAromaofBooks 7. Everyone is welcome to join this challenge!! If you wanted tagged & I missed you, it was completely inadvertent!! Please just let me know that you want to be added to the tag list. You can also let me know if you want to be removed - no hard feelings!! Feel free to jump in & out of this challenge as needed. Also, obviously, getting tagged doesn't mean you HAVE to actually participate!!

TheAromaofBooks 8 & final (FINALLY) - While I don't have time to reply to all of the comments to this post, I do read every one and love seeing which books got picked for you!! I do respond to any direct questions or confusion, so please feel free to ask away if something doesn't make sense or you need some clarifications. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm, and happy reading!!! 7mo
Liz_M Are you sure you don't want to pick two different numbers? 😂 These are for the two chunksters I am least looking forward to...... 😁 7mo
GinaKButler Yay! So excited to read this! (edited) 7mo
Librarybelle Woohoo! Belle Greene and Love & Other Great Expectations are my picks! 7mo
TheAromaofBooks @SiameseCatsRead @Maria514626 @DisneyFan @AllisonM89 @The.Great.Catsby

FINISHED - if you haven't been tagged and want to be, let me know!!!
vlwelser I got 2 ARCs which I am really excited to read anyway. 2 of my favorite authors.... Susan Elia MacNeal and BA Paris 7mo
FelinesAndFelonies 12. Shoulder Season 15. The Dinner List 7mo
rockpools Fab - thanks Sarah! I‘ve got Of Saints and Miracles and Longevity Park (or something else set in China) 7mo
BarkingMadRead Haunting of Hill House and the Invisible Library 7mo
Chelsea.Poole Thank you! 7mo
Lcsmcat Being Mortal, and Beheld 7mo
BkClubCare Thank you 😊 Tomorrow Will Be Different is my #12 (and #15 is an open slot for a whim read!) 7mo
Bklover Thank you!!❤️ 7mo
Clare-Dragonfly Woohoo! I‘ve already finished my #bookspin! 😂 7mo
Soubhiville Yay! Thanks! I‘ll be reading I Can‘t Think Straight (BS) and This Tender Land (DS, courtesy of @AmyG 😁) 7mo
AllDebooks Yay, I've got 2 of my wanted tbr this draw, The meaning of birds by Simon Barnes and 7mo
julieclair How fun! Both of mine are Buddy Reads this month. Little Souls for #OverBookedClub and Excellent Women for #PemberLittens. 7mo
claudiuo Indeed the moment I‘ve been waiting for! Mine are both actual books on my TBR shelf (shelves, really) Electric Forest and second one I‘ll pick later. Thank you so much! 7mo
Bookzombie Thank you so much for doing this challenge. I look forward to the 2nd of each month. 😁 My Bookspin is Tell Me How This Ends Well and my Doublespin is Darkness Peering. 7mo
bookandbedandtea Woohoo! The 2nd is my favorite day of the month! Thanks for keeping this going, Sarah. 💜 7mo
kellyann28 Thank you Sarah! My bookspin is The Women of Troy and double bookspin is Dreams Lie Beneath! 7mo
Kangaj1 Thank you! My bookspin is from Netgalley: Love in the Time of Serial Killers, and my doublespin is Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton. 7mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick The Angel's Game and All Systems Red. This is good. Both fulfill challenges. I really like Zafon's writing & wanted to read his books this year, so the longer Angel's Game will be counterbalanced by the much shorter All Systems Red. I can do this! 7mo
ChaoticMissAdventures Two books I don't own, so get to head to the library! Genesis Begins Again - Williams and the ever popular 7mo
CBee A History of Wild Places and Lessons in Chemistry 😊😊😊 7mo
BarbaraJean Sometimes I play this game after I‘ve posted my list, where I pick out which numbers I most/least want to be chosen. Yesterday I decided I wasn‘t that into # 12. 😂🤣 It was a gift from a good friend YEARS ago—like early 2000s—and I put it on the list because of longevity and because it‘s shorter. DoubleSpin is Ancillary Justice, which I REALLY want to read, but have found hard to get into before—might just be a mood thing. I‘ll give both a shot! 7mo
Maria514626 Thank you! I‘m excited for my first #bookspin this year. (And it whittles down my ARC pile!) My #doublespin is Blood, Sweat and Tea. (edited) 7mo
willaful I'm reading Ancillary Justice right now, after having tried it before at least twice. I think I may be enough in that I'm past the hurdle, though I do find the flashback sections confusing. 7mo
AmyG Yay! I will be reading 7mo
AmyG Enjoy @Soubhiville ….I loved This Tender Land. 7mo
CaitZ Mine are Small Game (arc) and Killer Green Tomatoes 7mo
KristiAhlers Yay! 7mo
robinb The Lager Queen of Minnesota and An Irish Hostage! 🎉 Thanks, Sarah! (edited) 7mo
CarolynM Thanks Sarah. I‘m very pleased with 2 this month - Mrs Tim of the Regiment and Nancy Business 7mo
BookKenz Hello! I wanted to let you know that I changed my username from @Kenziejo to @BookKenz . I didn't want to miss the tag list. Sorry to be a pain! 🙈 Thanks for hosting this every month! 7mo
TheAromaofBooks @BookKenz - Thank you so much for letting me know!! I updated your name on the tag list. No trouble at all, I'm just happy you remembered to tell me!! 😁 7mo
melmes Could you take me out from the challenge. I need to take time off reading 📖 6mo
TheAromaofBooks @melmes - Absolutely!! Just let me know if you want to join up again. And if you finish any of your BookSpin or DoubleSpin books anytime this year, you're still eligible for the giveaway!! ❤ 6mo
melmes @TheAromaofBooks Thank you for the reply. Sounds awesome 👏 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hello, long time listener, first time caller. I've been seeing #BookSpin for what feels like years and have never done it, so I'm ready to give it a shot. @TheAromaofBooks Hi! New participant here!

Also, tell me why, I took off work to go to Target to buy Midnight Sun the day it came out. But I still haven't read it? I need answers, world! Haha.

#Bookspin #12
#DoubleBookSpin #15

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! Glad to have you along!! I added you to the tag list, so you should get notified tomorrow when I draw the numbers!! 7mo
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