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Happy Halloween Littens 🎃 👻🦇🧙‍♀️🕷📜

I will be watching Hocus Pocus today as a Halloween tradition. What will you be reading or watching tonight?

#HappyHalloween #IPutASpellOnYou #HocusPocus #BookWitch #SpookySeason #TrickOrTreat #AllHallowsEve #WitchingHour #Spells #Potions #Books #MyWeekendIsAllBooked #SundayReadersClub

Cazxxx I watch hocus pocus every year! Plus I‘ll watch psycho and I‘m reading 11mo
Deblovestoread Hocus Pocus and maybe Halloweentown…🎃🧡🎃 11mo
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#AllHallowsReadSwap #AHS #AHRS #AHRS21 #Halloween #AllHallowsEve #HalloweenSwap #mystery

Awwww, Stacey! I feel so blessed to have you as my swap partner! 🧡
I just opened your parcel, and wooow, I love everything! You've spoiled me!🎊🎃
🧡🖤 Thank you so much!!!🖤🧡
I'm so happy that the parcel could be found - it was 100% worth the - errm... fuss? - caused by the local delivery company!!! 😁😚

@StaceGhost @MaleficentBookDragon

Yuki_Onna Thank you soo much for hosting, Chelle! It's been awesome! 🎃 11mo
StaceGhost Yay! I‘m so glad it was worth the struggle haha! 11mo
Yuki_Onna @StaceGhost It was - most definitely!!! 🤗😎🤩 I loove your choices! And the skeleton and batty bag??? Priceless! (edited) 11mo
RaeLovesToRead Wow, great covers!!! 11mo
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#HauntedHollowSwap #HHS #HHS2021 #Halloween #HalloweenSwap #ghosts #AllHallowsEve

Woohoo! Thank you so much, Jenny! 🖖
👻👻👻 I have only now found time to open your parcel - thank you!!! 👻👻👻
I really really enjoy it! And the socks... Spot on! 👌😊

@jenniferw88 @wanderinglynn
👻 Thank you again for organising everything, Lynn! Awesome! 👻

jenniferw88 You seemed rather excited about Halloween socks when you posted the swap surveys @wanderinglynn shared 😂 Glad you like everything! 11mo
Yuki_Onna @jenniferw88 We don't get many cool Halloween-themed socks here in Germany, so these are just 👌! !!
The same with pumpkin spice - we don't get it here. Thank you for trying to find sth flavoured... It's a pity Europe doesn't seem to like pumpkin spice... 🤔🎃
Happy Halloween!
wanderinglynn Yay! 🎃🧡 Japan isn‘t big on pumpkin spice either. This is the first year that Starbucks here actually had pumpkin spice lattes. 11mo
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Over the Falls | Rebecca Hodge
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YESSS! Okay, I am officially on a roll! I really enjoyed this one too. I‘m slowly making my way through some of my #NetGalley audiobooks, and it‘s working for me.

#Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter #OutstandingOctober #ReadWithUs #Spookoween #Wickedathon #Screamathon #LittenListen #BookSpinBingo #AllHallowsEve

TheSpineView Awesome! 12mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!!! 12mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 12mo
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wanderinglynn NaNoWriMo! 🙌🏻🖋 2y
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Blessed Samhain everyone. #witches #halloween #allhallowseve

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Toil & Trouble | Jessica & Tess Spotswood & Sharpe
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Starting this one tonight! 🕸🦇👻#24b4monday #readathon #witchyreads #allhallowseve

SamanthaMarie Ooo this sounds fun! 4y
Cailey_Mac @SamanthaMarie I‘m really liking it so far! 4y
CouronneDhiver I‘ve heard good things about this one on booktube videos 4y
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IheartYA On my TBR. Pretty! 4y
Linsy Loved this collection! 💜 4y
Cailey_Mac @CouronneDhiver @IheartYA @Linsy These short stories were definitely excellent and great for the season of Halloween ✨🔮 4y
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The Stand | Stephen King
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Nary a Trick or Treater ‘round these parts.

#goodthingilikereseas #reeses #thestand #stephenking #allhallowseve #halloween

britt_brooke Makes for a cool photo! 5y
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#AllHallowsBookExchange @MaleficentBookDragon

Oops! The nice lady at the post office fixed my envelope so that the postage went from $26 to $10. So the exterior no longer has hashtags, but is plain and boring, but it will arrive by Wednesday, in plenty of time for #AllHallowsEve

SilversReviews Love the paper. 5y
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These are the best kind of horror short stories, where you get to the end and have a slow realization of what has just happened. I swore at lot at the end of some of these. If you are looking for a good read for #scaretober or #spooktober or #allhallowseve or whatever else we are calling it, I absolutely recommend it. Plus the graphic design is truly stunning and adds to the reading experience. #recommendsday

vivastory I've not been able to look at a hoodie the same since reading this 5y
Marchpane This sounds amazing, perfect for October! 5y
ReadingEnvy @vivastory never will I ever buy one used. 5y
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ReadingEnvy @Marchpane yes! I only read it early in hopes I could talk about it on the podcast (I will.) 5y
Reggie My favorite one was about the book club who is reading the Stephen King short story. 5y
ReadingEnvy @Reggie I had to go find some sunshine after that one. 5y
annkuch13 Yes! This is probably my favorite collection of horror. I read it last year but am thinking of a reread. 5y
ReadingEnvy @annkuch13 have you read any of his other books? I only knew of 5y
annkuch13 @ReadingEnvy I haven't yet but Mongrels is on my list for October 5y
ReadingEnvy @annkuch13 awesome, can't wait to see what you think 5y
shawnmooney You have almost convinced me to try it! 👻 5y
rohit-sawant This is high up on my TBR!! 5y
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