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What Storm, What Thunder | Myriam J. A. Chancy
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Librarybelle Beautiful walk! 8mo
AmyG Lovely! 8mo
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BarbaraBB Gorgeous pic! 8mo
arubabookwoman Is that Tel Aviv? My son and d-i-l are there now visiting her family. 8mo
Cathythoughts Another lovely walking spot 💫 8mo
Cinfhen I live about 20 minutes away from TA @arubabookwoman / I hope they‘re having a wonderful time ♥️Thanks friends, it‘s the pathway that leads to my building @Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB @AmyG @Librarybelle 8mo
BarbaraBB Not bad at all 😍😍 8mo
britt_brooke Pretty! 8mo
Centique Very pretty walkway 😍 8mo
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Lucky | Marissa Stapley
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Neither a mystery nor a heartwarming tale of redemption, this book was truly just okay.

Lucky is a grifter, a skill she learned from her criminal father, but all she‘s wanted is a home and a straight life. When her boyfriend cons her and leaves her high and dry, she still has a lottery ticket worth $390 million because of course. A bunch of unbelievable things happen, then the book ends, thankfully. 😂🙏🏻

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Laughterhp Your last sentence might be my favorite thing ever 🤣 11mo
Cinfhen Hahah!! Perfect review and cool use of #pop22 #prompt 😎 11mo
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Megabooks @Laughterhp thanks! This was a fun review to write! (Sometimes the bad ones are 😉) 11mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen thanks! I was glad to get that prompt out of the way because it‘s so weird. 11mo
youneverarrived 😂😂 I love this review 11mo
Ruthiella “...then the book ends, thankfully.” 🤣🤣🤣 11mo
Cortg Oof! I‘m glad it finally ended 😆 11mo
Megabooks @youneverarrived thanks! 😁 11mo
Megabooks @Ruthiella I was thankful! 😂🙏🏻 11mo
Megabooks @Cortg you and me both! 11mo
AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH I Dnf'd it. I just couldn't follow the story 11mo
Megabooks @AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH good decision. 👍🏻👍🏻 11mo
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Fiona and Jane | Jean Chen Ho
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These interconnected short stories trace a very relatable friendship. F and J, Taiwanese-American girls, first met in elementary school. F was the striver, always top of the class. J has a big regret involving her father, which haunts her well into adulthood. As they age, men and distance come between them at times, but like many of my female friendships, they find their way back and support each other. Recommend! Great #botm choice.

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Ruthiella Sounds good! I wonder if it is published too early in the year to make it a contender for #ToB2023? I‘ll put it on my list. 11mo
Cinfhen Love the review, LOVE the photo 😍🎉💖 11mo
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KarenUK Oooh now I‘m glad I picked this too! 11mo
BarbaraBB Gorgeous picture 😍 11mo
Megabooks @Ruthiella 🤔🤔 you never know with them… 11mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen thank you!! I hadn‘t snapped that shelf in awhile. 👍🏻🥰 11mo
Megabooks @KarenUK I‘m curious about Black Cake, but I really glad I picked this. A definite winner! 11mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB thank you!! 🥰 11mo
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I completely forgot that my Special Editions of this trilogy are all signed! #bonus

MollyLooby One of my top trilogies of all time! 😍 2y
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Today‘s #bookmail came all the way from the UK.

I had no idea I ordered a signed copy 😂 #bonus

LeahBergen Haha! But nice all the same. 😄 2y
Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻❤️ 2y
MsMelissa @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I had a look at my order and it said nothing about a signed copy. So it was a nice surprise (or a mistake on Book Depository‘s part 😂). 2y
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TrishB Cool surprise 👍🏻 2y
MsMelissa @TrishB I know, right? I have three more books coming from Book Depository so maybe I have more surprises in store 🤔 2y
MsMelissa @TrishB One question - is your TBR pile on here full of books your don‘t already own? Inquiring minds want to know 🤔 2y
TrishB @MsMelissa yes it is 😁❤️ 2y
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Ansel Elgort | Marie Morreale
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This is all to say: If I read four more books without buying any I will be at net zero for the year!
#goals #climbingmounttbr #readharder #challege #bonus #ansel #four #netzero

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Another book I just adore. I checked it out from the library years ago but couldn't find a physical copy...I finally found a random site on the Internet that sold it :-).

This is my #invisibleman entry. The jesters in this series are cunning, sneaky, and able to blend into the background, all while sharing information with their brethren and their patrons. #Bonus: this one is the "real" story of _Hamlet_.

#monstermadness2017 #day7 #late

LibrarianRyan 👍🏻🤓👻 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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#Bonus to my #BookObsession Free #CatToys #BarnesandNoble #ShoppingBags highly prized #Zen space for my #Cats I'll never reject a bag again! #Talullah-Belle #Wylie #Pye

Welcome Aboard | Victoria Farnsworth
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Welcome and hello to all new Littens!! I've been on Litsy since the summer of 2016, and I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

1. Middletown, Ohio
2. I'm not sure, but I think it was via Instagram.
3. The Little Foxes, starring Bette Davis. It was based on the play by Lillian Hellman, which is currently enjoying a revival on Broadway.
4. For a very short time when I was a kid.


saguarosally I didn't realize Litsy was around last spring 5y
SharonGoforth @saguarosally That's what I was thinking, but your comment made me go back and check and you are right - my first post was a year ago which would be summer, not spring . I'm correcting my post. Thanks for the catch! 5y
Chelleo Hey neighbor! I'm down the road in Hamilton. Was up your way and passed the local library there. 5y
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SharonGoforth @Chelleo Well hi there!! We most certainly are neighbors 😊. I've been meaning to check out Lane - do you go there much? 5y
Chelleo @SharonGoforth Love Lane. We normally go to the Hamilton branch. It's in a beautiful old building. They have a great children's area there. They also have a cool bookmobile. I normally borrow audiobooks from Cincinnati Public. 5y
SharonGoforth @Chelleo Middletown had a bookmobile years ago. I wish they still did. The MidPointe system is pretty nice. They have an app, so I can look up books and put them in hold from my phone, then pick them up on my way home from work. Haven't tried Cincinnati Public, maybe I should. 5y
Chelleo @SharonGoforth Cincinnati Public has a great audiobook selection. They provide access thru Overdrive, Hoopla and OneClickDigital. The branch near my job has a drive up window. #bonus 5y
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Follow Her Home | Steph Cha
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#ReadingWomenMonth / day 14 / #signedbooks
I used some birthday/christmas money to buy books at the beginning of the year, and this was one of them. It was a TOTAL surprise when it arrived signed! #bonus