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#bookspin is an #antiguaandbarbuda book for #readingtheamericas2023 and #doublespin is a #quietya book for #booked2023. These are my initial ideas - they may change! @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Enjoy!! 1mo
willaful I really enjoyed the Albertelli. 1mo
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Far from the Tree | Robin Benway
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One thousand percent LOVED this so much. It‘s YA but didn‘t feel YA - real life, tough issues that the characters had to deal with. And I just adore a found family story. The ending had me teary. Just a fantastic read 💚💚💚 #booked2023 #quietya #pantone2023 #persimmon

Clwojick Loved this one! 🧡 2mo
CBee @Clwojick flew through it! If I didn‘t have to do other stuff I probably would‘ve never put it down 💚 2mo
LeeRHarry I love Robin Benway‘s books - I agree this was sooooo good 👍 😊 2mo
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Cinfhen Awesome color match and this was a great book!!! Nice choice for #QuietYA 2mo
CBee @LeeRHarry let me know which of hers you recommend! 💚 2mo
CBee @Cinfhen thank you! I did add it to the form even though I finished after 3/31, just realized that 🤦‍♀️ 2mo
LeeRHarry @CBee I enjoyed Emmy and Oliver 😊 2mo
CBee @LeeRHarry I‘ll stack that one! 😊 2mo
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Puddin' | Julie Murphy
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Ugh, I really hated this one. I‘m not a YA reader for a reason. But the #Booked2023 #quietya made me try this second in the Dumplin‘ trilogy. I loved Dumplin‘, so though mayyyyybe. But, nope. I found the main characters grating and one lacks in all self-awareness. Spent most of the book wanting to bang my head on the steering wheel at the behavior of these teens and their parents.

#pantone2023 #persimmon

KathyWheeler I wasn‘t in love with this one either. I‘d really loved Dumplin‘ but this one just didn‘t interest me as much. 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @KathyWheeler And some parts of it were actually upsetting. Dumpling‘ was pretty much all positive. But the white girl entitlement in Puddin‘ was not easy to deal with. 2mo
KathyWheeler @BarbaraTheBibliophage No, it want easy to deal with at all. 2mo
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What a gorgeous book but so heartbreaking too, particularly as it is based on real testimonies.

Francisco‘s father is arrested on false corruption charges and is imprisoned. In #bolivia families often stay in the prisons too so 17 year old Francisco and his young sister live there with their father.

Thank you so much for sending this to me Barbara - I really appreciate you thinking of me!


squirrelbrain I am using this for #quietya for #booked2023 but, of course, it would also work for #wronglyincarceratedmaincharacter. I have this book instead for that prompt. @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @alisiakae 3mo
Cinfhen This book works for so many prompts!! It really was heartbreaking 💔 3mo
BarbaraBB Glad you loved it too. I have been using it for the same prompt and was wondering about the prison prompt. But I do have Carlotta too so thanks for the suggestion! 3mo
Librarybelle Yay for all of the prompts! 3mo
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Auw, such a heartbreaking novel. A boy of 17 has to take care of his little sister when his father is wrongly incarcerated in Cochabamba prison, #Bolivia. The kids can live with him in jail but it‘s not safe of course for a little girl.
The book is sad but there are sparks of light all through the story, little bits of uninterrupted sky. The right book at the right time. I loved it.

#ReadingTheAmericas2023 🇧🇴 #Booked2023 #QuietYA

Cinfhen This was sooo sad, as it‘s based on true events😢 3mo
Cinfhen I need info about the photo !!! What‘s going on there? 3mo
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Librarybelle I was wondering the same thing, @Cinfhen ! 3mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Librarybelle @The_Book_Ninja 😂😂 It‘s an art project 3mo
Librarybelle Awesome! Looks like a fun art project! 3mo
The_Book_Ninja @BarbaraBB looks like you‘re about to throw him the book✋🏼📘 3mo
Cinfhen I had a feeling!! Whew 😅 3mo
squirrelbrain Sounds like a great book. Love the art! 🤣 3mo
BarbaraBB @The_Book_Ninja indeed! I didn‘t notice but he‘s ready to catch it 😂 3mo
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain I hope you‘ll enjoy it too! 3mo
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The Poet X | Elizabeth Acevedo
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@shortsarahrose Thank you so much for picking this book for the #12challenge as it has languished on my TBR for too long. This was fantastic. I listened to the author narrated audio and read along with the book and highly recommend hearing Acevedo read her words. I loved it. #Booked2023 #QuietYA

shortsarahrose I‘m so glad you liked this! I read it for a YA lit class last year and have been recommending it to everyone since. 3mo
Bookzombie @shortsarahrose It was so good! Thank you again for picking it! 🙂 3mo
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After a lifetime of news schools in new countries Eliza feels like no place is home. When she fakes her personal essay she has no idea the story of her fictitious boyfriend is about to go viral. Needing to do damage control she turns to classmate Caz who just happens to be a famous actor. Soon he is showing her around town and she is having an increasingly difficult time figuring out what is fake and what is real. Very cute. #quietya #booked2023

Cinfhen Sounds adorable 🥰 4mo
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Frankly in Love | David Yoon
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On the hunt for a #QuietYA book for #Booked2023, I thought I‘d give this a go. Korean-American Frank falls for a white girl. His parents have already disowned his sister, for falling for a black guy. So he needs a plan…

It‘a titled as a predictable romance, but this isn‘t where it goes. It‘s much more about feeling you fall between worlds, working out your identity, friendships & getting to know your parents. Sad & funny. Narrator was excellent.

Cinfhen Sounds great!!! 4mo
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