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Disney's Fantasyland
Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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#frideas @SailorMoon

1. Fantasia
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Minnie Mouse
4. Pluto
5. Mickey‘s original name was Mortimer. He was created when Walt struck out on his own, because he didn‘t own the rights to the rabbit he‘d created for Universal. Disney‘s wife didn‘t like the name Mortimer, so he became Mickey instead.

SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🌙 and thanks for sharing the Mortimer story because I did not know that!!! 11mo
SW-T @SailorMoon Welcome! 😊 11mo
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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This is so difficult, so I'm not counting subsidiaries, like Pixar and Ghibli, but just straight Disney....

1. I guess Emperor's New Groove. Cracks me up every time.
2. Goofy
3. Clayton
4. Baloo
5. Supposedly Walt Disney was a life long chain smoker, but the company, Disney, had tried to hide that.

@Kayla.Adriena have you done this yet?

@SailorMoon #frideas

SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🌙 I picked Disney because I don't know many other animated movie industries, but you'd be welcome to venture any other answer or story on your real favourite cartoons! Some others did 😉 11mo
madamereadsalot1 @SailorMoon I'm a HUGE fan of animation and cartoons. I love Disney and Pixar films, and I am BEYOND happy that they bought into Studio Ghibli in order to bring Miyazaki films to the states. My hands down favorite films are Hayao Myazaki movies. I could answer all of these with his films. But they're not ACTUAL Disney movies, they're Ghibli films. So I didn't count em. 11mo
SailorMoon I must admit (shame on me!) that I have no idea of what Studio Ghibli is... I'm gonna have to Google it! But I'm sure its productions are good if you love them so much! 11mo
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madamereadsalot1 @SailorMoon Miyazaki's movie, Spirited Away, won an Oscar in 2003. Other popular titles are Ponyo and Howl's Moving Castle (based on the book by Diana Wynne Jones). Spirited Away is my favorite movie of all time 11mo
SailorMoon I recall a teaser trailer for one of Miyazaki's movies back in theathre a long time ago... didn't seem to be my cup of tea, but I keep on hearing that his works are good! 11mo
madamereadsalot1 His company has such a wide variety of types. Some are magical and some are just ordinary people's lives. My Neighbor Totoro is probably the most recognizable of his films. There's Totoro stuff everywhere, his character is known even if you don't know from where. Miyazaki an amazing animator and storyteller. I love Nausicaa and Porcco Rosso too. And of course, Neil Gaiman wrote the English script for Princess Mononoke, so of course I'm partial. 11mo
Kayla.Adriena I'll do this one in a bit! Headed to the winery lol 11mo
madamereadsalot1 @Kayla.Adriena FUN! Have a drink of a nice dry red for me. ;) 11mo
Kayla.Adriena DRY??!!!! You're crazy lady 😂🤣 11mo
madamereadsalot1 @Kayla.Adriena lol! I can't deny that statement, but it has nothing to do with wine. 😂😂😂 11mo
Kayla.Adriena And I friggin love Emperor's New Groove . Eartha Kitt did an awesome job 11mo
madamereadsalot1 @Kayla.Adriena Yzma is one of my favorite things about the movie! Eartha is great! 11mo
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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1. Robin Hood or The Aristocats
2. Belle
3. Scar
4. Pascal or Meeko
5. The original Little Mermaid story is very dark, won‘t go into full details but man when I read it I was shocked

SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🌙 and I know how you feel... after reading the original Sleeping Beauty story I was both shocked and disgusted! About Ariel I only know she then turns into foam, but I'll look up the rest of the story... or not... not sure whether I wanna ruin the good memory I have of The Little Mermaid 😰 11mo
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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1. Disney Animated=Tangled
2. Belle
3. Gaston
4. Mushu
5. Not actually about a story, but my grandfather owned the cable company that did the original underground cable work for Disney World when it was first being built. And he went to his grave hating Roy Disney with the burning fury of a thousand suns.


SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🌙 it's so nicr to hear stories about grandparents, although I'm sorry he had to work that hard 😅 11mo
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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1. Beauty and the Beast. Though I have enjoyed some more recent ones like Big Hero 6
2. Belle
3. Olaf…I know I‘m not going to make friends with that answer 😂
4. Simba or Tramp
5. Not sure if this counts but I read somewhere animators had intended for Elsa to be the villain.

This was so much fun @SailorMoon - love everything Disney! #frideas

SailorMoon Thanks for playing!!! 💕🌙 of course your point 5 counts! I didn't know that, it's so interesting!!! As for Olaf, I wouldn't tell anyone, or else you would make lots of enemies 🤣 11mo
Jerdencon Olaf can be a bit annoying! 😂 11mo
TheDaysGoBy @Jerdencon @SailorMoon I know there are a lot worse characters than Olaf, but he was the one that first popped in my mind 😂 11mo
OrangeMooseReads Elsa was a villain, anyone that makes an eternal winter is a villain to me lol 😆 11mo
TheDaysGoBy @OrangeMooseReads Lol! Good point! I feel the same. So ready for summer here 11mo
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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This was the reason I‘ve been MIA for the last week. Went to Disney World as an early birthday celebration with my parents. I‘m back now and have a huge stack of books to read so you should be seeing more of me 😀

JoScho So jealous! Disney is my fave!! 1y
TheDaysGoBy @JoScho Mine too! I‘ll be going with some friends in April 😂 1y
Burghbookaddict I was just there in April. Its the best! 😊 1y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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@IamIamIam doing some wrapping today... 😍💖

IamIamIam 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 WHOO HOO!!!!! I'll ship mine on Wednesday!!! I'm so excited!!!! 1y
Sarah83 @IamIamIam I hope you will like everything 😍 1y
IamIamIam @Sarah83 I already know I will!!! ❤❤❤❤ I hope you like your stuff also!!! 1y
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Sarah83 @IamIamIam 💖😍💖😍 1y
Sarah83 @IamIamIam @julesG your parcels are on their way 😉 1y
julesG 😘 1y
julesG Yours will ship out on Monday. 1y
IamIamIam @Sarah83 WHOO HOO!!!!! Oooooh, I'm so excited, Sarah!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 1y
Sarah83 @julesG don't need to hurry. 😉 1y
Sarah83 @IamIamIam I am excited aswell 😍😍😍 1y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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I love my gifts from @Bookgoil ! Thank you so much 💕 you completely captured my love of Disney and I can‘t wait to start a new adventure with this book! It looks right up my alley. #funkopopswap

JoScho Love these pops! ❤️ 2y
Bookgoil I‘m glad you like what I picked out! 2y
JenlovesJT47 Awesome! 💚 2y
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CareBear @Bookgoil I love it! Thanks again, Kristen! 2y
CouronneDhiver Abu! That‘s awesome 😊 2y
Meeko93 2y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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We are at Disney today with my sons show choir for a performance! So exciting. Sorry everyone where it‘s cold but it is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day out!! 😍😍😍

megt So exciting! Hope you had a blast and he had a great performance! 2y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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#SelfCareSunday & #HaveCourageBeKind get to he together today.
1. I worked a lot (this little movie called Star Wars came out. You *may* have heard of it) so I too yesterday off to go to my Disney Club's Goofy Gift Exchange. So much fun.
2. Sleeping. Lots of sleeping. And reading or course.
3. Nothing. Just working some more
4. Okie Dokie
Thanks to whoever created this tag!

Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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Words cannot describe how much I love these bookmarks! I am in awe of how creative you are @shadowspeak17 these are so cool and adorable. Thank you so much ❤😻📚 #bookmarkswap

Tamra How cute! 2y
shadowspeak17 Yay, I‘m glad you like them! 😃 They were really fun to make. 2y
GypsyKat So freaking cute!!! 2y
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Cinfhen Cute!!!! (edited) 2y
Wife Adorable 😍 2y
SilversReviews So cute!! 2y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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Pardon my Litsy absence, but I‘m currently spending time in the most magical place on earth. @GypsyKat requested some photos, so here is a picture of the Christmas tree in our hotel lobby. So far we‘ve done Animal Kingdom and Epcot, but tomorrow we hit the Magic Kingdom. It is incredibly busy here for a week that is supposed to be not so busy 🤷🏻‍♀️ #nonreadingpost

ValerieAndBooks Have fun!! 2y
Mommamanzi You‘re a couple exits from me! Have fun!!! 2y
GypsyKat Wow! It‘s beautiful! 😍 2y
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Melissa_J @Mommamanzi since you live close by, do you visit Disney often? Or avoid it? Every time we visit I pick a week considered low to moderate in terms of busy-ness but it seems there are no longer any slower periods. (edited) 2y
vicgreentoriafield They had the National Games at ESPN complex for football this week. All the kiddos who were in nationals are currently at Disney. My nephews are there! 2y
megt Beautiful! I love Disney at Christmas. Is that the lobby of Port Orleans Riverside? 2y
Wife I‘m taking my adult children and my grandson in less than two weeks. What is your most helpful hint? Do you do sit down meals or counter service meals? 2y
Mommamanzi @Melissa_J we tend to stick with universal and islands of adventure. Disney tends to stress me out because its ALWAYS packed. We do enjoy Disney Springs in a random mid day. 😀 2y
Melissa_J @Wife in all honesty, my most helpful hint is to be patient since it‘s so busy. Get fastpasses for the popular rides if you are able to, and make sure you make reservations for dining. If you are going to Epcot, Teppan Edo at the Japanese pavilion is excellent, as is the restaurant at the Chinese pavilion. We have the meal plan so we do one sit down and one quick service meal per day. The Be Our Guest restaurant is great at Magic Kingdom. 2y
Melissa_J @Wife if your grandson is young he might like the TRex restaurant at Disney Springs. Also, the Canteen in the Pandora World at Animal Kingdom is great for a quick service meal. Do you have tickets for one of the Christmas party nights at Magic Kingdom? We are going tomorrow night - it is supposed to be really good. 2y
Wife Thanks so much. I‘ve been neglecting doing the fast passes and reservations. I‘m going to get on that!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 2y
Melissa_J @Mommamanzi we did Disney Springs today. It was super busy, too!! This place has lost its magic for me. It‘s just too busy. 2y
Melissa_J @Wife I got reservations last night for Hollywood & Vine at Hollywood Studios and it features character dining, so you still have time 👍🏻 2y
Melissa_J @megt it sure is! The hotel is lovely 😊 2y
Melissa_J @vicgreentoriafield I‘m pretty sure there is a cheerleading thing going on here, too, since there are cheer teams everywhere! 2y
megt It really is lovely! My sister and I have stayed there on our last few visits. I love walking the grounds of the property. 2y
Melissa_J @megt we‘ve previously stayed at Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, and Polynesian, but I think this one takes the prize for prettiest grounds. I didn‘t like the Beach Club despite its proximity to the parks, but if we come back I‘d either stay here again or go back to Wilderness Lodge. 2y
megt It‘s actually the only place I‘ve stayed when staying on park grounds (earlier trips I took we stayed off property)! We found that Port Orleans has generally been good to us in terms of transportation to the parks. And if bus lines are too long at the end of the night we‘ll take the French Quarter bus and take a walk along the river back to the hotel. I would love to stay at Wilderness Lodge someday though! 2y
Wife Thanks so much for the tips. One more question: Is it warm enough to swim? I know the pools are supposed to be heated. I was thinking it may make a good midday break for the 4 year old. 2y
Melissa_J @Wife it is right now as it‘s been very warm here this week, but the temps are expected to start cooling off this weekend. The pool here is a good temperature. Mind you, my daughter, especially when younger, didn‘t care how cold it was outside as long as the pool was warm-ish she‘d swim in it 😃 2y
Wife 👍🏻🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ 2y
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Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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Today I work from home! #HomeOffice #Coffee #CoffeeMug #LoveDisney

Disney's Fantasyland | Walt Disney Company
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I couldn't choose for #favoritefandom! So here are a few of my favourites... Massive Disney nerd here, plus love Star Wars and Shakespeare (so really love them combined!), and Buffy holds such a place in my heart... (not pictured: everything else Joss Whedon touches) #octphotochallenge

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Excellent choices all! 3y
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