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Lots of mail went out today:

@Lauranahe I mailed your December book out finally!

#jolabokaflod package sent- luckily it‘s not going too far this year 😄

@Mynameisacolour Mailed your #Bestof2021swap package too!

candority Wonderful! 😊 20h
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Thanks @ShelleyBooksie for hand delivery my #bestof2021swap.
Just waiting one thing to come in for yours and then I will bring you yours.

candority Looks beautiful! 20h
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Holiday Swap | Zara Stoneley
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My #Bestof2021Swap was mailed today!
Expected arrival on Monday, December 6
@candority @Texreader

candority Fantastic! 20h
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The Mystery of Things | A.C. Grayling
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I‘m… 80% (?)… sure this is a swap gift & not something I ordered in the throes of a shopping frenzy.

Am I right? 😅

Update: I was not right. See next post. 😂

#jolabokaflodswap #BestOf2021Swap

candority Not that I know of! @Amandajoy Did you happen to send your package already? 1d
Amandajoy @candority Nope, that‘s not from me! @monalyisha Your package from me is still scattered across the dining room table waiting to be wrapped. (edited) 23h
monalyisha @Amandajoy Yours is in a very similar state. 😉 My plan is to get our Tree on Saturday & then wrap a bunch of gifts by colorful twinklelight this weekend. 🌈🎄✨ We‘ve got (some) time! (edited) 20h
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monalyisha @Amandajoy Oh! Also, since I now know that this is a direct swap *&* I have your #NYWD22 list, I should probably let you know that I‘ve read some of your faves from this past year, including: Elatsoe, Echo, The Library at Mount Char, The House in the Cerulean Sea, We Ride Upon Sticks, & The Hate U Give. 🙈 But a lot of the others look so great! I think we have similar taste. 💞 20h
Amandajoy Thanks for the heads up! I tried to double check on your Goodreads to make sure I picked something you hadn‘t read. 20h
monalyisha @Amandajoy Nice! You‘re good. 💯 20h
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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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Packages for #bestof2021swap and #jolabokaflodswap are bundled up, shipping out and headed on their ways today!

candority Awesome! 😊📚 2d
BeckyRoy @Amiable yay!! Yours shipped out Tuesday 1d
Amiable @BeckyRoy I got your package today!! So excited! now
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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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Okay, y'all.

They're posted!

Whew. I feel like a weight has been lifted.


@candority @bookish_wookish @MaleficentBookDragon

candority Awesome! 😊 3d
melissajayne So what happens if I don‘t get the December 24 book swap on time and it can‘t get there till December 27? 2d
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jdiehr @melissajayne You should probably ask the person in charge of the swap. Mine were going ground (except for one) and they were going to arrive next week. Not sure where you're sending, but should still be plenty of time 2d
melissajayne @jdiehr she‘s not responding to anything I have posted 2d
jdiehr @melissajayne I'd say, if you get it in the mail in the next week, you'll probably be okay. My work has a post office substation and we aren't having any delays at the moment 2d
melissajayne @jdiehr There are delays here. I‘m sending it out from southwestern BC, where roads have washed out, to Ontario. 2d
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Wrapped all the gifts for #jolabokaflod #littlechristmasswap and #bestof2021swap

If I see ANY of my matches posting that they've picked up ANY of the books I bought them, I will flip!!

Don't even think about it!

JamieArc While I love swaps, I hate that I can‘t buy myself any books for a little while! 😂 3d
Amiable @JamieArc I was literally standing in the bookstore this weekend with a book in my hand that I really, really want and had to put it down because I remembered that it was on one of my swap lists! 😀 2d
jdiehr @JamieArc @Amiable The struggle is real 😄 2d
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BiblioLitten @Amiable This happened with me too! The struggle is definitely real!😅 @jdiehr 5h
candority Hahah I always just play it safe and don‘t buy anything in the time leading up to a swap! now
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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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My #Bestof2021Swap #Bo2021 was mailed today!
@candority @quietjenn

Delivery expected Friday

candority Wonderful! 📦📚 3d
quietjenn You're so on the ball! I'll be on the lookout. Going to get yours in the mail this weekend. 🙂 3d
AmyG @quietjenn I have to be. Our mail here is so slow! 3d
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SUPRISE! SUPRISE!. | Agatha Christie
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Ooh!! My #bestof2021swap and #littlechristmasswap parcel have arrived! 🎄 And it‘s not even December! So organised and Sooo long to wait! I‘m going to have to hide them from myself to stop temptation! 😁 I‘m so excited! Thank you gift sender!!

Dodi Hello! I'm new to Litsy... I see these Christmas swaps but I don't understand how it works :-) is there a page somewhere I can look at? If I click on the hashtag I only see the posts :-) Thanks!! 3d
Magpiegem @Dodi hi! And welcome 😊 the best thing is to add @LitsyEvents as a friend and check in on their regularly as that‘s where the list of all swaps/ buddy reads/ challenges/ other fun stuff is now being compiled. But also look out on your feed as people usually share a post about any new things coming up. Hope this helps xx 3d
Dodi @Magpiegem ahhhh, done, thank you so much! This place feels like a community :-) Thanks! x 3d
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Magpiegem @Dodi it really is. It‘s the best community on social media, all love and positivity 😊 xx 3d
candority Yay! Waiting until opening day is the hardest part! 3d
LitsyEvents @Magpiegem Thanks for the promotion! 😊 3d
Dodi @Magpiegem Well, I feel lucky to have found it! :-) x 3d
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The Best Parts of Christmas | Bethanie Deeney Murguia
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I am so super giddy! My #Bestof2021 package arrived and they are literally the FIRST presents under our tree!!! Thank you @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego ! @candority #Bestof2021Swap

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego That got there fast. Hope you like everything. 5d
ShelleyBooksie Beautiful wrapping 5d
Texreader Trying not to panic that I haven‘t finished my shopping for this swap yet! 5d
Bookishgal71 I haven‘t either @Texreader Don‘t worry. We have time. 5d
candority That looks lovely! 3d
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