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#weeklyforecast late edition

These are my current reads and I don‘t think I will start anything new. The two print books are from my #newyearwhodis list.
📖 The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - just slightly over 100 pages to go. If I can stay awake I might finish it tonight.
📖 An Unkindness of Ghosts - almost to the halfway mark
🎧Crisis In The Red Zone - 26% completed

Cinfhen How‘s the audio???? I‘m really curious about it!! 2w
Bookzombie @Cinfhen I love Ray Porter as a narrator, but I do feel like it‘s dragging a bit at times. I‘m going to give it a little longer and see if it picks up, then maybe go back to print later. Could also just be me. Lol. 2w
Cinfhen Thanks for letting me know, I‘ll keep it on my #MaybeOneDay list 😉 2w
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Howards End | E M Forster
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"It was, however illogically, the good, the beautiful, the true, as opposed to the respectable, the pretty, the adequate. It was a landscape of Bocklin's beside a landscape of Leader's, strident and ill-considered, but quivering into supernatural life."
The contrast of the life of ideas led by the Schlegal sisters to the respectability of the Wilcoxes is explored in shrewd observations and sweeping musings on the changes in early ?

Billypar 20th century England. That sounds...boring. But it's not! Forster is not what I was expecting: way ahead of his time - nothing seems safe or dull. He lets himself get carried away with a line of thought, but never so much that he loses coherence. The Schlegals are compelling characters as we watch them rebel against some #papadontpreach characters that love technological progress and fear progressive ideas. @MOvember #ThoughtIWouldntLikeButDid 2mo
twohectobooks EM Forster is so good. His books read like they were published much later. 2mo
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Cinfhen Images are gorgeous and book sounds wonderful too! #MaybeOneDay 2mo
batsy I love this book so much 💜 Great point about how nothing seems safe or dull in his writing. 2mo
Billypar @twohectobooks Agreed! He kind of seems like someone who was born into the wrong time. 2mo
Billypar @Cinfhen I never would have picked it up if I didn't have Zadie Smith's On Beauty that is supposed to be inspired by it. 2mo
Billypar @batsy Yeah, there were some passages that did all this wild stuff, and I was almost surprised when I reread them and it seemed like he was onto something. 2mo
Leftcoastzen ❤️❤️❤️More people should read him. 2mo
Billypar @Leftcoastzen Definitely! 🙄 2mo
Anna40 Read almost all of Forster's books. My favorites are Howard's End, Maurice and A room with a view. But also loved Where angels fear to tread and Passage to India 2mo
Billypar @Anna40 Thanks for those recommendations - I'm looking forward to reading more of his! 2mo
Anna40 Yes. He's a wonderful author. But your post made me want to reread some of his books. I was in my 20s when I read them. Would be interesting to see how I feel about them now, especially the Schlegel sisters :) 2mo
Billypar @Anna40 I don't reread much, but I do wonder about the favorites I read in my 20s- I'm just nervous they won't live up to how I remember them. But I think you'd still enjoy Howards End and the Schlegals. 2mo
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Blue Nights | Joan Didion
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DAY 17 #TrueBlue | This book about the death of Didion‘s daughter will rip your heart out, but it‘s worth the pain.


Cinfhen Death of a child is something I really have difficulty with 😭😭😭I don‘t think I‘m brave enough 2mo
Reviewsbylola She is a master. This one was so good, after 2mo
Billypar Read it this year and loved it: a beautiful memoir, and not just in the ways you would expect in a memoir about a parent's grief. 2mo
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emilyhaldi I don‘t know how I havent read this one yet- I loved Year of Magical Thinking 💔 2mo
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola I read them back to back last year. I love her writing but those two books were very difficult. 2mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen It was a difficult read, but so poignant. Broke my heart. 2mo
britt_brooke @Billypar Absolutely agree! 2mo
britt_brooke @emilyhaldi It‘s just as good, but a difficult read. I read them back to back and I was emotionally exhausted. I can‘t imagine how she must‘ve felt losing two people so close to her. 2mo
Cinfhen #MaybeOneDay but right now I‘m having my heartbroken from my fictional read 2mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen That sounds like an emotional one. 😭 2mo
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Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald | Therese Anne Fowler
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#SoaringScores A novel about Zelda Fitzgerald, and her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was quite the #Partyman.
@CrowCAH @Cinfhen

Cinfhen This book is STILL on my TBR!!!! #MaybeOneDay #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 3mo
CrowCAH Aye; and he wrote Gatsby to be a “party” man, too! 3mo
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Wolf Hall | Hilary Mantel
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One of the best fictional takes I have read based on real #History! I love Mantel‘s style. It takes getting used to, however.


Cinfhen This has been on my TBR for ages #MaybeOneDay #PageCountPhobia 4mo
arlenefinnigan Not my kind of thing but I got it for my mum and she loved it. 4mo
Aimeesue So very, very good! 4mo
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batsy It's pretty brilliant ❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen I‘m so excited for the third! 👏🏻 4mo
Ruthiella @LeahBergen I know! Me too. 😃 4mo
Ruthiella @batsy Totally! She has become one of my favorite authors! 😀 4mo
Ruthiella @Aimeesue It was excellent, right? I even developed a literary crush on Cromwell!😍 4mo
Ruthiella @arlenefinnigan That‘s great you know your mom‘s taste! I am always tickled when I recommend a book and get it right! 😀 4mo
Ruthiella @Cinfhen Ha ha. Embrace the chunkster! I find there is something very satisfying about spending a long time in one fictional world personally. 😀 4mo
CarolynM I loved it too. 4mo
Ruthiella @CarolynM Yay 😃! Another fan! 4mo
Centique @Ruthiella @LeahBergen me three! God I loved this book. I can‘t even explain it‘s draw for me - it‘s one of the very few books I just wanted to turn to the front and start it all over again. 4mo
Ruthiella @Centique Mantel has a way of placing the reader inside the action of the book. I really felt I was THERE! 😀 4mo
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#RedRoseSeptember Trying to use books from my TBR all month...let‘s see how long that lasts😜A survivalist father takes his young daughter out into the woods claiming the world has ended #PoorMisguidedFool but what happens when Peggy discovers her father‘s betrayal. Lots of mixed reviews keep putting me off from reading this book. #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime #MaybeOneDay

BarbaraBB I enjoyed that other book of her, 5mo
Kalalalatja I loved this one! 5mo
TrishB I haven‘t got to this one either! 5mo
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Cinfhen @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @TrishB I really liked Swimming Lessons but was meh about 👉🏽so I‘m curious how I‘ll feel about Endless 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5mo
arlenefinnigan Love the cover! 5mo
BarbaraBB Bitter Orange is on my reading list for later this year. I remember your meh review though... 🤷🏻‍♀️ 5mo
Moray_Reads Oooh, I HATED this one 5mo
Simona Nice writing/good atmosphere, eye rolling story ... 🤷‍♀️ 5mo
Cinfhen Better or worse than Bitter Orange?? @Simona Ha @Moray_Reads And you capitalized HATE 🤓😜Ill be curious to see how much I like or dislike the book. BTW: how do I get the linked book to appear in the middle of the sentence??? 5mo
Simona Worse ... it‘s YA book trying to be adult. A on the BTW Q - I think that this is impossible.🤔 5mo
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Gravity's Rainbow | Thomas Pynchon
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This is on my TBR list, because it's one of the books on my Greatest Opening Lines of Literature mug, but I haven't read it yet. #AyUpAugust #ChasingRainbows
@Cinfhen @squirrelbrain

CaitlinR It‘s been a long time, but my younger self loved it — hope you will too. 5mo
Billypar Good choice: I have the same mug and Gravity's Rainbow is also on my 'one of these days' list. 5mo
Godpants Good luck! It‘s a lot. I‘ll probably try to finish it someday. 5mo
Cinfhen It‘s a title I‘m familiar with but I have no idea what the book is about 🙄#MaybeOneDay 5mo
squirrelbrain Great choice! 👍🌈 5mo
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Strayed goes #DownInTheWoods of the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself. For me, this was such a good read...it was gut wrenching, it was soul searching, and yet it was filled with hope. This isn‘t my usual type of book, but I appreciated her honesty and her bravery to do this and to stick with this. #ayupaugust

Cinfhen A book that has been lingering in hibernation for too long! Started this book years ago & somehow never finished it🙄Thanks for the reminder! #MaybeOneDay I‘ll actually finish it❣️ 5mo
squirrelbrain Another one I‘ve been meaning to read for years too.... 😁 5mo
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Franny and Zooey | J.D. Salinger
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Breaktime at work.... White Peach matcha green tea and this little gem....
Is it weird that I‘m only 15 pages in and feel a 5⭐️read coming on???? I‘m loving it!
Then again, I am a notorious #starslut ! 😂 @Cinfhen

wanderinglynn One of my favorite books! 👍🏻 5mo
BittersweetBooks Those are the best kind!! 5mo
Cinfhen #MaybeOneDay I‘ll finally read this book (edited) 5mo
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The Testaments: A Novel | Margaret Atwood
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What could be a happier hour, than being with fabulous friends, talking about books, and maybe having a glass of wine, or 2 for 1 if it‘s #happyhour !?
I met an amazing group of women at a bookclub, when I first moved to SoFL over 10 yrs ago. We then all joined a 2nd group, as we couldn‘t get enough! Then we formed a 3rd! So we meet 3 times a month!

Here are the next few selections for the club I run. (We skip Dec for gift giving!)

MicheleinPhilly You have some GREAT selections coming up! 5mo
Tex2Flo 🌺💕💕💕😙😘👍🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💋💋💋 5mo
squirrelbrain I agree @MicheleinPhilly - some great books there! And how lovely to have IRL book friends too! 5mo
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Cinfhen What an awesome lineup!!! I‘d love to make a guest appearance at your book club 🥰 5mo
KarenUK @cinfhen you are welcome any time my lovely! 😘💕 5mo
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