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The Need | Helen Phillips
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This book is is making me #stop and look #overmyshoulder!! Reading it in the dark at 4:30 AM is totally giving me the creeps. 😱

Definitely a #genrebuster for #booked2019.


lele1432 Hahaha it was definitely creepy! 5mo
squirrelbrain Sounds absolutely terrifying! 😱Well done for two prompts in one! 😁👍 5mo
Megabooks @lele1432 Yes!! So creepy!! 5mo
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Megabooks @squirrelbrain Thanks!! 😊😊😊 5mo
Cinfhen The #DoubleDip 🍦🍦well done ❤️ 5mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen well, I do like my ice cream 😂😂😘 (edited) 5mo
Cinfhen 😂😁🍦❤️ 5mo
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#AyUpAugust Even though I‘ve had a busy weekend, I couldn‘t #stop reading this book. A riveting account of one of the wildest bank heists on US soil and craziest trials to determine the guilt of the Narco 3. I thought journalist Peter Houlahan did a great job of recreating the chaos and timeline of events, making for a compelling and captivating read.

vivastory Thanks for tagging me. This sounds fantastic. I will definitely be adding to my BOTM box next month! 5mo
Megabooks So did the trial eventually get exciting because I got kinda bored at the start of that. I‘ll pick it back up if it does. Glad you liked it!! 5mo
MicheleinPhilly @vivastory It‘s also available on Hoopla. 5mo
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Cinfhen I really enjoyed the trial more than the bank heist @Megabooks 🤷‍♀️but I‘m not sure if I would have liked this book on audio @MicheleinPhilly I‘m more of a visual learner/ reader 5mo
Cinfhen I hope you like the book @vivastory 🤞🏼 5mo
MicheleinPhilly Oh I don‘t do audio. The e-book is available on Hoopla. 5mo
Cinfhen Ayyy!!! Good to know @MicheleinPhilly @vivastory you could totally #BorrowNotBuy for this book!!! Love Hoopla ♥️ 5mo
vivastory @MicheleinPhilly Thanks for the heads-up. I just grabbed it on hoopla. 5mo
Reviewsbylola I love the 80s vibe of this cover! 5mo
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If you were to ask me the number one thing I should #Stop doing, it would be procrastinating. My mom used to call me a “procrastinating perfectionist”—putting off what I didn‘t want to do but then working extra hard & late to do it with perfection. I‘m better than I used to be but I still will pull out this quick & easy read with its good tips about overcoming procrastination when I find myself sliding backwards. #🍽🐸📚

Cinfhen 💚💚💚 5mo
squirrelbrain Great post! 👍😁❤️ 5mo
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“When I opened up the bottle of wine, Thebes said whoa, you yanked that cork out of there like you were saving it from drowning. She got out her markers and drew a screaming face on the cork.”

#AyUpAugust | 10: #Stop

📷: Made with Typorama

Stop That Girl: Fiction | Elizabeth Mckenzie
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One from the #TBR today, “ #stop that girl” , a #BlameitonLitsy purchase that has been hanging out on my kindle for way to long! But it does sound really good...... 😊💕

Cinfhen I‘ve never heard of this book before!! It does sound good! 5mo
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(Day 10 - #Stop)

*Pictured above are some of the actors who played Agatha Christie‘s Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. As we know, it is Poirot‘s job to STOP murders, or at least, to nab them...
1. Tony Randall; 2. Alfred Molina; 3. David Suchet; 4. Kenneth Branagh; 5. John Malkovich; 6. Orson Welles; 7. Austin Trevor; 8. John Moffatt; 9. Albert Finney; 10. Peter Ustinov; 11. Ian Holm; and 12. The lady herself, Dame Agatha Christie.

Heideschrampf Number 10 is my favorite! I just loved sir peter ❤️ 5mo
KarenUK Number 10 is fun, but no one beats number 3 for me... 😍💕 5mo
rabbitprincess Suchet all the way for me! I just cannot with Branagh's moustache 😖😝 5mo
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Dragon David Suchet is my favourite Poirot 💙 5mo
QuietlyLaura Definitely a David Suchet fan! Branagh‘s moustache is too much! 5mo
gradcat @Heideschrampf I agree with @KarenUK ... Ustinov was great, but Suchet just seems born to the role. ♥️ 5mo
gradcat @rabbitprincess @Dragon @QuietlyLaura Ditto, ditto, ditto & ugh!—those moustaches on Branagh!—way, WAY over the top!! 😂 5mo
Jaimelire ♥️ David Suchet! 5mo
Cinfhen Welcome back!!!! Hope all is well 😘 5mo
Dragon Agreed 👍 5mo
squirrelbrain I agree - Suchet for me too! Great post! 👍😁❤️ 5mo
gradcat @Jaimelire He seems to be the favorite...at least for us Littens! 👍 5mo
gradcat @Cinfhen & @squirrelbrain Thanks so much for your comments...I really enjoy them, and trying to come up with posts for these prompts! ♥️ 5mo
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#AyUpAugust #Day10 #Stop Nothing could stop the firebug this book is about, certainly not before he started the conflagration in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, on a stinking hot summers day that became known as Black Saturday. The amount of destruction he caused, and the deaths that happened on that day will never be forgotten. In a country like ours, bushfires are a yearly event but some are so vast & destructive they scare even the most jaded.

squirrelbrain Another one of that sounds really interesting - stacked! 5mo
LeeRHarry This was a great read - Chloe Hooper writes such good nonfiction 😊 5mo
Cinfhen I stacked this book when you first posted about it! Sounds like a great NF read 5mo
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#Stop ! #IPredictARiot ! Or, at least that‘s the feeling among the Russian people in the early 1900s. When the Romanov dynasty falls after hundreds of years of rule, a revolution is the cause. Rappaport tells the history of this turmoil through the eyes of foreign visitors, who witness firsthand the revolution and the dangers they now face. #ayupaugust

AlaMich This sounds very interesting! 5mo
squirrelbrain I agree @AlaMich - it does sound interesting! 5mo
Cinfhen #DoubleDip 🍦🍦well played 👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
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Kalalalatja Preach! 5mo
squirrelbrain I love this! ❤️😘 5mo
Cinfhen 🙌🏻💋 5mo
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