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You | Caroline Kepnes
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I‘m so conflicted about this, I don‘t really know how to review it. On one hand, it was compulsory readable. I just couldn‘t stop. On the other hand, Joe‘s obsessiveness, jealousy, and sexism scared me so much, because that‘s real. It isn‘t a fictionalised monster, they are real problems in the world. And it made me so uncomfortable to read about. So yeah, not really sure how I feel right now.

#SocialMediaFocus last book for #Booked2019, tho! 🙌

alisiakae Great review! Congrats on finishing up the challenge! 3y
MicheleinPhilly I couldn‘t agree with you more. I enjoyed reading this book but the fetishization of Joe that I see all over the internet makes me want to puke. 3y
squirrelbrain I agree with your review - it made me quite uncomfortable.... 3y
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Christine Well said. 3y
batsy Yup, I agree. I felt the same. Compulsively readable and as a book I liked it a lot, but the way in which the book is talked about by fans is deeply unsettling. 3y
Cinfhen Congrats on completing #Booked2019 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉I approached YOU as a totally fictional story but I can see your point about Joe. (edited) 3y
Kalalalatja @batsy reading your comment makes me so happy, because I realise I wanted to use “compulsively”, not compulsory 😅 I knew it was wrong, I just couldn‘t remember the right word, so thanks! 3y
Kalalalatja @4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen thanks! Now I just have to start planning for #booked2020, but I‘m waiting to see which books I get for Christmas before I settle on anything 😄 3y
Kalalalatja @MicheleinPhilly @squirrelbrain @christine @batsy Joe gave me a big Incel-vibe, the way he blamed everybody else for everything and his misogynistic attitude. Just beyond creepy 3y
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Ring the Hill | Tom Cox
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A big ol‘ hug-of-a-book, that‘ll have you wanting to climb a hill, go sea-swimming and/or put another log on the fire. Whilst listening to prog-folk.

I enjoy Tom Cox on Twitter, but wasn‘t sure if that would translate to longer-form. It does. He rambles all over the place (in all senses) but always with a sense of Wonder, sheer enthusiasm for people, places, and the natural world.

rockpools Avoid if you can‘t handle sweary cats/Dads/authors. And you might want to skip the section on the loss of 2 of his cats (end of last chapter) if you‘re feeling fragile.

#BBRC #CatsNap (though his rarely do) and (a bit of a stretch, but...) #Booked2019 #SocialMediaFocus because it‘s a crowdfunded book through Unbound, and he dicusses the impact of his cat‘s SM fame (Newsflash: people are weird!)
(edited) 3y
Cinfhen Hahaha!! Works for me ❤️ 3y
LibrarianRyan yeahhhhhhh 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Nice extended review. I‘m heading to check him out on Twitter! 3y
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 3y
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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I started listening to this today on my drive to work, and oh my, Joe is a creep! I know I‘m late to the party, and so far, I‘m not sure I‘m that glad I joined 😅

Used for #SocialMediaFocus for #Booked2019

Sace I read this one. I think listening to it would be too scary! 😱 3y
ElizaMarie I read it at first then I relistened to it and I really preferred the audio. Joe is so so creepy! 3y
Leftcoastzen It seems like he‘s kinda yelling at the listener sometimes. 3y
Kalalalatja @Sace I haven‘t gotten to the really scary parts yet, I‘m just so creeped out by how stalkerish, misogynistic, obsessive and possessive Joe is. @ElizaMarie @Leftcoastzen I like the narrator, so far, but he gets intense at times! 3y
ElizaMarie I liked it both narrated and read. Also liked how he talks to the audience in the show. The second season comes out soon. I‘m super excited! 3y
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Mrs. Fletcher: A Novel | Tom Perrotta
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Eve Fletcher is 46, divorced and a newly empty nester. She‘s discovering there‘s a lot of pleasure to be had, if one chooses to #ExpressYourself This book was a little naughty and some parts felt disingenuous but still a fun read tackling some heavy topics.

vivastory I've only read one Perrotta, but I did like it 3y
BarbaraBB Fun read indeed. No more no less 💕 3y
erzascarletbookgasm I have this, wanted to read it for #socialmediafocus prompt but changed to another book. 3y
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Cinfhen Hmmmm, that book sounds sublime @vivastory 😜 3y
Cinfhen That would have been a good choice for that prompt @erzascarletbookgasm I think this would work for #LOL #Booked2020 if you still want to read it for a challenge 3y
Cinfhen I remember your review @BarbaraBB and I recall we had similar feelings towards the character of Eve 3y
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s great, Cindy. I‘d better start planning for my #Booked2020 reads! 3y
Cinfhen I‘m not sure why I plan @erzascarletbookgasm because I change my mind 2 dozen times!!! But it‘s always fun to plan, anyway 😃 3y
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#MurderTrending | Gretchen McNeil
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This YA book includes gory deaths and a high body count. I loved it. I finished the last 2/3 in one go. Convicted felons are sent to Alcatraz 2.0 where everyone can watch them on The Postman app. Sanctioned killers are sent to the island to hunt them down and the world is alerted to watch the executions live on the app. Dee is innocent, but will she be able to survive Alcatraz 2.0 and prove her innocence. #Booked2019 #socialmediafocus

BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds intense! 👊🏻♥️📚 3y
Cinfhen This sounds surprisingly good!! Im going to recommend to my daughter/ she likes gore and body counts 🙄😜 3y
Bookzombie @Cinfhen I hope she likes it if she gets around to it! 🙂 3y
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Warcross | Marie Lu
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3.5 ⭐
I had a lot of trouble getting into this one, which might say more about my current reading slump than the book!

It has a strong #socialmediafocus and warns about the dangers of having too much of a reliance on technology!

#booked2019 @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage

Cinfhen I‘ve heard this is a really good series🤓 I‘m always tempted to try it whenever somebody reviews 3y
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What She Left: A Novel | T.R. Richmond

It's a little hard to get into. The setup is interesting but the snippets of perspectives go back and forth in time, and it's not very easy to follow at first. Still a pick for me because I thought the author did a great job conveying the stifling feeling of loss that follows the death of a loved one, while in contrast showing just how much of us survives through our online profiles.

YasmiNova I should really tag this one for the #Booked2019 #socialmediafocus, although i have little hope of completing the challenge now! @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Ah, you never know! 3y
Cinfhen Agreeing with @BarbaraTheBibliophage and EVERY book counts for a chance to win!!!! 3y
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Confessions | Kanae Minato
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Here‘s my wrap-up for the July-September quarter of #booked2019.

#SocialMediaFocus: #MeToo
#FoodOnCover: Ella Minnow Pea
#BookToMovie: Confessions
#BookAboutAddiction: Hey, Kiddo

BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks! Good job!! 👊🏻📚♥️ 3y
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I have 1 more to go for my #Summer #Booked2019 & 8 more to finish. I have books chosen for everything except the #SocialMediaFocus prompt, could I get some suggestions? My books for Summer were
13. A Big Ship At The End Of The Universe
14. *Among The Ruins* (not finished yet)
15. The Haunting Of Hill House
16. Lady Mechanika Vol2
17. If We Were Villians
18. The Westing Game

AsYouWish For social media ideas: A Simple Favor, Girl Online, and Finding Fraser are all amazing! 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I have 8 left to read too! 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa For Social Media focus I was thinking about reading 3y
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Cinfhen Yay Liz!!! Despite your health and vision acting up you still read soooo many books!!!! If you click #socialmediafocus it should take you to past books read. I read a free book from Kindle titled #MeToo but it was #MoreMehThanYeah 3y
JazzFeathers 👏👏👏😀 3y
Lizpixie @AsYouWish thank you! @Riveted_Reader_Melissa great minds & all that. I have 8 left on your #NonFiction2019 too! I find this is the hardest part of the year for challenges, the only ones left are usually ones you‘re not looking forward to or have no idea how to fill🤔Thanks for the tip for #social media focus 3y
Lizpixie @Cinfhen thanks my #sisterfromanothermister✌️being chronically ill is mostly a bonus for reading time, unless of course you‘re having a flare & are too sick to even do that.Thankfully the new glasses have helped so much with the vision, as long as I remember to put my eye drops in, it‘s fine(though I have a hatred of anything wet in my 👀)The incredible support from you guys has meant so much to me as well, thank you from the bottom of my heart♥️ 3y
Lizpixie @JazzFeathers 😘♥️♥️♥️ 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa For 12 though, I highly recommend this one, there is a drink on the cover, but it‘s a quick picture book about an introvert and reader. So quick, fun read. 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa And for book about addiction, I read another graphic memoir, if you have any interest 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hope it helps, enjoy whatever you decide to read. 3y
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